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I know beauty and the best is old news for you guys but it just came out a few days ago here in Japan so PLEASE CONSIDER: Voltron AU where Lance is Belle, Keith is Beast, and Lotor is Gaston. I feel like Pidge would have to be Chip lol and Lefou would maybe be Varkon???? Coran for Lumiere, Hunk for Cogsworth. Allura for Mrs. Potts, mall cow as the horse, Hagar as the enchantress… what’s left for Shiro? The dad? The wardrobe?? Lol. He’d be cute as the priest who likes to read. Or he could just be like… all the villagers lol. All of them. 



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Meeting Her Parent

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This story was inspired by @drawbauchery‘s various AU’s with Lapidot. There are so many. I chose the one where Lapis is a librarian by day and a bike riding badass at night.

Peridot tried to balance driving her little buggy and fixing Lapis’ unruly hair at the same time. One strand of ocean-blue was driving her insane because it wouldn’t cooperate with the rest of the hairstyle she picked out for her girlfriend; no amount of spit on Peridot’s fingertips could make the single strand on Lapis’ forehead fall into place.

 “You know, I could find a better use for your ‘magic’ fingers,” said Lapis, bouncing her eyebrows, flirting.

 Peridot blushed red, slapping Lapis’ face. “Will you knock it off?! This is serious!”

 “Yeah, yeah, I know.”

 “This is the first time you’re going to meet Zircon and I’d rather you be more your librarian persona than your biker self.”

 “But you like my biker self.”

 Peridot actually spit into her fingertips and forcibly glued the stubborn strand down, only to have it pop back out. “Erraaa! That’s not the point!”

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omg attack on titan season 2 has me so fucking shook jdneidbsid i just ordered a choice with no regrets and I’m so happy I should collect more manga  - Admin Tamra

Paring: Jungkook x Reader ft BTS

Genre: Angst

Word Count: 1,024




“Hello (Y/N).”


Your head shot up upon hearing the familiar voice. His hands were behind his back and his expression was calm, too calm. The corner of his mouth twitched into a smirk as he watched the tears slide down your cheeks.

“Jimin! Oh, Jimin! Thank god,” you cry out in relief, you watched as he slowly walked toward you. “Untie me, please…”

His hands move to his sides and you can see a glint of metal in the light. A knife. It was at this point that you could tell, Jimin was not on your side. You gulped, slightly whimpering as he bent down to your eye level.

“Glad we can finally have some time to ourselves,” he whispers.

“Where’s Jungkook?” You ask, avoiding all eye contact with Jimin.

Jimin scowls at you and stands up. Crossing his arms, he leans against the table that you had just now taken notice.

“It’s always ‘Jungkook this’ and ‘Jungkook that’! When are you going to pay attention to me, Jimin, the one you actually love?” He yelled, making you nearly jump out of your skin. You had never seen him so unstable. Even when you were together, he never lashed out on you like this.

“I don’t love you, Jimin! You don’t love me either!” you say, trying to seem confident. It honestly scared the shit out of you that you were locked in a room with a fuming Jimin, who also has a knife.

He laughs and shakes his head, “If I didn’t love you, why would I still be here?”

You bite your lip, controlling yourself before you start yelling and potentially getting yourself into trouble. “If you love me then why did you cheat?”

He blinks, staring at you with an unreadable expression. It seemed like he was processing what you said, but he knew exactly what you meant.

Jimin shrugs, “I got bored.”

“So if i got bored and cheated on you with Jungkook, it would be okay?” You pry, still not understanding him whatsoever.

His hand slams down on the table, making you jump. He was literally seething by just the mention of Jungkook, “Stop saying his god damn name!”

Jimin walks over to you, knife in hand, and slowly presses the cold metal against your thigh. You whimpered as you felt it dig into your skin, causing blood to slip out of the small slit he made. This was only the beginning, little did you know, Jimin planned on scarring you mentally and physically.

“I’m sorry Jimin..!” you cry, trying to pull away from him, causing him to laugh. 

“Oh (Y/N), you’ve always been so ignorant,” he shakes his head and pulls the knife away from your skin. You let out a breath that you hadn’t even realized you were holding. 

“So, did you know?” Jimin softly asks, moving his hand further up your thigh. Your heart was pounding, and you were scared it was going to leap out of your chest. 

“K-know what?” you ask, trying to keep your voice as still as possible. He raised an eyebrow, hand sliding further up your body. 

“The mafia of course,” he says, picking the knife back up, slowly trailing a finger over the blade. He accidentally drew blood but as far as you could see, he didn’t even flinch. 

“I found out yesterday…” you answer, sighing as Jimin pulls away. 

“Hm… Well what did he tell you?” he asks, grabbing your arm and pressing the blade down into the skin. 

“N-nothing..!” You quickly reply, whimpering as you felt the pinch of the skin breaking. 

“I don’t believe you (Y/N)!” He cooed, dragging the blade across your skin. You cried out and tried to move but you were tied down to the chair, making it impossible to move. 

“He only t-told me who’s involved! I don’t know anything else!” You yelped as he dragged the blade over your skin again. He seemed to enjoy this too much, cutting the skin without much thought. Tears streamed down your cheeks as you continued to feel the pinching sensation of the skin breaking. As he continued to cut it, the less you felt. They weren’t that deep, but it still hurt like hell. 

Blood trailed down your arm as he slightly giggled, watching your hands clench and release, “Someone’s mad.“ 

“I fucking hate you Jimin!” You yell directly in his face. 

“Oh..?” He pulls away, “(Y/N) is getting an attitude with me?” He laughs and cuts your thigh before you can even react. It was deep, and it hurt worse than the many small cuts on your left arm. 

“Oh (Y/N). You are NOT to raise your voice at me.” Another cut. 

“You are NOT to be a smartass with me.” One more. 

“And you are NOT to mention Jungkook.” A deeper cut. 

“Understand that (Y/N)?“ 

You whimper and quickly nod your head, “Y-yes Jimin.”

“What the fuck do you mean she’s not down there?” Jungkook asked, shooting up from his chair. 

“I checked every room Jungkook, she’s not here,” Yoongi said, biting his lip. Jungkook was extremely hostile when angered and all of the boys quickly took notice. 

“Cameras. Check them.” He orders and runs down to the control/camera room with Yoongi and Hoseok. 

“Where’s Jimin?” Yoongi asks while running down the hall. “Not sure,” Hoseok replies, bursting into the room. He and Jungkook quickly check the hall cameras for the basement and get a shock when they see (Y/N) walk into the bathroom. 

Jungkook’s eyebrows furrow, “Rewind it.” Hoseok rewinds the video and reveals (Y/N) being carried down the hallway by someone with bright orange hair. The only ones who have strange colored hair are Jimin and Yoongi. 

Yoongi’s is a mint green and Jimin’s is orange. 

“Orange hair… Jimin!” Jungkook’s hand slams down onto the table, causing Hoseok to jump and for Yoongi to slightly flinch from the sudden outburst from Jungkook. 

“Where do you think they went?” Yoongi asks, in disbelief that it was actually Jimin. 

I don’t know. But when I find out, I’m going to beat Park Jimin to death with my own two hands,” Jungkook said.

Little Ham Man (Small!Hamilsquad x Reader) 14

A/N: Since all of you are being so kind today, I decided to post the next chapter early! Enjoy you beautiful people!

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“Time to get out this room, Philip,” You said, striding to the desk. He looked up, frowning at you. He was finally changed out of his blood-stained clothing, wearing the clothes that you bought the boys when they were small. “You need to see the outside of this room, and it’s going to happen today. I told you, I’d give you two weeks. You have to face the world you’re in.”

His scrunched up his face, “But Y/N-“

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a preview for your pleasure

Valeria’s Monday was quickly becoming one that would require a glass of wine when she got home. Ainsley was getting frustrated because she kept pairing signs up with the wrong words, confusing sorry’s motion for the word angry, and she kept doing the sign for happy as the sign for sorry. Valeria firmly believed that she wouldn’t be as frustrated if Grayson was also messing up, but he wasn’t.

The fifth time she messed up, her entire face fell, fingers shaking at the same rate as her bottom lip.

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banner: eriza

disclaimer: this is ASL! if I described anything wrong please let me know! 

