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Umm what, @dear-mrs-otome? Do my ears deceive me? I didn’t think it possible but you have plans to continue the fic and it involves Unresolved Sexual Tension (omg), sparring, Yukimura + Olympian, burgeoning attraction, angsty character backgrounds, Sasuke, and HOT DOJO SEX (omg omg omg). 

When you say hot dojo sex do you mean maybe like a sparring match turned hot n heavy? Saizo teasing and provoking? Getting a little too close with fleeting touches definitely not part of any self-defence routine? 

WHERE DO I SIGN UP? WHERE? Never knew I needed this and your beautiful prose in my life until now. Please tell me we don’t have to wait long… Do we? 💕 



i think we all know how Bum reacted: 

im still not over his black hair ok somebody please help me bREATHE.


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muhhahah ya I know I’m evil. I wanted to draw something angsty and I found this poem thingy on my computer and I thought PeRfEcT. Please don’t judge me. If you don’t understand this, their lions broke, as did keiths helmet and lance is sacrificing himself to save keith not even knowing if he’s gonna live bc he’s wounded and uncontios and stuff. I know this has a lot of flaws pls ignore them.

family photos ft. lance

excluding coran bc i can’t do him any justice


PAIRING: park jimin x y/n

GENRE: hardcore fluff



A/N: i really like this! i hope you guys do too! send me suggestions and ideas please! also, if you would like me continue this please say so!

SUMMARY: due to his girlfriend who drove you crazy, you hadn’t spoken to jimin in months. he had also distanced himself from you, and he didn’t seem to mind too much… or at least you thought so.

You and Jimin had split ways for a few months once he had gotten a girlfriend. He spent less and less time with you, and you were more than just slightly jealous. You had liked him since the two of you met, a little bit over a year ago. At times, you believed that he felt the same, but at others you didn’t think so at all. Jimin was a confusing creature to you, and you never could understand him. Especially when he called you in tears, apologizing and begging for you to come by the dorms.

“Jimin, I’m busy studying,” you sighed. Although you desperately wanted to go lay in his arms and hold him, you had priorities. Jimin whimpered, obviously sobbing about something that had absolutely tore him apart. “I can’t, okay? Plus, we haven’t spoken in months. Why would I come over even if I could?” You heard Jimin continuing to cry on the line, and your heart ached. He was your soft spot, and no time away from him could change that. If someone hurt your Chim, then they had hurt you worse. Sitting on your bed surrounded by textbooks, you let out a sigh. “Jimin, answer me.”

“I miss you. I’m sorry that I ever abandoned you to hang out with her. You should have been over her on my list of friends, and I’m sorry. Forgive me, please,” Jimin choked out the words. You bit your tongue, glancing at the time on your phone. It was an early Thursday morning, meaning you had classes at eleven. “Y/N, I left you and the boys to hang out with her. She didn’t even treat me good, so I’m a fool. I should have just spent my time with you guys, because you’re far more important.”

“Jimin, I don’t have time to hear you rant. Go talk to Taehyung…”

“Y/N! Don’t you hear me!” Jimin cried out, and I ran my hand through my hair. He was in pain, and he knew that he could get my attention. He cried on the line, his hiccuping sobs in the background. “Taehyung told me to come to you. All of the boys want me to talk to you. I messed up our friendship, and I want to fix this. The boys said that you haven’t been the same since I started dating that witch. I’m sorry that I ever did that to you. Please forgive me; I don’t want you to ignore me.”

I replied, “Jimin.” He whined softly, completely shattering me. He wanted me to come over, and that was clear. He wouldn’t be calling me if he just wanted to repair his mistakes. I let out a deep breath, not realizing I had held it in. His voice sounded familiar, although he was not in the best condition. He was familiar, and I had missed him dearly. “I understand you’re upset about what you did, but I can’t just forgive you. I want to —I really do— It’s just that I can’t. You… You weren’t there for me, and why should I be there for you?”

