please ignore the hair


“I think I started dying my hair when I was 16. My mom never let me bleach my hair growing up; she was so against it. So, I was watching 101 Dalmatians one day and I told my mom I was going to dye my hair like Cruella de Vil and she was like “No, you’re not, you’re not gonna do that.” She thought I was kidding. I was like “OK”, and I went to the salon and called her before I got it and she didn’t believe me”.

I was having so much trouble with the perspective on Zevran’s tarot that I decided to change the angle (and probably the armor for this one…I havne’t decided yet). The slats on his arms were just…I was failing all over the place which is why I never finished it. I still might one day but since I’m just now learning armor it might’ve just been too far beyond me just yet. So I wanted to do another tarot for him with the same pose. His hair is a mess right now so please ignore but I thought “I haven’t posted anything in awhile, why not a WIP” so…there you go.

Meliorn has a thing for cherry petals and Jace thinks it’s adorable (ft Jace’s pink highlights) 🌸🌸🌸

The Korrasami commission denimcatfish made for me, and that Janet and Seychelle signed for me at the VIP signing. 

The messages they wrote were so cute too.

Janet: Stephanie, love is love! - Korra

Seychelle: Stephanie! Mucho amor! - Asami