please ignore my rant i just

An entire city in the Philippines is being controlled by ISIS-linked group. Please pray, like seriously pray for the city of Marawi and its people being held hostage.

I cannot believe I have to actually spell this out but I am Mad right now

I’m sure people are aware by now that I’m not a fan of people reposting my comics to other sites, especially without asking permission or giving credit, because any potential new audience then has no idea how to get back to me to read the rest of the comic and I miss out on potential new readership or even income in the long run. My biggest problem is with reposts to Instagram because it’s damn near impossible to track and yet so easy for a dozen accounts to screenshot a stolen comic from one post and then it gets spread around like wildfire,slowly degrading in quality and all without watermarks. Some of these accounts have 10k+ followers while I only have 400, and it just sucks that these big accounts do not care about the content creators at all.

Now I’ve been dealing with this for months and unfortunately I’m kind of used to it but today it hit a new low. Someone messaged me on Instagram to alert me to a repost, and the centre section of the comic you see above with my web address and the words ‘do not repost’ very clearly written had been completely deleted. That’s not even wilful ignorance, that’s making a conscious decision to disregard the creator’s request in the favour of getting more likes on your account. Seriously what is wrong with people. It’s great that my comics are popular and relatable enough that so many accounts want to post them but I do not benefit from that whatsoever and at this point it’s just plain rude. Please please do not do it, and if you ever come across any of my comics on Instagram that are not posted by me (jammyscribbler) then please report them or send me a link. Sorry for the long rant but I’m very upset right now and if this kind of thing carries on I may have to stop posting comics for free altogether.

I’m honesty horrified right now

My anxiety is through the roof and I have no idea what to do. I have literally just spent the last 30 minutes begging my parents to take this hurricane threat seriously until I was in tears. They don’t have any plan in set in the slightest. They don’t have food, they don’t have water, they don’t know if we’re going, when we’re going, where we’re going. I don’t have a license, I don’t have a car. I can’t do anything but hope they come to their senses. We are already under a declared State Of Emergency and Hurricane Irma is now at Category four strength. They are two of the most ignorant people I have ever met and I can’t believe someone could just watch their kid crying and begging because they scared. She didn’t even try and listen. She just kept denying me and then just stopped replying to me all together. How can you sit there and ignore someone like that?

I don’t know what to do right now. I don’t even know what to think. I’m scared. I’m honestly just really fucking scared.

i’m gonna be emotional about something dumb so just bear with me or actually ignore me please
the first time i’ve seen IT was more than ten years ago, i was very young, and i loved it. i loved the characters, i loved their friendship, but most of all, i loved Richie and Eddie. they were probably the first two men i’ve ever shipped together, and that led me to a very complicated journey through sexuality, the way it works, my own sexuality, the meaning of my fantasies about the two of them. i even wrote my first fanfiction back then, and it was about the two of them. i was so freaked out and excited about this discovery, about this whole new world, i guess?
and now the new movie is out and people are shipping them. there’s even fanart about them, while before this movie came out there was almost nothing… and i’m so fucking happy about it because it took a while for their relationship to be noticed for how special and amazing it is, but it finally happened and i’m just sort of proud of them, which is ridiculous because they’re just characters of a book and two movies but they meant so much to me when i was younger ??????
i’m gonna shut up now b y e

it breaks my heart to see old xian feeling obliged to defend themselves. i have seen many disgusting weibo comments and tumblr posts and it makes me sick.

please guys, do not shade against anyone, do not whine about not getting an update and definitely don’t send hate to someone just because they like something other than you. old xian may decide when and whatever the hell they upload. their health and happiness goes above all. i don’t want them ever feeling forced to draw this comic for us.

i want this community to share happy moments together, not full of people fighting and complaining. i love all of you so much but please think before you post something. 19 days is a beautiful story and thank you, old xian, for blessing us with it for free.

why do people hate fic writers?