“You shouldn’t,” Jimin hiccuped. “I’m an awful friend and I didn’t appreciate you like I should have. You should yell at me and hang up the phone. You should block my number and tell the boys to never bring me around. You should avoid coming to the dorms whenever I’m here, and try to have the boys over at your apartment instead. You shouldn’t listen to me cry and beg, but you are. I love you, Y/N. You are the best person possibly in my life, and I don’t know why I ever pushed you out. Y—”

“Jimin, I’ll be over in a few minutes.”

It didn’t take you long to arrive at the dorms, and when you knocked at the door, Namjoon instantly opened it. His eyes were wide, and he let out a well deserved sigh. You could hear Jimin crying, and you watched as Jungkook waved at you over Namjoon’s shoulder. You had remained close to the rest of the boys, but nothing compared to what your relationships were like before. Namjoon moved out of the way for you, and you slipped off your shoes as you entered the dorms.

Jungkook led you around the corner, and you saw Jimin lying on the couch, covered in blankets. He hugged a pillow, not even realizing your arrival. His sobbing covered up all noise in the dorms, and you saw Jin trying to cheer him up. Jin held soup in his hands; soup that made you feel better anytime you needed it. Jin saw you and smiled, believing that you could help get Jimin out of his funk. Whatever had happened, it was probably regarding his girlfriend. Yoongi rested his body against the doorway of his shared room with Jin, his eyes showing his exhaustion. The boys were desperate, and they all knew your visit would help phenomenally.

“Jimin, Y/N is here,” Jin stated, standing up. Jimin immediately stopped screaming, and he looked over in your direction. He looked exhausted, and his face was red and puffy from the tears that left his eyes. Seeing him in that condition, you felt yourself breaking. You couldn’t leave him like that, and you wished you came sooner. “Will you let all of us sleep now? She’ll stay here as long as she can.” Jimin nodded faintly, and Yoongi backed up into his room.

Namjoon placed a hand on your shoulder. “Just get him to sleep and then you can come join one of us if you’d like. Or you can head home, but make sure to tell one of us beforehand. Thank you, Y/N. We’ll repay you in someway one day.” You nodded, seeing how thankful he was in his eyes. You and Namjoon had a weird understanding for each other, and that was probably caused by your work ethics. You were similar in how hardworking and goal-stricken you two were. The boys all thanked you before disappearing into their rooms.

You walked over to the couch where Jimin laid, hearing him whimper out in agony. He was the most vulnerable you had ever seen him, and that hurt like hell. You sat on the edge of the couch, and watched as Jimin’s bottom lip quivered. Tears stained his round cheeks, and you took a deep breath. He needed you, and just sitting beside him wasn’t going to help. When it came to Jimin, you knew that he was craving the arms of someone he cared for.

“I’m sorry,” Jimin whined quietly.

“N– no, don’t cry,” you stuttered, scooting closer to him. Jimin did exactly the opposite of what you asked of him, tears beginning to roll down his cheeks again. If you hated anything, it was making Jimin cry. “Jiminie… Don’t cry because you’ll make me cry. I don’t want both of us to be crying and disturbing the boys. You all need to rest, Jimin.” He sighed, his hand crawling out from under the blankets. He reached out for your hand, and you didn’t hesitate before latching onto him. You missed his touch. “You’re not going to sleep unless I’m here, are you?” Jimin shook his head.

Jimin scooted over, closer to the back cushions, allowing you to have space next to him. You slowly lifted your feet onto the couch, and felt your heart racing as Jimin covered you up with blankets. He wrapped his arms around you, sniffling. You placed your head on his shoulder as he shuffled down and hid his face in your chest. He intertwined your legs, squeezing at the back fabric of your shirt. He had missed you more than anything, and your presence had calmed him down already. He hadn’t realized how much he needed you until then.

“Jimin,” you breathed.

