please ignore the fact that i used a klaine kiss on this

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I do not understand. Darren telling a story about Chris in 2015 - two years ago - is important why?? So much changes in 2 years. Showing pictures of Klaine is important why? They were paid as actors to play lovers. You cannot say that is CrissColfer because that is an assumption, not proof. It seems creepy to use fake pictures to justify a relationship. Give me something current please.

Dear Nonnie,

Are you feeling so threatened by the video that you have to point out that it’s 19 months old?  I guess even you can see and hear how reverently Darren talks about Chris. How he says his name like it’s the most magical word(s) in the world. How excited he is to tell the story as he declares “it’s not a secret” and bounces a little in his chair. You know why he is excited?  Because everything else about his relationship is a secret.  This is the one story he’s allowed to tell thanks to Max. And he’s told it in detail.  4 times!!  

As for Klaine  I generally do not use character moments  it’s the BTS moments  that are pretty telling.   But yes   The kisses went far beyond what was required for the role   

But you are correct, the video is 19 months old.  But what confuses me in your ask.  You are asking for current evidence.  So does this mean you concede that as of 19 months ago they were a couple and perhaps they’ve broken up?  You do understand that if this is the case.  The other 2 couples you rely on existing mainly so CC cannot exist.  It means they are fake and were used as a prop to cover CC.  And if they were fake 19 months ago.  Well I doubt much has changed with regard to their legitimacy.  And if they are still being held at in public as real, you have to ask yourself. Why?  What are they still hiding?  And well.  I think we have the answer.  

But you asked for more current proof.  So here we go:

The fact that these two men and self declared friends that exude chemistry and clearly enjoy each other’s company have not been seen together in over 2 years and don’t interact on social media.  In direct contrast to pretty much every other person on Glee.  

Stranger than Fanfiction released this past February.  Chris’ most autobiographical book to date.  About contracts, celebrities lying, legal obligations.  With a shout out to the Kraken!  And of course Sunshine Studios. And let’s not forget our closeted teen.  

The Day the Dance is Over.  A song that Darren can’t push off and say chuck wrote it unlike Lost Boys Life.  "Many times you have kept me higher up that I can reach.  And now you’re on my shoulder.  And well there’s something to talk about. And well there’s something to say. I promise you that I won’t be gone on the day that day that the dance is over, I will be your song.  Keep holding on. Because on the day the day dance is over I will be your song.  You can put away your costume. You can be yourself. There is nothing to be scared of.  They can turn all the lights out.  Leave us standing in the dark. I’m not going anywhere love, no.“

The reprisal of Chris Col-Fur on the very evening the worst Von beard ever appeared back in San Fran.

TLOS.  With Froggy in the mirror.  Placed there by Morina.  Both prominently on the cover of the last book.  And we know Chris is Red.  

Mother Goose snap. Mother Goose a character Darren has no independent association with.

Christmas in October.  Why did this have to be staged? Especially as Darren did spend Christmas in Northern California.  Away from Chuck who was in New York. Suspicious indeed.  

The subsequent refusal of Chris’ cousin to out his boyfriend.  Ummm.  Will is pretty out as the public kept man.  

Ben?  You can’t tell me you are ignoring the man that lives in that house.  

Chris’ denial that he had seen AVPM. Ask yourself. Why?  Why deny this when there is an abundance of evidence to the contrary that not only had he seen it. But loved it and was a complete fanboy.

That’s just a few examples.  I could continue. But it’s early and I think you get the idea.  

Criss and Colfer.  Still going strong.

Based on a prompt from ecklainer!

Mpreg!Kurt. Blaine walks in their apartment to see Kurt having a bit of a breakdown due to some of his pregnancy cravings and body changes.

“Kurt? Honey, I got the burger you asked for! Are you in the-”

Blaine stopped short in the doorway, the words sticking to his tongue as he took in the sheer amount of shiny candy wrappers that littered the dining room floor. From the table to the polished hardwood floors were golden papers that had been opened, the chocolate inside eaten, and then left wherever they’d been dropped. It was a strange sight. Kurt wasn’t a messy person by any means, but this… this was out of this world strange.

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Fic: Holding You

So even though trufflemores’s birthday isn’t for a few weeks yet, this is one of two fic ideas I had in mind for her present, so WE’RE CELEBRATING EARLY, KIDS!

Early!Klaine at Dalton fic, ridiculous fluff, G, ~970 words.

It’s been three days.

Three days since Blaine told Kurt he moved him.

Three days since their first spine-tingling kiss.

Three days since Blaine asked Kurt to please, please go out with him.

Kurt’s pretty sure he hasn’t gone more than a couple of hours without pinching himself for the past three days, frantically hoping he won’t wake up from this dream. Every time he pinches himself and nothing happens afterward, he can’t keep the goofy, daydreamy smile off his face, because Blaine asked me out Blaine likes me Blaine Blaine Blaine-

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Vampire!Blaine/Bash AU: Being young forever doesn’t have the start Kurt and Blaine had planned.


