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Miraculous Fluff Month!

Running through the month of August, ML Fluff Month is a month dedicated to creating fluffy content for Miraculous Ladybug. Things have been rough in the fandom lately, and what better way to make things a little better by some good ol’ fluff?

How to participate: Create fics, art, edits, headcanons, anything! Be sure to tag it with #mlfluffmonth and @ the blog @miraculousfluffmonth so we can reblog it!

Any fluffy content you create is welcome. No matter what ship, what character, whatever…you’re encouraged to participate. :D This month is inclusive to any ship, not just the Love Square (although that’s great too!) The main goal is to create non-angsty content, so if you can, please refrain from turning these prompts into something sad! This August is all about fluff and happiness.

No worries if you can’t participate this month. If you still want to use these prompts, you can @ us any time! You can also use some of the prompts for platonic relationships as well, not just romantic.

Have fun and make some cute, fluffy content for the fandom to see!

(If you’re not participating, reblogging the calendar to boost the month is appreciated as well.)

Text dates under the cut for those who can’t read the calendar:

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A reminder that streaming services like Spotify and Apple Music only needs you to listen to 30 seconds of a song in order for it to register as having been played

In addition to streaming Back To You from all of your devices, it would be great if as many people as possible could allocate time each day to restarting the song after this 30 second threshold. It’s time consuming and repetitive, but it literally streams the song 6x as often as it does to just let it play out on repeat.

If you can, please spend 10 minutes a day, restarting Back To You on Spotify, Apple Music, Deezer, Tidal, or any other official streaming service after 32 seconds. Doing this on a single device will yield nearly “20 plays”, which is the same as over an hour of regular streaming. This can make a huge difference over time!

We all desperately want Louis to get to #1, let’s not wait until mid-next-week for things to get frantic, when we can do little things every day to make this more achievable

Can I just say……I love how 95% of the TAZ fandom draws taako with buck teeth and/or just any kind of imperfections?? By society’s standards? Freckles, buck teeth, eye bags, just all these things, because it is 10000% canon that taako is GORGEOUS, and for everyone to automatically portray him having all these traits that are USUALLY considered flaws, but he’s STILL beautiful, just kills me. I love it. Please keep doing it.

charlottedabookworm  asked:

I love the idea of both Mace and Obi being thrown back in time to Obi's padawan days and just acting sooo married and fixing shit while everyone just looks on like *he's a padawan mace, you hardly knew him a couple days ago, would you and your underage (but not really - Obi's really like 60 and after all those years on Tattooine (without Mace?) all he really wants to do is cuddle with his loving husband pls) husband please stop disappearing to blow things up and reappearing with random strays*

Going through time is a bit like drowning if Mace is honest.

Also breaking your nose is painful and he’d rather not do that again if he’s honest as he wakes up to staring at the ceiling of the council chamber and up into Jocasta furrowed face as she keeps her hands on his shoulders. “…You with us again Mace?” She questioned gently as he felt other hands leaving other parts of his body.

“… What happened?” He rasped out.

“You had a fit. You fell out of your chair.” Slowly she also removed her hands, staring down at him still as Mace just laid there with blood pouring in a steady little stream down his left cheek from his nose. “You trashed around until we could pin you and you seem to have broken your nose in your struggle.”

Giving a steady blink, Mace let out a low hum of understanding before slowly sitting up, reaching up to gingerly touch his nose before channeling healing energy into it and fixing it with a loud crack that had the rest of the council wincing where they were.

Well, no one said time travel was easy.’ A soft voice whispered into his mind and Mace almost forgot to breath as he reached back towards the amused voice who greeted him in turn. ‘Hello husband dear.

Hello my Obi-dear.’ Mace greeted as he carefully got up with Jocasta’s hand on his arm for aid.

It had worked.

They were back in time.


Getting Obi-Wan alone is not easy, not when the boy is seventeen in body and there is no reason why Mace Windu, Master of the Order, should spend time alone with said padawan of Qui-Gon Jinn.