first: thanks to whoever reported ludic for having my ko-fi link in it. i edited all mention of my ko-fi outta ludic like 2 months ago after someone did the same thing to a friend of mine. (and even better: her kofi donations LITERALLY GO TO SUPPORTING HER CLASSROOM, SHE IS A SPECIAL EDUCATION TEACHER, and nope, she’s apparently still scum of the earth for accepting fic donations)

i sure am glad you reported chapter 12 of a 30+ chapter fic. i dunno if ao3′s abuse team is just painfully slow, or if you’re that petty, but i really appreciate that you thought my ko-fi link was so damn offensive that you’d take time out of your day to actually fill out an abuse form. it’s very cool. 

i am not delusional. i’m well aware that writing fic on the internet isn’t paying my fucking bills. i’ve been accused of “begging” for money in the past because i’ve mentioned how bizarre it is to me that artists get commissions and merch, but the second a fic does it, the internet goes on about how horribly fucking illegal and wrong and selfish it is. 

i make no secret that i’m currently unemployed. i literally moved to another country and i was not legally allowed to work. i have my green card appointment later this month, and in the meantime, i have a temp work permit (that i only got a few months back, after over 2 years of waiting). i applied for thirteen jobs yesterday. i have had a few interviews and i’ve been declined for every single position because of the 2 year gap in my CV because I was waiting out the immigration system and LEGALLY UNABLE TO WORK. i’m not “avoiding real life” duties by writing fic and expecting the internet to cover my ass. i live in southern california. i’d be homeless under a bridge in santa ana if that was the case.  

i’m so sick of hearing that i need to “grow up and get out of fandom”, that my “content isn’t unique”, that i should “stop begging for money.” i am not begging for money when i link my ko-fi. i’m saying “holy fuck guys i’ve spent DAYS of my time writing and if it means something to you, consider sending a tip my way.” when someone buys me a kofi? it’s not paying my bills. i never said it was. it’s buying me a drink as a thank you, so that i can sip my latte and think that something i created meant something to someone enough that they were willing to send a little something my way. 

an average chapter of ludic takes me about 12-15 hours. longer, if you count the time that i sit around and plot it out in my head (cuz i suck at outlining.) 

i’ve written 32 chapters. 

that’s roughly 384 hours of my life - a full 16 days - spent creating content that i offer entirely FOR FREE. i’m doing it for fun. but seriously, if you don’t like my occasional linking of my totally optional ko-fi account, just fucking ignore it. don’t report me and remind me just how little my shit actually means to you. 

last time i linked my ko-fi i lost 6 followers and got an anon hate message that i ignored because why would i bother responding? just to put it into perspective.

be nice to all creators, please. just because i write fic and not art, please don’t judge me, or personally attack me, or fucking try to get my damn ao3 account banned. fuck. 

sorry. rant over. this will be what drives good fanfic authors out of fandom though. i know i’m not the only one who has been reported, and i know i’m not the only one who’s gotten shit for daring to suggest that i’d do fic commissions if someone requested. all this is doing is driving me back into my original writing, so that maybe i can get an ounce of respect publishing an actual novel.

So I’ve decided to push my boundaries and draw NSFW but not gonna post it here, it will forever stay in my paper, or somewhere in tumblr who knows. You’ll never find it, not unless you already did.

This is just my random rant, ignore this please.

Please Don’t Give Up

Anon: “Is there like a thing something where solangelo can like give a positive message. I just really want to see something that may help with my self harm urges and I love solangelo so much. You can ignore this if not. Thanks!”

Nonny, please if you ever need help or just need someone to talk to I’m always open and you can just message me and I promise you I will listen. Please don’t hurt yourself and I hope with all my heart and soul that this helps you. Love you, Nonny.

And ALL YA’LL reading, if you ever need someone to talk, rant, and just pour out all those feelings to I’m here. Just shoot me a DM and I’ll ge tto it as fast as I can. Don’t take it out on yourselves. I said this to a friend once that he should never have to take it out on himself, that he could take it all out on me by ranting out all those feelings to me anytime and I would listen. Please guys. I’m always here.

