please ignore the terrible lighting

I apologize to anyone who thought they were following me for Jacksepticeye content because I just took a nosedive into Wild Kratts. Sorry, but not really, because drawing them makes me happy

Anyway, here’s an incredibly messy/lazy drawing of the bros sprinting through the woods, laughing and probably just running for the heck of it. Or maybe they’re on the way to find a new creature to adventure with, you decide.

Jake shuts up. He bites his lip and stares at the floor. - Endless Summer Book 2, Chapter 1

A little something inspired by this post by @heart-jake. Yes, that’s a lip bite and tears held back. My first attempt at drawing Jake and all I wanna do is hug him. Also, I got a little lazy in drawing the background so I settled for the cloudy partial-hexagon that appears whenever a character’s sad.