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family photos ft. lance

excluding coran bc i can’t do him any justice

Chibi Yoosung bae <3 I can’t stop loving this cinnamon roll ///// Ignore the simple background please haha I’m so gonna fix it soon ; v ;

It’s a special request for jessichiii~ Hope you like it ^^

At first I thought I’m just gonna draw him but then I got the concept for the rest of the guys, including V and Saeran :)) Wondering… if I made this Halloween MM as a keychain/buttons, are you interested in getting one? Which one do you prefer (keychain/buttons)? I’ll open an International Shipping Order if you do ^^

Please leave comments/message me if you’re interested or have any questions or just simply wanna say hi and share the love of MM with me haha > v < /

I think the hardest emotional gut-punches that Bioware dishes out are putting music from earlier games in a series during key plot parts of latter ones

like the ME1 theme playing after you cure the genophage in ME3 or literally any scene in Inquisition where you could hear the Hawke family theme in the background or the Origins theme redone as a tavern song. like that shit messes me up so bad. 


some sketchies of my two favorite Rukia ships Ichiruki/Grimmruki, first one is Ichiruki flipped, and the rest are just scribblesヽ(ヅ)ノ I referenced the grimmruki but I lost the pictures lol, I’m so sorry to the artist

Mimicking Chanyeol and “tasting” them like he did with D.O (Monsta X Reaction)

@eddycakeway18 asked: monsta x reaction to their girlfriend tasting them like chnanyeol did it with d.o xD

This is what she means: post found here~

xD I’m gonna love doing this.

Hyunwoo: “Babe…what the hell are you doing?”

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Hoseok: “What do you mean you’re copying Chanyeol?? You were tasting me??”

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Minhyuk: “Does that mean you’re seeing if I’d be tasty enough to eat?”

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Kihyun: *confused AF and has no clue why you are laughing so hard*

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Hyungwon: *gif*

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Jooheon: *knows what you’re doing and laughs* “Babe, you’re so silly”

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Changkyun: Please ignore everyone else xD “Um…do I taste…good? I guess?” *at a loss for words*

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hey hey!! as some of you might know, im currently out of school and unemployed, so to keep doing things like living and eating and stuff im gonna need some cold hard cash. so finally, FINALLY, after months of promising i would do this, im opening up commissions.

all paid for-drawings will be full color (flat color, ignore example 2) and have at the very least a flat colored background, with a little added flair if the customer so desires. the most nsfw im willing to go is exposed boobs, im ok with drawing injuries as long as its not straight-up intestines falling out and shit like that, and if something goes beyond my moral boundaries in general i have the right to refuse the job (i. e., no pedophilia, nothing that romanticizes abuse, etc)

feel free to contact me at if you want something drawn, and please be as specific as you can when describing your request! all payments will be forwarded through paypal, and my account is connected to if you have any general inquiries, you can message me right here on tumblr.

reblogs are appreciated, and thank you for your time!


How can he ignore me like this?

I am opening up commissions! 

I am open to drawing almost anything except for heavily detailed, mechanical beings/machines or detailed backgrounds. I will draw NSFW material as well, but I reserve the right to deny such requests if I am not comfortable with drawing it. All colored images will come with some sort of background or transparency at the request of the commissioner. Sprites can have a binary outline, be a sketch concept or have a colored or transparent background, once again at the request of the commissioner. 

I only accept paypal. Also please ignore the name that is attached to my account. I unfortunately have to use my birth name for it, something which I am not very happy about. But hopefully that will change some day! 

If you are interested in commissioning me or just discussing details, please contact me at or


So one of my best friends asked me to draw one of her OC’s and Lion-o or however it’s spelled and to be honest I’ve tried watching Thundercats years ago but couldn’t get into it so I think this is the first time I’ve drawn a character from a show that I’ve honestly not been that interested in.

On a side note, I hate muscles and ignore my sucky galaxy background. I didn’t feel like drawing a full body picture so this happened.

Please be aware that I’m still experimenting with coloring and everything and this is the first time I’ve drawn Lion-o.

The OC belongs to @rositabluemoon and Lion-o doesn’t belong to me either, this is simply fanart.


Nice work

What’s up! so here’s my bio for real life me and self insert mary sue me! (Please try to ignore the smudges) I couldn’t fit everything on here so consider this the rest.

Personality- Cheerful, Tries to be positive at any moment, Gentle, Humble, Dreamer, Passionate with it’s something she likes, Always see the good in others, Sarcastic, Blunt, Snarky, Bit of a romantic (though she won’t admit it)

Background- Was once your normal person with under mysterious circumstances, she gains the ability of dimensional transportation (think @lollipopjewel oc bio). Now she’s traveling through worlds hoping to get some answers and honestly just to have some fun.     