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anonymous asked:

could you write something where Kara (as Supergirl) tries to rescue Lena from something/someone and Kara ends up getting hurt and the two of them end up trapped somewhere alone together while she's hurt and fluff ensues Please and thanks

“would you stop pacing?” she grumbles. her words do stop the pacing—thank heavens, because it did nothing to help the pounding in her head—but it only takes a few short seconds for guilt to hit her and she flushes, digs her fingers into the gravel next to her and adds, quietly, “please.”

“i did. couldn’t you tell?” lena kneels next to her, grabs her chin between finger and thumb and peers into her eyes. “pupil reaction seems normal. how do you feel?”

“like i went ten rounds with a white martian and decided it would be fun to go another ten.” 

“so, not in peak condition then?”

kara frowns over at lena—the fact that she’s bleeding ought to give away that she’s powerless and hurt—and only then does she see the faint amusement. 

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Help Me Get The Girl (Grayson Dolan Mini-Series)

Description: Grayson seeks out your help to get your friend to fall for him.  In exchange for your help, Grayson promises to take care of your freshman brother when it comes to being bullied.  What you two didn’t know is that even though helping each other would ideally be beneficial, there would be a series of events that would make you two question whether this was a good deal or a disaster in the making.

Word Count: 2,419

Warnings: Language

A/N: I used to write all of the time and now I’m getting back into it, so if I’m a bit rusty I apologize.  I hope you enjoy it!

Your POV:

Sat at the usual lunch table, I was entertained by the scene unfolding before my eyes.  It’s a scene that I see almost every day, but it never fails to amuse me.  Across the table sat my friend Grace, next to her Grayson Dolan, using every move in his book in attempt to woo her.  He was charming I’d give him that and his looks were a bonus too.  What he didn’t realize was… with each cheesy, cliché move he was making, the more she drifted toward moving him into the friend zone permanently.

I brought my apple to my mouth with a loud crunch as I bit into it.  The sound distracted Grayson for a moment, his eyes drifting in my direction.  A smirk slowly formed at the corner of my mouth as I chewed the bits of apple in the most obnoxious way, wiping the juice with the back of my hand.  Grayson sneered in my direction, knowing that I was enjoying every moment of his miserable failure in the making.  Ethan was next to Grayson sending me a knowing smile—obviously thinking the whole thing was as funny as I did.

It was only within the past year that Grayson and Ethan had started hanging around me and Grace.  We had become pretty good friends—the four of us—but Grayson had always taken a liking to Grace which in turn caused me and Ethan to become extremely close. Somehow, even with all of Grayson’s flirting, Grace never let it ruin her friendship with him.  She simply took it as he threw it her way.  The thing is… she didn’t even realize that all his advances were purposely flirtatious, she was under the impression that it was all a joke.

But it wasn’t.

It clearly wasn’t.

Out of the corner of my eye I saw Ethan beginning to pack his things up so I checked the time to find that lunch was almost over.  I mimicked his actions, shoving my cellphone in the outer pocket of my bag and making sure that I had my math book in the main pouch.  Tossing all my trash onto my tray I stood up in unison with Ethan.

               “Walk me to class?” I asked Ethan, hoping he would know that I wanted to talk to him about the Grace/Grayson situation.

               “Are you incapable of walking yourself to class?” Ethan asked, confused by my request.

               My mouth tightened into a straight line, my eyes narrowing in on him, “Walk. Me. To. Class.” I demanded before flashing him a sarcastic smile.

               His mouth formed into an O before he nodded in agreement.  He met me at the end of the table to receive a mouthed, “Seriously?” from me.  He shrugged, throwing his hands up at me, his face shriveling up into a boyish scowl.

               Once we exited the cafeteria, my hand swung at Ethan, catching his shoulder with a quick strike.  “Could you be any more oblivious?”

               “How was I supposed to know that you decided to turn walking to class into a mini gossip session.” His hand rubbed his shoulder, “That hurt.”

               “Good.” I spat.  “And I didn’t turn it into a gossip session, I wanted to tell you something.”

               “Ok.” He muttered as we started to walk.

               “You need to tell Gray to man up and just ask her out already!  As funny as it is to watch, I’m starting to feel bad for him.”

               Ethan chuckled, “Gray hasn’t always been the best with girls.  Neither of us have, really.  I just don’t think he really knows how to ask her.  If you haven’t noticed, it’s been a whole year and he hasn’t managed to get past ‘We should go together sometime’ as his attempt to spend some alone time with her.”

               We walked in sync towards my math class, stopping only a few feet away from the door.  I huffed, folding my arms.  Instantly, Ethan’s eyes flashed down to where my arms pressed against my chest, the cleavage becoming more noticeable.  He stared at my boobs without any shame before smiling back up at me again.

               “My best friend is so hot.” He said, staring me straight in the eyes.

               “And my best friend is an asshole.” I growled.

               He brought his index finger up to where my arms were, poking the top of my right breast, “No”, he poked the left, “He’s”, then his poked the tip of my nose, “Not.”

               My hand went up and smacked his way from my face. “Ethan don’t test my patience.” I sneered.

               “DOLAN. Y/L/N.  Get to class before I send you both to the office for inappropriate contact.” My math teacher Mr. Stephens scolded.

               Ethan winked at me before sarcastically nodding at Mr. Stephens.  He turned and made his way in the direction of his own class.  As I started to enter the classroom I heard Mr. Stephens mutter ‘Poking boobs… that’s a new one’ to himself.  I rolled my eyes, continuing past him to my seat.

               Somehow… Ethan always managed to give me a bad reputation with the teachers because he did stupid shit like that all the time.

               At the end of the school day, I drifted through the halls, searching for Grace to get a ride home.  My car was in the shop for the next couple of days and I wouldn’t put it past her to forget that, leaving me stranded at the school.  Since I hadn’t seen her, I decided to go find my brother, Theo, first.  The original game plan was to grab Grace before she could leave and then grab Theo, but she had disappeared so I might as well find him first.

               I weaved my way past the squirrely freshman, some of the males giving me eyes as I passed them.  Each person I met eyes with was not my brother.  Once I reached his locker I found that there was no one around it.  My eyebrows knitted together as I scanned the hall around me.

               “Theo?” I yelled.

               My feet carried me further down the hall to the next corner.  Once I rounded it I saw something that shocked me.  There stood a circle of sophomore boys surrounding my brother who was in the center being shoved around like he was nothing.  Not far from them stood a few bystanders who had their phones out, recording every moment of the assault.

               “Hey!” I shouted.  “HEY!” I tried to push my way through the testosterone wall to my brother. Without even looking at me they shoved me back and away from the circle.  My feet stumbled beneath me, almost causing me to lose my balance.

               “Don’t touch him!” I screamed.  “Theo fight back!” I tried to push through them again.

               My brother brought his fist up and managed to get one of them in the jaw, but received a harder blow in return.  My fists pounded against their backs though it was no use.  My small frame had nothing against them.  As I was about to kick one of them, arms wrapped around my torso, pulling me away from them all.  

               “I got this.” The voice whispered into my ear.

               Ethan easily shoved his way through the group, right to my brother.  He grabbed him by the arm, bringing him to me before turning back to them.  “If I ever see you messing with him again, I will break your hands.  Do you understand me?”

               They all quickly nodded their heads and dispersed into different directions.  But there was one who just glared at Ethan before stomping past the three of us.  My hands immediately went to Theo’s face, examining every inch of it.  He kept whipping his head back and forth, insisting that he was fine.

               “What happened, Theo?  It’s only the second week of high school for you.” I questioned.

               “Y/N, I’m fine.  Those pricks just wanted me to do their homework and I said no.  I may be weak but I’m not going to give them what they want.” He scowled.

               “We have to tell someone, Theo.  They can’t continue to do this all year.”

               Ethan agreed, “Yeah, man.  I can’t be here all the time.  I can’t always protect you.”

               “I don’t need protection.  I’ll be fine.” Theo insisted.

               “But-” I started.

               “Y/N! I said I don’t need protection!” he yelled. His hand ran through his hair, a sigh escaping his lips, “I- just- please let me do this on my own.  If I hide behind someone now, I’ll hid behind someone forever.  Ethan I appreciate the help, I really do, but this is my battle.  Let me fight it.”

