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CONCEPT: keith and lotor doing subtle - (but really not subtle things everyone around is just really exasperated bc please it’s very obvious) - things to try and impress each other with their skills to gain each other’s approval and attention. but then they act like it’s just normal stuff that they do it all the time. 

spoiler: it isn’t. 

  • “oh hey keith fancy seeing you here in the training room wow i never would have guessed you would be here too don’t mind me i’m just about to embark on the most performative workout of my entire life” 
  • keith trying to show how agile and quick he is on his feet. so when lotor is in the room he constantly takes the most Extra way to the door to leave. he could just walk but no. that’s too easy why not use the furniture as some kind of fancy springboard instead now yes. that’s how you make a exit. 
    • sometimes he doesn’t even take the door. if there’s a window he’ll hop onto the ledge and then leap through it trying to be all suave whilst never admitting that was the intention it was just honestly closer than the door so what’s the problem 
  • lotor retaliates by needlessly turning everything into hurdles so he can elegantly glide over things in keith’s presence 
  • keith “i don’t just fight with knives i also throw them with accurate precision here watch this” 
  • Never Actually Saying It but always being like “yeah that actually was really cool what i did back there but that’s not important because how about you do you find me cool do you think im cool did you think that was cool too-” 
  • lotor Literally Posing whenever he hears keith approaching so he can look his best but it’s done so well 
  • keith doing tricks with his knife, just flipping it and twisting it at weird angles that have absolutely NO LOGICAL PURPOSE OR PLACE in a real fight but they look really cool when he’s leaning against the wall pretending that he isn’t aware lotor is looking over 
    • lotor knows they serve no real function in a battle but he asks keith to explain the technicalities and names of each move with a coy smile and private amusement it’s just very endearing tbh 

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I'm just scared with "Shiro" back, it will put a divide between Keith and the others because they will treat him as the leader again, not listening to the decisions Keith wants to make ;; (like they already did in season 3)

Well, to be fair they only didn’t listen when Keith made… reckless decisions. Which is good - the team doesn’t feel afraid to speak up when their leader messes up. They have seen how Keith acted before he stepped up as a leader and they know that he will need extra support (at least until he gets used to his position). When he actually presents a good plan, they listen without complaints:

^here are two examples, one back in s3e3 even before Keith got his shit together and one in s3e4. It’s always been like this - Keith has the self-confidence and presence of a leader, he just… doesn’t really use it. He never had to lead anyone but himself and the team knows this. Keith internalizes his struggles but he doesn’t actively try to appear “perfect” as Shiro does so they know what he needs help with. In a way, they are more of a team now than they were before.

And even with ‘Shiro’ back the team is still extremely supportive of leader!Keith. Shiro was already back when Lance came to talk to him in his room because “he is the leader now”. When they called him out when he wanted to pursue Lotor with the comet-ship it wasn’t anything different from what they had done in episode 3. In that episode were also these scenes:

Here we have Keith supporting and presenting a plan to ‘Shiro’ and ‘Shiro’ supporting Keith. In the first one it looks like a leader talking to their teammate; in the second one it looks like a friend talking to a friend. Even ‘Shiro’ himself is supportive of leader!Keith. The only problem is that he is used to leading, likes it and is already seen as a leader by the team.

It’s definitely possible that the team will get torn while having 2 leaders that give conflicting orders. (I’m excluding Allura here because I’m talking about in-battle leaders; Allura is and has always been the only outside of battle leader :P) We have already seen Keith and ‘Shiro’ talking over one another and almost fighting in the middle of battle over how they should proceed. But I doubt that the other team members will revert to how they were before Shiro disappeared - they have learned to take on a more active role and speak up when they have complaints. It’s unlikely that they’ll go back to blindly following Shiro when they have worked together with Keith for months now. 

A negative thing that might happen though is that the team might get divided into different ‘fractions’. Some will prefer ‘Shiro’’s style of leading, some will prefer Keith’s. Keith and ‘Shiro’ need to work their differences out before the team gets thrown into disarray once more D:

all i want for this year for christmas is a taekook’s duet. is that too much to ask for? JUST GIVE ME A TAEKOOK’S DUET!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 


Hey guys! Here is the sequel to Heat!