“Please,” Jimin whispered. “Just tonight. Forget about everything I did, and pretend that we are still really close.” You nodded faintly, placing your hands in his hair. You rubbed his scalp, making Jimin sleepy. It wouldn’t take long for him to doze off, but you lie awake, wondering what had gone wrong between the two of you. You had been so close, once upon a time. A girl had ruined all of it, and you wished that you hadn’t allowed her to. Jimin was your world before she came along.

The next morning, Jimin woke up before you. He smelled the fragrance only possibly belonging to Jin’s food. You were wrapped in his arms and fast asleep, and he knew that you wouldn’t wake up as long as he was there. Jin was clearly trying to be quiet, a smile on his lips as he stood in the kitchen wearing an apron. Jimin glanced down at you, seeing you holding onto the fabric of his shirt. He loved every moment of you being engulfed by him, and he realized that he would do anything to keep it that way. He loved you, and he wish he had known sooner.

“Aw,” Taehyung cooed, walking out of his room. Jimin sent a glare in his direction, and Taehyung quickly shut up. Jimin wanted to let you sleep for as long as you could, because once you woke, you both had to face reality. He was in pain because of his ex who cheated, and you were simply being a good friend. Taehyung smiled, leaning over on the couch to get a better view of you two. Taehyung had always had his suspicions about you and Jimin, and he seemed the most pleased out of everyone. You two were happy together.

“Don’t bother them,” Jin pulled Tae away from the couch. Taehyung frowned, and Jimin mouthed thank you to Jin.

You were ever so slowly coming to your senses, but you didn’t want to wake up. You had missed everything about Jimin, and laying there made you regretful for ever letting someone get in the way. Of course you had cuddled with all of the other members, but that was different. They were not Jimin. You felt your eyelids slightly shaking from wanting to open, and Jimin seemed to notice.

“Not yet,” he whispered in you ear. You smiled faintly, knowing he did not want to get up either. Jimin squeezed you lightly, placing his head on your shoulder. “I’m sorry, Y/N.”



“11th person voted out and the first member of our Jury - Heather Chandler, please bring me your torch.”

Did you know that when I’m not drawing, 90% of the time I’m crashed out on my couch binge watching Survivor? 

So this is the product of that .

While drawing this I had the whole thing plotted and planned out to the Final 3 but I won’t bore you with the details unless you’re interested lmao! 

Obviously they are older so they could be on the show. JD took on his dad’s business and Veronica’s going to Harvard.

Last Forever

Request: Do you think you could do something where the reader is dating Tom and they barely see each other bc of Tom’s work and bc of that they get into a ridiculous fight about it over the phone and it ends really badly. Tom feels bad about all the nasty words that were said so he goes home and surprises her there’s just a bunch of fluff at the end?!

Pairing: Tom Holland x Reader

Word Count: 1.4k (i got carried away, sorry)

Warnings: Language, Angst, eventual fluffy floof

A/N: this is a combo of 2 tom requests I got! hope you all enjoy, I’ve missed writing for this brit! x || main masterlist

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Ok. So. To make some things clear. Please reblog this if:

-You ship Sidon x Link but
-You don’t hate Zelda’s character in botw.

I’m aware that some Sidlink shippers are hating on her character and it makes me really sad. (And some people are assuming we’re all the asshole shippers.) Yes, some people judge her on inital appearances, but I feel so bad for Zelda knowing her background. She’s just as stressed and anxious as Link for similar reasons. And I really sorry for all the Zelink shippers who see hate. I enjoy how complicated and flawed Zelda is in botw.

Please everyone, let’s be mature and not have a ship war please.



GENRE: Angst, Smut, Pure unadulterated nonsense


A/N: This is only the beginning. You have been given fair warning dolls ~Admin Kae💋

“I dare you”

I scoffed at Jimin’s words.

“You think I won’t do it?”

“Oh please, you don’t have the balls darling” Jimin chuckled lightly.

I felt my face heat up at the statement fiercely.