So with a good amount of stealth and quite a bit of lying, Obi-Wan manages to sneak his way to Mace quarters and slips in as Mace has already cued him to the door controls.

“I missed you.” Obi-Wan whispered the moment he’s in the others arms, not taking any time to take in the rooms as he just leans into the strong chest. “Force I missed you so much.”

“How long did you go on without me?” Mace rumbled, nuzzling into the others spiky hair.

Four years into their stay on Tatooine, Mace had contracted a wasting illness that was common but had no cure on the outer Rim planet, he lived two agonizing years past it out of pure stubbornness as they concocted their plans to travel back.

“Fifteen.” Obi-Wan whispered thickly into the others chest. “Fifteen years until… Oh Force its so good to have you back.” He hiccuped.

Stroking the others back, Mace made a low soothing noise, inwardly horrified. “Oh my Obi-dear, how lonely you must have been.” He whispered quietly, holding him tightly.

“I was. And Owen Lars was no help.”

“I have never meet a more stubborn bantha then that man and that includes Yoda.” Mace offered dryly and smiled when Obi-Wan instantly gave a wet laugh into his chest. “My poor Obi-dear. Its going to be alright now. We’ll make sure it will be alright.” He murmured, pressing soft kisses to the others temple as tears darken the front of his tunic from the other.

Mace will make sure it all goes right this time.

For Obi-Wan.

“We’ve done nothing wrong.” Was the first thing out of Obi-Wan’s mouth as he stood there with Anakin in his arms, the bubbly six month old squirming happily as Shmi looked curiously at the Jedi council from the doors with a stunned Qui-Gon.

Yoda pinched his nose and Jocasta shook her head before both looked around at the rest of the stunned council.

“The only reason you haven’t done anything wrong is that Mace Windu used special dispensation. Something we will be speaking about Mace.” She offered to the calm Korun master standing beside Obi-Wan.

Mace gave a low hum and then opened his mouth. “We have done nothing wrong.” He said calmly before turning to Anakin and gently tickling the babes stomach. “Nothing at all right Anakin?”

The baby gave a squeal of glee and drooled. “He agrees with us.”

Shmi covered her mouth at that, smiling into her hand as the rest of the Jedi council seemed to do their version of face palming.

“This is the fourth Force sensitive you two have brought to the temple.” Shaak pointed out. “How do you two…I mean this one is fine, finding a Force sensitive infant so strong but the eleven year old Dathomirian and Master Narec that you two rescued and bought to the temple… I still have no idea what you two were DOING out there.” She shook his her head, her impressive monterals catching the light.

Mace and Obi-Wan traded glances. “…Honeymoon?” The younger part suggested.

“You’re underage.” Mace snorted.

“Could still be a honeymoon.” Obi-Wan shrugged. They hadn’t gotten one while on Tatooine, had done a Tatooine ceremony for a marriage but it had been enough for the officials there at least.

“It is certainly not a honey moon. Force Obi-Wan you are seventeen.” Mace huffed then turned his attention back to Anakin. “Did you hear him?”

Anakin bubbled up at him, staring with wide eyes.

“I know! That’s what I’m telling him.” Mace shook his head with a grumble.

“Killjoy.” Obi-Wan muttered quietly while the rest of the Jedi stared at the two in quiet despair.

What in Sith’s rear hinds names were going on?

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jealous archie tries to confess his "feelings" for Betty in the cafeteria & like Jughead hears this and avoids Betty for days but she confronts him & confesses her love for him. ?

Title: I Moved On
A/N: This is another request I received not so long ago. I made a few changes, since I already have an idea with Betty and Jughead spending some days apart, so let’s just let them solve things at the same time XD Either way, thank you for the request, anon! Hope you and everyone else enjoy it! And please, tell me what you think!
“I think I love you, Betty.”

Her baby blue eyes widened, hands fell numb on the table and rosy, heart shaped lips that were wrapped around a straw were suddenly left agape. She could feel the weight of those words sinking in, and all the thoughts and words that were in her head suddenly disappeared from her train of thought. Her breathing stopped, the world around them went mute and she could feel an avalanche approaching her peaceful life.

