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Request: I’m so in love with the platonic friendship idea it’s so cute hksdhsj;;; <33 can I request one for the vocal unit please? thanks in advance and wish you an amazing day ahead!!!
Members: Jeonghan, Joshua Woozi, DK, Seungkwan (svt)
Genre: Platonic good times
A/N: This is only unit to go with for the general bff aus, but don’t hesitate to request more platonic stuff!! Also I had to repost this so if you’re seeing it twice tonight that’s why 
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  • Lowkey clingy but not in the typical clingy way
  • Like he’s not gonna whine into your ears and drape himself all over no
  • He kinda treats you like the boys in a way??? 
  • You’re going to have him as your homescreen and you are going to listen to him doting on you you have zero say in the matter
  • You’re going to have matching Halloween costumes with him,, and matching ugly Christmas sweaters,,, and matching outfits on basically every other holiday of the year,,, again you have zero say in the matter
  • He’s not clingy in the drape himself on you way yeah but he will loop his arm in yours all the time 
  • Because it’s like a nice little friendship thing to do??? He gets that one happy lil smile when you guys walk around with your arms looped wow what an angel please ignore the fact that I have a series of him acting like a dick lmao 
  • Takes mirror selfies of you guys showing off your outfit of the days and if you think it’s silly and whine he just gives you a Look until you shut up and do it 
  • He’s always encouraging you to go out and have some fun and let your hair down with him 
  • But then like you finally agree and get all dressed up to go to the club with him AND MIND YOU IT TOOK YOU FOREVER TO FIND AN OUTFIT HE APPROVED OF 
  • And five minutes into dancing he’s just going “Okay this is tiring and I’m bored let’s go home and eat some snacks and watch Moana again” 
  • Will play with your hair 
  • Like he doesn’t care what length it is he likes to mess with it and see how he can make it look 
  • You can often catch him singing to himself when you guys are hanging out together at your place because he’s so comfortable with you he’ll do it unconsciously 
  • Literally so judgemental of any s/o you get because you are his best friend you are only going to date the BEST 
  • So he winds up coming off a bit cold and snooty the first time he meets them but if he approves he immediately warms up to them and asks them to please take care of you
  • Probably goes “Seriously please do they’re an idiot but they’re my favorite idiot~~” and you’re like “h EY DON’T CALL ME AN IDIOT YOU IDIOT”
  • Always asks you to tie his shoes and you sometimes roll your eyes but you always do it because you love him and he’s your best bro for life
  • He always smiles at you with that happy little angel smile when you do and says thank you all pleasantly and you’re like wow okay guess I have the most beautiful best friend ever 
  • Steals your drinks 
  • Water? Soda? Juice? Doesn’t matter the second you’re turned around he’s slurping from your straw
  • Doesn’t like to go out when it’s cold outside 
  • Would much rather just sit inside with you and sit in a pile of blankets and watch some kdramas
  • Pretends he doesn’t care that much about him but you always see him lowkey getting into them lmao 
  • He doesn’t like coffee much so whenever you make him green or other caffeinated tea when he comes over in the morning he’s always so grateful
  • Because he is a tired boy and would rather be asleep and you’re helping him wake up and he always just goes “Ah I’m so blessed to have you as a friend” and you’re like “yeah yeah shut up and drink your tea loser”
  • Sometimes he’s lowkey shady tho 
  • Like he eats all your food and then just LIES to your FACE about it 
  • But he acts like such a suck-up to your parents they’re like “how could he be anything except perfect???” And you’re like “HE’S DRIVING UP MY GROCERY BILL GODDAMMIT”