“I’m not some school girl Jimin, I’ve kissed a man before” I bristled, bitterness settling in my tone.

“So have I sweetheart. That doesn’t mean a thing anymore” Taehyung called from the background.

I muttered a ‘fuck you’ whilst Jimin continued his relentless teasing and, much to my dismay, it was working exceptionally well.

“Look sweetheart, all I’m saying is you’re too innocent to test out any of what you’re saying right now. Nothing offensive but even if you really did want this, you’re telling me you could go and kiss all seven of those men out there right now? Including Yugyeom?” Jimin questioned in that low soothing tone of his, which only served to irritate me further.

“In short, you’re all bark and no bite baby” Tae clarified.

“Fuck you both” I hissed, with no real malice might I add, into the phone.

“Time and place” Taehyung’s husky tone came through strong and clear, voice devoid of all previous playfulness and light demeanor.

I was thrown off and taken aback by the sudden husky tone in Taehyung’s voice, effectively silencing me. After a few more moments of silence, I heard Taehyung’s deep laugh mixed in with Jimin’s lighter one.

“You can’t even handle my voice, Let alone those 7 seven men right outside your door”.

I should’ve done the logical thing, laugh at myself and pass it off as a joke or simply hang up. But my pride had other ideas, dictating my conscious as I hissed “watch me” and pressed ‘end call’. I groaned in frustration, flopping backward onto my bed as I stared up at the ceiling through the obscured vision of my curls. Was I really going to do this? Was I really going to let my pride get the better of me like this? I was given my answer as I walked over toward my mirror, making sure I looked presentable. My shorts clung to my frame, the denim shaping my ass nicely and showcasing my legs. The slightly oversized off the shoulder light sweater I was wearing hung loosely off of my frame. I sprayed perfume on my pulse points and made sure the stray curls falling from my messy bun framed my face the way I wanted it to before walking out into the living room where I found the guys. Jackson was leaning on Mark on the couch along with Jinyoung and JB. Yugyeom was on a separate couch with Youngjae and Bambam spread out on the floor, all engrossed in something on TV. I took a deep breath while toying with the ring on my finger, trying my best to ignore my nerves, before speaking.

“Guys?” I squeaked.

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Yay its done!

Merry Christmas guys! Holy shit this almost didn’t get done in time but I’m glad I was able to finish this. I worked on this for a solid month yo and it probably would’ve taken me a shorter time if I actually focused on it but… shit happens y'know?

I’m super proud of this because this is my first time really paying attention to the backgrounds and shading and lighting… because usually I don’t, LOL! *cries*

My shading actually fucking changed over time ignore that please.

Also I realized halfway that I forgot to add FUCKING SNOW and I just didn’t want to redo everything. The comic doesn’t take place on Christmas itself by the way, nor are the events simultaneous…. I didn’t think this through.

Anyways MERRY CHRISTMAS again!! Thank you for the support and I hope you have a wonderful holiday, y'all.

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Imagine Castiel giving Dean good-luck kisses all the time.

At first the angel really just did it right before storming into dangerous situations, like hunts they simply knew might turn out problematic. He leaned in, pressed a soft kiss onto Dean’s warm lips, whispered, “For good luck!”, enjoying the hunter’s answering smile, and eventually followed him into the lion’s den.

But somewhere along the way the whole thing kinda escalated and Dean suddenly sees himself confronted with good-luck kisses before going for a grocery run or just leaving the room. All the freaking time.

And Dean really wants to be annoyed by it (since he seriously doesn’t need anyone wishing him luck for taking a bath), but he can’t bring himself to do so because the pleased look on Castiel’s face is worth everything and Dean would be damned if he’d dare to put an end to it.

Not to mention the undeniable fact that the feeling of Castiel in his arms is the best damned thing in the whole wide world ever.

So he simply breaths, “Thanks for taking care of me, Cas!” every single time, grinning brightly and ignoring Sam’s fondly exasperated eye-rolls in the background.

