please ignore the fact that this is ugly

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Hm, by the look of that photoshoots i bit gonna be total different of this new era of 5h3, i'm trying my best not picturing bad notes but sadly i failed although their outfits it's bit extra i mean what the mgmnt is doing? It's hard to ignore when something is so obvious but whatever whatever.

it annoys how insecure you guys are, my girls don’t need your insecurities about them doing well or not, if you want them to do well you buy the album and stream. simple. another fact is: they always had ugly outfits even before camila left so using the ”since she left they dress ugly…” is old, we always complained about their outfits, it’s not something that is happening since last week so please leave your insecurities out of the door you guys are so annoying, the girls are happy so why all the worries? they have won all the awards they were nominated this year, is that enough proof of how hard harmonizers are willing to go for them and make them more happy than they are? your faith is so weak after all those years, you want to be insecure? then do it in another place, i don’t want the girls to read and get insecure, i have had enough of some of your whining asses about them not doing well etc.

Comic opinions

Teen Titans #6: It’s so… damn… ugly… the writing is kind of meh, but it’s not bad. I still dislike Damian and the fact that Percy has seemingly ignored the existence of Raven’s miniseries, but just… please fire Pham. His art is so ugly it makes the comic almost impossible to read.

Flash #19: This issue gave me a lot of Wally feelings, most of them sad. The whole Captain Boomerang thing I couldn’t care less about, but the part where Barry shows Wally his secret identity, and they hug? That was something I’ve been waiting for. Eobard Thawne coming back is something else I don’t really care about, but meh. Wally made the issue worth it.

Detective Comics #953: My feelings on this are mixed. Very, very mixed. I like Clayface and Cassie’s bond, I like the scenes that show how Cassie is different from Shiva, and I like that Bruce keeps trying to help Cassie get better. I don’t like that David Cain named Cassie instead of Barbara Gordon. I don’t like David letting Cassie talk when she was a kid (which definitely goes against canon). I don’t like Cassie’s insistence on using the name Orphan (though I get the feeling this is setting up for her to abandon that name in favor of something else). It’s still the best arc so far, but I want to see Cassie leave behind the armor and name her dad gave her in favor of being Batgirl again. Hopefully that’s what we’ll see.

Best issue is a tossup between Tec and Flash. Both had good points and bad points, but at least I could read them without being disgusted by the art.