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To these comments on rocaca and somehow “rude” in an extend… I don’t even know if they will read but I wanted to post it here.

Hey, you want to know? We have a bunch of chapters translated ALRIGHT? (almost until 125) But no one to typeset at that time since our typesetters were busy with REAL LIFE…. Do you think it is easy and super quick to typeset a comic like lookism ? A chapter almost have 70+ pages, oh yeah maybe it is quick to read but it takes a lot of amount of work to redraw and typeset and if no one can do it we JUST CAN’T UPDATE. If you want update quicker then read on tumblr like how the other people do instead of complaining about our work despite the amount of effort we put in! If you want try doing our work then oh please do!

Or maybe just give us your TIME to HELP US to update quicker. 

We are not robots, we have our lives, we translate Lookism because we like this comic and have fun doing it. If we ever feel like it is WORK and a pain to do it then we will stop. Do you even know that every team  picks up a comic/manga/manwha because they want to and because they are having fun doing so? Can you just not treat us like some kind of translating machines for your own pleasure? Seriously. If I ever read these kind of comments again… I am going to quit. 

Anyway thank you for reading I needed to say something…



We are looking for a translator to help us. They will be responsible for translations of anything Seventeen related (interviews/tweets/etc). There is no deadline for applications. We’ll close the applications once we’ve found someone. If you’re interested, please fill in the application below.

[!] Before applying, please make sure you read the rules carefully. Be honest with your answers as we will do a week trial before we officially accept you to see if you’re fit for the position of translator for this blog.

Rules for applying:  

  • Be fluent in both english and korean.
  • Be able to post real time twitter translations after Pledis_17 tweets.
  • Be willing to dedicate your time translating to this blog.
  • Know how to use tumblr and be able to work with tags.
  • Know the names of the members and already have some background knowledge on them.  
  • Be able to get along with the admins and follow orders.
  • Be able to follow rules & instructions.

Translator Application:

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  • Who is your 17 bias?

After filling in the application, please title your application as “Trans Application” and submit it in our submission box. We look forward to seeing your applications! ^^

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다들 5화 재밌게 시청하셨나요 ? 형팀의 수빙 체험 (※씨쥐 아님) 그리고 내륙종관열차 탑승기! 동생팀과 합류하게 된 형팀의 앞으로 이야기도 많이 기대해주세요 : ) #지옥행도끝이야 #형팀의_길 #13소년여행타이쿤 😁
English Translation: Did everyone enjoy episode 5? The thrilling experience of the hyung team and the inland train boarding pass(?)! Please expect more stories from the hyung team who joined the dongsaeng team : ) #it’s_the_end_of_hell #hyung_team_way #13_boys_travel_tycoon 😁

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7 with Sara Lance please maybe she is afraid of losing reader who just joined team (if that's okay)

7. “Are you always this clingy?”

Originally posted by bisexuallaurellance

You attempted to get up but Sara’s grip around your waist was too strong. You smiled. “Sara,” you chastised. 

A pleased smile spread across Sara’s face. “Not yet (y/n), the timeline can spare a few extra minutes.”

You laid back down and turned to face her. “But my bladder can’t babe.”

Sara sighed and let go of you. “Fine.”

You kissed her cheek and got up. You hurried off to the bathroom. Once you were done you walked back to your room, where Sara was patiently waiting. When she saw you walk in she patted the spot next to her on the bed. “Where were we?”

You shook your head. “Sara we have our share of duties on the ship too. We can’t spend all day cuddling.”

Sara raised her brows. “You thought we were going to cuddle all day?” She bit her lip. “I did have other activities in mind as well.”

You put your hands on your hips and shook your head again. “Sara Lance!”

Sara sat up. “What’s wrong with spending a little time together?”

You let your hands fall back to your sides and you walked towards her. You sat down next to her on the bed. “Nothing but lately….” you stopped, unsure how to phrase it. 

“What?” Sara asked, the playfulness in her voice gone. 

You wrung your hands. “You’ve been a bit….well you’re more- You’ve been more physically affectionate than usual,” you said slowly, hopefully not sounding like you hated it. 

“You mean I’m being clingy?” Sara asked as she huffed and stood up from the bed. 

You stood up and grabbed her hand, she pulled her hand away. 

“Sara,” you said and stepped in front of her. “I don’t mean it in a bad way. I love it when you’re more affectionate and you know that I just- lately it’s been a lot more and I don’t know exactly why.”

