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Summer of  Discord 2017

The Steter Network has been hard at work, writing for the last few months. We’re happy to finally reveal the Summer of Discord!

We hope that everyone enjoys the collection as the last few stories are added and fics update. If you’d like to join our next exchange, please ask about the discord chat!

Find the collection on AO3.

More information about the chat.


Mine! a comics anthology benefiting Planned Parenthood is seeking funding on Kickstarter from now til September 15th 2017

Planned Parenthood, and the millions of people they help each year, need every bit of help they can get. Please join us in making Mine! a comics collection where the proceeds go to Planned Parenthood. From stories about everyday people to fantastic adventures, Mine! celebrates and defends Planned Parenthood in a book that can live on in our homes, libraries and the halls of Congress.

Mine! features stories about trailblazing women like Margaret Sanger and Emma Goldman, civil rights leaders like Gloria Richardson, a person’s first time going to a Planned Parenthood, debunking myths about sex, STI screenings, HIV/AIDS treatment and prevention, as well as fantastical stories with superheroes, Greek mythology, and a future both with and without Planned Parenthood. There is something for everyone in Mine!

Contributers include Neil Gaiman, Jill Thompson, John Workman, Gerard Way, Becky Cloonan, Corinna Bechko, Gabriel Hardman, Gabby Rivera, Brittney Williams, Gail Simone, and many many more!

You can preorder a digital edition at $10, a paperback edition at $25, or pledge for lots of other rewards like shirts and matchbooks and more!

BTS BB 2018 AO3 collection now open!

Dear writers, please go ahead and hit the “Join” button on the collection profile here! This collection is where you will eventually be posting your completed works come May. 


I was asked during my last fandom giveaway for a Hannibal themed giveaway, so here it is!  This series may be off the air at the moment, but the fandom is still as active as ever and we’re all here for the long haul. If you love this show and continue to celebrate it, please join the giveaway.

Great collection for any fan!

One winner will receive:
[+] Seasons 1-3 of Hannibal on DVD
[+] The Art and Making of Hannibal book
[+] $100 Etsy gift card
[+] Hugh Dancy’s Article Magazine issue #6
[+] Your choice of two Mads Mikkelsen or Hugh Dancy movies on DVD.

Giveaway Guidelines
[+] Must be following my blog [x]
[+] Must reblog this post [x]
[+] Unlimited reblogs; each counts as one entry
[+] Giveaway blogs not allowed

Giveaway ends March 1st at 11:59pm CST.

Winner will be featured on my blog [x]. Please note that all giveaway participants must have their inbox open and must respond to the winning notification within 7 days.

Want to help me select my next giveaway? Send me your nominations for any fandom with a popular ship within the next 14 days.  On Valentine’s day, I will announce the winning fandom along with upcoming giveaway details. Example of what to submit: “Teen Wolf - Sterek” ; “Sherlock - Johnlock”. One nomination per blog *per day* can be submitted to my inbox [here].

Please join us for our Spring Collection of fashionable shoulder holsters, presented by our most handsome male models

Agent Napoleon Solo (Robert Vaughn) of The Man From U.N.C.L.E. shows off his weapon and his equally impressive “guns.”

His partner Illya Kuryakin (David McCallum) makes all the women swoon with the classic black holster/white shirt ensemble.

Double the holster, double the swoon.

Agent Kelly Robinson (Robert Culp) of I Spy looks lovely in powder blue.

It seems Agent Robinson is quite the exhibitionist and must insist on wearing his holster au naturel.

Control Agent Maxwell Smart (Don Adams) of Get Smart adds to the powder blue look with this stylish vest.

Representing the wrong side of crime, professional killer Eddie Lorca (Robert Conrad) of Mission: Impossible shows us the sexy side of evil.

And rounding out our Spring Line, veteran FBI Agent Bill Maxwell (Robert Culp) of The Greatest American Hero proves that you’re never too old to rock the shoulder holster.

Please look for our Autumn Collection just around the corner.