Thanks to @lilli-jo for sparking my inspiration! Love you!

“Have you heard it, dude?” James whispered the next morning, curiously looking at Geoff who was getting ready for his gym session with Shawn.

Geoff frowned, grabbing his water bottle.


James blushed, looking down. “Oh God, I don’t want to be the one telling you this but… I’ve heard noises last night – explicit noises – coming from Shawn’s room.”

“Damn, I heard that, too!” Geoff grins, shaking his head. “Seems like the kid had a lot of fun last night. Bet he invited a pretty Portuguese girl over! He deserves to have a good time though”

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Circumstance (Part 6)

Thank you everyone for waiting! Big revelations this chapter!!!

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Circumstance Masterlist

Rowaelin Daughter x Feysand Son

Rhys and Azriel winnow the two Archeron sisters and Ember into a room the princess had never seen before. Glancing quickly out the window, it is clear that they are in the House of Wind. Ember has been in a bad mood ever since she received the letter, but as she takes a cursory glance around the large gallery, she can feel her anger being overcome with awe and curiosity.  The High Lord and his spymaster quickly depart, leaving the three ladies to wander and explore.

“So what exactly had you wanted to see in here?” Nesta’s bored tone interrupts Ember from her wondrous inspection of the piece closest to her. She turns to find the eldest sister staring at her with a mockingly raised eyebrow. Ember straightens at the challenge.

“Many of Cadewyn’s pieces hang in his room and I desired to view more of his work. They truly are extraordinary, don’t you think?” She replies, forcing Nesta to match her level of tolerance if she doesn’t want to look more like an ass.

Nesta huffs. “Yes, of course they are.” She crosses her arms, glancing between her sister and the princess as if debating something. “Well, I have some emissary business to attend to. Elain should be able to show you around. Don’t wreck anything.”

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“We’re afraid he isn’t going to make it”

Oh boy, Here we go~ You asked for this one. Writing Prompt that was supposed to be published yesterday for Writing Promt Wednesday but WTTM happened and i’m still deceased but WHATEVER

ALSO AUTHORS NOTE: Sorry to the anon who sent this that it took me so long to reply! I wanted to write you a good fic because this is a killer of a prompt. (I didn’t mean that as a pun but oops?)

Potential angst under the cut - 

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(( It’s happened to me several times with different weapons where I swear I hit someone enough times to splat them but they never go down. With the splat charger being a one shot this shows that I’m not just crazy. Please Nintendo…

Edit: I already know the reason this happened was cuz of lag and bad tick rate, I’m not asking what happened. I’m just pointing out the current flaws of how Nintendo is handling online games right now. I really hope Nintendo fixes these issues when their online services have to be paid for. ))

So I just noticed something while I was on Google Images. I looked up the Clexa kiss because I wanted to draw it so I needed an image and I came across a lot of gifs. Firstly, the moment Lexa initiates the kiss (which we all saw on the show): 


I found another version. Now I don’t know if that’s something that was leaked or whether it was shown when the actual kiss came out as an extra scene or something but I didn’t quite recognise it completely. 

In this one, Clarke isn’t as shocked to have Lexa kissing her and it’s clearly very different from the scene that actually made the final cut. What I want to know is: 

I made a cool exo gif set, I’ll probably post it then go on a small hiatus. My life is so unbelievably heartbreaking right now and there’s a lot going on and I need to spend more time supporting my siblings and dad after what has happened. I’ll be back soon, please all stay safe and please, I beg of you tell your family and friends you love them as often as you can, be nice, kind and loving, always. 💘

Rin’s guide to writing meme responses: 

  • Figure out exactly what is happening in this situation
  • Write like 7 paragraphs of preface
  • get to the part that includes the meme
  • 3 more paragraphs
  • Ta-da, you’re done!