               Ethan countered, “I’m going to let you fight it, but if you need help I’m going to give it to you. Got it?”

               Theo smiled, “Got it.” Then a flash of confusion crossed his face.  “What are you two doing over in the freshman hall anyways?”

               “I was trying to find you to go home.” I explained.

               “And I was trying to find Y/N to inform her that Grace went home already.”

               As predicted, Grace forgot.  My head dropped back as I let out a growl of frustration. My eyes shifted to Ethan, pleading for him to help us.  He raised an eyebrow, acting as if he didn’t know what I wanted even though he really did.

               “I have detention.” He stated.  “As usual.  But, Grayson is outside waiting to give you two a ride.”

               I smiled with relief, clapping my hands together. “Thank you!” I cheered, giving him a quick hug.  And with that we were off to the parking lot to meet Grayson.

               Grayson was parked right outside the front doors of the school, his head bobbing to the music he had playing in his car.  Even from the main doors, I could see his dangly earing moving along with him, shining as the sun reflected off it.  When he noticed us walking up to the car, he leaned across the passenger seat and opened the door for me.  

               “Thank you so much, Grayson.” I said as I sat down, Theo getting into the back seat.

               “No problem.” He said, his hand turning the music down.  “What took you two so long?  I’ve been waiting for a while now.”

               I looked at Theo through the rearview mirror.   He met my eyes and then quickly looked back down.  I knew he didn’t want me to say a thing, so I obliged his silent request.

               “I was looking for Grace, who had left and ended up in the freshman hall trying to find Theo who was also looking for me. It was like walking through one big maze.” I rambled with a fake smile.

               “My locker is in the freshman hall since I’m a mentor.  If I would have known I would have grabbed Theo for you.” He replied.

               “It’s okay.  No biggie.  We figured it out.”

               Grayson’s eyes narrowed in question but he didn’t push it.  He obviously knew something wasn’t right, but I was thankful he didn’t ask about it with Theo in the car.

               The ride home consisted of conversations about how much we hated homework, wishing it was still summer, and singing out of tune to songs in the top 50 on the radio.  We pulled up to the house and Theo immediately got out, mumbling a quick ‘thank you’ before walking straight into the house with his head down.

               “Thanks again, Gray.” I said, my hand on the door handle.

               He gently grabbed onto my arm.  My head snapped back in his direction, my eyes searching his.

               “What’s going on?  You’re not telling me something.” He stated.  His tone of voice told me that there was no way I was getting out of it.

               I sighed, “Theo’s already being bullied by older kids.  That’s why we were late.” My eyes started to water.  “I couldn’t help him.  I wasn’t strong enough.  Luckily Ethan was there to help.  If he wouldn’t have been there… it would have been much worse.”

               “Don’t cry, Y/N.  Don’t cry.  He’s okay now.” He tried to reassure me.

               “He’s okay now, but will he be tomorrow?  Or the next day?” my hands trembled as I tried to wipe my tears away.

               “Hey,” he whispered, bring my hand down and into his, “You tried your best to help him.  We’ll find a way to help him.”

               “That’s the problem!  He doesn’t want help.  He thinks he can do this on his own!” I complained.

               “If he doesn’t want help then maybe you should go to the administration and just inform them of what’s going on.  Then they can monitor it without him knowing.” Grayson suggested.

               “They’ll pull those boys into the office so quickly, then those boys will retaliate, then Theo will hate me.” I cried, shaking my head at his suggestion.

               “Wait!” his voice shocked me, causing me to jump a little.  “Duh! My locker is in the freshman hall! I can keep an eye on him throughout the day and linger in the hall a little longer at the end of each day to make sure that nothing happens to him.  He won’t think a thing of it because that’s the location of my locker!” he beamed at me, his hand still holding mine.

               “It’s perfect!  Oh, Grayson,” I said, throwing my arms around his neck, “Thank you so much! I own you one!”

               He laughed, “You owe me nothing.” He said, pulling back.

               “I do.  I really do.  Anything, you name it.”


               “Grayson.  I’m sure there’s something…”

               He thought for a second, his finger tapping against his chin.  After a few seconds his eyes lit up, “Grace.”

               “Grace?” I asked, clearly confused.

               “You know I like Grace and don’t deny it.  I saw you laughing at me this morning.” He glared knowingly.

               I gasped, “I would never…” I said, pretending to be offended.

               “You would and you do.  But, anyways.  That’s my request.”

               I leaned forward a bit, “What is your request exactly?”

               He rolled his eyes, annoyed at how oblivious I was, “I protect Theo and you…” he paused waiting to make sure I was still with him.  He continued after I gave him a small nod, “You help me get the girl.”

               And without thinking the word flew out of my mouth, “Deal.”

               He held his hand out and I took it in mine.  We shook to seal the deal.  Little did I know… that deal would lead to a lot more trouble than anticipated.


Part 2

On the Brink - Chapter 8

Chapter 1, Chapter 2, Chapter 3, Chapter 4, Chapter 5, Chapter 6, Chapter 7

Pairings: Lucifer x You

Warnings: Mild swearing. A little making out. 

Author’s Note: Sorry for the lateness! My son had to be taken to his doctor again on Friday, so the chapter was delayed a bit. He’s okay, it’s just an ear infection. This chapter is a little short, but I enjoyed it. I hope you do too! I think I got everybody on the taglist, but it’s late and I’m tired, so if I left you off, let me know! And if you want to be added, let me know!

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Originally posted by markpellegrinoworld

“Are you sure about this?” You grumbled, pulling at the crimson fabric of the dress you were wearing. “This dress keeps riding up. It’s annoying.”

“Just get out here and let us see.” Dean said, his voice muffled by the bathroom door.

You rolled your heavily made up eyes and whipped the door open, giving your eldest brother the best glare you could manage. He merely smirked at you, then ran an appraising eye up and down the length of your body.

“I guess you’ll do.” He said.

“Thanks, dick.” You replied. “Honestly, how do you get any girls?”

“Infamous Winchester charm.” His smirk was back.

You resisted the urge to smack the crap out of him and turned to where Mick was sitting on the bed. “What do you think?”

He smiled up at you. “Darling, you look perfect, as ever.”

You smiled back at him and tossed a smirk back over your shoulder at Dean. He just rolled his eyes and crossed his arms.

“You know the plan, right Y/N?” Sam asked from across the room where he and Lucifer were sitting at the table.

“Yeah. Papa Wolf likes ‘em young, female, from out of town, and smokin’. Luckily I fit the criteria. I go into the bar and snoop around ‘til I find him. Invite him back to my place for some extracurricular activities. Lead him back here, you guys shoot him with the Colt, we begin our long trek back to the Shire.”

Sam nodded. “Be careful, alright? If anything goes wrong, anything at all, we’ll be there instantly.”

Lucifer nodded along, his expression unreadable. It had been a few weeks since the incident that nearly killed you and things had gone back to the way they were. Lucifer wasn’t as hostile as he had been before, but he still wasn’t speaking to you regularly. You counted it as a step in the right direction though. You knew it was only a matter of time before the walls he had thrown up came down. And you would be waiting on the other side.

Your knife wound had healed up nicely in the few weeks it took to recognize the pattern of attacks. You, the Hunters, and Lucifer had been trailing the Alpha from town to town, trying to catch up with the baddie. You all finally thought you had caught up to him. The previous girl had been killed only two nights ago. It was officially go time. You turned and gave Mick a kiss on the lips, not noticing Lucifer turn his head away, then grabbed your tiny wristlet and sauntered out the door on your ridiculous high heels. You were just about to close the door when the archangel slipped through, shutting the door behind him.

“Hey,” He said breathlessly. You cocked your head to the side in confusion and waited for him to speak again. He scowled and shoved his hands in the pockets of his jeans. He looked like he didn’t want to be out here with you. He inhaled deeply and looked away.

“Listen, if you run into trouble, just pray to me instead of using your phone. It’ll be much faster.”

“Okay,” You said. “Thanks.”

He nodded, looking down at the gravel.

“Anything else?”

He hesitated, then met your gaze for the first time all night. “Please be careful.”

You didn’t roll your eyes at him, or sigh dramatically, like you had when Mick had said the same thing earlier in the night. Instead, you gave the archangel a small, sincere, smile.

