please just be me!

hey listen it’s super great that /a lot/ of you like ray/saeran and care for him or whatever, but the fact is that i literally track one mysme tag (Jihyun Kim) /specifically/ so i dont have to see it, and yet all y'all do is fill that tag with V hate and Ray fanart. like real talk, could you just stop

Tayah is going on a hiatus for a few days

She’s working on extra assignments/work/activities for both tumblr and her university. I’m taking it over for a few while she works her fingers to death. (although I’m barely on tumblr anyway but whatever). You can send things still, I’ll just ask her then answer them.

-chad? pretty sure that’s what she calls me on here.

It’s not fair.

Lee moods should not have the power to possess a life like so. If it does, then it should not be able to last SO LONG without fecking ending. 

… Someone needs to just t-word all of this lee mood out of me. COMPLETELY out of me. Like don’t stop until I feel like I never wanna be t-worded again. Just make this gosh darned lee mood stoooop. 

That will be all 😅


B- bu- but..! Can you imagine how they’re going to make the MV for this? If they think they’re gonna get away with the usual 1 set+dance shot+close up shot thing, they’re DEAD wrong. Something like Mikan is gonna need.. what? at least 5 outfit and set changes… I mean, there has to be at least 10 different genres crammed in that one song ffs!

There’s no excuse for this late

But I want to extend v happy and incredible birthday wishes to @browniefox and @the-east-hunter. You two are v incredible people that brings so many things to the table of life and I’ve never been so honoured to meet such a pair. I’m honoured to have met the two of you and I only hope the best for the two of you to come :)