I couldn’t let them hurt you

Pairing: Archie Andrews x Reader

Words: 3176 (Part one of ?)

Summary: The reader knows too much about Hiram Lodge and his involvement in illegal activities so he has threatened her boyfriend, Archie Andrews. If she doesn’t stay quiet- in a very permanent way- he’ll go after the boy she loves. And she won’t let that happen.

Note: The images I used in the aesthetic don’t belong to me, nor do the characters in the story. Just as a reference, this is based on the scene in the last episode, except the reader is the one on the river instead. (those who have seen it will know what I’m talking about) Also, at a certain point, it kinda switches from second person to third, so hopefully that’s not confusing.  Don’t forget that requests are always open! Enjoy.

Warnings: Blood, suicide, (also, feels alert. I hope)

The phone shook in your hands. Hiram’s crumbled letter grew damp with snow on the ground beside you. It read a very simple and clear message. Your secrets die with you… or him. I imagine you’ll make the right choice. -HL. That’s why you stood in the snow, holding your cell phone in your hands that were red and dry from the cold. You closed your eyes, letting the burning hot tears stream down your face. Slowly, you dialed the number. The other line rang a few times before he picked up, his beautiful, calm voice making you cry even harder.

“Hey, Y/N what’s wrong?” Archie stood in the parking lot of Southside High after finding Jughead. Veronica watched at him curiously.

“I couldn’t let them hurt you Arch.” You sucked in a painful breath. “He made me keep it all from you and now he wants to make sure I won’t tell anybody. But I… I can’t let him get away with it Arch.”

“Slow down.” Archie said, worry filling in every inch of him. “Y/N what are you talking about? Who is he?”

“I-I can’t. He’ll hurt you if I say anything Arch. I can’t let him hurt you.” You walked between the trees, slowly but surely getting closer to your destination. By this time, Jughead and Betty had noticed Archie and Veronica’s distress and gathered around Archie. “Is everybody there? Jughead? Veronica? Betty?”

“Yeah. Yeah we’re all here.” Archie put the phone on speaker. You gulped down a sob, nodding to yourself, trying to be brave for your friends.

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I think the hardest emotional gut-punches that Bioware dishes out are putting music from earlier games in a series during key plot parts of latter ones

like the ME1 theme playing after you cure the genophage in ME3 or literally any scene in Inquisition where you could hear the Hawke family theme in the background or the Origins theme redone as a tavern song. like that shit messes me up so bad. 

| Keep Breathing | Armin Arlert

Song fic

The storm is coming but I…. don’t mind.

You watched Armin laugh nervously at Eren’s teasing, a faint blush painted across his face. A smile of your own lifted your lips as you observed him, a flutter picking up in your chest and spreading warmth. Was this what was called butterflies? You weren’t sure.

Armin noticed your stare and turned his head. For a second you felt a hot flare of embarrassment at being caught but it all disappeared as he caught your eyes. A quizzical look passed his features before the expression was cleared by the most beautiful smile you’d ever seen, skin beside his eyes barely crinkling, closed lips lifting to show tiny dimples. His hand came up as he sent you a shy wave.

Ah, yes. It must be butterflies.

People are dying…

A satisfied sigh left your mouth as you played with the ends of your shirt, exiting the cafeteria. Armin Arlert…he was overtaking your thoughts. It was like you couldn’t blink without seeing blonde hair and curved ears infront your eyes. You bit the inside of your gum, contemplating. Was it a bad thing to feel this way?

A part of yourself scolded that yes, of course it was, while a growing bigger part of you yelled at it to keep quiet. So what if you lov- had a crush on him? Yes, he was one of your best friends but maybe, maybe, just this once-

“Did you hear?”

Two cadets round the turn of the hallway, one speaking in a hushed voice. You took a step, about to maneuver around them before the other spoke.

“Hmm? No, what?”