“I’ll be as careful as I can be.”

“That’s not exactly reassuring.”

You shrugged. “It’s the best I can do.”

He nodded and turned to go back inside. You turned and took a few steps away from the door, intending to walk to the bar the Alpha had been known to frequent.

“Hey, Y/N, one last thing.” You turned to find Lucifer right behind you, his eyes intense, his face open. “You look amazing, ravishing, gorgeous, stunning, and beautiful tonight. Not just perfect.”

“Thank…thank you.” His unexpected compliment gave you a funny feeling in your stomach. “I really appreciate that. I had been hoping to hear that from someone tonight, namely Mick. But it’s good to hear it from you too.”

It was the complete wrong thing to say. His marvelous open expression morphed back into an expressionless mask. He turned and walked back to the door, speaking over his shoulder at you. “Good luck.”

The funny feeling the Lucifer’s compliment had given you was gone, replaced by the sick dread that you had done something wrong. But you had no idea what that was. Why was everything with Lucifer always so complicated?

You were seated at the bar alone, absently twirling a drink in your hand. Normally the guys would be with you, but in these small Alaskan towns outsiders were noticed immediately. If an out of town girl and a group of guys all happened to show up at the same time in a bar, it would raise suspicions. The Alpha would be sure to avoid a situation like that. Multiple men had approached you, but you had spurned them all thus far. You weren’t interested in picking up a date, you were interested in picking up a werewolf, and you knew the difference between a local townie and a monster. Your thoughts began to wander.

Mick was a nice enough guy, but you weren’t sure it was going to work out. It wasn’t that you didn’t like him, you did, but really only as a friend. The two of you hadn’t been intimate aside from kissing, but you knew that part was coming and soon. He was already talking about what would happen when you returned to the States and how he could spend the night at the bunker or you could spend the night at the compound. But you weren’t attracted to him like that and you had made up your mind to tell him after the hunt was over. It wasn’t fair to keep stringing the poor man along if you already knew that the relationship wasn’t going to work out.

You didn’t notice him right away because you were so wrapped up in your thoughts about Mick. You were zoning off when you realized that you were accidentally staring at a man. And he was staring back. You have him an embarrassed smile and looked away, not the least bit surprised when he smiled back and stood, clearly intending to walk over to you. He took one step, then paused, his gaze directed over your shoulder. At the same time, you could feel a huge mass behind you. You turned to see a gigantic lumberjack of a man, red flannel shirt, bushy brown beard, and mean beady eyes. He reeked of booze, sweat, and wet dog. Bingo.

“Well helllllooooo big boy,” You said, turning your full attention on him.

He took the bait, hook, line, and sinker. He grinned and winked down at you. “What’re you drinkin’?”

The rest of the night was spent pretending to fawn all over him. You had to admit, he was pretty charming and you could see how the other girls were ensnared by the Paul Bunyon look-alike. He was quite the charmer, but you knew what he really was. The father of all werewolves. David, as he said his name was, told you stories from his travels all over the world and made up some bullshit family life. Whenever he asked about you, you would either make something up or direct the attention back to him. You acted drunker than you really were, hoping to make the Alpha’s defenses drop so that the boys would get a good shot at him. You knew what was coming though. Eventually, you were going to have to make out with David to ensure that he came home with you. Some over the clothes groping might have to happen to, but you REALLY hoped not.

You knew it was coming, but the kiss still took you by surprise. It was hard, sloppy, and his unkempt whiskers scratched your face. But you persevered, not even shuddering when he slipped his disgusting tongue into your mouth. You knew that you would be rinsing with a whole bottle of Listerine later, but you kept up the premise. His hand slipped down onto your leg and you pulled your face away from his.

“Want to go back to my hotel room?” You whispered, pretending to be breathing heavily.

His tiny eyes lit up at the suggestion and he squeezed your leg. “Let’s go.”

He paid the tab at the bar and practically pulled your arm off when he yanked you out the door. Once outside, he pushed you up against the wall of the building and slipped his tongue into your mouth again. You dealt with it for a moment before shoving him away, laughing. You could see your hotel room from the bar and you could see that the lights were out. You didn’t know if they were watching, so you sent a silent prayer to Lucifer.

We’re on our way. Get ready.

You could see the curtains flutter and thought you could see a blond head sticking out, but the Alpha roughly shoved you again and pulled your hair.

“I’m in charge tonight little girl, and I’ll have you screaming before we’re through,” He growled.

You just laughed, trying to come off as drunk. “Ooohhh rough. I like it that way.”

You grabbed his hand and pulled him towards the hotel room. You noticed his hand had gotten significantly more paw-like, but you ignored it. Just a few more yards to the room. He stopped again and yanked you back into his embrace, grinning down at you. He planted a trail of hot kisses down your neck and you moaned throatily. You heard him snicker softly and the anger rose up within you. This was how he had snared all the young women he had killed throughout the past few months. More likely it was how he had snared them for years. You pulled away from him again and lead him up to the door of your room. You knew the hunters and the archangel were waiting directly on the other side.

“Wait, wait, one last thing.” He said, smiling at you.

“What’s that?” You asked, a little impatiently. You were eager to get this over and done with.

He stepped up close and brushed a lock of hair behind your ear. Then he leaned in and whispered, “I know you’re a Hunter.”

A shot of adrenaline raced through you, but he grabbed you in a giant bear hug before you could react. You could feel his hands changing and sharp claws dug into your back. You struggled, but he only grasped you tighter, making it hard to breathe. You gasped.

“Let her go.” You heard an icy voice behind you demand. Lucifer. “Now." 

"Ahhh, you brought friends.” The Alpha remarked in his deep voice. “It’ll almost be a fair fight.”

He spun you around so you were facing away from him, keeping a massive arm across your chest and throat. You were getting air, but barely. Lucifer was only a few feet away, with a deadly look on his face. You had never seen him look so serious. He was staring at the Alpha. Sam and Dean stood to one side of the archangel, Ketch stood to the other. Mick was a few feet behind all of them, a terrified look on his face.

"I suggest you let her go.” Dean growled, a sharp dagger in his hand. “We’ll make it quick if you do.”

The Alpha sneered at him. “Please. That dagger won’t hurt me.”

“These might,” Sam said, raising a gun and cocking it.

“Tsk, tsk, you might hit your friend. Besides, silver bullets won’t work either. I’m the Alpha, little human. You’re in way over your heads.”

He tightened his grip around your neck and you choked, your air supply completely cut off. Lucifer took a step forward, his hands balled into fists, his eyes glowing a dangerous red. Dean shifted his feet, his gaze on the archangel now.

“Easy Lucifer.” Your eldest brother said quietly. “We’ll do this together.”

You felt a shock go through the Alpha’s body at the archangel’s name. His grip loosened, slightly, and you could breathe again. You took big, gasping breaths.

“Lucifer? As in…Satan?” The Alpha almost growled. “Well, here’s a face I never thought I’d see again. I thought they locked you up like the criminal you are.”

“Easy boy.” Lucifer snarled. “Watch your tone.”

“I don’t think so.” The Alpha was almost yelling now. He seemed to have forgotten totally about you. “You just disappeared on us! You took us, and made us what we are, and then you just left!”

“You chose this.” The archangel replied coldly. “Did you need someone to hold your hand, little pup?”

Now the Alpha did growl and you felt his claw begin to carve up your shoulder. You grimaced.

“What’s he talking about?” Dean asked, his eyes still on the Alpha.

Now the big werewolf laughed. “Oh, didn’t know about this, did you? How very devilish of you, Lucifer.”

“Shut. Your. Mouth.” Lucifer’s voice was quiet, icy, deadly.

“Of course you wouldn’t tell them, would you? Now that you’re trying to become reformed and all. Now that you’re trying to forget your past. You really seem to care about this one though, don’t you?” He shook you and Lucifer’s jaw clenched. “Is she the reason, huh? Is she the reason you left the path of rebellion and destruction? This pretty little thing?” He shook you again and you cried out as his claws dug deeper into your arm.

“Knock it off!” Lucifer’s voice ripped through his teeth. He took another step forward, but Dean yanked him harshly backwards. 

“Don’t listen to him,” Dean said. “We stick to the plan.”