Of all the things that had crossed her mind when she left school that morning for a milkshake at Pop’s with her boyfriend; a love confession was certainly not one of those things.

Especially not a love confession from her ginger best friend.

When she had coincidentally met Archie at Pop’s, Betty Cooper had no idea that her childhood friend would have a mental crises and confess his nonexistent feelings for her. She was expecting a nice and enjoyable afternoon of chatting and milkshakes just like when they were younger, but instead, she watched as her world turned upside down due to his irresponsible words.

Archie had got to be kidding her, she thought, as anger started to spread through her veins.

He had no right to say that to her. Not when he knew how much she loves his best friend. It was not fair for Jughead, for he trusted the Andrews boy and he would be devastated to know he was actually confessing to his girlfriend behind his back. And what about Veronica? They were also together and the blonde girl could not believe he was actually throwing it all away because of some stupid jealousy that would never turn into love.

Archie would never love her—not like that—, and she would never feel such feelings for him ever again. She had moved on. Her heart belonged to the one with the crown shaped beanie, and she couldn’t picture a future without the Jones boy anymore.

Betty loves Jughead, and she would hate to tell him about what had just happened. In fact, she had no idea of how to tell him about Archie without creating any kind of tension between them.

She had no idea of how she was going to explain that to him.

However, she would need no words. Not when he heard it all from his best friend’s lips.

Timing really is a bitch.

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Why does the BIGBANG community feel so dead here on tumblr nowadays? Where’d you run off to, fam? I miss my dash being flooded with lots and lots of BB goodness…

Originally posted by leepandari



TLDR; I’m a queer ladyshape in lifelong poverty looking to have literally any kind of income at all, and ideally to go to technical school this winter. I have weird enough brain wiring that I can’t get past the interview stage of getting a job, so without a major skill I’m kind of sunk in terms of making literally any money at all. I’ve slept on various floors for the past three years.

What your money pays for: Supplies to make more cool stuff, clothes and other supplies for schooling, phone bill, social hobbies that keep me sane in lieu of antidepressants.

Items listed not your thing? WATCH THIS SPACE, because more (and different) stuff will appear here in the future! Donations (to ) via Paypal are also always extremely appreciated, but I understand just how many people out there are asking.

In case you missed it, you can find my etsy here.

PLEASE REBLOG, and thank you so much!

Heya, it’s the same chickadee that submitted the last moodboard. This one is more aesthetic-y than the last but I still tried to avoid using lots of “feminine” things for my more masculine trans guys out there. Either way, if you’re more feminine, masculine, or just you, keep on being amazing all of you amazing guys!!

((also if you guys could be so kind to check out these moodboards on my actual acc ( @helpless-little-fox ) that’d be flip flapping amazing, okay thank you, peace out))

When I was young I felt very alone, and Linkin Park’s music made me feel like there were people who understood me. They were the first band I got all the albums for, the first songs I memorized the lyrics for. Theyll always have a special place in my heart, especially Chester.

I struggled with depressed for many years, and I was always afraid to reach out because my family and friends would just call me overdramatic or tell me I was making things up. Feeling like you have no one to talk to or being scared of someones reaction is the hardest part sometimes. But please, please, if you need someone to talk to, dont be afraid. There are people out there who will listen, who will take you seriously, who will understand. I love you, itll be ok.

Rest in peace, Chester Bennington, i love you.

so, this literally makes me ill to even consider doing because I never wanted to get to this point, but the fact of the matter is my husband and I are flat broke right now. I lost my job in May and my husband went from getting lump sum paid once a month to getting paid biweekly, which completely screwed all our careful budgeting. 