Hope you guys like this. Based on this x

^^ I recommend listening to this song while or before reading it sets the mood

Ari xxx

To Nico, Will Solace was like the moon. 

Ironic, but it was true. 

Will Solace, like the moon, had been there for Nico at his darkest hours. He was the reminder that morning will always come. Will was just always there, shining and lighting up Nico’s dark shy; he was just so unique from the others. 

Nico always had a soft spot for the moon.

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damn that blog’s a me s s.

Can we please stop romanizing the idea that meds make you bland and robotic?? Like there is this poem that goes around every once and a while(and don’t get me wrong I love the poet, a lot of their stuff is really good) but it’s talks about how their depressed, suicidal friend went on meds and suddenly stopped being artistic and beautiful or whatever and that instead he should give up the meds and quit his job and just rely on his friends to feed him and keep him from killing himself and I’m like???? What the hell kind of message is that??????

Meds don’t take away anything about who you are. They help you to be who you actually are. I’m an artist and the only way my meds affect my art is that they give me the strength to pick up a pen instead of staying in bed all day. There is nothing beautiful about suffering like this. Sure, artists can transform their pain into beauty, but you can’t speak for others and saying that someone should keep suffering at the hands of their mental illnesses because ‘Wow they are so cool and artistic and better! Who cares how sad they are and how they keep trying to kill themselves? It’s worth it as long as they keep drawing, because my pleasure is more important than their health!’ is some next level bullshit.

Just…ugh I hate this idea. Meds aren’t for everyone, but going on them doesn’t take away your beauty or creativity or worth. It just makes you able to fight past the dark cloud that stops you from using them.

I was asked a very ignorant question today and I wanted to take a moment to say to those certain “feminists” and people who bash my religion and my choices that when you talk to me, please remember:

  • The first University was created by a Muslim Woman named Fatima Al-Fihri 
  • One of the main things believers are told to do is gain knowledge
  • Men were first told to lower their gaze before women were advised to cover up
  • When women are with women they have to cover the same areas as when men are with men: the area from your belly button to your knees meaning Islam never actually recognized breasts as sexual organs
  • Women ran businesses, the Prophet’s first wife was a business woman and was fully independent, on the night that the Prophet got the message of Prophet-hood from Allah, the first thing he did was run and ask his wife for council because he valued her advice
  • Islam never condone slavery, the Prophet set many slaves free and advised companions to do the same (when we pray, we all line up no matter the social class or political standing because God doesn’t care if we’re peasants or royalty, what defines us are our actions)
  • same with Hajj, everyone no matter what background wears simple clothes (men wear two white rags) to show how we are all the same (you can’t enter paradise if you have even a grain of arrogance, the more you’re given, the harder you’re tested)
  • Men aren’t pushed away for being feminine (all the Muslim brothers hug each other and the older men usually kiss each other’s cheeks) , tears aren’t considered unmanly, they’re considered humble (many times during prayer, the person leading will start to cry when they make Dua’a (idk how to explain it), it’s not a negative, empathy is positive) 
  • Hygiene is so important, we invented toothbrushes and we take basically mini showers before prayers (you CAN’T pray/read Quran if you’re dirty and are advised not to eat smelly things like onions beforehand because that may disrupt your neighbor during prayer) 
  • one of the five pillars of Islam is Zakat (defined below), and if you’re ever sick or in need, you normally give Sadaqa or charity to sort of repent and ask God for forgiveness and aid (also, Baqar-Eid, where we sacrifice a Cow or Lamb, etc, we’re only allowed to keep 1/7th of it, the rest goes to people you know and the poor)
  • Ramadan is to help us empathize with poor people and humble ourselves. We give Zakat during Ramadan, which is giving a percentage of our wealth to someone poor, also this seems relevant:  “A believer is not the one who eats his fill when his neighbor is hungry.”
  • Men are the ones responsible for providing food, not the women! If a woman goes out and earns money, it’s hers to do with as she pleases
  • Respect for mothers is so important this is what is said: “Do good to and serve your mother, then your mother, then your mother, then your father, then the near relatives and then those who come after them.” (mothers get 3x’s the importance because childbearing/rearing ain’t easy! Also they say your mother holds the key to heaven’s doors. Also that those who raise a good daughter will be given a higher place in Jannah (paradise) and the Prophet was soooooo close to his daughter Fatima)
  • and everyone needs to remember this: ”Those who are kind and considerate to Allah’s creatures, Allah bestows His kindness and affection on them. Show kindness to the creatures on the earth so that Allah may be kind to you.” It doesn’t say be kind to the BELIEVERS, it says be kind to everyone regardless of race, religion, social standing, etc. 
  • The main point of covering up your beauty is so that it’s not what defines you, your knowledge and character are. Islam made progression in treating women like actual human beings wayy before the West, the problem isn’t our beliefs, it’s that people don’t act on them choosing instead warped versions that emerged during European occupation during the Victorian Era (where they would cover table legs because they were too hot to handle) 

