please ignore the crappy background

Super rush NaLu art for christmas.
I originally planned to draw christmas theme fanart to all of my fave pairings but I can’t get hold of my pentab these past weeks because of work. T_T
I have quick sketch of victuri to celebrate Victor’s birthday but I doubt if I can post it right away.
Anyway, Merry Christmas

EDIT: Plz ignore the crappy background. Please don’t Repost

The short moment before the sun fully rose over the horizon… it was the moment of silent contemplation that was his alone. In the short moment before duty would call him back he allowed himself to let his guard down… to wonder… to daydream…

A random and quick coloring of yesterday’s sketch of Scott … some personal art in between commissions. Please ignore the crappy “background”… 

I decided this is more sunrise than sunset (also an excuse for “wrong” hair… he just got out of bed… who has decent hair after getting up?)

And I have to admit that my crush on Scott Tracy is starting to be problematic XD

After years of my brother asking me to draw Lyn, I finally did it. Please ignore the crappy backgrounds/layer filters, her hair made me want to cry, and now I’m going to sleep. Peace


My cosplay of Susan Foreman in ‘Marco Polo’! 

In time for Hartnell History Week! (We’re still doing that today, right? Who cares, I actually got something made!!!) 

The top was a lucky rummage sale find ($5!!) & I made the skirt after a quick excursion to JoAnn fabrics, heehee. The wig & watch are from my old ‘Dalek Invasion of Earth’ Susan cosplay. (Ignore my messy bedroom in the background please, and the crappy quality of my selfies. LOL my Big Finish First Doctor boxset is peeking out from behind my mirror in one pic- it clearly wants to be opened & listened to!)