please ignore me today

So, I kind of went a bit overboard while planning to get back into podcasts again seeing as I’ve got a bit more free time as of next week onwards…six series later.

I’ve just downloaded EOS 10, Kakos Industries, SAYER, Friend of the Family, The Bright Sessions and Wooden Overcoats and I’m totally open to any other recommendations if people want to send them my way. 

i have absolutely no fucking sense of humor and this sent me into hysterics. please forgive me and/or ignore this entirely

todays terf hater of the day: this gengar in an eyepatch

sdff i’m lactose intolerant and allergic to chocolate w/ histamine sensitivity i just had 26 things of chocolate and i am currently getting several more. i am dangerous person. icarus of lactose intolerance. just try and stop me

13 Reasons Why is so important in today’s society. As someone who has been severely bullied most of her life, it really shows the effect that even the smallest things can have on a person; especially when those small things come from people you thought were your friends and thought cared about you. When everyone tells you what they say is just a joke, you feel like you have to laugh, but inside those things can actually kill you. Someone’s obliviousness, someone’s carelessness with words, someone’s ignorance. Everything has an effect on someone who has had small things build up on them. So 13RW is exceptionally important to highlight that people must be more careful and thoughtful with their treatment of others. Because even the small things have an effect on people and that is incredibly important.

let me go far away somewhere they won’t ever find me
and tomorrow won’t remind me of today (x)

150603  Fantalk - The8 (Minghao)

THE8: It’s been long…. I’m THE8 

fan: heol… oppa, it’s really been a long time

the8: yes it’s really been a long time kekekeke


fan: is Chinese okay? (in chinese)

the8: of course it’s okay! (in chinese)


fan: myungho what are you doing now?

the8: I’m practicing


fan: you’re really cute!! ♥♥ (with a gif of THE8)

the8: thank you hehe


fan: myungho you’ve been cool/handsome from the start until forever~ the8 I miss you

the8: really? thank you

fan: I really hope you guys will come to taiwan~~~~ 17 let’s go!

the8: if we have the chance in the future we’ll go, please wait for us!


fan: the8 oppa, your hairstyle is really handsome! I really like it!

the8: please keep liking it!


fan: don’t ignore me ㅜㅜㅜ today I’m not feeling happy ㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠ

the8: be happy okay?

fan: we’re cheering for you from Japan! fighting

the8: yes, fighting!


fan: in the future let’s put in even more effort!

the8: of course, we’ll work hard and put in more effort!


fan: hello hehehehe

the8: hello hello hh (he literally typed it as hh i think it’s supposed to be a hehe)


fan: oppa, i dreamed of you yesterday. 88

the8: that was a good dream!!

THE8: We’ll end here for today. Please cheer for us a lot. I’ll work harder. Thank you everyone! Eat deliciously tonight.

Translation credits: akkinda

Take out with full credits

I said all I had to say and will say about this new contractual obligation concerning Louis yesterday. I’m sorry, but I won’t feel at ease uttering another word in the upcoming weeks. Some essential points I need to make before I let it go, though:

- To question Larry because of the umpteenth stunting situation is so out of my neurological possibilities that I can’t even fathom that;

- The boys look quite happy and relaxed to me, so whatever’s going to happen, they are probably fine with taking that and the consequences it’ll bring;

- This isn’t anything like the scrubble snapchat Harry was in;

- I hope this is going to be used to move on from babygate;

- I don’t personally like it and this is not the way I’m used to work;

- As confusing as it may seems right now, this doesn’t change the fact that OT in its entirety will be done for good in a very short time and that the boys will be finally managed by people they had a huge contractual power over when they signed with and that they trust will be the best ones to help them have a successfull career WHILE being content, satisfied human being, whatever that means for them.

- The Bears;

- The moment has come for them to feed us way better narratives, because I’m daily amazed by our corner of the fandom, we are really smart, educated, lovely, talented people who, just as the boys themselves, deserve so much better than this continuous crap. I do love us a whole lot!