please it takes less than 2 seconds!

as some of yall might know, i’m moving to boston in august. i’m moving there to help tutor and mentor kids who are falling behind (esp. due to intersecting issues like race, gender and poverty) in order to help them graduate. as someone who’s been living in poverty their entire life, this full-time volunteer opportunity is super important to me. 

i’ve been searching for the perfect apartment that fits within my minuscule budget while also taking advantage of public transport, and i’ve found one… unfortunately, in order to hold onto the apartment, i need a deposit. the deposit is 700, and i currently have less than half of that. i make about 450 every 2 weeks at my current job, and my family barely has enough money for groceries, so it’s hard for me to come up with that kind of money. 

i’m gonna beg for just a second….if anyone has some spare change, please, please consider throwing it my way. i know a lot of people are struggling, and if you consider what i’m asking to be less urgent than other people’s, that’s cool. my paypal is if you can’t help me out, please send me positive thoughts!!!! a reblog is worth a lot to me, too. thanks for reading this embarrassing post.