so, is it just me or is Helena’s theme out of all L&L LI themes just… really sad and somewhat tragic somehow? at least I find it the saddest (btw, you can find them all from here from itsmynameiwontshareit). dunno if it’s really just my sad ass and the fangirl in me but I’m getting sorta bad vibes from it, as if having a feel that something bad is certainly going to happen once we get Helena’s route .___. Alain’s route so far has brought up many questions for me about it as well (I haven’t played it myself but I’ve found youtube videos of someone playing through the episodes, mentioning just in case someone else wishes to have a look without wasting tickets just so they can see Helena like I do).

other than that, excluding that quite likely overthinking part, her theme is very beautiful and is very easily my favorite theme out of all LI’s on L&L(at least). as I said already it’s pretty sad piece, even if I leave the over thinking out, which actually does fit Helena rather well. she loyally served someone for years and loved them even more without getting much in return, even got left behind after she was (more or less) viewed as useless during the battle in Reiner’s palace. heck also thanks to the scene where she actually freaking hesitates to kill MC, I’m sure she actually could have developed some sort of feelings for MC: not only because she reminded her of her queen in looks but ‘cause of the kind of sort of love, some sort of kindness at least, she got in return from MC that she knows she wants (and deserves, might I add) but is too… stubborn and loyal to the Witch Queen to admit it. and thinking all that makes it even sadder ;^;

I don’t really know how to deal with this all but I know for sure that everything all way from her super effective gayness from Altea and Alain’s routes to her newly revealed theme song is getting me more and more hyped the closer we get to the first episodes release day. in fact….LOVESTRUCK STOP TEASING US WITH HER BEFORE HER ACTUAL ROUTE IS OUT! (you know you like it-. shut it! ) okay, as much I love the ‘’teasing’’ I dunno how much longer I can take it as it’s so hard to hold back all the excitement already TT_TT

aaand maybe I’ll shut up before I end up writing this miles and miles long… hopefully at least someone agrees with me and I’d love it if someone else who’s a fan of hers would come talk to me and discuss these things. in fact please people, DO IT!

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"I love you," Nico whispers. Will shifts so he can press a kiss to Nico's face. His lips land to the left of Nico's nose. Nico giggles. "I can't see," Will says. His hands trace Nico's face until he finds Nico's lips. "There we go." He kisses them. Nico can feel him smiling. "I'm proud of you, Nico," Will says, voice heavy with sleep. Nico leans into Will's touch, so warm and comforting. Will would still love Nico if he saw, Nico thinks. Then he's drifting off to sleep.


((Supposed to be first))  Will could see that Nico was struggling with something. When he wrapped his arms around Nico’s body, he noticed that Nico had removed his bra. Honestly, Will had forgotten Nico had even been wearing one, but he was glad that Nico had remembered to take it off. “Hey,” he started softly, “what’s on your mind?” He couldn’t see if Nico was looking at him or not, but it didn’t matter. “Just the usual,” Nico says eventually. Will pulls him closer. “You’re beautiful, Nico. My handsome boyfriend.”


Nico was out cold within moments. He didn’t know how long he slept for, or what he even dreamed about. All he knew was that when he woke up, his heart was pounding and his vision swam. He was shaking like a leaf, and Nico wished he could calm himself down. Without really thinking about what he was doing, Nico got up out of bed and made his way downstairs. Before he could think he was walking outside onto the porch, settling down on the swing. It was cold outside, but the crisp air made it easier for Nico’s muddled mind to process things. Ham had followed Nico outside, and managed to make himself comfortable on the swing next to Nico. Before Nico could stop himself, he was falling asleep on the swing again.

His princess

Extended Imagine Requested by Anon: joker find out that his daughter was pressured into sex and he is pissed so the reader and him try to talk to their daughter about it but she’s too embarrassed and the joker wants to kill her boyfriend

sidenote: Y/D/N = your daughter’s name

Your name: submit What is this? 

Author’s/Reader’s P.O.V

“He did what!?!”, the Joker yelled, after you told him that your daughter’s boyfriend pressured her into having sex with him. “Baby, I know you’re mad, but right now, what’s important, is to make sure our little girl is okay.”, you tried to calm him down, although inside, you too, were absolutely furious. “What’s important is, that I’m going to find that bastard, and skin him alive!” Your husband growled, and walked passed you.

