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if they are not moirails I will consume my entire tablet

I am not familiar with the smell of the trees,
but the green of the leaves is a color I’m so intimately familiar with;
you’ve touched me too many times with your jade tinted fingers
and you’ve left the rusty imprints of them forever branded on my skin - they resemble the ground in autumn far too much.

I am not familiar with the howling of the wind,
but the sound of traffic whirring by while I sat beside you
is forever encased within my ears.

I am not familiar with the feel of the ocean waves on my feet,
nor am I familiar with the grate of sand beneath my foot,
but the sight of the water weaving back after touching the shore
to meet the oncoming wave is a scene
I’ve always associated with us.

I am not familiar with the taste of desire on my tongue:
I’ve always considered fondueing an act beneath me, I should know,
because the first time I felt another’s heat between my legs,
I felt nothing
but uneasy contentment,
not at the motions I just went through with clinical detachment,
but at having satisfied my curiosity;
and I never looked back, because that was that, and I was done
but I never quite shook off the uncertainty, the unsettling realisation that I was not
built like them.

I am not familiar with the so called honor in people,
nor do I think they are familiar with the notion of integrity;
it is not possible to acquaint myself with both features when I have yet
to meet a man who breathes honor or a woman cloaked in honesty.
It is so easy for them to lie and deceit through the sharp gleam of smiles
and it is so easy for me to do the same
while I swallow my pride and feel it burn to ashes in my stomach;
if I were a better person, I will embrace the remnants of the flames and set fire to the lies,
but I am not a better person,
I am the same as everyone else.

I am not familiar with the wetness on my cheeks,
certainly not during the black of the night,
I’ve always been a daylight crier, you see,
but I find myself tearing up in the middle of the night
and this is how I know;
I have a soul that will never be happy again.

I am not familiar with the view of the stars in the sky;
the things I see with my naked eyes have always been too blurry, too out of reach,
so I covered my eyes with plastic to see better
and I realised that the moon looked just the same to me:
far too blurry and so very distant.

I am not familiar with the feelings that brew inside me
but I am familiar with the melanin of your skin and the swoop of your eyelashes against your cheeks,
I know the curves of your lips, how they twist and flatten, every line and every word,
I know the slant of your back and the curls in your hair,
I know the softness of your thighs and the sadness in your eyes,
I know the sweat on your hands - how could I not? I’ve held them a million times, I want to hold them a million more,
most of all, I know you,
I know every nuance and idiosyncrasy rooted in your soul.
I know you. I know you.

I am not familiar with the concept of love,
but I think I’ve begun to understand it.

—  oscarsins
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listen, i’m not entirely sure if lin-manuel miranda is real or if he’s a mass hallucination

midnight-in-town  asked:

Hey :D Just to tell you that I absolutely love your art! :D Keep it up, you have an amazing blog and I always love passing by to check what's new (I looove your tags xD) ! Keep up the awesome work! :3

Acchan.. You have no idea how important your words were to me right now. I was feeling so sad that when i read it i instantly started to cry dshagsjsbah
Im always so insecure about everything i do that when people say this to me i feel so strong ;;;;_;;;; i cant even put my feelings into words
I absolutely LOVE your blog and EVERY THING you write i lost the count of how many times i told this to people jdbajdjajshs ❤️
Thank you again for taking your time to say this, it means the world to me.. really ; v ;

    HEADCANON 3 / ???? : kickboxing &  friendship development.   ( @jerkisms

  those  people  you  instantly click  with ,  is  how  someone  could  describe  reggie  mantle  and  chuck  clayton.  chuck  actually  got  reggie  into  kickboxing ,  because  he  said  “  it’s  not  good  to  bottle  up  your  anger.  because  just  like  when  you  shake  a can  of  soda ,  the  moment  you  open  it ,  it  explodes. you’re  the  soda  can.  eventually  when  you  want  to  open  up ,  it’s  gonna  be  nothing  but  … all  bad. “  reggie  has  an  uncontrollable  anger , and  he  takes  it  out  on  the  punching  bag.  

    extra:  chuck  and  reggie  first  met  in  grade  school , having  being  paired  up  for  an  art  project.  chuck  was  an  art  kid ,  shy  ,  but  really  artistic  and  creative ── meanwhile  reggie  was  always  in  sports ,  and  really   extroverted , but  had  no  friends.  ( at  this  part  of  the  timeline ,  he  had  stopped  being  friends  with  archie  andrews. ) one  day  chuck  walked  up  to  reggie  at  lunch ,  and  they’ve  been  friends  ever  since.  reggie  got  chuck  into  sports , and  chuck  actually  taught  reggie  how  to  draw.  they’ve  always  been  there  for  each  other.

         but  looking  at  it  now ,  reggie  feels  like  a  bad  friend.  he  didn’t  speak  up.  there  was  someone  who  was  actually  there  for  him ,  and  he  let  them  fall


Sufjan Stevens performing All Of Me Wants All Of You @ Red Rocks

Captured by me; @ontheavalanche


12 tracks that will make you remember the dark times 



(Nightcore) Numa Numa Edit /// Crazy Frog - Axel F /// Saving Jane - Girl Next Door /// Spice Girls - Wanna Be /// Jennifer Lopez - Jenni from the Block (club mix) /// Baha Men - Who Let The Dogs Out /// Black Eyed Peas - My Humps /// Sandi Thom - I Wish I Was A Punkrocker (With Flowers In My Hair) /// Bon Jovi - It's My Life /// Avril Lavigne - Sk8er Boi /// Justin Timberlake - I'm Lovin' It /// Britney Spears - Toxic