“Yeah,” The Alpha said. “Don’t worry about the fact that I’m about to kill your reason for pretending to be good. Stick to the plan, Dad.”

“You created this thing?” Sam asked.

“He created all the Alphas.” The werewolf said. “Didn’t you know?”

You were still, staring at the archangel but his gaze was locked on the Alpha. A muscle jumped in his jaw. 

“Alright, I’ve had enough,” Dean barked. He grabbed the Colt from his belt and pointed it at the Alpha. “Time to end this.”

The Alpha turned slightly to put you inbetween him and your brother. It proved to be his fatal mistake. Ketch was fast, punching the Alpha in the temple with brass knuckles topped with silver spikes. The werewolf stagged backwards, his grip completely falling away from you. You collapsed, your hand at your throat, but you were still aware of what was happening. Lucifer rushed forward to you, wrapping his arms protectively around you while Dean lined up his shot and took it. The Alpha collapsed immediately and just like that, it was over.

A silence hung in the air for a moment before your brothers set about dragging the body off into the forest. The shot would have attracted some attention.

“Are you alright?” Lucifer asked in a low voice. He was crouched down and his arms were still wrapped around you.

You stared up at him from where you sat on the ground, not sure what to think or feel with the new information you had just learned. Suddenly, a vice like hand wrapped around your arm and yanked you to your feet. Mick pulled you into his chest, turning you away from the archangel, who rose slowly to his feet.

“Stay away from her,” Mick said vehemently. “What else don’t we know about you? You created the Alpha monsters. What else did you do? What else that is wrong with this world is your fault? Don’t come near her again.” He shuffled you off into the hotel room. Your eyes never left Lucifer’s until the door shut behind the two of you.




Idle chit-chat was the last thing I wanted. Vodka Val was going on about something or other, and I know I really should have been listening, I should have been paying attention and interacting with her but I just couldn’t. Me and Harry were just watching each other across the room, both completely ignoring the groups of people around us and just staring.
If it was my house I would have kicked everyone out a mere five minutes into the New Year. If it was my house I would have faked some kind of emergency. I’d been listing off a few things that would work in my head. Family emergency. Some kind of fire. Possibly faking a very serious illness. Pretending I’d gone into labour. I know that one would have been a bit weird since I definitely wasn’t pregnant, but anything would have been better than the torture of us not being able to do the one thing we were both aching to do.
I wanted to know what his lips felt like somewhere other than my lips, or my hands, or my temple, or my forehead or my cheek. I wanted to know what they’d be like on my neck, and my chest. I wanted to know what they’d be like when they crawled up the inside of my thigh. I wanted to know the exact shape they would contort into when he reached his peak. I wanted to know every single fucking thing and it was killing me that I wasn’t in the process of learning.

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Mark Imagine - Head Boy

A/N - I love writing AUs so much especially when they’re set in a fantasy setting like Harry Potter oml literally so fun to delve into another world like this. Hope you all enjoy this one! I didn’t add the friends catching them at the end just because I really liked how it ended and didn’t want to make the scene feel awkward from my bad writing lol

Can i request a scenario with mark I loved the ravenclaw one.. can you write where he’s headboy and Y/N is headgirl of Ravenclaw but they are very competitive so people think they hate each other but someone catches them making out?

Being the head girl of Hogwarts was something you were extremely proud of. Throughout your time at Hogwarts, you had been determined to do your best and become an amazing wizard. Being appointed head girl by Professor McGonagall had been one of your best memories since starting Hogwarts all those years ago and what pleased you even more was that another Ravenclaw had been made head boy. When you found it who it was though, that excitement quickly wore off. It was Mark Tuan, the boy you had been competing with since your first year at Hogwarts. When it was time for prefects to be elected, the two of you had been arguing and were insanely competitive about your roles. All the other prefects and Ravenclaw students had grown accustomed to it and no long tried to stop you both from arguing. It was always amusing though when a bright-eyed little first year saw the two of you fighting for the first time and ended up trying to break up the fight. Now that you were head girl though, you wanted to put that feud behind you and just be civil with him. Not friends, but acquaintances at the very least. 

“(Y/N)! McGonagall wants us to look after some second years who’ve been causing trouble,” Mark called over to you from the entrance to the Ravenclaw common room. You were in the middle of writing an essay and wanted nothing to do with these second years but knew that the headmistress would be after you if you didn’t go with him. Sighing, you sent all your notes back up to your room with a quick flick of your wand and walked over to Mark, not bothering to fake a smile. 
“Come on, smile! We’ll be spending the next hour or two together!” His teasing grin only made you scowl more. 
“Exactly why I’m not smiling. I wonder if one of these second years has some needles I can stick in my eye to help bear the next couple of hours with you.”
“So mean, am I really that bad?”
“Yes. Now does McGonagall want us to fetch them from her office?”
“Yeah, apparently this is her new form of punishment: make the head boy and girl deal with them.”
“I don’t see why she can’t just send them into the forbidden forest for an hour with Hagrid or something, that’d sort them out just right. Teach them more of a lesson than we could.”
“You don’t need to tell me, I can remember having to go in there for detention once with Jackson.”
“Ooh, I remember that! Head boy had detention, how naughty.”
“As if you’ve always been a golden child.”
“I’ll have you know, Mark Tuan, that I’ve never had a detention.”
“Oh please would you stop your bickering and come into my office!” McGonagall’s voice sounded from the entrance to her office. Neither of you could see her but knew from the tone of her voice that she was not happy.

Hours later the three second years were still with you and Mark. All five of you were just done with everything and wanted to go back to your dorms for the rest of the day but unfortunately that didn’t look like it was going to be happening any time soon. The three kids weren’t misbehaving or anything but were just incredibly bored of helping you two out. You’d got them organising some old student records that Filch had been complaining about being messy and untidy. Both you and Mark had started with helping them out but then left them to do it since it was their detention and not yours. Now that everyone had been stuck in the same room for two and a half hours, you were all pretty antsy. By the time you all finally got out of there, tensions were high and you and Mark stormed into the great hall bickering even worse than usual. A lot of people’s heads were turned towards you both, all too knowing of the fights you’d have. Things had been going well recently too but now it was explosive. Luckily there weren’t any teachers around to witness it all happening. As you sat down with your friends, Mark sat close by since a lot of his friends were close with your little group. As everyone chatted and ate, you and Mark spent the whole time trying not to look at each other, scowling whenever you did meet eyes.

“Okay, I have had enough of this! Why can’t you two just get along? I get that you’re both too competitive for your own good but please, just try and not shout at each other!” Your best friend said, sounding exasperated with the bickering. Mark didn’t say anything and just looked down at his plate, too embarrassed to address it. 
“Sorry guys,” you apologised before standing up. “Mark, I think you and I should talk things out for a bit.”
“I’m not going anywhere with you right now.”
“Mark, don’t be so bloody stubborn and just go with her. I don’t care if you two fight and argue but as long as it’s away from us.” Mark listened to her and got up to follow you out of the great hall. You knew that you shouldn’t argue so much because not only was it affecting your friendship groups, but it also wouldn’t do any good for your reputation as head boy and head girl.

As you found a quiet corner near the entrance to the Ravenclaw common room, that’s when everything got even worse. Now there was no filter on your words or his and all of your feelings were coming out into the open. You’d never argued like this before and you weren’t entirely sure why you were fighting or what even started this competitive feud between the both of you. There was an uncomfortable silence hanging over you both now that all the pent up frustration had been let out. You spoke quietly, not wanting to set Mark off again. 
“Why do you hate me so much?”
“I don’t hate you.”
“But we always argue and fight. It only makes sense that you hate me.”
“Well I don’t, (Y/N). I know you hate me but that’s not how I feel about you.”
“I don’t hate you either, Mark.”
“Why do we always fight so much? If we don’t hate each other then why are we constantly bickering?”
“I don’t know but I know I don’t like it.”
“Me neither. It sucks, actually.”
“Yeah. I guess we are just too competitive.”
“It doesn’t have to be like that though. We can always work on things and actually try being friends?”
“I don’t know if that’ll ever happen, (Y/N). Some people just aren’t meant to be.”
“You make it sound as if we’re a couple or something. But we can try to at least be nice to each other.” Mark stepped away from you, his expression blank and cold. 
“No. We should just not talk to each other, that’s better for us.”
“No it’s not. Why are you backing off as soon as I mention the idea of us being friends? I knew it, you do hate me don’t you?”
“I told you I don’t hate you.”
“Then why are you so repelled by the idea of us being friends, Mark?”
“Because if we’re friends then it’s just a constant reminder that you’ll never like me back the same way I’ve liked you for years!” He shouted, tears seeming to form in his eyes. 

