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Distance Relationship

Word Count: 2096

Produce 101

Contestant: Woo Jinyoung

Author: I cried during ep 8 T~T my small pink boy, and i couldn’t come up with a good title name so…

I sighed looking at my phone. ‘Should I text him?’ You thought. It’s right now 11 pm there. As I was in deep thoughts I heard my phone buzz. I quickly grabbed my phone as I saw his name pop up on my screen.  

{Jinyoung} : Are you awake?  
{Me} : Yes.. Why are you awake?? you should be sleeping silly.  
Secretly I was really happy he texted me even though he needs his sleep for the show.
{Jinyoung} : ahhh~ I was thinking about you.
{Me} : cheesy haha
{Jinyoung} : I know you like it  
{Jinyoung} : When are you coming back to Korea??
{Me} : I don’t know, as soon as My parents allow me to go
{Jinyoung} : aigoo~ okey dokey I’ll call you soon okay?  
{Me} : ok~ go to sleep cutie
{Jinyoung} : wish you could kiss me goodnight T^T
{Me} : soon I promise xx 

I was so annoyed at the fact that my dad got transferred to some Newspaper company called ’Newspaper name’. Like why not give him a job in Japan so I could stay in South-Korea.
I shut down my phone and went back to my homework. It was so frustrating that my parents forced me to with them to ‘Y/C’ for I don’t know how long. It doesn’t make sense. ‘Wish they let me enter SOPA there gadh’ I ruffled my brown hair. “skip homework” I murmured under breath, I grabbed my laptop to watch some random K-drama I started last week.  
I guess you could say I continued my boring ass life here in 'Y/C’.  

How I wished my parents would come up to me and say “ Y/N you got accepted into SOPA” or “We decided you can go back to Korea” but they would never do that so the only thing I can do is save money for an airplane ticket.  

I worked my ass off everyday at some stupid supermarket, probably the worst place on earth. I didn’t spend any money unless I got some from my parents, everything for moving back to Korea. 'Woah it’s a lot more then I expected’ I thought looking at my bank account. Never thought I would reach €1500. I decided to work a couple more months so I won’t die there.
There were days where I thought I might as well quit and stop chasing my dream. Every time I had those thoughts, my boyfriend Jinyoung, would motivate me again. His 'I miss you’ 'I love you’ and 'I wanna see your beautiful face’ kept me holding onto my dream.

{4 Months later}  

By now I had over €2500 and I wasn’t complaining at all.
“Mom I wanted to talk about something” I sat down in one of the chairs in her office. Maybe not the best time right now, but I couldn’t care at all. My future is important too. “What’s the matter honey?” She put down her pen and looked me straight in the eyes, making me extra nervous.  
“W-well I had made some plans..exactly Ehm I saved lots of money to go back to Korea” I looked everywhere but my mom. I heard her sigh, scratching the back of her neck. "We talked about this remember?” She used that tone when she isn’t agreeing to something. I felt my heart sink to my feet, 'Game over’ I thought. "We moved here as a family and you’re part of this family so you’re staying. Besides where are you gonna sleep? At your useless rapper boyfriends house, who probably still lives with his parents? You know Y/N, break up with that boy, and i’ll introduce you to Edward. The son of my boss” she grabbed a book from the shelves. “He’s not useless” my voice broke. “And I wasn’t planning to stay at his house but at Shanna’s house, she offered me to stay there” I wiped my tears away.   

“I’m saying no to this, maybe your dad thinks differently about this.“ She opened her book "you can leave now”  

I quickly grabbed my phone to text Jinyoung.
{Me} : guess I’m staying here forever T_T
{Jinyoung} : They still hate me do they?
{Me} : you could say that yes…
{Jinyoung} : Wish I could change their opinions about me ≥o≤
{Me} : more like my mom, she wants me to date the rich son of her boss  
{Jinyoung} : Well tell him you’re taken or else I’ll beat his ass hehehe 

I laughed at his reply, such silly boy I thought.
Sliding my phone in my pocket, biting my nail from nervousness. I hesitated to talk to my dad, but I still did. My feet felt so heavy as I walked over to my dad’s office. I knocked 3 times before entering.  