  • The most Chill friend but also lowkey has memegame 
  • Seriously though he’s chill and thoughtful as fuck 
  • Like are you sick? He’s on his way over with flu medicine and soup. You having cramps or soreness or anything of the like? He’s already got a heating pad and medicine ready. You exhausted? You can borrow his shoulder in a totally bro way so you can take a nap on the subway ride
  • Always asking if you’ve eaten, if you’ve slept enough, how your day is going, if you need him to drop anything off,,,
  • Like his gentlemanly side isn’t just for people he’s dating y’all if you’re his friend you are going to be supported and cared for whether you like it or not 
  • His presence is very relaxing to you, like even if you’re a temperamental person you can’t find yourself getting mad when he’s around
  • Like if you start to he puts a hand on your arm and just gives you a look and you’re like okok I’m good I’m cool 
  • Right up until he starts annoying you on purpose in which case you get HEATED
  • Does that weird gyro drop thing all the time and you’re just “oh my god Joshua qUIT”
  • He will Not just a spoiler alert he just does it and yells louder every time you tell him to stop 
  • Sends you a meme whenever you tell him goodnight and you’re like “dhsjf I’m not having a meme battle with you right now” and he’s just “well you’re no fun”
  • You wind up having a meme battle with him and it’s literally the most ridiculous thing like you have work in the morning but you just stayed up until one in the morning to send kermit memes to your best friend wow
  • Your family loves him
  • They know you guys are just friends so luckily you don’t get any of those annoying “When are you two gonna date??” questions
  • But they do ask “How is that Joshua boy doing?? You’re not annoying him are you??”
  • And you’re just “WOW what if he was annoying me??” and they’re like “Nonsense he’s a saint”
  • And yes Joshua is probably some otherworldly amazing being sent straight from the gods themselves but that doesn’t mean he isn’t a PILL 
  • Whenever he spends the night he doesn’t let you sleep in because he’s an early riser and he gets bored if you aren’t awake to talk to him
  • Like he starts off all gentle just shaking your shoulder but we all know this boy can be Savage
  • So like five minutes later he’s beating you with a pillow and calling you a soggy bowl of cereal 
  • Denies that he would ever call you that in front of other people though 
  • And everyone believes him over you and you’re like “WHY DOESN’T ANYONE SEE YOU BULLYING ME???”
  • Hoshi and DK remember when he shoved them down in the Pretty U part switch and grab your hands and are like “It’s okay fam we Feel you”
  • Does those pinterest DIYs with you and yours come out looking like a first grade art project and his looks exactly like the picture and you’re just 
  • You: Joshua Hong how the fuck did you 
  • Joshua: It’s not hard :) Just follow the instructions :) Super simple :)
  • You: Listen here you little shit I did follow the instructions now just show me how you did that
  • Convince him to bring back his Mansae hair p l e a s e free the forehead
  • You’re our only hope reader you gotta
  • Also you can’t find yourself making fun of him all that often he’s just got such a nice face so even if he teases you can you really stay mad?? No because even if he’s a meme little fuck he’s also the sweetest boy


  • Plays video games with you
  • Lowkey has Animal Crossing on his DS but doesn’t want to admit it to the members so he makes you swear not to tell anyone
  • Will kick you in the shin if you try and steal Cookie from his town because he loves that pink dog
  • Will kick you even harder if you run off the path like he did NOT spend HOURS putting those down for you to make those ugly ass dirt patches in other places 
  • Steal his flowers he steals your wallet okay anyways 
  • Trusts your opinion on most things because he knows you won’t lie to spare his feelings 
  • Just like he won’t lie when he tells you that your sweater makes you look like a walking tangerine 
  • But seriously once he feels a song is going okay but really wants an outside opinion he’ll show it to you 
  • And then proceed to ask you VERY SPECIFIC questions about the smallest aspects of the song 
  • You gotta be 100% honest because if he thinks you’re sugarcoating he’s not gonna do it again for a whole comeback so don’t try and spare his feelings too much 
  • Okay if you’re short Woozi is gonna bond with you 
  • The two of you are just gonna shit talk tall people and you’re both griping about how height is so overrated like who even,,, cares,,, about how many cm someone is,,, not you two
  • But if you’re tall he’s gonna lowkey act bitter but in a funny way
  • Says shit like “Wow I hope you’re okay up there”
  • Seungkwan told him a tall person’s weakness is their knees so if you say shit to him he’s just gonna kick your kneecaps
  • He won’t do aegyo for you unless you SERIOUSLY bribe him
  • Like yes he loves you and you’re his best friend but don’t you dare make him do oppaya again he’d rather launch himself into the moon
  • You: Admit it. You’re cute and love knowing that you’re cute. You love doing aegy-
  • I just want to point out that he has a grandpa laugh and if you tease him he’s gonna shove you but keep laughing anyways 
  • You guys tend to playfully bicker a lot but real talk he finds it very easy to smile and laugh around you 
  • He’s not the type of friend to tell you he loves you all the time or send you sappy texts or anything like that, but that makes the times he does say those sort of things that much more special
  • But don’t mention anything he said later, especially not around other people, because he’ll get embarrassed and threaten to take it back 
  • You are one of the few people he will not threaten to murder with a spoon if they wake him up so the members text you every once in awhile like “Jihoonie won’t wake up this morning and Seungkwan screeching isn’t helping please come we have practice in less than an hour”
  • He really does rely on you a lot though,, like he’s comfortable enough around you to tell you his insecurities and his fears that he won’t be good enough and it’ll be his fault if Seventeen fails
  • And he’s just grateful to have you as a best friend because you always know exactly what to say to calm these fears of his,, bless you 
  • Also he may act like he gives no fucks but if anyone messes with you he is 164 cm of STEEL 