“Supposedly almost half the squad of elders who went on that recent exposition didn’t return.”


“Scary huh? If those were our leaders….what could happen to us out there?”

You let out a shuddered breath, eyes widening. What? The two started to turn around at your gasp, but by then you were already gone.

“Did you hear something?”

“Yeah. Let’s not talk about this, we might get in trouble if someone tells Heichou.”

You stared into space, chest heaving, round the corner from the cadets. You pressed your back into the wall and gritted your teeth. You weren’t completely familiar with the leaders, but the news hit you right in the heart.

You let your body relax. What were you thinking before? This had served as a grim yet imperative reminder of who you were and where you resided. Romance? What a joke. Here you were squealing like a love sick school girl when soldiers were dying out there, in this hell of a world you lived in. Did you forget why you joined the corps in the first place? It was because of the predators killing without reason, because of the fear stalking the hearts of every human being within the walls.

I close…my blinds.

You let your eyes close before reopening them and stalking off, pushing the event to the back of your mind.

All that I know is I’m breathing now.

I want to change the world, instead…. I sleep.

You knew this would produce nothing but bad fruit. You knew…

Yet you couldn’t stay away from him.

“No way!”

“Mmhm,” Armin’s eyes sparkled.

“It’s true,” Eren yawned from his seat. His turquoise eyes shifted to yours lazily. “He had a book on it and everything when we were younger.”

Mikasa just silently nodded.

“But water filled with salt? Plus it makes up for 70 percent of the planet? You’re pulling my leg guys.”

“No, it’s called the ocean,” Armin insisted in his soft voice, his tone slowly raising in his passion for the subject. “It stretches for miles upon miles, filled with sea creatures and plants and volcanoes that spit fire in its deep depths.”

“Wow,” You mouthed breathily. “The world is amazing.”

Armin peered at your starstruck appearance, a glazed over smile showing your teeth. He fiddled with his thumbs nervously.

“Yeah…someday when we escape these walls, I’ll carry you there myself if you don’t believe me Y/N.”

You felt your face burning as you whipped your face around.

All you met were embarrassed, but determined pools of blue. “I promise.”

“Armin…” You blushed harder, and his face mirrored yours.

Eren coughed intentionally from the corner, a smirk spreading his pink lips. “Get a room, lovebirds.”

The two of you turned to him simultaneously, faces steaming. “E-Eren!”

Mikasa pulled up her scarf to hide her amused smile.

I want to believe in more than you and me.

“Someday,” You sighed, staring up at the roof in the girl’s quarters. “He’s right, there must be more beyond this cage…”

Armin’s smile.


But all that I know is I’m…. breathing.

It was terrifying. It was so much more than you had expected. It was terrifying.

Yet it was all familiar. You’d done it so many times, strange how you’d never gotten use to it.

All I can do is keep… breathing.

You passed the dead bodies, trying not to dwell too much on it, trying to focus on your objective.

Settling on the back of your horse more firmly, you slowly reached a hand up to hover in front of your mouth. A gust of air blew onto your fingers from your lungs.

“What are you doing?”

One of your teammates. His face shaky, obviously as affected as you were from the gore you were passing by. He tried to start conversation, as the two of you barely knew each other, and offered a small smile.

“Me?” You asked nonchalantly. A small chuckle left you. You almost felt dead inside, the world, the beautiful world that Armin had insisted was so full of wonder - splattered with red.

“I think I’m just checking to make sure I’m still breathing.”

All we can do is keep breathing now. 

“Abnormals up ahead!”

All that I know is I’m breathing.

The familiar rush of overwhelming adrenaline, lust for battle, and fear that kept your mind clear of fog. You felt the solidity of the horse’s back leave from underneath you as you propelled yourself into the air.

(All I can do is keep breathing.)

Flash of silver blades. Your thumbs’ rapidly flicking movements. The weightless feeling of your body twisting in the air.