“Can I talk to you dad?” I closed the door behind me. “I don’t know can you?” My dad joked sitting up straight, mentioning for me to sit down. I explained to him, what I’ve been doing the past months and how much money I saved. At first he didn’t look quit happy, but as soon as he saw my broken face, his expression changed a bit. He said that if it’s really my dream to go back, that I should chase it. I was relieved he thought about it this way. He supported my relationship with Jinyoung more than my mom did. Probably because Jinyoung is a rapper with an chill vibe and not some nerd who wants to spent his whole life sitting behind a desk.  

{Me}: guess what?
{Jinyoung} : what’s up cutie~
{Me} : My dad agreed to me moving back to Korea~
{Jinyoung} : Oh my gadh are you serious?? That’s great!!!
{Me} : I know right, I can’t wait!!
{Jinyoung} : Waoh I’m crying huehue  
{Me} : Ahh don’t, you’re making me cry
{Jinyoung} : I can’t help it, you just made my day ;)
I fell asleep after calling Jinyoung for hours.  

{1 week later}

I couldn’t thank my dad enough, he paid my airplane ticket and gave me extra money. I was so nervous, first time flying alone, going my back to Korea. I hugged my mom really tight, “I’m gonna miss you” she whispered in my ear, “It’s okay” I wiped away some tears, that were streaming down my red cheeks.
“Promise us, that you’ll call us as soon as you land okay?” My dad informed me for the 100th time. “Yes dad” I hugged him.  
Holding tight on my passport and tickets I walked over to the security. I shouted one last 'I love you’ and went of.

{12 hours later}  

I felt horrible after the flight, I felt like fainting. My knees are so weak and I still have to carry my suitcase. I called my parents when I got my suitcase. I walked over to the gates, looking for Jinyoung. 'ah I can’t find him, how frustrating!’ I sighed. I felt two arms sneak around my waist, making me jump. I turned around, to be greeted by a pink haired boy. “Woah y-your hair” I stuttered, touching his hair.
“Not even saying hello or hugging me back” he laughed, “ah right” I hugged him really tight. “I missed you a lot” I whispered in his chest.
“I missed you too, my princess” patting my head. I kept looking at his hair, it looked so fluffy. I reached for his hair again, slightly touching it. “That amused?” He giggled. “Why did you dye you hair?” Walking hand in hand towards Starbucks. “ah~ there is no reason to be honest”  He grabbed his wallet.  
“It suits you, this makes you the cutest rapper” I smiled at him, he on the other hand looked quite annoyed at my comment. I know he doesn’t like to be called cute but I couldn’t help it. 

“Welcome at Starbucks, can I take your order?” The adorable girl behind the counter asked.  
“Yes can I get 2 medium iced caramel macchiato.” Jinyoung said handed her the money.  
“Am I really the cutest rapper?” He pouted handing me my coffee.  
“Yes I’m gonna call you smoll pink bean” I laughed hitting his arm lightly, not hurting him.
Jinyoung kept pouting, he grabbed my suitcase and walked off, leaving me dumbfounded. I guess he must be upset, running after him. I could pass him with my short legs and stood in front of him. He just looked at me, surprised I could keep up with him. I panted sipping my drink before speaking. “Yah oppa~” making my voice a bit higher than usual. “Don’t ignore me please” I whined, blinking my eyes cutely. He looked down at me smiling a bit, knowing he can’t resist my big E/C eyes.  
“ahh you drive me crazy” grabbing my hand, swinging it as we walked towards the exit.

I missed this, the warm weather, lost of people and my boyfriend. I forgot how soft his hand are, how cute he can smile, the way he smelled. “Can you stop staring please, it freaks me out” I blushed, embarrassed at my own action, I quickly apologized.  
“Y/N” I looked his direction, without noticing his lips landed on mine. They were so soft, I felt butterflies in my stomach, my cheeks glowing by now. His lips moving against mine was like magic, his arms sneak around my waist, as mine held onto his shirt. I pulled away, looking at my feet, with my hands on my beet red cheeks. I could say that this was the best day of my life. Being back in my home country, being with my amazing boyfriend, I mean what else can I wish for?