As a well mannered Englishman, kindly please allow me to begin by saying a very good morning to you all and happy Saturday 🙌😊🙌 A school of thought teaches me that - ‘the beauty of a woman isn’t in the CLOTHES she wears… 👚 the figure that she carries or the way she combs her HAIR…. 💇 But that the beauty of a woman is seen in her EYES… 👀 because that’s the doorway to heart, the place where genuine perfection resides… 💘 true beauty in a woman is reflected by her SOUL… 👯 It’s the caring that she gives and the passion that she SHOWS, and as years passes by it forever GLOWS 👰 Ladies & gentlemen… fellow #Stankists & #StankAdmirers for the first time ever on this #UpperLipSmelling platform, via the #FreshStankyFace™ collection, please join me in welcoming the absolutely stunning and truly amazing Ms. @_mi11ie_ to the home of #TheStank 😍😍😍 SWEET HEAVENS, what a #ScrunchyStank to kick off this week’s #ScrunchyStankySaturday series ✔ You’re absolutely gorgeously Ms. Millie 😍 Just take a look at #AllThatSTANK™ 💞 It’s a #Melanin #NaturalStankyLips sprinkled all over this version of #GIFMeTheStank collection 🎥

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While it’s been great reflecting on twelve years of Halo 2 the real momentous milestone will be on Tuesday, Nov. 15 when we celebrate FIFTEEN YEARS of Halo! As I mentioned earlier, the studio is working on a number of cool things to help celebrate this huge milestone which also happens to coincide with the 15th anniversary of Xbox itself. Mark your calendars now and please plan to join us throughout the day as we collectively celebrate and offer a huge thanks to our community for supporting Halo for 15 years!

If you’re not hyped yet, check out this sweet teaser video hot off the presses at today’s Xbox Mexico City Fan Fest to kick start your 15th anniversary feels:

Here’s a quick rundown of what we’ve got planned for Nov. 15:

Tune in to at approximately 3:43 p.m. PST for our special tribute to Halo. During the jam-packed show we’ll have a special walkthrough of the Halo Museum, talk Halo Wars 2 with Dan Ayoub & Max Szlagor, hear about some of the team and community’s fondest Halo memories, play Halo 5 with fans, talk HCS with Tashi & Strongside, take a look at the upcoming Halo Loot crate with James, answer your tweets and whatever else we end up doing when we inevitably stray from script. This’ll be my very first time in the co-host seat and I’m super excited to read all of your totally positive and inspiring Twitch live-chat comments!

Battle on some of your favorite Halo: Combat Evolved maps re-imagined in Halo 5 thanks to Forge and a number of super talented community builders! I’ve seen Uny working on these maps and they look fantastic. I also know there’s excitement building externally and I want to manage your expectations by clarifying that this is Halo 5 gameplay on sweet Forge re-creations of classic maps with the Halo: CE pistol as the starting weapon.

What kind of birthday party would it be without goodie bags for attendees!? I don’t want to spoil the surprise but I think you’ll dig it.

Throughout the day members of the 343 team will be online playing in Halo 5’s Anniversary Throwback playlist with anyone and everyone who cares to join us. Next week I’ll publish the gamertags you’ll want to watch out for (and you’ll recognize us by the official 343 emblems we’re rockin’.) We’d also love for you to join our official “Halo Club” on Xbox Live! Get more information about Clubs and the Xbox One holiday update HERE.

We’d love to hear from you on social all day as you share your fondest Halo memories using #15yearsofHalo. We’ll also be sharing reflections from members of the 343 team and community in a special Tuesday edition of the weekly update on Halo Waypoint.

As always be sure to stay tuned to Twitter as we’ll be tweeting fast and furiously all throughout the day. If you need a helpful reminder, sign up for our event on Facebook to make sure you don’t miss out.

I hope you’ll join us next Tuesday - it’s shaping up to be a great day!

Alex was so lovely today when I met him today answering all our random Merlin questions and having to deal with the babbling that was coming out of my mouth when I talked to him and he also would make a great Japanese school girl

We are living in severe and critical times. At no other time in history has our morality been tested and ignored as much as it is right now. We have a moral responsibility to humanity to designate what is right and what is wrong. We should never have allowed a close-minded, incompetent, despicable cadaver propel so far into public conscious. We are above this. We have progressed beyond this. We are allowing the “higher power” or a controlled system dictate what is acceptable and what is possible. But I refuse to settle for mediocrity, I refuse to settle for injustice. Having said that, I ask you to join me in the most critical protest our generation will ever see. As a testament to the past, a reflection of the current, and an investment in the future, I urge you to support this movement.

Derrick Barry does not deserve to be on RuPaul’s Drag Race. His existence is an insult to culture and a clog in the channel of progress. And I believe with my whole heart and soul that the continued portrayal of this person as an individual deserving of our consideration is futile. And any attention we give this specimen will cause reprehensible damage.

Please, join me in this fight. Stand up for what is right. Collectively we can create the world we want to see, the world we wish to leave for our children, their children, and so on.

Thank you. God bless you. And God bless America.

Please join me in welcoming our Map Collection to Tumblr, with their new site Mapiversaries!

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