His sudden confession struck something inside of you. No wonder he often acted the way he did, finding ways to tease you or cause fights. So that he had a reason to avoid you and not become closer, only to be teased by his own feelings. You stepped closer to him, not saying a word and reached out to hold his hand comfortingly. Looking him in the eyes, you smiled at him before leaning closer to kiss his soft, warm lips. The kiss was brief and soft, a small exchange of pure, vulnerable emotion. You leaned back, not knowing where to go from there, only to have Mark decide things for you. He pulled you in closer and kissed you, much more passionately than before. You eased into the kiss and just let everything go. All that time bickering had felt wrong and uncomfortable but this. This. This was right.

THE PICK UP LINES by Draco sodding Malfoy
  • Malfoy: Hi, my name is Draco.
  • Potter: *scowls* I know that Malfoy.
  • Malfoy: Oh but you don’t. In fact, you called me by the wrong last name.
  • Potter: I- what? I don’t have time for all your nonsense, Malfoy. So if you could just please fuck off and-
  • Malfoy: Uggh! *irritated* Will you just please ask why? Or what’s my last name? You’re supposed to do that!
  • Potter: What do you really want Malfoy, I-
  • Malfoy: Damn it! I said ASK!
  • Potter: Err… Fine. What is your last name then?
  • Malfoy: *smiles* My whole name is Draco Malfoy-Potter.
  • Potter:
  • Malfoy: Say something, you daft. *irritated but blushing*
  • Potter: I don’t understand.
  • Malfoy: You- I… *sighs* Perks of falling in love with a dumb Gryffindor, I guess.
  • Potter: Hey! That’s very rude of- Wait, YOU’RE IN LOVE WITH RON?!
  • Malfoy: What the- Merlin! You’re impossible! *walks away leaving a confused Potter*
They found her in the woods.

A Negan&daughter idea thats been brewing in my head for some time now. Let me know if you want more. Enjoy. @negans-network

 Travis was having a spectacularly shitty day. He and his boys had been providing slim pickings lately- through no fault of their own as far as he was concerned. Especially seeing as the areas they’d been given had already been turned over a few times.

But these things have consequences and just that morning Simon himself had warned him that if they didn’t find something worthwhile soon, they would find themselves working for points again and that would simply not do.

So they looked again. Through the desolate buildings, every drawer, under every bed, every glove compartment. They spread out covering a long line a few acres across and trudged through the forest for something. Anything.

Which was when they found her.

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Saved- Part Two Damian Wayne x Reader

Word Count- 2164

Summary- Damian saves the reader while on patrol and walks them home. The reader tells him about how they just moved to Gotham with their family. The day after, Damian discovers that the reader is new at Gotham Academy and they have a same class together. Feeling nervous he accidentally says something to the reader that they had only told Robin, so it is obvious to them who he is. They confront him and promise that they won’t tell anyone, thus beginning their new friendship.

Request- Hi! I have a request. Could you write an imagine where Damian meets the reader on patrol after he saves the reader. And he walks the reader home and they bond, the reader tells him they are new in Gotham and why they moved there. The day after they are at the same class and Damian gets kinda nervous around the reader. And he accidentally says something about last night that only robin knows so the reader finds out Damian is robin by they ain’t stupid. The reader promises not to say a word. So they start hanging out together (as friends). This is my first request. OMG this is so long have a lovely day!

A/N- Here’s Part Two of the request! This ended up so long.

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Your eyes peeled open at the sound of your alarm. You let out a groan and reached over to silence it, struggling for a bit to find the stupid button. When you finally found it your arm dropped so it was just hanging off the bed, too tired to lift it back up.

Great, your first day at your new school.

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max and the way after midnight visitor (bmw 1)

So last weekend I decided to check back in on Paranatural for the first time in years… such a good move. Still my favorite by far. And hey, I’m apparently back just in time for bullymagnet week, which wasn’t even a thing before. My timezones may be a little off, not quite sure, but this is for day one - night.


Max wakes up at 4:17 AM to the familiar sound of ol’ Hissin’ Pete freaking out. He groans, rolling over to put a pillow on top of his head, only to bolt upright when he rolls right onto his fractured arm.

“FLIPPIN’ HECK,” he screams through gritted teeth, curling over it.

“Mister Max! Are you okay?” PJ inquires, looming out of the darkness with a nightmare grin. Max means that literally. He’s had nightmares about that grin.

It does look a little more nervous than usual this time, though. He squints, honestly just to get a better look in the darkness, but PJ immediately quails before his face, admitting, “I’m sorryyyy, it was me that got Hissin’ Pete going but I only did it because a weird kid on your roof threatened to punch Lefty!”

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Last First Kiss. Part 2. (Peter Parker.)

Requested – Yes. Thank you so much for that, by the way!

Prompt – Confused about the talk with Spiderman, you took his advice and did not give up on Peter Parker.

Warning – Feels.

Words – 1,386.


Part 1.

When does anyone ever know when it is time to let go of a person? Sometimes people are so persistent, they continue to chase a person for ages even when they know the person will never return the favor. But for some reason, people hold on too long for something that they know they will never have. Maybe, they see a glimpse of hope on their side, slightly within their reach.

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Another addition to Model!Yuri and Photographer!Otabek cause I can’t let go sometimes. Plus… Viktor had to make an appearance before I completely ended it anyway. 

AO3 || Previous

“I’m surprised you agreed to this,” Otabek says as they stand in the elevator. His arm is draped casually around Yuri’s waist as Yuri fiddles with the hem of his loose, tiger printed sweater. 

“Have you seen this line of clothing?” Yuri counters. He scowls at their reflection in the elevator doors. “If it wasn’t so fucking amazing I would’ve said no. You really think I want to work with him that badly? He’s gonna drive me batshit crazy.”

Otabek chuckles. “You’re admitting someone else has a decent line of clothing?”

Yuri punches him in the side as the elevator bell rings. The doors rumble open and Otabek’s arm falls away, hoisting his camera bag up his shoulder.

Yuri barely has the chance to take half a step out of the elevator when he’s knocked off his feet, tackled by a tall, silver haired man. Yuri’s string of curses is drowned out by the shout of, “Yuratchka!” Otabek can’t help but smile.

“Get the fuck off me, old man.” Yuri struggles underneath Viktor’s weight.

Viktor pulls back, beaming. “You agreed to a shoot with me! Yuratchka, I knew you always wanted to work with me.”

Yuri successfully shoves Viktor away and scrambles to his feet. He scowls down at Viktor, straightening his sweater. “I’m not doing this for you, idiot. I’m doing it for the clothing line.” 

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A Slap On The Counter

Pairing(s): Naruhina 
Rating: M
Anime/Manga: Naruto
Prompt: Naruto comes home a little aroused… not that Hinata minded ;)
Warning(s): Anal fucking and spanking. 
A/N: I have exams coming up so I’m trying to write as much as possible right now so I’ll have time to study next week. Anyways, enjoy you lovelies. 💜

Hinata was washing her hands underneath the sink, she scraped the grime underneath her fingernails. Suddenly, strong arms surrounded her petite body and caressed the skin below her ear with soft lips. Hinata giggled as he traced the side of her cheek with tender kisses. 

“Naruto,” Hinata breathed out his name, loving the sound of it against her tongue. “I missed you. You came home early.” Naruto trailed his nose into her strands, kissing it softly. and then sniffed the scent of her hair. 

“I wanted to see you,” He groaned. “God, Hinata. You smell like heaven.” 

Hinata smiled and swiveled her face so she can stare into his eyes. They were glittering with endearment; Hinata’s and Naruto’s infatuation with one another permitted a share of loving gazes. They kept a blanket of comfortable silence; hearing the tranquil swish of the wind from outside.  