{Couple weeks later}  

I got accepted into SOPA, reunited with my friends and family. I got a job at a bubble tea store, I live with my aunt and I talk to my parents basically everyday. Jinyoung and my best friend Jihoon both did audition for Produce 101, and got accepted to be on the show. Unfortunately I can’t see them till they get eliminated or till the show ends with them in the top 11.
Supporting Jinyoung and Jihoon as much as I could. Showing up at all the shows, and if I was lucky I could get backstage.  
Jihoon got ranked 1st for 4 weeks in a row, sadly for Jinyoung his skills didn’t get noticed at all. The highest rank he could get was 40. Korean citizens should vote for talented not the visual. I sighed watching episode 7. “Woah he is such a sweetheart helping other trainees, how am I still alive” clutching my heart. Texting him was no use, Mnet forbid the use of cell phones. My aunt sat beside me, handing me a bottle of cold water.

“See it in this aspect, his company will notice him more than before you know. He may not be in the top 11 but he does get more attention” she patted my back. I know that, but he deserves the best, I started to doubt what my mom said. Was she right? Is he really useless? Will I ever proof my mom she was wrong? Why do Koreans want good looking Idols and not rappers? What’s wrong with these people? Stan talent for god’s sakes.

As long as Jihoon is in the top 11 I’m satisfied. And I will love my boyfriend no matter what, even when he doesn’t debut. My mom is wrong he is pure talent and she unfortunately can’t see that.  
I laughed at my own changing thoughts, I’m so confusing sometimes. I watched his fancam a million times, he looked amazing, his rap is so strong it just blows me away.  

Let’s say I fell in love with an pink fluff ball named Woo Jinyoung.

  • bitty: oh my god jack is so straight i have no chance
  • jack: [constantly checking up on bitty to see that he's doing ok]
  • jack: [insists on buying bitty froyo]
  • jack: [moves practice to a different time so bitty can take a class he wants to]
  • jack: [talks about bitty to HIS DAD]
  • jack: [loudly sings 'georgia on my mind' WHERE BITTY CAN HEAR HIM]
  • jack: [steals bitty's phone to flirt with him]
  • bitty: so heterosexual

Ron Weasley Imagine (Unedited)

Request: i love your imagines so much and you’re writing is amazing! could you possibly write one about Ron and the reader? the reader is trying to concentrate on school work and Ron is being distracting (basically incredibly cute and fluffy!) thank you!

Word Count: 429

Pairing: Ron Weasley x (Y/N)

You sigh as you pull out the wad of parchment from your bag and place it onto the table with a thump, uncapping the ink bottle and dipping the nib of your quill into the black ink. Which essay first? Potions, Defense against the dark arts… there was something else too that you only just realized your had forgotten. Pulling your hair away from your face and tying it into a tight ponytail, you try to focus on just getting one word onto the paper but everything had moulded into one and you couldn’t remember what Snape had been going on about in potions. Some draught of…. never mind. You move the nib of the quill onto the parchment and manage to scratch your name and date onto the top corner. Draught of living death, that had been it. Finally smiling in relief you begin to write out your introduction.

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Over the past two days I graded 127 mid-term papers, studied 800 spanish flashcards, wrote a five page essay on the impact of the political thought of the progressive era on the present political sphere, made a study guide over the political history of Thailand, made four gifs and only got five hours of sleep.

Can I go to bed now universe?


I’m bisexual. I’ve said that out loud to a lot of my friends. I’ve told my mom, my brothers, and one of my aunts. I haven’t told my dad. I haven’t made a giant public announcement. But I am bisexual. And I’m nervous to say that. I feel silly about being nervous, and I feel guilty about it as well. On so many different levels, I feel like I should be able to say that to anyone at any time and not worry. But I do. 

I’m posting this here because this feels like a safer space. It’s me dipping my toes in the shallow end. I know the water is fairly warm, and I’ll probably be fine, but I’m still scared. And I’m not ready to dive off the deep end just yet. But I will be. 

My brain is so conflicted right now. Part of me wants to get something done before I have company at 1 and part of me wants to take a nap before they get here. Every time I lay down I feel the need to get up and clean but when I get up and start doing things I feel sleepy!! It’s so frustrating 😭