  • The friend who always drops last minute plants on you like “Hey wanna see a movie sometime soon?”
  • And you’re like a in your pajamas haven’t showered in two days kind of mess rn but you go sure
  • And he’s like “Cool on my way :D” and you’re just shdfjhej SEOKMIN SINCE WHEN DOES SOON EQUAL FIVE MINUTES 
  • Will show up at your house via a lyft at like 9 pm and just sleep in your bed and you’re like literally who the fuck 
  • Prank calls you like a lil shit 
  • He always does it with Hoshi and Seungkwan and every time they call they’re giggling like crazy into the receiver
  • And you go “Seokmin I know it’s you” and he’s like “pSH whAt who’s SEOKMIN??? I’m your REFRIGERATOR wait fuck that’s not the punchline-”
  • He always seems to mess up the punch lines and then he just hangs up because you can hear Hoshi and Seungkwan start to screech at him for it 
  • It’s lowkey funny though so you never yell at him to quit it 
  • Wants to go to the park with you 
  • Honestly that’s so fun though like you guys can go on the slides and he’s gonna push you on the swings
  • If you’re Seokmin’s best friend you’re friends with Hoshi and Seungkwan because they tag along with you guys a lot of the time lmao 
  • But like Hoshi and Seungkwan are so much fun it’s hard to find it in you to mind all that much 
  • Seokmin knows when to draw the line though, like he knows you guys are gonna need some bro time just to yourselves on occasion
  • He can always read your emotions and if he senses that you just really need to sit down and talk with him and him only he won’t hesitate to tell the other two to buzz off for awhile
  • Sends you sappy text messages about how you’re such a good best friend at like 2 am after he’s gotten off practice and he’s tired and you’re like “Okay I love you too but seriously you just woke me up go to bed loser” 
  • You guys are lowkey touchy like if you don’t like touches he’ll respect it but also slowly build up your tolerance so you find yourself only okay with him hugging you 
  • He’s just such a loving and touchy person?? He wants to show you that you’re an amazing friend and he cares so damn much about you??
  • What better way than to hug you and dote on you and tell you that you’re adorable and he’s gonna find you the perfect spouse??
  • You: dhsjhe Seokmin I’m still young I don’t need to get married yet
  • Him: yeah yEt,, I’m just saying when the time comes,,,
  • Wants you to tag along with him all the time always 
  • Like even when he goes on tour he’s trying to find a way to make it work out so that you can tag along with him and the rest of the gang
  • Go to Karaoke with him and Hoshi and Seungkwan will absolutely tag along and your ears will absolutely hurt from all the high notes they tried to hit throughout the night
  • But it was also really fun taking meme photos of their super red faces as they pretty much screamed the lyrics so like worth it
  • They almost broke a microphone and you guys nearly got asked to leave over it LMAO
  • Finds a way to make everything fun I swear to god
  • Become best friends with this boy and you’ll probably never be bored
  • Road trip? Okay time to combine Ultimate Eye Spy with Mega Challenge License Plate Words
  • You: thats not even a thing
  • Him: It’s a thing if I say it’s a thing shut up