“Hinata,” Naruto said, sounding a bit disgruntled. He shut his eyes and pressed his forehead to hers. His warm breath mingled with hers, but Hinata kept her eyes open, watching him from underneath her eyelashes. 

“Mm?” She asked, staring at him with concern. 

“Let’s have sex.” 

Hinata sputtered but then giggled and cupped his cheeks. “You just got here, though. Aren’t you tired?” Naruto didn’t share her laughter and regarded her with hooded eyes. Suddenly, he flipped her over and onto the counter. Hinata’s legs dangled an inch from the ground. 

Naruto bit her earlobe and growled. He rubbed her backside with his evident bulge, which made Hinata emit a little gasp from surprise. “Hinata, the whole day I was thinking about squeezing my cock into your tight little pussy. You have no idea how horny I was.” 

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What can I say? @likearootlesstree just inspires me to write things like this

             Alex and John had been bickering all day. They couldn’t agree on a tv show to watch that morning, then neither of them would agree on a place to eat lunch, and when they finally were forced into a decision the both of them were acting moody and trying to antagonize each other throughout the meal. The final straw for Lafayette occurred as they were walking towards the subway. Alex was poking fun at John, and in retaliation John shoved Alex, nearly knocking him off the sidewalk.

               “Enough,” Laf snapped, grabbing both of them by the backs of their shirts and physically separating them. “I am sick of all this fighting. You’re putting me in a bad mood when all I wanted to do was spend time with both of you.” Alex had his arms crossed against his chest, refused to make eye contact. John on the other hand glanced up at Lafayette, all big eyes and freckles, then back down at his feet, ashamed. “Now, you are both going to sit down and stay silent on the subway ride, and when we get back home I’ll think of something to do with the two of you.”

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Can you do a one shot about how you catch Happy flirting with a sweet butt & so you flirt with Juice because Happy always accuses you of flirting with him even though you didnt until now. And how happy gets all upset &tells you how much he loves you

Words: 3375

Pairing: Happy x Reader

No matter how much deep shit with the club was, the guys always tried to spend time with you. You know they needed the attention of your Old Man a lot of the time so Happy always tried to make it up to you by doing whatever you wanted when you had spare moments together.

You’d been Happy’s Old Lady for two years now and his wife for one and half and you proudly displayed his crow on your shoulder.  You knew exactly what he did for the club and you still stayed by him, cleaning up his wounds and holding his close at night, even if he told himself that he didn’t need the comfort. Killing and torture may have come easy to him but it had a tendency to rob his sleep if you weren’t beside him.
Because of all the support and love you showed him, Happy often encouraged you to spend time with the other Sons. He truly loved seeing you enjoy yourself while Chib’s showed you some boxing moves or when Tig caught you how to kick a door in (Even if you weren’t sure why Tig found it such an important life lesson) or when you and Jax would watch corny horror films after you’d been babysitting Able and Thomas for him.

The only Son that he minded you spending time with was Juice. Juice had been your friend long before you’d met Happy, he was closer in age and the pair of you had dorky inside jokes. Your Old man was obsessed with the fact that one day something would happen between the pair of you and Happy constantly accused you of flirting with him.

It was the only thing that you argued about, which was funny given Happy’s penchant for murder.

And that’s why your Old Man was glaring across the yard at you and Juice talking to each other by Juice’s bike.
“Come on Juice, please?” You asked clasping your hands together in a pleading motion.
“I barely have any time to sleep now without taking on Happy’s shifts here too.” Juice protested lightly but you knew he’d agree eventually, he was your best friend after all and it was a very small favour to ask.
“Come on Juan! I’ve barely seen my old man in a week, I just want one day to cook for him and keep him trapped in bed all day.” You pleaded and pouted slightly.
Juice scowled lightly and shook his head, “Not a mental image I need Y/N.”
You narrowed your eyes at him, “I’ve been to your parties, I know you probably saw my Old Man up to all sorts before I came on the scene. Please? Next time you get a girlfriend I’ll big you up to her? Keep her away from the guys?”

Juice looked thoughtful for a moment before he gave you a small grin, “You got yourself a deal as long as I don’t have to hear about you hog tying Happy to the bed.”
You let out an excited squeal and jumped up to wrap your arms around his shoulders giving him a tight hug. He laughed and put his hand up to your hips tickling you until you jumped back.
“Thanks Juicey!” You kissed his cheek before giving him a mischievous smirk, “Besides, if any one gets tied up it wouldn’t be Happy.”
You laughed and walked away hearing him dramatically retching behind you.

You walked across the yard to where your Husband was stood glaring at you with his arms folded across his chest. You gave him a smile as you approached him and leaned up to wrap your arms around his neck like you had done with Juice just a few moments before. You pressed your lips to his which he didn’t return, he also hadn’t unfolded his arms as you were pressed against him.

“What’s a matter Mr. Lowman?” You purred giving him your best seductive face, the only that only ever failed if he had to leave on club business and even then he’d tried to fit in time for a quickie.
But his eyes remained steely as he stared down at you, “You have fun with Juice?”
You groaned and dropped your head to his shoulder, “Are you serious Hap? I’m so sick of this stupid shit.”
“If you’re sick of it go back over there to Juice and finish what you started.” He rumbled. He had still yet to unfold his arms.
“What I started? I was talking to him for five minutes baby, don’t you think if I was going to fuck him it then it would take more than five minutes?” You groaned at him and let your arms drop from his neck so you could fold them over your chest to mirror your Old Man.

“You seem to know a lot how he is in bed.” He narrowed his eyes accusingly.
“Are you serious?”  You snapped, “I was over there trying to get him to take your shift tomorrow so I could keep you all to myself.”

Happy felt guilt in his stomach, he knew that you wouldn’t cheat, deep down he knew it but he couldn’t help but think that you and Juice were always flirting. Just like he couldn’t stop his next words tumbling out of his mouth, “I’ll work. You spend all day in bed with your friend over there, I know you’d prefer it.”

You glared at Happy for moment before throwing your hands up and storming away shouting back at him to go fuck himself.


You felt bad about storming off earlier but you knew you were well within your right to be mad with your husband, you’d only been trying to arrange a nice surprise for him so you could spend the day together.
It hadn’t been the worst argument you’d had about this though so as you got ready for the SAMCRO party that night you went all out. As an Old Lady and wife of one of the most well-known Son’s you had extra pressure to look good all the time anyway but today you wanted to pull Happy’s focus away from the argument and get him looking forward to spending the day with you tomorrow.

As you stepped into the party you instantly found Tig, Chibs and Jax near the pool table. As you approached Tig wolf whistled you and Jax caught your hand so he could spin you around in front of them, you laughed at your loveable idiots.
“Do you know what you’re doing to me girl?” Tig teased, it always made you laugh how openly crude Tig would be with you and yet Happy didn’t seem to have as much as a problem with it as he did Juice.
“Aye Happy is a very lucky man indeed.” Chibs gave you a quick kiss on the cheek.
“Well that’s what I’m hoping to prove,” you smiled, “Now has anyone seen my Old Man?”

The boys instantly looked anxious and you narrowed your eyes at them as they avoided your gaze. You folded your arms and continued to watch them until Jax eventually looked up and you followed his gaze behind you.

Happy was lent with one shoulder against the wall with a sweetbutt in front of him. She leaned forward and ran her hands up Happy’s chest as she leaned closer to him. You knew what should have happened and what had happened every time a croweater or sweetbutt had thrown attention at him since he’d put his ink on you. He’d catch their face in one of his large hands and hold them tight, he’d leaned down and snarl in their face that they were disrespecting you and your claim on him and if they tried it again he’d make sure they regretted it.

So you watched him because seeing your Old Man get territorial over your relationship was something that you found ridiculously hot. In all the time you’d been married and even before then you’d only ever had to assert your place a handful of times, you’d been fortunate unlike Tara who’d had to prove herself to the clubs whores almost every day.

But it never happened, you saw Happy lean down to talk quietly to the woman as she continued to press herself up against him. You felt sick. Behind you the boys cursed, this could not end well.
You were moving before you’d thought of a plan and before you knew it you had thrust you hand into the sweetbutts hair and pulled her head back so that your mouth was by her ear.

“You have two seconds to get the fuck out away from my husband before I rip your tongue out through your teeth.” You snarled and yanked so that she fell backwards to the floor. When she caught sight of you she ran away faster than you’d ever seen the boys run.