All we can do is keep breathing

The too familiar feeling of skin breaking underneath your blades, steaming blood touching the atmosphere, splattering onto your clothes.

(All we can do is keep breathing)

You touched back down onto the dirt, the sound of the titan’s body hitting the floor shaking the ground you stood upon. You turned, searching for your teammates.

“Oi, everybody all right?”

Your teammates weren’t even paying attention to you, instead their widened eyes focused on something behind you. You instantly turned, fearing the worst-

His dismembered head stood at your feet.

You paled, rigidly turning and doubling over to vomit. Putrid substances left your mouth until there was nothing left and all you could do was dry heave. Your commander and the three remaining only looked on, faces cold and stony until you finished.

(How could they not even react to their friend dying?? Who were the true monsters here??)

“What are you doing?”


You didn’t even know those would have been his final words. Maybe then you wouldn’t have been so sarcastic.

You blinked back tears and stared blankly ahead. Turning to your team that was patiently waiting on you, you nodded.

“Let’s go.”

Maybe it was because of the death of your teammate. (You didn’t even know his name). Maybe it was because of how jittery you were, how distracted the entire squad was. Who knows the reason why it happened. The fact remained….

…That none of you noticed the giant faces behind the trees.

All we can do is keep breathing

“No no no…”

You didn’t know how you had gotten here. All you knew was that Armin was hovering above you, his shaggy locks hanging in front his teary eyes.

“Arm-” You tried to speak but ended up coughing harshly. “…How-” How was he here? Where even were you?

All we can do is keep breathing

“We were passing by and saw the bodies. Y/N, there’s…there’s no one alive in this bloodfield. What happened?”

“Am…bush…” You managed to say, your memories returning in abrupt flashes. “There were just…too many.”

“The flare gun?”

A small chuckle exited your red speckled mouth, flat and without humour. The memory of Hotare, the leader, getting swallowed whole. She had been keeping it in her jacket.

“Our leader kinda… misplaced it.”

“Alright hold on,” Armin said, slipping his arms underneath your body. “I’ll get you hel-”

“It’s a bit too late for that,” You smiled weakly.

He looked confused before the implications of what you said dawned on him and his eyes widened.

“What?” His eyes trailed down your body. Apart from a few bruises, nothing spectacular was out of order. His bushy brows furrowed in confusion. “But….”

“Internal damage,” You managed to whisper. “Titan kinda…threw me to the floor.”

(Something cracking in your ears, blood jerking from your mouth in a forceful breath as agony rushed over your body, a scream ripping through the air.)

“Come on Y/N…what are you trying to say?” Armin smiled desperately. You could only lid your eyes.

“You know what I’m saying….you’re smart enough…”

“Y/N please,” He finally cracked, head hanging. Something wet blossomed on your cheek and it took you way too long to register through your pain fogged mind that he was crying.


All we can do is keep breathing

“You idiot…” he hiccuped. The cadets in the background that had come with him were ignored. At the moment, it was only you and him.

“Armin Arlert, did you just insult me?” You wheezed, still managing to joke lightly.

“I promised….”

“What?” You were starting to turn a little delirious from the pain, black creeping in on the edges of your vision. Nevertheless, you forced yourself to stay awake. You were tired…so tired…but this seemed important somehow.

“I promised to take you to the ocean.” He gripped your frail body to him with surprisingly strong arms. You were shocked to feel the lean but hard muscle around you.

Heh….Armin wasn’t the skinny little recruit that had showed up three years ago was he? You really shouldn’t have underestimated him, considering the brutal training all of you had been put through. He was a soldier now after all, you had to be strong to cut through hard skin and muscle of a titan’s neck.

What…it seemed like you were getting…off topic…

Your blurry eyes refocused on him. He was full on crying now, stray blonde hairs sticking to the sides of his mouth.

“Hey…” you said weakly. You tried to reach a hand up to cradle his face but it fell half way. Armin noticed what you were trying to do and held your hand with his warm one, pressing it to his cheek.