  • The best friend who forms a marriage pact with you like “If we’re both single at 45 we’ll get married and spend the rest of our days baking cookies and petting our cats and bitching about all the happy people who are settling down together” 
  • But real talk he will be your wingman if you say the word 
  • Goes ALL OUT when you guys sing in the car
  • And you WILL be singing with him don’t even think otherwise, even if you’re the world’s worst singer you’re singing with him
  • He somehow knows every song on the radio, even if they came out like 10 minutes ago he just knows it 
  • The most caring boy 
  • Literally freaks out whenever you text him that you’re sick or got hurt and he’s calling you like “OH MY GOD ARE YOU OKAY???” and you’re like “Literally why couldn’t you text me and ask that-” 
  • He will ask you if you need anything and just appear at your door like five minutes later and he’s checking you all over to make sure you’re not too damaged and threatening to get Mingyu to drive you to the ER if you try and refuse his help
  • Consults you on all his hair color changes 
  • Like seriously suddenly he refuses to dye his hair any color until it has your seal of approval
  • Being friends with Seungkwan means you’re automatically friends with his mom
  • His mom like has your number and her contact name in your phone has its own emoji and everything 
  • She always texts you asking how you’re doing and thanking you for taking good care of her son and always being a sweet friend
  • Sends you food all the time too and one time she sent Seungkwan’s care package with yours and asked you to give it to him but instead you hid it to mess with him
  • And he was about to call his mom screeching because he felt so HURT when you pulled it out of the closet
  • Seungkwan: if you ever do that again I’m telling on you
  • You: you tell on me and I tell you what you and Hoshi did the last time you guys pranked me
  • Seungkwan: ,,,that’s a dirty trick but fine I won’t tell her
  • You: Damn right
  • Whenever you put him at the top of Seventeen’s visual ranking he always goes “I knew I picked the right person to be my best friend for life”
  • Then he turns to Seventeen and he’s like “WHO’S THE VISUAL NOW” and you have to be like “Seungkwan chill”
  • Please put him at the top tho because he doesn’t deserve this DISRESPECT of being ranked at the bottom when the boy is clearly a visual king
  • You guys always have synchronized steps and perfected judgemental looks and the rest of the noisy boys are like “Literally stop looking at me like you’re my disappointed parents”
  • You: then learn to wash your damn shirt it smells like a barnyard in here
  • Seungkwan: OHHH SNAP
  • You: you need to wash your clothes too I can see a ramen stain on your chest 
  • Seungkwan: ,,,low blow fam low blow 
  • Listen he’s such a squishy and wonderful person please be the best friend you possibly can because he’s going to treasure you if you do 
  • Bless us with your holy best friend selfies on instagram I will pay you money

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The training room was silent, excuse the small ‘Oomph’s’ and the laid back grunts of a man piling the weights, with the scribbling of paper and pencil, then yes, the training room would have been considered a ghost town, if not for those distinct sounds.

“Your doing perfect-” A frail girl stated, jogging little notes of the soldier’s mental and physical Helth, who sat under a pile of weights. Bucky had gotten a new bionic hand, but they wanted to test out its limits and bugs.

“Perfect enough to take you on a date-” The old man retorted, watching as she benumbed in place. This wasn’t the first time the assassin tried to score a date with his little personal nurse.

“James…” The young girl threatened, tucking her lose brown hair behind her small little ear. “-Don’t let me call Steve on you again-” She pouted, her glossy pink lips formed in annoyance after watching him wink her way, not even giving much heed to her lilliputian threat.