You turned your attention to Happy who was wearing an unreadable expression.
“What the fuck?” You hissed at him.
He shrugged, “You have fun with Juice, I thought I’d have a little fun myself.”
He seemed so nonchalant and you felt tears spring up in your eyes.

Happy had expected you to hurt the girl like you had but then he expected a screaming match before dragging each other off into the dorms to have incredible angry sex, hopefully in Juice’s dorm room. What he didn’t see coming was the tears, he didn’t expect you to say nothing before turning and walking away from him and finding a seat at the bar.

No explosion.

No incredible sex in front of Juice.

Happy watched you order a three shots and have them all in quick succession as Tig and Chibs approached him.
“I’m gonna take a stab in the dark and say that’s how you expected that to end brother?” Chibs asked him and passed him a beer. Happy didn’t respond so they took it as a yes. They watched you drink alone for a while, a few prospects came to flirt with you but each time you had glanced at the crow on your shoulder and they had ran away after seeing Happy’s name under it.

Eventually Tig spoke up, “Come on man, you’re not seriously going to let her get drunk when she’s this upset and looking like that. Prospects are easy to scare away but there’s patched guys here from the Oregon charter that’ve had their eye on her.”
“She’s still mine.” Happy grated and tightened his hold on his beer, argument or not your crow was on full display and everyone knew not to mess with Happy’s woman.
“Doesn’t mean she’s not hurting brother.” Chibs advised and dropped his hand on Happy’s shoulder before giving him a reassuring pat.

You were already drunk. Fuck. Usually half a bottle vodka didn’t do much to you, after all you were the Tocoma Killer’s Old Lady, that entailed a lot of drinking. But usually it was spread over a whole night and not done as a course of shots over twenty minutes while scaring away Prospects and trying not to cry.

So you were gone. How could Happy be so blasé about this woman all over him? Was he really prepared to possibly ruin his marriage because he was insecure about your friendship with Juice? Someone who you had been close too long before you were with Happy, if you really wanted him would you not have chosen Juice first?

You leaned on your arms on the bar as your head swam. You squeezed your eyes shut and reached for the bottle that the prospect behind the bar had left for you. As you poured yourself another shot you felt a familiar presence lean on the bar beside you. You took your shot in one before turning to face Juice who was watching you with a worried expression.
“Y/N have you been crying?” He asked quietly, you felt his thumb come under your eye as he wiped your wet cheeks.
You nodded your head dramatically, the alcohol taking effect made you fall forwards into Juice who caught you and you starting giggling into his chest.

His arms were loose around you holding you onto your chair as he laughed at you, “I think it’s a good idea to take a break from the shots for now, you might fall off.”
You giggled and looked up at him through your lashes before putting your hands on his chest just over his patches, “Well it’s a good job you’re so strong.”

If Happy was prepared to let you go over flirting with Juice then fuck it, you might as well actually get to flirt with him. Good call vodka.

He laughed nervously but didn’t make a move to let go of you, “Okay sweetheart, don’t you think we should get you into bed?”
He pulled you off the seat into his arms and started to carry you towards the dorms.

You giggled wrapped your arms around his neck and leaned your mouth up to his ear, “Do you want to take me to bed Juicey?” You breathed and you could feel the heat that rushed to his cheeks and how his grip on you tightened slightly.
“No-not like that.” He stammered slightly, with this angle he could see slightly down your top but more importantly Happy’s crow on your shoulder was almost right in his face.
“Why not Juan? Happy thinks we’re at it anyway and he doesn’t care anymore.”  You mumbled and settled yourself down in his arms.

“What the fuck did you just say?” Happy growled behind Juice and you felt your human pillow/carrier tense at the voice.
You however were not intimidated; you wouldn’t have married him if you were. Instead you shoo’d him drunkenly with your hand, “Go fuck that girl, I don’t want to talk to you.”

Realisation dawned on Happy at your slurred words, you were wasted. He’d come over here with the intention of ramming Juice’s face into the bar until whatever you found attractive was mashed beyond recognition. He didn’t realise how much he’d hurt you. He honestly just wanted angry sex to get over his jealousy of Juice. Happy couldn’t believe he’d made you think you didn’t care about your marriage.

“Give her.” Happy snapped and held his arms open and waited for Juice to hand you to him.
You shook your head and held onto Juice, “No, he’s being a dick. I just wanted to spend tomorrow with him.”
“Sorry, Lady says no.” Juice mumbled and gulped. Jesus Christ how did he get dragged into this? He knew Happy could at the very least kick Juice’s ass around the yard for not handing over his wife.

Happy’s expression darkened but he gave a firm nod and gestured for Juice to follow him and they headed towards the dorms. Happy was furious that Juice hadn’t handed you over but he was also thankful, he knew the other Son’s would have had the same reaction. You didn’t want to go with him and he was angry so Juice protecting you, even from Happy, was absolutely the right thing to do.

Juice put you down on the bed in Happy’s dorm room and Happy sat down on the chair in the corner. Only when you told Juice it was fine for him to go did he leave you in silence with your husband. And that was how you stayed until Happy’s voice cut through the tension almost making you jump.

“Did you really think I’d put that bitch over our marriage?”

You held his gaze for a moment before you answered, “You thought I put Juice before it so I don’t know what goes on in your head.”
“If he’d brought you in here and wanted to fuck you would you have?” He asked, still sat staring.
You wanted to punch him for asking you something so stupid, instead you kept your voice quiet but steady and firm, “I wish I could say yes. But I fucking love you.”

“You think I don’t love you?” He grated.
You said nothing.
He stood and started towards the best until he was stood in front of you, “Do. You. Think. That. I. don’t. love. You?”

You wished that you could be scared of Happy in this moment instead of drunk and incredibly turned on.
You gathered yourself before you answered, “I play house for you. You always have a hot meal and clean clothes. I got your crow and I took your name. When we go into lock down I don’t ask any fucking questions. When you come home after killing someone I help clean you up. I help pay your mums medical bills. I have been kidnapped, beaten and tortured because of the club and you. I put off having kids because you wanted to wait. And it’s all fucking worth it because I have you. But you don’t give a shit because you think that me and Juice are too close.”

You made a mental note, no more vodka.

Happy stared down at you and you expected rage. You expected broken furniture and him calling Juice in here to beat the shit out of him.

But instead you watched at Happy fell to his knees in front of the bed and leaned forward to bury his face in your stomach and wrap his arms around your hips. Fuck. Happy was barely emotional but when he was it was always so…raw. You wrapped your arms around his shoulders and gently smoothed your hand over his head.

“You think I don’t know?” His voice rasped into your stomach and you strained to hear him, “You think I don’t know everything you do for me? Those are the reasons why I fucking love you. John Teller used to tell me I’d find someone to fit me and I’m pissed he didn’t get to meet you, that I couldn’t show you off. I never wanted kids until I met you, but I think that if they were with you I could finally make something good.”

He finally looked up at you and you felt yourself melt under the passion of this gaze, he continued “I can’t stand the idea of you being with anyone else and I hate knowing that Juice deserves you more.”

You let the words hit you back into sobriety and you started laughing loudly. Happy scowled as you continued to laugh but urged him up to lie next to you on the bed and cuddled up to his chest.
“You’re a fucking idiot. If I didn’t want you I wouldn’t have bothered with you.” You laughed and snuggled into his chest in the opening on his cut.
“Who you calling an idiot?” He asked but now his voice was lighter and his hands found your sides and he tickled you lightly.
“You Mr. Lowman.” You teased and leaned up to give him a soft kiss as he wrapped his arms around you.
“Think you can deal being married to an idiot?” He murmured in that deep voice of his that used when he was trying to get you into bed. Not that he ever really had to try.

“That depends, knowing Juice he’s stood outside the door in case I’m in trouble which is very good of him. And knowing your devious mind the fact that he’s stood out there means you want us to fuck as loud as possible so that he and everyone else here knows I’m yours?” You asked as innocently as possible and leaned up to kiss the underside of his jaw.
You let out a quick giggle as he rolled you both over so that he was above you and asked, “And if I do?”
“Well then I can deal with that.” You grinned and pulled him down to kiss you.

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