So tell me more about how “oppressed” I am and how horrible and unfair my religion is, because you’re probably wrong and please, PLEASE, do your research because chances are I’m not oppressed and you just seemed like a massive douchecanoe 



so sometimes im w my famliy and someones like “oh yeah they listen to kpop” and im like “yeah the music i listen to isnt in english woopdeedoo aunt karen” and then someone in your family is like “YEAH SHE WANTS TO FUCK AN ASIAN” “YOU LIKE ASIANS RIGHT?” “LMAO U WANNA BE ASIAN”

like when i’m one who understands well enough the line of whats creepy and racist and then someone doesnt and they speak for you it’s so irritating. like dont say racist shit oN MY BEHALF. I KNOW MY GODDAMN BOUNDARIES AND PEOPLE SHOULDNT BE MADE TO FEEL LIKE OBJECTS JUST BECAUSE YOU DONT.

and like most importantly is that the poc around me do not deserve to hear that in the first place. and they dont deserve to be made to feel like objects or to be made uncomfortable or to live in a place where people say that shit. 

and then when my name is dragged into it, their list of people who see them as wierd fetishized objects just gets fucking longer and it shouldn’t be- no one should make anyone feel like that

and it pisses me off so bad because the last thing that we as a whole need is for those ideals to be spread around!!!

like the same asshats who think indian people aren’t asian are the ones saying “oh so you like asians? how about this one?” LIKE THEYRE OBJECTS.

and thye think that because i dont listen to music in english that im gonna agree with them???  thinking that i’m going to be like “oh yeah i love all the asian men please throw them at me”

like i am not afraid to ruin family dinners over this!!! i just wanna sit here and eat my dry white people turkey but i will correct you!! it’s not okay and you shouldn’t be this ignorant!! you are forty years old aunt patricia i shouldn’t have to explain this!! like its better that i listen to them than any poc bc they dont deserve that but to see the AUDACITY OF SOME PEOPLE is so frustrating BECAUSE THEYRE SO OLD ADN CRUSTY SOMEHOW EVEN WHEN THEYRE LIKE 23???

-admin tal

  • Albus: I love you.
  • Scorpius: (stares at Albus in shock.)
  • Albus: Scorpius, oh, I mean, I didn’t mean to say that. I just thought you might, for a moment… I mean we have been friends for so long but I’m just so… I would do anything for you. Because I love you. I love your blond hair and your beautiful ocean eyes just on the brink of silver. I love your brilliant smile where your whole face scrunches and you just smile and don’t hide it at all. I love how I can talk to you about anything and everything, including this because you’re my best friend in the whole world Scorpius and I need you to know that. I know that you don’t have feelings for me that way but I don’t want this to change anything. I can’t help that I like blokes, or more specifically you. Please, just don’t leave me.
  • Scorpius: (staying silent, mouth still wide ajar in shock.)
  • Scorpius: (corners of mouth begin to turn into a huge smile.)
  • Albus: (blushing) I-I’m gonna go now. I’ll… see you in class Scorpius.
  • Scorpius: Albus. I love you too. More than you’ll ever know. Since the train, our first time at Hogwarts. 
  • Albus: Thank Merlin.
  • Scorpius: Come on, Let’s go up to the astronomy tower to look at the stars and I can tell you all of the things I love about you.