“Yeah?” He asked, voice cracking.

“You already showed me the ocean….” You were struck with a small dose of clarity as you looked up into watery shades of overlapping blue, bright and enticing blue. “It’s in….your….eyes…”

All we can do is keep breathing

A short laugh left his mouth as he pressed his cheek into your hand harder.

“That’s so cheesy, Y/N.”

“Right?” You replied. “So don’t be sad….Oh…and take care of Eren for me…that idiot is gonna get himself killed…”

“I don’t want to be held responsible for anything…so why don’t you make sure to do it yourself?” He pleaded. This was the most feisty you’d ever heard him talk. You let a small smile cross your lips. Your sight was flickering now, and you could feel death’s persuasive hands on you drawing you away. Tired….maybe you could just nap for a second….

“You’re so ridiculous, Armin.”

All we can do is keep breathing

Armin opened the eyes he had closed when he didn’t hear anything after that.


He frowned at your slack posture, eyes closed, smile vanished as your muscles relaxed in a neutral expression. He shook your shoulder with his free hand.

“Hey…open your eyes….stop playing…”

Armin let go of the growing cold fingers pressed to his cheek, and watched in muted shock as the hand dropped lifelessly to the ground.


All we can do is keep breathing

A ragged scream left his throat as he buried his face into your hair. He rocked your bodies back and forth, sobs racking his form.

“Please….I promised….I promised…”

He could only repeat those words over and over in a self imposed trance. His arms clenched harder around the object in his grasp.

All that I know is I’m breathing-

Breath escaped him as he exhaled another violent cry.




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(being the second part to Away, and Part 2 of @yehet-sebooty-ohorat​‘s Birthday Spectacular!)

You felt like you had been on the train forever. 

The matter of which baggage was heavier, the bags under your eyes or your small suitcase, was under constant debate as you groggily checked into the hotel beside the train station. You were too tired to be sad, too tired to think straight as you absentmindedly dialed Sehun’s number before falling asleep.  

It only rang once before he picked up.

‘Where are you?’ His voice rang thickly with panic.

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[scenario] [request] friend date

50: writer’s preference requested by @7teenjunhui

(i hope this was fluffy enough!!! i wanted to write a more cuddly junhui but this scenario was callin me) 

Title: friend date

Member: Junhui

Genre: Fluff 

Word Count: 1261

“A blind date? Baobei, you already have me.” You can picture the adorable pout on Junhui’s face, and you wish you could reach through the phone to kiss his worry away, but all you can do is sigh.

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What Ethnicity is Lady Shiva?

Every once in awhile a post pops up on tumblr discussing at length what ethnicity Lady Shiva is, mostly in deference to what ethnicity that makes Cassandra Cain. This is not a call-out post, but rather a compilation of facts and my interpretations. I’ve done this before, but the post is now lost to the vast expanse of the internet. It’s worth typing up again.

Lady Shiva has suffered through the years as being ambiguously Asian with enough controversial and circuitous backstories that we are provided with both an abundance and lack of an answer. In order to help you all out, I’m just going to provide a case-by-case analysis on Shiva’s appearances and outfits in order to discern her ethnicity. Associated panels posted below; special thank to @judgeanon for reading through this. 

TLDR; Lady Shiva was created specifically as a mixture between different Eastern cultures to act as a foil to the more traditionally American heroes. She has been portrayed with mainly Japanese and Chinese influences, but also importantly Southeast Asian, Korean and South Asian references. I firmly believe Lady Shiva is Chinese, but there is evidence to be argued for each and every one of the ethnicities/regions listed above. (My headcanon, what I believe to be the most probable backstory she has can be found by searching ** in this extremely long post.)

Note: being Chinese is not an ethnicity, but rather a nationality. I’m using the main ethnic group in China, the Han, and the word Chinese interchangeably. That being said, there has never been any indication that she is or is not Han vs any other ethnic group native to China.

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