 “J, stop!”, you called after him. You caught up with him, and grabbed his arm, causing him to stop. “You know that I want him to pay, too but this is not the way to go about it. We need to talk to Y/D/N first.” The tone in your voice, signaled the Joker that you were serious. Sighing he gave up, and followed you to your daughter’s room.

“Honey?”, you knocked on her door, “Is it okay if we come in?” Before Y/D/N could answer, her father already opened the door and walked inside. Shaking your head, you followed him into the room. The Joker sat down next to his daughter, “Are you okay, princess?”, he asked, concern lacing his voice. The only two people he ever showed his more caring and vulnerable side to, were you and his baby girl. “Fine, dad.”, she shrugged, and turned to look away from you both, hiding her face in the pillows surrounding her.

J quickly glanced at you, asking for help. You walked over to them both, and sat down as well. Gently, you ran your hand through your daughter’s hair, “Honey, please talk to us. We already know what happened, we just want to make sure you’re okay. And from what it looks like you’re clearly not.”
“I thought he loved me.”, as soon as she said those words, the tears came streaming down her face. The Joker was tensing up again, that son of a bitch hurt his little girl. 

“Come here, baby.”, you scooted closer to her, and held her in your arms. She buried her face in the crook of your neck, sobbing. “That’s it, he’s a dead man!”, J said coldly, the sight of his baby girl hurting, breaking his heart.

“No, dad, don’t.”, Y/D/N said, stopping him from leaving. “Why?”, confusion spread on the Joker’s face.

“If you kill him, no other guy will want to go out with me.” “I don’t see what’s wrong with that. At least then, no one can hurt you again.”, he replied, completely serious. “J, don’t be silly. Just because one guy was a complete and utter piece of shit, doesn’t mean all of them are. If she wants to, she can date.”
“Hm.”, J was starting to pout. “Fine, but if any of them come too close to you again, they are dead, and you don’t get to be angry with me for it, deal pumpkin?”, he asked his princess. 

“Deal.”, she smiled shyly, and hugged her father. You smiled, too. You loved how he was with your daughter. He was no typical dad, but he was doing his best, and Y/D/N loved him for it. They always had a special bond.
You snapped out of your thoughts, just in time to catch J mouthing ‘I’m still going to make him pay’ to you. Rolling your eyes, you placed a kiss on your daughter’s head, and got up to leave them alone. You turned to look at them one last time. ‘Not if I get to him first’, you mouthed back to J, and grinned, rushing out of the room.

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I have a different question, please don't get mad. Can we ask the characters something out of the story? Like you finish the episode 1 and in the meantime to get to the second we can ask about their past or the likes and disgust to them without change the story. Please don't get mad at me :,v

I’m not mad just please stop asking for stuff I already said that won’t happen, it’s getting annoying as hell.
and I’m not going to rewrite the story a fifth time to fit an askblog narrative and fuck up an entire lore This will not be an askblog, this won’t be like ADC, please get over it.

so i saw a post reacting to my rant and it basically said i was saying Sans is an awful person, and shit like that, and ugh that kinda gave me a super bad taste in my mouth, because??? no?? i never said that.

anyway, so here’s another rant on ~Sans~

also, if the person who posted that (you probably know who you are?) see this, i’m in no way calling you out, or angry with you! your feelings are totally valid, and tone is kinda hard to read over text, so, yanno.

(also i’m not linking to their post, bc i don’t want them to get any kind of asks about it. like. no thanks sir.)


so first of, Sans is a flawed character. he’s not perfect, heck, he has a lot more flaws than he has good qualities. (which is very relatable, tbh. like, same Sans. same.)