Sara crossed her arms against her chest. “I need a reason to affectionate?”

You sighed, growing frustrated. “No of course not but you usually always do something for a reason.”

Sara was quiet. To fill the tense silence you kept talking. 

“I mean ever since I officially joined the team in combat you’ve been-” you stopped, connecting the dots. You stared at Sara. She saw the gears turning in your head. 

You softened. “Are you scared Sara?”

Sara looked away and dropped her arms back to her sides. 

“Sara,” you said, this time reaching for her hand. 

She let you take it. 

Sara took a deep breath. “I’m a little more on edge than usual.”

You gently squeezed her hand. “Sara you know I can take care of myself out there. You helped train me yourself.”

Sara looked back at you, her face softening. “I know, I know you’re brilliant in every way (y/n). It’s just that….I’ve lost a lot of people I’ve cared about doing this and you…” Sara took a step closer to you and cupped your face with her free hand. “You’re special (y/n). The way I feel about you is completely different and new than anything I’ve ever felt before and it scares me.”

You smiled and let your forehead rest against hers. “I love you Sara Lance.”

She smiled back. “I love you too (y/n).”

After a moment of silence you pulled back and laid down on your bed. You patted the spot next to you. “Come on.”

Sara smirked. “Are the other activities I had in mind on the table again too?”

You threw a pillow at her. “Don’t push it.”

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I need something with Zarya please maybe an imagine? Thanks love. Y/n joins the team (a criminal who was offered a place in overwatch instead of life in prison). Y/n instantly takes a liking to Zarya although the the poor Russian is blind to y/ns flirting. on one of their missions together they go after a criminal gang and Zarya kills one of them (perhaps on accident) and y/n then recognizes the dead person as someone they new and in their mourning they blame Zarya and become angry with her.

When Zarya first saw you, she immediately crushed, hard, which earned her a playful shove from Fareeha. Your eyes carried such strength, your aura told what words couldn’t: you were a warrior. She loved your courage and your stubbornness, she admired your strength. She had a hard time believing Athena when she told her about your background. Aleksandra never quite liked criminals, even if her time in Overwatch with people coming from different places, criminals such as Junkrat and Roadhog, scientists such as Winston or Mei… Overwatch told her how to be more open minded and tolerant, even in her views about the omnics. She now tolerated Bastion and Zenyatta, which was quite an improvement.

You liked Zarya. You didn’t hide it, it was pretty obvious to everyone. Except Zarya, whom was as oblivious as can be. You worked out with her each morning, complimented her on her physique, but still, she was really dense when it came to flirting. Even Fareeha could see it, and it was the funniest thing in the world to her.

“Hey Aleks, my hands feel kinda heavy, can you carry them for me?” This was cheesy, but perhaps she’d finally understand.

“Really? We need to take you to Angela’s office then, this does not seem normal.” She looked honestly concerned. In the background, Pharah was doubling over with laughter, followed suit by Reinhardt, who agreed that even he wasn’t so blind to flirting.

“Zar, was you father a thief? Because he stole all of the sky’s stars to put them in your eyes.” You winked, but sighed as you had the feeling that she wouldn’t get this one either.

“Why, no, my father was a respectable soldier, why would anyone steal stars?” You were tempted to repeatedly bash your head on the nearest surface available, but decided to keep your cool.

But you knew you stood a chance. You saw it in the way she always held the door open for you, always brought a healthy lunch for the both of us, in how it was hard for her to detach her eyes from yours. It was obvious that she was interested in you, and you were interested in her. But you wanted her to take a hint.

Easier said than done.

After a while, you decided to gradually make her understand with gestures rather than words, since Aleksandra seemed to struggle with that part. After particularly hard missions, you’d massage her shoulders, you’d tell her about some memories you were willing to share. She always listened. Even when she wasn’t particularly vocal, you knew you had her undivided attention.

You both enjoyed this routine of taking care of each other, and step by step, you were walking towards… something.

It was another mission. It was supposed to be just another mission. Zarya enjoyed being sent out on missions with you, you worked in harmony and synergy, both of your fight styles complementing the other’s.

