please ignore the horrible quality


What do you think of this dress?
I am not completely happy with it, but I really don’t know what to change lol
I just wanted something more elegant for Ruby to wear (not just her top/skirt with suspenders combination 😂)
Soooo do you have any ideas? Tell me! 💕 (please don’t be mean I will think about this for the next few months and probably cry for some time 😏)

(Please ignore the horrible quality of the picture 🙇)


Mick showing his support for Keith during a press conference about Keith’s court case sentence, of which he was arrested a year previously as he was pulled over in his Bentley for reckless driving during the Stones’ European tour, and found with cocaine and LSD on his person. The results were he was found guilty for possessing cocaine and fined €750 plus court costs, but not guilty of possessing LSD, 1977.