I’m going to sell some things that I can, but it’s not going to be enough to squeeze us through the end of the month. If you can spare even $5, I am absolutely willing to write you a small fic, beta your fic, send you a hamilton chicago playbill or a hamilton postcard, even make you something small (I sew and embroider) in exchange.

my paypal is and please none of you feel obligated if you can’t, i’m just kinda desperate right now and I don’t know what else to do

a quick announcement about spoilers

hey everyone! two things real quick:

firstly, if you’re going to the Voltron panel at SDCC and/or watching the livestream and/or plan on watching the first episode of season 3 some other way after it’s shown - please remember to tag your spoilers! even if you’re just reblogging stuff! not everyone will want to/be able to see the panel/Q&A/trailer/episode/whatever, so you can help other fans by tagging all your spoilers so people can avoid them if they wish.

secondly - this blog will be spoiler-free until… probably about a week after S3 drops on Netflix. i won’t post anything from the trailer (if there is one) or from episode 1 (if it leaks online) and i won’t post any screencaps from S3 until about a week after it goes live.

this is for two reasons:

  1. i know not everyone likes spoilers and not everyone will get to watch the show on the day of release, and i want to give people a chance to catch up on the new episodes before i start posting screencaps from them
  2. from a practical point of view i won’t be able to get S3 screencaps until i’ve had a chance to rewatch the whole season and find the caps i want, so it will be a while before you see them on the blog

once i start posting things from S3, i will tag them as ‘vld 3′ and ‘voltron spoilers’. those are the tags you need to block if you don’t want to get spoiled for S3. i will continue tagging spoilers throughout August, so everyone will have a whole month to catch up on the new episodes. you can use something like {xkit} to blacklist tags if you want to avoid spoilery posts.

this blog is running on a bit of a reduced queue at the moment because IRL stuff has kept me busy and i’ve been away for a whole month - but rest assured i will be back in full force after S3 and ready to celebrate the return of the bloof!



Recommend me some podcasts?

Interested in pretty much anything that can keep you entertained. In the past I have liked Welcome to Night Vale, Serial, some history things. Something with a story/some drama is good, or crime, or just weird and storylike like WTNV

Or something about dogs or animal behaviour

Also interested in any decent radio plays

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Could I get some HCs for the bros if they had a wheelchair-bound s/o?

just wanna preface this real quick by saying I was a little nervous writing this as I didn’t want to end up stereotyping or anything, but went ahead since I kinda came to the conclusion that it’d help with representation for disabled readers, so if I’ve offended or stereotyped in any way please let me know!! Also they’re shorter than my usual HCs bc I needed to try and keep things individual and not have too much overlap since you asked for all the bros.  I hope you enjoy nonnie and that it’s up to snuff with what you were looking for!!


  • prom’s favorite place to take you hands down is the park.  he likes being able to just walk the sidewalks or small dirt trails with you.  heads up tho there are A LOT of pics taken when ya’ll go to the park.  he claims that the lighting is always best here.
  • speaking of pics, one of prom’s favorite things to do is use you as his model and find interesting and unique ways to incorporate your wheelchair into the pics.  
    • one time the two of you spent an entire afternoon fashioning your wheelchair into a throne made of twisting branches.  the finished product was absolutely AMAZING and you would’ve kept it like that had it not been so uncomfortable.
    • actually, as i’m thinkin of this I lowkey headcanon that you two would become somewhat famous for this??? like designing wheelchairs for kids – and some adults – that just look fuckin dope as all hell.
    • there’s 100% an article about you two in the Insomnia Post

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allirica  asked:

Stiles/Allison/Derek? (I'm not sure how you feel about this ship, please feel free to ignore it if you're not a fan 😊)

((don’t worry, i am so totally a fan))

- This grouping doesn’t come together easily. Well, Stiles and Allison fall together pretty quickly after they get past the fear of hurting Scott’s feelings. But Derek has misgivings on both parts. Their age gives him pause, but they’re both eighteen by then and far past the naive innocence he’s so afraid of accidentally manipulating. And with Allison, well…..sometimes she reminds him of all the things he loved in Kate, just with none of the things he hated. It’s enough to make him question his own judgment, to make him doubt her all over again when she’s already proven herself a dozen times over. It takes time to work through that but with Stiles’ help, they manage.

