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asjdal;sjd;ajsd;ajsd late birthday from no-crowns-for-kings  and HOLY FUCK do I love it! Look at those sharp teeth from Vlad and the terrifying eyes and the chunks of hair contrasted with Talon’s more flowing hair and the way Talon’s looking down at Vlad and Vlad isn’t quite looking up at him but just being focused on something and god the shading on this piece, it’s just. Delicious. Lickable. Can you lick shading? Please stop me before I find out.

I LOVE THIS. It’s like maybe the first time they met, where Vlad is on a killing spree and Talon is somewhere between what the fuck and utterly awed.This is the most beautiful thing he’s ever seen. This is most thw dangerous thing he’s ever seen.

Vlad is wrong wrong wrong, wrong ad rotten on the inside, but fuck. He’s so stunning when he’s covered in blood and even more so when he’s the one drawing it.

Talon’s smitten.

He’s too Noxian to believe in love at first sight but obsession at first sight? Yes. Yes, that exists and Vlad is the proof of it.]

From now on...

I will not be giving out ANY personal info, so DON’T ask. I’m sorry guys, but I have too many random people (mostly guys) messaging me, asking for nudes, asking if I’m single, hitting on me. Like have you not fucking seen my tumblr? Of course you have because you fucking know I’m the lonely girl who will let you harass her. Not anymore you fucker. I know you’ll see this, so please just leave me alone. Stop sending more guys to harass me.

there are some famous!Sterek fics around fandom, which are awesome and GREAT (and seriously please write more), but consider this: famous!Derek and paparazzi!Stiles (or the other way around).

paparazzi!Stiles who honestly just wants an opportunity to be part of some cool magazine or journal. he’s been living in NY with Scott, but Scott is about to move in with Allison and Stiles sees this opportunity to move to LA, because that’s where the big celebrities are, Scott. and the first week he’s there, it goes so so so wrong. until he gets a shot of famous actor Derek Hale leaving some fancy shop and Stiles decides to follow him. Derek is a talented actor and fans seem to love him, but every paparazzi knows how dangerous Derek can be. that’s why no one dares to get too close to him unless they’re called for it or at some big event, but Stiles has always been stubborn and seriously, he NEEDS this. if he can manage to sneak some real gossip from big star Derek Hale, he gets a free card to lots of places.

so he follows Derek and like, everyone comments on how close off Derek is and how he sometimes comes out as rude and arrogant, even though fans love that bad boy vibe about him. so it confuses Stiles a lot when he sees Derek doing things that are never reported to the press, at all. like helping an old lady cross the street, give his food to a homeless man, scare off bullies of some kid and give him some ice cream, donate money to the dog’s shelter and actually stay there to pet some of them. Stiles is just… he has all these photos of Derek doing these things and he doesn’t know what to do with them. he kind of… wants to keep them. he wants to keep them for himself.

worst part is when Derek goes on dates with his girlfriend. not because a bunch of other paparazzi show up mysteriously, but because the whole thing seems awfully fake. Derek smiles a lot, but it doesn’t come close to the smile he gave to the old lady, or the homeless man, or the kid, or the dogs. it’s really not and Stiles has pictures to prove it. but it’s during one of those dates that Stiles is able to get closer and mix with the rest of the paparazzi. Derek looks at him and smiles and even though Stiles knows he’s just being polite, he still melts and his heart skips a beat.

Stiles was suppose to take photos of Derek, not fall in love with him, dammit. seriously give me all the fics of famous and paparazzi Sterek falling in love

  • Someone:Stop crying they're just animated drawings
  • Me:Please just stop talking. My emotional state balances on these cartoons and if it weren't for them i have absolutely no idea who or where i would be. Amethyst and Sadie make me proud of my stomach bulge, Steven reminds me to stay optomistic no matter what, Mabel reminds me to keep my head held high and to be confident, Star taught me that i can be strong without having to be violent or brash, Pearl reminds me to never give up on a task no matter how embarrassed i feel, Garnet reminded me not to forgive people just because they say they're sorry, but that they need to work their way back up to gaining someones trust back, and these cartoons have taught me extremely meaningful things and my self-esteem and confidence would be nonexistent without them. When the characters get hurt or they get into a bad situation, i feel terrible and actually cry for them because they help me feel better about who i am and when they don't feel good about themselves, i feel sorrow for them. When i see characters again, i remember how much they make me feel better about myself. I'm so sorry you can't comprehend that, so please, stop speaking.

tbh its been so difficult to enjoy the performances from the four album with the all drama surrounding the band and the way they have been doing the setlist. 

its like I’ve been wanting them to play songs like 18, no control, fireproof and many more since the album came out and since they have been pushing it to the very end…it kind of lost the essence (or at least it did for me) 

I should be over the moon right now because they performed fireproof but now it’s like “meh”.. its overkill at this point

I can’t even imagine how awesome it would have been for them to have a completely new tour and have the new songs being performed all at once and not wait until 3 months later.. 

le sigh 

Can people around me PLEASE just stop skipping meals? Oh my god. It is so fucking hard being around people who only eat one meal a day. I’m going to cry.

phosphorious asked:

Carrie, a guy keeps asking me to meet up with him and he's not really a nice guy so I'm scared to tell him no and can't find the words so I keep saying I'm working and I feel really bad and I just want him to stop asking me... Help me please?

Hello! I know it’s scary but you gotta be strong and tell him exactly how you feel! No point in giving the guy false hope that the day you’re not working, he’s in with a chance and no point in making yourself feel like you owe this guy anything when you DON’T! Tell him you don’t want to meet up with him because you’re not interested. No need to make excuses because you are perfectly well within your rights to not be interested in someone and not want to go out with them. You don’t need to feel bad just because you don’t want to do what HE wants you to do! Don’t be mean about it but definitely get your point across that you don’t want to meet up (regardless of whether you’re busy with work or not!) and it’s because you’re not interested! I know it’s scary and it’s hard to say no in any situation but you gotta tell him with no excuses! You’re a strong person and you can SO do this! 


guys, I’m like 2 seconds away from temporarily closing my inbox if you don’t stop sending me leaks (not including the one CN posted, since that’s not a leak, though it is annoying). The episode airs in less than 3 hours. PLEASE do not send me leaks or give me vague information based on leaks you saw. I don’t want to know. Please stop.