“There’s absolutely no need for that, Sweetheart.” He sat up strait carful not to smack his forehead in the pole of weights. “It’s not much askin’-” He stood up, his ruthless form and glory emitted from his core sending waves of confidence to the girl standing just beside him. Tucking a strand of chestnut lose locks of hair behind his ear, with his new metal arm. He instantly took note of her staring, a sudden interest with his metal plates, to be perfectly honest, he was even awakened in the new metal arm extension, it felt different and didn’t even come close to making him feel as powerful and miraculous as his old vibranium metal arm. So, to make matters worse, he clipped down all the plates in his arm to cause a chain of reaction, rippling a soft gasp from his prey. Smirking as She absentmindedly tried to reach out to the vibranium metal to softly glide her hand across the smooth surface to satisfy her needs. And like that, she was scared down to a mere mouse, the sudden shout of Sam Wilson shattered the silent atmosphere like an anarchy. Causing the bitty little girl to flinch back, as if being brought to reality and not her fantasies about the winter soldier.

“Do you mind explaining to me why you’ve all of a sudden decided to hide Red Wing?”

“Your toy?” The young man scoffed, now forgetting about the diminutive nurse he tried to win over just mere seconds prior to the Falcons conniption, “Pleas—I had never even touched that child’s play.” He ushered the air from one side to the other as if showing he had better things to do in his life then play with the ‘child’s’ toy Red Wing.

“And why would that be?” Sam wolfed, throwing his arms around like a silent ninja. “I distinctly recall that I found you quite interested in my Red Wing about a week ago when you asked how he worked-” He deadpanned, now coming in between the girl- Who he pushed quite aggressively to the side- only to get closer to the brunet of a man.

“That depends greatly on what you consider asking question about your little toy-” The assassin barked, his pointer finger accusingly jabbing Sam’s chest- to the point where Sam had to take a few unexpected steps back, pulverizing the nurse behind him- who in return stepped to the side to avert harms way.

“Then explain to me exactly what you meant.” His reply was just as nearly- if not even more force.

“I precisely remember asking you- and I quote, What is that thing?” Bucky retorted, shoving his foe to the side. Face rumpled in ache.

“That’s lingo for, 'I’m actually quite interested in knowing how this beautiful pice of machinery works-.’” Sam stated, raising his hand as if to call for a memory, while his other hand laid perfectly atop his heat.

“If you want to believe that, go for it; I won’t hurt your little boy ego. 'Cause apparently your damaged.” Bucky crossed his hands, tightening his black tank top around his sweaty body. His metal

Arm crunching from the force he was ejecting.

“I believe it’s the other way around, hotshot, your the damaged one. Hens why we’re even here.” Sam fought in an attempt to save what little respect the assassin had for him.

Bucky didn’t even budge, even if the statement was considered quite low for such a human, but at the heat of the moment Sam just wanted to see the man standing before him to show a bit of hurt in his baby blues, or flinch back in pain. Just to get something out of the argument from his side. After reviving nothing, not even a wasted gasp, Sam continued, “I am warning you that I will personally see to it that whatever little life you got left in you becomes miserable for you if you don’t give me back what you stole from me- Where is Red Wing?” Sam exploded, sucking in a deep breather with his winded response.

When the pair of men had took residence in Wakanda, it was quite evident that they were to not cross much paths. Or hell would break lose. Or so stated by Steve Rogers himself.

A scornful laugh emitted the stone faced soldier. “It already is miserable doubt you can make it an ounce bit more, and you’re not making things any better at your end, considering I can see a few white hairs peeking through. Although looking at you, sorta, makes me feel slightly better inside, just because.” Bucky pushed Sam aside and grabbed the girl’s upper arm, he wanted to end the fight before it got out of hand. Because if Sam continuities to assume that Bucky had broken and hidden Red Wing, he couldn’t promise his first won’t say hello to the Falcons face.

“Enough with the jokes. Give me back Red Wing- God your so annoying. I don’t even know how Steve putts up with you.”

With that said Bucky was already a few steps ahead of Sam, the inconsiderable girl being dragged by the taller boy, not even having much of a choice.