- Allison and Derek both speak French and Stiles is jealous as fuck. Sometimes the two of them chat in French just for the sake of using the language and making sure they maintain their fluency, and sometimes they do it just to rile Stiles up. But they’re always careful to make sure they don’t really make him feel too left out, and then Derek sets about teaching Stiles Italian so that they can speak a language that Allison doesn’t. Stiles and Allison considered getting a language of their own, but they had too much trouble finding a language Derek didn’t speak so they gave up on that idea.

- They like to spar two on one, pitting Stiles and Allison’s combined skills against Derek’s supernatural abilities. It’s usually pretty evenly matched that way (especially once Derek starts picking up combat tips from Allison so he’s not just relying on brute strength like he used to) and the outcome is never guaranteed. What is guaranteed is that at least two of them will end up making out. It would end in sex but Stiles put his foot down about outdoor sex when he got leaves in very uncomfortable places. Now he insists they take it inside if they’re heading for anything more than a quick blowie.

- Allison and Stiles are both fascinated by Derek’s full wolf shift. He’s so goddamn fluffy and soft, and he’s large enough that they can both use him as a pillow at the same time while they all watch movies together. Derek was very reluctant to admit that he likes getting petted at first, but Allison made it a point to loudly proclaim how much she loves it when her boys play with her hair until he gave in and sullenly demanded belly rubs. Stiles is still working on getting him to admit that he wants to play fetch, but Allison is pretty sure that one’s a lost cause.


anonymous asked:

Why does everyone write the batkids' interactions so lovey dovey? For example, a lot of your fics and headcanons have them hugging and being affectionate and ruffling hair and all, but I thought they're supposed to be siblings? I don't have any siblings so I don't really know how it works but I didn't think a family with mostly guys would be this affectionate I guess. Can you please explain this?

Well, what you’re misinterpreting as “lovey dovey” is really just siblings being close. Hugging, cuddling, kissing cheeks, those are just things that close siblings do.

Like I have four siblings, and we’ve always been pretty close. Granted, my two brothers are still in elementary school, but they hug me and say they love me like a bazillion times a day. And my older sister who’s two years older than me and we only get along about half the time, she does that kind of stuff ALL the time. (Mostly because I don’t like to be touched and she knows it annoys me, but still, if I weren’t so averted to physical contact I would be the exact same.) She always does stuff like hold my hand, randomly fall on top of me when I’m sitting on the couch, crawl into my bed and snuggle me even when I scream at her to get off and punch her a few times, because that’s just what siblings do. Not all siblings are like that, but most are.

So when I write the batkids hugging each other, sharing beds, being affectionate, that’s because they’re just siblings who love each other, so it makes sense that they would act like it instead of being emotionally stunted like some people (*cough* Bruce *cough*) Especially with Dick, because he’s just a very physical person in general, so of course he’d be the kind of guy who would probably ambush Damian in bed with a cuddle attack and hug him like a teddy bear all night.

So to answer your question, the batkids’ affectionate gestures are purely platonic; I’m just writing them as normal siblings.

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Please suggest some, don’t be afraid to add.

EDIT: If you do see a ship that makes you uncomfortable or that you dislike, just block the tag or user. DO NOT POST HATE.

If our ideas and thoughts morphed Anti’s power and our theorizing essentially creates canon, then theoretically we all have the ability to create his weakness, too. We could destroy him with the very thing that gives him strength.

If we believed hard enough and we all believed it in our hearts… we could make his weakness something really REALLY stupid >:D

anonymous asked:

I love my best friend, he loves me too the only problem is that he is too tall and i'm too short and our friends say bad things to us and say that we can't stay toghether, we' ve talked and now we're just like nothing because we said: bestfirends not bc we aren't normal friends, boy-friend and girlfriend not bc of the other's thoughts, what can we do? What can I do? I can't love anyone else beacouse in my mind there's only him. Please help me i don't know what to do and I'm tired of all this.

I’m sorry but what kind of friends are those that say that a guy that’s too tal and a girl that’s too short can’t date? That’s simply stupid. If you like each other it doesn’t matter what others think. If you keep listening to your friends you’ll only be miserable and feel bad and one day you’ll regret it.