I had to make a sim because the lovely @itsoceansecret was kind enough to lend me some skins. So the reason this sim is semi decent is because she is great!

Also totally stole her reshade settings 

Meet Ayaka

Rant; miss me with that ship hate

I am gonna tag every massive ship because everyone needs to hear me out about this. I’m not gonna call out any ships or people.

I love Voltron Legendary Defender, I really love it and all the characters are so precious and my ships make me so happy, you can’t imagine. But let me just say a goddamn thing, the fandom is pissing me the fuck off.

First of all, leave the goddamn VA’s alone? Stop harassing the voice actors about your ships; I’m not just looking at the shippers of my Notps. Nope, the shippers of my otps too. The VA’s have nothing to do with the story line so don’t drag them into this childish ‘war.’

Secondly, what the actual fuck is the point of sending hate? What is the point of stooping so low that you waste your precious time on sending hateful messages to anyone that doesn’t ship what you ship?
There are big ships in this fandom that I don’t ship and that’s not because something else is my otp. I just don’t think they have chemistry, or I see them as great platonic friends/etc… but sending hate to shippers of something you dislike does not stop them from shipping it. If anyone would send me hate about my otp they can just fuck off and go back to their lives, I’ll never stop shipping it even if something else becomes canon.

Okay before anyone that follows me calls me a hypocrite because I have reblogged things that look sort of ‘anti.’ I have reblogged things that made fun of shippers, and I’m not going to delete those posts. They are never legitimately mean, they just make fun of it, just like I have reblogged posts that make fun of shippers from my otp that show we see ‘canon!1!1!1’ in every single movement and I think those posts are funny.
Everyone needs to stop seeing this all so serious, it’s an animated series for god’s sake. So please just stop being so rude to everyone there’s no point.


1) stop dragging VA’s into your ship wars, they’re all lovely and deserve none of this
2) sending (anon)hate is childish and has no point. Just flag or ignore posts about your notp, unless you’re like me and like making fun of our pathetic fandom
3) Please just mind your own business and stop taking this all so serious. This is just an animated show. People shipping your notp won’t have any impact on your everyday life.

Finally; let’s all just enjoy the show and every character on its own, love our precious VA’s and stop behaving like children who are in need of attention thank you. If you need to reply to this or want to say/add anything else, talk to me personally or whatever go on anon I don’t care but hate will be ignored.

Something I need to say

Okay so as a American Kpop fan who’s not Asian it’s expected to get smart remarks. It’s also something I can usually brush off. But lately I’ve just had enough. It pisses me off that people are so ignorant. Yesterday in class we went to the computer lab in health and we could do whatever so I decided to catch up on a drama. Not even two minutes into the show and two girls beside me decide to have at it. They asked how I understood it…okay I can deal with that I just simply pointed to the sub titles. Next they asked me the actor was a girl…a little aggravated at this point but only because I wanted to watch the show. But the next thing pissed me off to a whole new level one of the girls had the nerve to call me weird and psycho and that their music sucks and all that. OKAY FIRST OF ALL JUST BECAUSE IM NOT AN IGNORANT PIECE OF ASS LIKE YOU DOESNT MEAN IM PSYCHO. And last time I checked people like Kevin gates don’t make good music. It’s fine not to like somethings others do but to keep saying snarky things is petty. I’m praying for the day people realize that everyone does not speak English. And if anybody else from my school sees this please realize that Chinese and Korean are two different languages and that Ching Chong is not an accurate description of the language.
This rant probably made zero sense but I need to say it or I was gonna square up.

Hi can people just remember that if I don’t want to receive constant dick pics and sexual messages I’m allowed to block or ignore them. I’m just getting a little annoyed about it, yes I reblog sexual stuff but doesn’t mean I want to receive that sort of stuff. I’m just doing my own thing so please don’t start getting rude with me 😇