“…Now I’m definitely ignoring you.” Bucky whispered, while walking to the treadmills, “Although now I’m going to pretend you don’t exist, because unnecessary fights makes me angry. And I’m not suppose to be angry or I could- and would rip you to shreds.”

An irritated growl then filled the room, “Give me Red Wing!” At that loud outburst Steve had then entered the building. Watching as his best friend of childhood jogged down on the treadmill with his nurse beside him taking notes of his heart rate.

Captain America looked around the training room and heaved a long, embroidered gripe. Slumping his shoulders before waving a quite 'hi’ to his friends claimed nurse. Once acknowledged, he exited the room before being dragged down to their silly petty arguments.

Seeing as Bucky wasn’t making an attempt to answer his cry, Sam dragged his teeth together in hopes of letting out the pent up anger building up in his system or else he would be knocking the deadly assassin some common sense.

“Ooh, you’re gritting your teeth now?” Bucky faked a scared accent, clinching in horror all the while running. “Little Samantha angry? Did she not get her cherry on the ice cream?” Bucky cooed tying his hair in a bun all the while running down the treadmill.

“You’re not funny, you know.” Sam corrected, watching as the nurse held the bridge or her nose In between her thumb and index finger. Obviously irked from their pointless argument.

“Not trying to be.” Bucky counterfixed. Pressing done on the machine. He came to a slow stop, and once he came down from the machine, he looked down to his elfin nurse. “What’s next, Doll Face?” He grumbled, watching as the tiny girl hurriedly scribbled notes and pointed to weigh lifting.

“Already did that-”

“Not on the bench, just normal weight lifting.” She scurried off behind his long strides. Leaving Sam beside the treadmill section.

“I really don’t have time for this, just tell me where you hid it-”

“Why do you even need that, Red Wing thing?”

“Because Red wing helps me, plus he’s mine and I need him.”

“Sam go bug someone else who has time to play with a flying airplane toy.”

An annoyed silence filled the atmosphere, with the nurse shaking her head in nihilism of the two grown men fighting over something so trivial. The silence lasted for several minutes before it was broken yet again by Bucky himself. “Why haven’t you left yet?” His annoyed growl erupted from his shaking chest.

“You have something that belongs to me, that’s why!” Sam shouted standing beside the nurse, hip to hip.

“I’ve already told you I don’t know where it is- Go bother someone else.” Bucky repeated, having about enough weights for one day. The useless blithering the men were so engaged in had become a very bad distraction for Bucky, he couldn’t even finish his laps because little Sam wants his toy back, plus this new arm Extension just wasn’t cutting the job, if anything he feels bleary of having to constantly pick up the copious metal around.

“At this hour?” Sam asked, “No way anyone is even awake- and I won’t leave you until you return what you stole!”

“You finally grasped what time it is?” Bucky convulsed, holding onto the girls shoulder for support. Even if he didn’t want to admit it he felt pretty dizzy with the metal almost draining him down. “Good for little Samantha, did you know she knows how to read a clock.” Bucky Looked down at his personal nurse and fazed astonishment. “I already told you that I didn’t play with your toy- please now leave me alone to train.” Bucky growled, after gaining enough strength to push past Sam.

“Your so ugly.” Sam thundered, again, heat of the moment and just the fact he wants to see a reaction from Bucky had clouded his better judgment.

“Right back at you, sweetheart.” Bucky chuckled, turning to his nurse who was shaking her head. “What’s wrong with you, Doll?” He asked, ignoring Sam.

“That’s exactly why I will never-” The brunet had begun, but stopped mid way, “Never mind. Just get to push-ups.” She shook her head, brown locks waved down in a chain reaction. Bucky huffed before a light bulb had appeared atop his head. “Mind slitherin’ below me, so every time I do a good push up you could reward me with a nice lil’ ol’ kiss?” Her cheeks flared scarlet. Watching as he didn’t move an inch waiting for her to respond. But it had appeared to be just mild flirting in her eyes, never taking note of it more. Obtrusive at his fit posture and cheeky remark she pointed to the ground and then tapped her clip bored waiting for him to get a move on.