Sans is lazy; like, this has nothing what so ever to do with his depression, though it most definitely hasn’t helped. Sans is just, in general, a lazy ass person, which, again. #relatable

as we all know, Sans won’t fight you, unless you kill literally everything you can get your hands on. like, that is not something an unlazy-person would do, i’m sorry.

he spends pretty much the whole game asleep; he doesn’t help Frisk in any way, shape, or form, even though he promised Toriel he would. like, you can’t argue with this. Sans doesn’t do anything, and that’s fine?? i love this shitty ass goblin who sleeps constantly, and makes jokes at your expense. it’s a mirror to Papyrus intense desire to help, and it’s really neat characterization.

from what we can gather, Sans rarely does anything- Papyrus has to poke and prod and drag him into stuff, and sure, Sans says that he isn’t lazy, that “it’s the farthest thing from the truth,” but here’s where action speaks a lot louder than words, and damn it Sans, you’re kind of self-centered.

(which Papyrus is too.)

also, because @uselessundertalefacts​ just pointed it out: yes, we know Sans does stuff. read bedtime stories, has that telescope, a lot of things, actually. but: we only hear about them. and, look, here’s the thing: if you like something, you’re more likely to do it.

Sans likes going to Grillby. he likes reading bedtime stories for Papyrus, he likes playing pranks, and look. i’m lazy. i’m so god damn lazy, but i still do those kind of lowkey stuff i like to do. yes, it’s something he does, but it doesn’t negate the fact that he’s lazy.

like, if it doesn’t take too much energy, it’s fine. going to Grillby’s is literally just a teleport away. Papyrus is the center of his universe, so yes, he’s going to do anything and everything for him.

look, some of the reason he doesn’t do a lot is his depression. but some of it, is because he is lazy. and that’s not a bad thing? like, it’s just a character trait.

and okay, passing on from that thread, because we can defo talk a lot about that, let’s just. go onto something else, namely: Sans, and his behavior towards Papyrus.

(also, a little segment i had to delete, but i feel still has a good point: it’s implied that Sans is working on the machine. yes, i agree that he probably have something to do with it, but it’s kind of a forgotten project, wouldn’t you say? it’s covered up, pushed into a corner, and that’s.. not really the sign of someone working day and night on it.)

anyway: Sans and Papyrus.

Sans loves Papyrus. like, this is a fact, it’s so god damn obvious and in your face, there is no disagreeing on this.

but. but.

just because you love someone doesn’t mean you’re doing what’s best for them.

it’s not something you’re aware of. not really. sure, you know you do it- you know that maybe, it’s not the best idea ever, but you don’t get it, because you’re not that person.

Sans lies to Papyrus. Sans lies a lot to Papyrus, and that’s hurting Papyrus. it hurts Papyrus when Sans lies about shit, and that’s not something we can argue about.

Papryus isn’t a kid.

but! just because Sans is hurting Papyrus, it doesn’t mean he’s a bad person.

Sans is lying to Papyrus because he’s trying to protect him. it’s dumb, yes, but Sans just wants to keep Papyrus happy, and that’s… not a dumb thing.

Sans loves Papyrus so much. Papyrus is literally his whole world, and yeah, maybe that’s not such a good thing, but that’s how it is. that doesn’t make Sans an awful person.

hell, that doesn’t even make Sans a burden on Papyrus. he’s just a bit self-centered, a bit too caught up in himself. Papyrus loves Sans too, remember, and that doesn’t go away just because Sans has a bad habit of lying.

hell, none of this has anything to do with his depression. it’s all because of his own character flaws: Sans is, at heart, a tiny bit too easily caught up in himself, which is understandable. you have to put yourself first, always, because you have to take care of yourself first.

in fact, some of it does lie on Papyrus- he should tell Sans, instead of just accepting it with a smile. but Papyrus is just as afraid of burdening Sans, as Sans is afraid of burdening Papyrus, and yeah, they’re kind of both dumb that way.

so yes, Sans is kind of a jerk, but he’s not an awful person, and i feel like i suddenly have to stress that. maybe because i rant so much about Sans, pretty much always negative, but that’s because there’s so many issues in how people see him.

canon!Sans is a good person. he’s a bit of a jerk, yeah, but he’s still a good person, and i don’t know why anyone would ever think otherwise.