It hits Blaine out of nowhere and so hard he nearly doubles over. He blinks, confused and disoriented until he hears it. It’s a quiet whisper, a breath of wind and the fear it brings with it almost paralyzes him: “…Blaine…" 

He’s out the door a fraction of a second later, letting his senses guide him through the streets of Bushwick. He’s being pulled by something he can’t see but what he can feel and he needs to find Kurt, has to, right now, trouble, scared, hurt, blood… Kurt’s blood, blood, Kurt, Kurt, Kurt… 


So much blood. 

Blaine can smell it from two blocks away and he follows the scent of it to a dark alleyway. Until the very last moment he hopes he’s wrong, hopes he’s being oversensitive but then he sees Kurt, lying there, and the scent of blood is nearly over-powering. 

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I Thank God I Have You

Blaine and Kurt learn about the fire at Dalton. Reaction fic for 610. Title taken from Rise by Darren Criss. Rating PG13. Word Count: ~900

Kurt held Blaine in his arms for what felt like hours after the phone call came. The room grew dark around them, but Kurt was unwilling to move away from Blaine. He was inconsolable.

“Do you want to talk about it?” he asked, when the crying had eventually calmed to the occasional sniff.

Blaine shook his head. “I’m sorry I ruined your plans.” He gestured to the food laid out on the table, which had been forgotten as soon as the phone rang right before they sat down to eat.

“It doesn’t matter,” Kurt assured him, rubbing his hand up and down his arm. “I can cook for us any time.” He tried to ignore the thrill of joy which flashed through him at the realization that this is them now, forever. There would be so many more nights he can cook for Blaine, nights where they can sit and enjoy a meal together, happily. “Do you feel like eating? We could order takeout?”

“Not really,” Blaine grimaced. He shivered as he sat up; it was cold away from Kurt’s body warmth. “I’m sorry I’ve been such a mess this evening.”

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Heartstrings Verse - SummaryHow Kurt and Blaine officially get banned from the library (and how they get back in). Set in this verse

Warnings: kissing honestly i don’t know what to tell you

Once they’ve established that they can in fact engage in physical activity such as kissing without murdering each other, they can’t stop.

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Once In Your Life

6x06 reaction fic

Klaine, 1450 words, A03.

Kitty watches Blaine and the guys rehearse and learns something interesting.


Kitty held back as Jane and Madison sat down in the first row of the auditorium, and then took a seat in the row behind them, close enough to keep an eye on them but far enough that their sugary sweetness wouldn’t overwhelm her. Mercedes had instructed them to watch while the guys rehearsed a song that was apparently the theme from an old movie. It was romantic and kind of pretty, if you liked that kind of thing.

At least Mercedes had let someone else take the lead on this one. Kitty was annoyed at how she had just shown up and taken over. Rachel and Kurt were clearly doing just fine on their own, especially with Kitty’s help. They had won the invitational, after all. And now Mercedes was here encouraging Rachel to abandon them, just as Kitty had known she would.

Blaine was sitting at the piano, patiently running through the song until everyone knew their entrances. Sam and Artie weren’t paying much attention, but Spencer seemed rapt enough. Kurt just looked like he was torn between jumping Blaine’s bones and exploding with nervous tension.

It only got worse when Blaine ran through Roderick’s lines, Kurt gazing at Blaine like he was the answer to all his dreams. That Blainers did have a way with love songs.

“I don’t get it. Why is Mr. Anderson here?” Jane asked, turning in her seat to look at Kitty.

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Honeymoon Holidays - Chapter 6: Fan

Klaine, 2260 words, A03
Read from the beginning here

Kurt and Blaine’s first winter holidays together as a married couple fall so quickly after their wedding that sometimes they almost seem like a continuation of their honeymoon.  But not always.

A story in the “Season 7” series that looks at events in the early married life of Kurt and Blaine, written in connection with the Klaine Advent challenge.  The name of each chapter is the prompt.

December, 2014

“Do you have any idea why Sue summoned us?” Blaine asked as he and Kurt met up in front of the principal’s office at McKinley.

“Nope.  But it can’t be good.”  Despite all that Sue Sylvester had done for the two of them, Kurt still couldn’t help but worry that a call to her office didn’t bode well.

“Kurt, Blaine, thank you for coming to see me,” Sue said, indicating that they should sit down in the chairs in front of her desk, although she remained standing.  

“She used our real names,”  Blaine said in a whisper as he took a seat.  “I think we’re in trouble.”

“You’re not in trouble, Husband #2,” Sue said, “and my hearing is not as bad as you kids apparently think.  But there is something we need to talk about.”

“Fine, Sue.  Spit it out.”  Kurt wasn’t in the mood for Sue’s games this morning.  Or any morning, for that matter.

“I’ve had a complaint from the parents of Kristin Martin.”

“Kristin?”  Blaine turned to Kurt.  “Isn’t she one of the kids in your Broadway club?”

“She is,” Kurt confirmed.  Kurt had started an afterschool club for budding Broadway aficionados, which had attracted a group of freshman girls for whom Les Miserables  was still the epitome of their Broadway experience.  Kurt was working on expanding their horizons.  They seemed to be catching on to Sondheim, at least when he sang it to them.  

“What was the complaint about?”  Blaine asked.

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