“Alright, alright,” He assured, cutting her sentence half way through. Tucking a lose lock of hair he went about his mission. Before a foot to his back came dragging him down to the ground. He shot up with rage. Pushing Sam to the ground and tackling his body.

“You son of a bitch-”

“No need to bring my mom into this Samantha!” Bucky hollered, punching his friends cheek as if to grab what little honer he had for his mother.

“Then give me back my Red Wing!” Sam argued, shuffling around the matted ground earning a low blow to the assassins stomach. Which in return earned a deep growl, and a sudden shove to Sam’s family Jewels.

“Stop, stop both of you!” The girl tried to pry Bucky’s metal arm away from smacking some scenes into Sam’s head, only to have doubled the pain from her first too.

“James Buchanan Barnes!” And it all ended. She had just about enough of it. Their constant fights grabbing at her last bit of patins as if playing a game of tug of war. She growled in sleepy irritation, it is just dawn for goodness sake. She had to get up to get Bucky’s system data when he was fresh and stable, which proved to be futile to Sam’s sudden rage of Red Wings lose- and false accusation.

There was another long silence, both men stared her up, Sam’s fingers jammed in Bucky’s mouth, and Bucky’s hands grabbed at Sam’s ears. With Sam on top and Bucky straddled on the ground. The long silence was then broken only by the sound of a door opening.

“Give him back.” Sam argued instantly once the nurses gaze was faltered to the unexpected guest at the door.

“Oh come on, already. I’ve already told you that I didn’t do anything to your little airplane!” Bucky shouted, pushing Sam’s fingers out from his mouth and slamming a fist to his cheekbone.

“I don’t care what it takes, but before I go to out today, I’m getting Red Wing!” Sam argued the more, pushing Bucky to the ground.

“How many times do I have to tell you?” Bucky cried, “I don’t have it!” He flipped Sam to the loam and choked him.

“Yes you do!”

“You do realize you’re fighting feather and brick here with me right?” Bucky questioned, watching as Sam tried to pry his metal arm away from his neck. “I’m Not breaking!”

“Says you. You’re arguing just as much as I am if not even more, where is Red Wing!”

“One, you started this little argument.” Bucky held his index finger and counted, still his metal arm wrapped around the Falcons neck “Two, I’m not going to give back something that I honestly didn’t even steal.” Bucky, held out another finger, “Three, just ask Steve if he’s seen it around.” Bucky unanticipatedly let go of his neck and stood up. Whatever ounce of dignity he had left, he decided on gathering, in hopes of whatever little show the nurse saw wasn’t going to ruin his chances with her.

“Dude, if you just give me my Red Wing, everything would be fine- But you and your man whore hands just had to fuck up something else.” Sam spoke, standing up and dusting his chest, watching as Bucky menace glare was sent Sam’s way. If looks could kill, Sam would have been nothing but relics.

“Really? You don’t say,” came the sarcastic reply. “Except your dumber then you actually look. I don’t have your cheap pice of plastic!” Bucky shouted, his chest raising and falling from the argument. Obviously the morning work out T'chella scheduled for him was long overdue. He was suppose be taken vitals of his system from fresh, without any distractions, in hopes of seeing how his body would react to the new construction of metal.

The door of the building had opened once again. “Honestly? Your both such kids!” The platinum man nearly roared in frustration. “Now drop the petty argument and get over yourself’s both of you! Bucky go back to your room and Sam, Red Wing isn’t in Bucky’s care.” Steve gazed around the room, falling on the nurse and T'chella watching as if a movie of drama was presented just before their eyes.

Slapdash footsteps carried the two arguing people out of the audiences earshot and eyesight, taking them down to the doors.

Steve stalked irritably out the door, the King of Wakanda also following suite, leaving the little girl to take off her jacket. “Your such kids,” She started. “Especially you, James Barnes.” Shaking her head in brickbat, she briskly walked back out the doors only to be calamitous enough to hear the argument had resumed just down the hall the two men had absolutely hated each others guts. The bickering continued on for the remainder of the early hours of dawn. Bucky barns and Sam, if only they can see past their differences, they would make quite the great friends.


