please just stop me

The amount of stalkers I encounter on this website is absolutely disturbing. I’ve already deleted my blog after six years. I’m not deleting this one. I normally would never wish death upon someone but the emotional distress you cunts cause me is not okay. If I ask you to leave me alone please just leave me alone. Stop making new blogs to message me from. Stop sitting on my blog all day. Stop searching for me on other social media. Stop trying to hunt me down like an animal. I promise you I will not hesitate to stick a knife in your jugular should you ever be within three feet of me. I have people around me willing to go to great lengths to protect me and I’m absolutely sure if you do not back the fuck off they will forcefully end you. And then I’ll piss on your dead body and prance away. Xoxo.

omgcp-themed asks!
  • Jack: Tell us about something you’re passionate about.
  • Bitty: What happened the last time you had a crush?
  • Shitty: How do you define your gender & sexuality? (If you don’t want to say, just write “I have no deets, man”)
  • Lardo: How do you express your creativity (writing, drawing, music, etc)?
  • Ransom & Holster: Do you have a best friend? If so, how did you meet them?
  • Nursey: Are you a naturally calm person?
  • Dex: What’s an issue you’d fight someone over?
  • Chowder: Would you say you’re a friendly person?
  • Tango: What’s the last question someone asked you? (besides this meme)
  • Whiskey: Are you introverted, extroverted, or somewhere in between?
  • Mandy & Jenny: What’s some of your favorite music?
  • Parse: Tell us about something you’ve done/haven’t done that you regret.
  • Bad Bob & Alicia: Who do you look up to?
  • Suzanne & Coach: What’s your hometown like?
  • Hall & Murray: Do you play/watch sports? If so, which ones?
  • Georgia: Describe a difficult choice you’ve had to make.
  • Johnson: Write & answer your own question!
  • Señor Bun: not a question, just saying hello and hoping you have a nice day! :)

Taylor: *is in Australia with her boyfriend, going shopping, going to movies, hanging out with thore cast members, chilling. Ignoring hate. Visiting children in hospitals and singing to them. 

Calvin: Taylor can you please just focus on your life. calm down. Stop trying to burry me.

Fail! ;)

Guess who is in shed and totally upsed (hissing and striking!) because I dared to disturb him with my ridiculous feeding attempts? Right.

I beg your forgiveness, your majesty, it won´t happen again. I will learn to tell whether you are in shed or not just by the way you are breathing under that tall layer of moss! Let me replace your shedding kingdom with some new, wet moss. Don´t be mad at your poor (and only!) subject … May the gods bless you with fat food whenever you are hungry!

I'm going to spam Xiumin gifs

Just ‘cause I can and I love that muffin so much *sobbing* Just some of my favorites that I’ve seen. ~BangtanBunnie

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Josh is not a pedophile. He is waiting until Maya is older to have any type of relationship with her and has always been very careful with the fact that she is younger than him. He means Maya no harm!! However, if Joshaya does make you uncomfortable, that is how you feel and that’s okay with me just please stop calling Josh a pedophile. TY

So how do you play FR? A Story by Uniformshark

Damn I need gems to pay off all the accents I preordered..

*paints a new accent and gathers funds*


*does it anyways*

Oh no.. I wanted this accent for a long time and its priced fairly… I can’t resist!!!



Damn I need gems to pay off all the accents I preordered..

Tbh I kinda feel bad that I just can’t make myself get into Pokemon GO. Yeah, I play when walking to work or walking around on campus or things like that, but I don’t go out of my way to play it all the time or go and try to catch pokemon in different areas around me. And here is my reasoning (as popular or unpopular as it may be): POKEMON GO IS A SHITTY POKEMON GAME. Like it is a great app to use and interact with, and I fully believe that Pokemon GO is going to be a proponent of some social revolution we might see over the next year. But I will not pretend that Pokemon GO, when compared to the other Pokemon games out there in the world, is some sorta amazing game for Pokemon. So I’m just gonna sit here until November when we get the gen 7 games.


&&. HEY, ASSHOLE!! You’re going too far! How the HELL do you get HOPE from killing your allies?! I won’t kill my allies, EVEN if it costs me my life! Because I’m G.REAT GOZ.U!! Got that, you little piece of shit?!