please just respect it

i didn’t really want to bring attention to this but i’ve been getting a steady stream of followers over the last few days and i just want to uh,,,,,,,, let it be known:

this may be a twd blog but if you followed for or want any n*eg/an content you might as well unfollow now because you won’t see him on my blog

i absolutely welcome conversation w you guys and u can have whatever opinions you want, like whoever you like, whatever. i’m not here to police that or you. just please respect that i don’t like him, he makes me hella uncomfortable, and i don’t want him anywhere near my dash.

Just a friendly reminder that there’s nothing wrong with having one or two members that you like or favor more than the rest, (aka having a bias) but that absolutely does not give you the right to disrespect or disregard the rest of the members. So please just give all the members in a group the respect and acknowledgment they deserve, because a group isn’t a group without the contributions of ALL the members.

Reminder: No matter how much you care for an idol, they are not your personal friend. Invading their space and their privacy is completely wrong and leaves an idol feeling suffocated. Please remember to just give your idols the respect they deserve because no one deserves to be uncomfortable in any environment.

Just a very important reminder​ to please respect an idols privacy and personal place regardless of where they are. As much as they all love their fans, there are certain limits that no one should cross. Please just keep in mind that idols are people too, and they also feel uncomfortable at times, and privacy and personal space is a right everyone should have.

please respect people who are mentally ill and disabled who cannot work. please respect people who look like they’re just relaxing all day when really they’re waging an internal war just to stay alive or fight their pain. please respect people who could not finish school, people who had big plans and could not see them through because of disability. people who look from the outside like they’ve “given up” or “aren’t doing anything.” people who are hospitalized repeatedly or permanently, and people who are grown adults who are still dependent on others. please respect disabled and mentally ill people. 

this is not a polite suggestion, by the way. it’s an angry demand. we are people, and we deserve the same respect as anyone else.

women not shaving for no shave november are awesome!

but it’s not about you. it’s not about “sticking it to the patriarchy”. it’s not about destroying primitive beauty standards for women. it’s about raising money and awareness for prostate cancer: which kills the same amount of people as breast cancer but has a minuscule percentage of the funding, research or awareness that breast cancer has.

please just be respectful when you participate in NSN. it’s not about women, it’s about men.

MDM: !!
  • mare: i want you-
  • maven: !! *freezes*
  • maven: *breathes heavily*
  • maven: *almost faints*
  • mare: -to shut tHE FUCK UP THANK YOU VERY MUCH
Please respect the actors privacy!

Why can’t some people show respect. Don’t go to Hartvig Nissen! It’s not a tourist attraction, it’s a school. People go there to get education you shouldn’t go there in order to meet Tarjei and David, it’s not a meet and greet zone! Please just respect their privacy and don’t invade their school and disturb their education. Newsflash: they aren’t the only people that goes to the school, I wouldn’t think it was very nice if my school was filled with tourists because that’s not what it’s for. It’s not just about Tarjei and David, it’s about everyone that goes to Nissen. It’s not okay for you to go there. Please just respect the school grounds and don’t go inside the school!

PSA!!!! stop hating on:

•groups you don’t stan
•older groups
•newer groups
•groups with really big fandoms
•groups with smaller fandoms
•girl groups!!!
•girl groups that do sexy concepts
•girl groups that do cute concepts
•female idols that are close friends with male idols!!!
•male idols that are close friends with female idols!!!
•idols who have a boyfriend/girlfriend!!!
•idols who get really silly on broadcasts
•idols who don’t speak much on broadcasts
•idol’s skin color!!!
•idol’s figure!!!
•idols who don’t speak English well
•idols and groups in general because they all went through a whole lot of struggle to get where they are so they don’t deserve any low class bullshit coming their way.

This is so sad.The fans on the pit area got carried away and pushing their way forward. The pushing soon became out of control as it caused the fence to move. You can see in this fan cam how our boys especially Jinyoung lost their focus because of that. Jinyoung can’t stop looking the pit area on his left side. Our sweet Jinyoung who got worried about aghasse even stop dancing and took a moment to tell fans to move back, okay I don’t understand Korean that much but you can see from his hand movement. Sadly the pushing keep going while Jinyoung have to continue with this performance.

It’s like taking a look inside my head everyday for the last 5 weeks. And it’s exhausting.

I’ve seen many people defending pewdiepie and saying things like #istandwithpewdiepie so I’d like to send a message to those people.

How can you be so ignorant? Is the fact that there are many people who truly do want to kill Jews not enough to convince you that maybe joking about such things is wrong? Are you that insensitive to the history of the Nazis who killed 5-6 million Jews? Have you forgotten what has happened when people let anti semitism go ignored?

While it may be all a joke to you, it is far too real to others who face the possibility of being killed for being a Jew. So while you’re laughing and brushing it off, someone else is facing oppression.

You shouldn’t be so surprised the media reacted this way. You shouldn’t be surprised that they called him out for it. This is, after all, not the first time he has done something like this.

Image it as something like this: 

Your classmate is allergic to peanut butter. Even just touching it will cause an allergic reaction. You are fully aware of this. 

You decide to one day bring a PB&J sandwich to lunch. If that wasn’t enough, you also decide to deliberately bring it near them. And when they point out how insensitive this is, you throw a fit claiming that “you don’t deserve this harassment” and “you’ve done so many nice things in the past”.

If you truly cared about your classmate, you would have respected their allergy. 

So go ahead and keep supporting him. But do understand that by supporting him, you are also supporting the harassment of millions of people who face real threats by real Nazis.