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Dearest David Bowie fans, I am enraged, heartbroken, and exhausted.

As you all know, David and this fandom has been getting attacked for things that are blown out of proportion or just untrue.  If you know, or are familiar with, me, you know that I am one of the people who has staunchly defended him since this whole mess started.  My writings on the fiasco has gained notable attention, although not enough to stop the libel.  My posts can be found here: (x x x x x  )  

However, posts that bash and spread lies about him are much more popular.  It angers and disgusts me how posts from us defending him get as popular as <400 notes while posts like this get thousands of notes (there are other annoying falsehoods with that post as well, but right now I want to focus on David).  Since this whole thing happened, I’ve seen horrible comments from people such as, “His death was the best part of 2016,” “Classic rock fans aren’t human if they defend him,” calling him a nazi and a child rapist, and probably the worst I’ve seen yet or will ever see, “I hope his cancer was painful. For what he did to that poor little girl.”  These are very ignorant and evil comments from people who, frankly, are either too lazy to think critically and look beyond a tabloid link, or care more about looking like they’re being good activists instead of being good activists, because a good activist promotes the truth and does research like a real activist should.  Last year, I responded to two ignorant commenters with this:

This be easily be figured out by anyone who has the context, and you clearly demonstrated that you know little to nothing about this, and made little to no effort to learn about it.  You just went along with tabloid rumors, gossip spam and hearsay and act like you know all about this when obviously you don’t.  David Bowie meant so much to his fans; through his music, image and impact, he served as an inspiration to people and especially to people who felt like misfits, he taught them to love themselves and it was okay to be themselves. More importantly, he was a loving husband, father and friend.  So, saying his death was “the best thing that’s happened all year”shows your blatant ignorance about Mattix’s claims, your disrespect and cruelty towards his fans, friends and family, and all-in-all, your sick fuckery.  He, his fans, and certainly his family do not deserve any of this.  If you’re going to comment about this, learn to do some real research and think outside the box.  Learn to have some decency for those who lost their idol, friend, husband, and father and show some respect.  You should be ashamed of yourselves. (x)

This is why it also upsets me when there are people who do defend him, they complain about how much they hate feminists and SJWs, when a) feminists and SJWs are good people and care about spreading the truth, and b) these people are not real feminists and SJWs because they care more about themselves than they do about the claims against David.  It also upsets me when people, who I will not name (you know who you are) defend him by slut-shaming Lori Mattix or the other groupies (I won’t say why, I hope you can figure that out for yourselves). 

My point is, I need all the help I can get. I, and other defenders with facts, can’t do this by ourselves. We want to protect him, and we don’t want his legacy to be overshadowed by ugly lies. Please, reblog my posts and any posts with facts, and respond to people who make ignorant comments using facts, not complaints, and please help me and other defenders spread the truth about him and protect his legacy.

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i’m never going to be one of the pretty girls,
never one thousand notes on a selfie in the sun
too fat, too gawky, nose too long
hair too dark (i dyed it blonde
but my dad’s cuban genes are hard to get rid of
so it came back darker and my eyes are always the color of

i’m not flat stomach, not ballet grace, i’m
fall-on-your-ass at the first mention of ice
i’m hitting your hips on the edge of like,
every counter, ever, i’m flinch-about-it,
no hand to pull me back to standing,
i’m ugly girl takes a fall and it’s honestly
pretty funny

and my personality is kinda fucked i mean
i’m hyper fun in some moments and
the saddest little tick in the others i mean right now
i am waiting to hear back from like 3 people i messaged
about being too sad to swallow myself which is actually
pretty unusual that i asked for help but not
altogether unexpected that they completely
ignored the fact i said
but i’m sure in the morning i’ll apologize and
everything will be good

i’m sure in the morning
everything will just look better in the light
i mean
except for me

i don’t get pretty i never get
anything but
slightly less

—  r.i.d