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The kid’s got heart (and some really cool kicks)


My Thomas Hamilton cosplay!

Costuming by @beneaththeblacksails
(This costume was completely handmade, and the care and attention that went into the sewing and detailing certainly shows! Thank you so, so, so much @beneaththeblacksails for giving me the most beautiful costume I’ll ever own!)


Guess who finally finished their wig after five months of work =D

Imagine being a famour actress and dating Bill for a very long time in secret until, during a live stream, he suddenly appears and reveals you are living together.

“It is yet another morning in my home, and more specifically bed because I am such a lazy bug that loves to snuggle all day.” you said to your phone, livestreaming and smiling when you immediately saw how many people were fast to respond “Yeah I know my bed hair sucks, please try to ignore that. I’ve been awake for a good hour now and yet I look as if I’ve been asleep for days!” you ran a hand down your face, chuckling.

“Doesn’t matter, I made you a promise and I’ll make sure to keep it. I love these livestreams as much as you do! I guess after almost 15 hours of filming I am entitled to some- oh!” you giggled when your boyfriend hummed, wrapping his arms around you even more tightly.

“Someone’s a cuddler.” you said with a smirk, still making sure he wouldn’t show up on camera, just a small portion of his hair “But we are not going to let him steal the show, I’ve promised everyone that at this exact moment I would give you a small sneak peek of the script, I’d read it to you, and tell you what to expect and-”

“What are you sayin’?” he mumbled, and even if his voice was laced with sleep and was all muffled and raspy you knew it wouldn’t take long for the fans to put one and one together and figure everything out.

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BTS Reaction: You Being Dominant/Rough

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Hello beautiful, not sure if you take this kinda of requests but if you do -if not just ignore please- can you do bts reactions to gf getting dominat/rough (hair pulling,bitting,getting on top etc)with them after a day long of teasing. Thank you


sex with jin always depended on the mood. if he was angry or frustrated he would be really dominant and rough but jin would find it absolutely hot whenever you were dominant during sex. he would especially love it if you were riding him and started grinding on him, he would lick his lips and stick his tongue out in pleasure while he breathes heavily. 


yoongi tended to be the rough one during sex so when you pushed him onto the couch it took him by surprise but he let you do whatever it was that you were going to do because he was curious, he would loosen his tie while you straddled him and started nipping at his jawline, moaning slightly in pleasure. his dominant tactics would show when he would grip your waist making you grind on him slowly while you started making out heavily with him.


spontaneous sex was always great, especially with hoseok, which is why hoseok was caught off guard when you started kissing him roughly which led to a heavy makeout session. he would be laying in bed, and obviously you were on top, when you started kissing down his neck and leaving bite marks. hoseok would pull his shirt down, exposing his collarbone and giving you more access to do as you wish.


namjoon loves rough sex, especially when he is in control. at first, he would be on top of you, kissing you roughly but as soon as you felt courageous you would flip over, landing on top of him. you would start grinding on his crotch while giving him love bites all over his neck. he would let you have your five minutes of fun before giving you a smirk and flipping both of you over and taking control again.


jimin tended to take things slow during sex. he always made sure that you came first before he did which is why he never imagined you taking control. instead of him taking care of you, you were taking care of him. he’d be sitting on the couch when you would climb onto him, lightly palming him through his boxers. he would bite his tongue in pleasure at the sight of you lowering his boxers and grabbing his member, slowly pumping him.


as per usual, taehyung was in control. he loved being able to make you squirm with just a touch and the way you reacted to everything he did was enough to make him come. taehyung would be pounding into you when you began gripping onto his biceps before letting your nails slide up and down his back. he would bite his lip at the sight of you being pleasure and at the feeling of your nails leaving prominent marks on his back.


jungkook was always dominant and always wanted to try new things which is why he suggest you being on top for once. the idea of you being on top really turned him on because the sight of you throwing your head back in pleasure while you lowered yourself onto him was one to imagine. during sex he would actually get so turned on that he would flip you over and give sexy smile before he started pounding into you.

43. Summer of ‘85 (Steve Harrington x Reader)

Summary:  Who knew getting a haircut would (finally) get the attention of your best friend?

Pairing: Steve Harrington x Reader

Word Count: 610

Warnings: None. Just pure sweet Steve Harrington fluff. 13+.

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Summer of ‘85

“There,” you say, snipping off the last of your long locks. Looking into the bathroom mirror, you turn your head from side to side to check if the cut is even. “God, it’s hot,” you think.  It’s June of ’85 and Hawkins seemed to be having another heat wave.

You’ve been at the Hendersons every day of the past week helping redecorate their home. You’re in charge of retiling the kitchen with Claudia, Dustin’s Mom, while Steve had deck duty with Dustin. There were other ways you could’ve spent this summer, but you couldn’t say no when Steve asked for your help. Besides, how could you reject him? You’ve been crushing on your best friend for ages, and any extra time with him was something you were down for.

But the home project was turning out longer than you expected. Claudia kept changing her mind about the tile patterns, and the heat wasn’t helping at all. So today you felt like taking control of at least one thing: your hair that was beginning to annoyingly stick to your skin because of the summer heat.

The cut turned out shorter than you had anticipated. But once the air had hit your nape, you knew you had to keep cutting. Now here you were with a pixie cut, long waves no more.

“Wow,” you hear a voice say from behind you. You look into the mirror and see Steve’s reflection. His eyes travel from your short hair down your elongated neck. You blush as you feel his gaze on you.

“Who knew what was hiding under all that hair?,” he grins, crossing his arms and leaning against the door frame.

You roll your eyes, ignoring his teasing but secretly pleased with the attention.

“Yo Steve, we need help with th–,” Dustin calls from outside, his voice suddenly trailing off. You look in the mirror and see Dustin’s reflection, his eyes wide open, as if he was seeing you for the first time.  

“What happened to all your hair?!,” Dustin asks, shocked. You look away from them, suddenly feeling conscious.

“Does it look bad? I mean, I’ve never had short hair before,” you shrug, slowly beginning to regret your impulsive decision to go short.

Steve chuckles and playfully shoves Dustin away. “Real smooth. C'mon, let’s leave her alone to finish up.”  

You frown and turn back to the mirror, checking for any stray strands. In the mirror’s reflection, you see Steve walking up to you. “Don’t mind that little twerp,” he grins, shaking his head.

He stops right behind you and brings his lips close to your ear. You feel his breath on your neck. “You look beautiful,” Steve says softly.

You catch each other’s eyes in the mirror, then hold each other’s gaze for a short while. Then Steve turns you around to face him. He tips your chin up,  gently tilts your head to the left, then to the right. A slow smile breaks across his face and you feel your knees weaken.

“Close your eyes,” he whispers. You do. You hear a slight shuffle, then a snip of the scissors.  

“All done,” he says, nudging you to open your eyes. You see him holding up a few stray strands. He places the scissors on the table, then caresses your cheeks and the sides of your neck with both his hands.

Was it possible that Steve felt the same way about you too?, you wonder, as Steve closes the distances between you two. When you feel his lips graze your neck, you get your answer. Grinning to yourself, you can’t help but think why you didn’t cut your hair sooner.

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