This synergy shattered when this poor guy’s mask shattered under a particularly hard hit from the Russian soldier. You heard his scream. It felt like a glacial shower, suddenly, everything was cold. You finished the rest of them, thinking that every single one of these dead fellas could’ve been you. You then ran towards the broken body. You hoped you were wrong, you hoped your mind was just playing tricks on you. You gently took off what was left of his mask, and was left to gaze upon a devastated face, covered in blood and tears, you could see your former friend didn’t leave this world right as Zarya landed her final blow. He suffered. Everything was cold. It was cold when your hands shook him, desperately trying to bring him back. It was so cold you didn’t feel the tears that run down your face. He was dead. Pieces of memories, shattered, soiled with blood. This guy taught you how to shoot a gun, for fuck’s sake. He was dead. He taught you how to fight. He protected you against ill-tempered gang members. He taught you to make the most out of each and every situation. He was dead. His blood was on your hands, on your pants, on your shirt. It was all over you, suffocating. You didn’t know if you were sobbing or gagging. You felt a hand on your shoulder. Aleksandra Zaryanova. At this exact moment, you didn’t see Aleks, who brought you lunch, who helped you stretch, who was such a ray of sunshine in your life. You saw Zaryanova, who brutally murdered your mentor.

“You fucking killed him! You monster!” You lashed out, your eyes spilling angry tears. Aleksandra looked really hurt, as if you had physically hurt her.

“I trusted you! You murdered him! Like an animal! Do you have any idea what he meant to me!?” You screamed out, getting up painfully. You pointed an accusing finger on the Russian.

“Why would you do this!? What did I do to deserve this!?” Zarya’s face grew sadder and sadder, until she brutally snapped to a colder position, as if she was hiding her emotions.

She spoke, softly, slowly, her voice thick with her accent.

“I will make sure he is buried with the honours,”

“You don’t even fucking mean it. You soldiers and policemen are all the same, you kill us off like flies, as if we weren’t humans, as if we were nuisances. I thought you were different! How do I even know you ain’t gonna bash open my skull?” You growled at her.

“You don’t even think he’s worthy. You probably don’t even think I’m worthy. To you I’m just another criminal, like Junkie or Sombra?” She didn’t answer.

“I want to bury him with the honours. Because you thought he was worthy. Because I respect your judgement.” She said, simply.

You stormed off, hiding your tears from her.

Word travelled fast around the base. From what Fareeha told you, Zarya was damn near inconsolable. She worked out to keep in shape, and spent the rest of her day doing unnecessary manual labour, or stared at the horizon.

You didn’t care. He was dead. Everything was cold.

In the middle of the night, it was about 4 AM, you couldn’t sleep, haunted by dreams and memories you thought you had buried a long time ago. You heard a knock on your door. You opened. It was Zarya. She was carrying a basket. She let it in the ground. You closed the door behind you, and rested against it.

“What do you want, Zaryanova?” You asked, coldly. She blinked, once, twice. And dropped to her knees.

“I am sorry, Y/N. I am so sorry for your loss, and I am sorry I killed someone who meant so much to you. Just because our past is different does not mean that your life or his was worthless. I am sorry I am an idiot. I do not want you to hate me. I miss you dearly. I miss you every second of every minute of every hour. I hear your voice when you are not here, I smell you when you are away. What is between us is precious to me. I do not want to lose you. I apologize. If you let me, I will listen to you talk about him. He was an enemy, yes, but if I had known, I would have let you deal with him.” She closed her eyes, resting her head against your stomach.

“Forgive me. I beg.” You knew how much this had cost her. She was proud. She was fierce. She was none of those things without you by her sides. She had learned to depend on you.

“On one condition…” You smiled, Sombra was probably watching while munching on some popcorn.

“Anything you want, anything,”

“Kiss me.” She got up, and tenderly held you in her arms, as if you were made of crystal, and kissed you, pouring all of her gentle soul into it.



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다들 5화 재밌게 시청하셨나요 ? 형팀의 수빙 체험 (※씨쥐 아님) 그리고 내륙종관열차 탑승기! 동생팀과 합류하게 된 형팀의 앞으로 이야기도 많이 기대해주세요 : ) #지옥행도끝이야 #형팀의_길 #13소년여행타이쿤 😁
English Translation: Did everyone enjoy episode 5? The thrilling experience of the hyung team and the inland train boarding pass(?)! Please expect more stories from the hyung team who joined the dongsaeng team : ) #it’s_the_end_of_hell #hyung_team_way #13_boys_travel_tycoon 😁