@arirashkae requested: Are you still taking S14E9 gif requests? If so, could I please get Felix: “I’ll be on my best behavior.”/Locus: “That’s what worries me.”? (I had it playing in the background and almost snorted my water). If not, please ignore and have a great night! :)

Boycott the look-alike Miraculous Ladybug idea

 Usually things like this don’t bother me, but please listen to how wrong this is. 

So recently I’ve been seeing this advertisement:

If you do see this, please take note that what they are doing is wrong because it is not just a look alike contest, it also talks about getting a live action movie/series and casting it completely wrong.

They complete ignore the ethnic diversity that is in the show and whoever wrote this article does not understand their own ignorance and disregard for other cultures.

If you don’t believe me just read what they have to say about Alya and Nino:

They don’t look similar to the characters and not only that, they chose the look alikes because they are popular and only need to alter one aspect of themselves like red tip-dye and and red hat. According to Hawkdaddy Alya’s last name is Césaire, which implies she is of Haitian or Martinique descent, and considering they are an ethnic group that doesn’t get much representation in media, it is important. Haitians and people from Martinique have a vast and rich culture that isn’t really explored in media and its important to show diversity to allow kids to be less ignorant and more understanding of different cultures.

But personally, the most offensive thing of all was Marinette’s lookalike:

Did you see that? They ignored Marinette’s mixed background of Chinese and French in favor of a girl who just has blue eyes and can put a little hair dye or a wig ands fix that right up. 

Saying that just making her hair black will make her fit the category of a Chinese-French girl infuriates me so much. Why? Because you can’t fit an actress or actor into a role because they can sing/look good. If you have a character that represents a mixed culture, you should cast someone that properly represents them to display a sense of understanding of different cultures coming together and working along side one another. Not just settle for famous actors popular in today’s time. Its a good thing that we have Marinette, Alya, and Nino in the show so that way kids who have similar backgrounds can look up to them. Growing up, I wondered why I barely got to see any Asians, specifically people of my culture not be shown in media. Many Asians feel like they are stereotyped in today’s social media and have no representation in movies/television shows, and its not right to ignore them in favor of someone famous. We have to let diversified cultures into our life because we should treat them as a culture, not a costume. Especially with something as important as casting.

Would it be okay to cast a non-Chinese actor to play as the live action character of Jake Long from American Dragon: Jake Long? Would it be okay to cast people with no Latino background to play as Maya or Miguel? Or is it okay to give a blonde woman dreads or curly hair and a tan to say she can act as an African American woman? No. 

Now take into consideration that cosplaying someone of a different culture is fine and you are allowed to have fun with whoever you want to be, but please don’t think it is ok to ignore ethnicities in favor of what is popular.

Please, if we ever get the chance to have a live action movie or series of Miraculous Ladybug, don’t ignore the ethnic backgrounds of characters. I’m not saying Alya, Nino, or Marinette represent their cultures as a whole, but I am saying that we need to allow diversity in casting and on social media so we don’t end up as ignorant as the person who wrote this article.

au where Patroclus is a punk softie with dyed blue tips and all black clothing and Achilles is the smarty pants jock that always manages try and ask Patroclus out on dates every time they’re in earshot of Achilles’ friends

and Patroclus always thinks it’s a dumb joke, a hurtful prank that had Achilles’ friends snickering in the background, and it isn’t until Achilles asks him out when he’s alone does he realize it might not be a joke after all

and even as they start dating Patroclus is just waiting for the day Achilles admits it was all a prank, an experiment to see how quickly he could get into the punk kids’ pants, and it doesn’t help that his dad is an emotionally abusive ass that drives Patroclus closer and closer to wanting to rip out his hair in frustration.

and Achilles tries so hard to love him, like, spends all his free time with Patroclus just doing dumb things, like sitting on the couch and cuddling or holding hands even when no one can see, and by the end of this tangent they fall in love and work past Patroclus’ bad habits and trust issues and they live happily ever after with like two dogs and a cat.

Fun time with the bidders - KBTBB Headcanon (Fluff and Sugestive)

Hey! Here is another headcanon, I hope you liked! Please ignore English mistakes, if you want my to write something I’m here haha let me know what you think. ~Gabi

Your boyfriend have been working hard lately so you decided to bake his favorite cupcakes to cheer him up. You put your favorite song on to play. You never cook without a good music to shake your hips, it’s always funnier to do things with music on the background. You were so distracted that you didn’t notice Eisuke calling your name until you felt his fingers poking your shoulders. You looked at him just to see an annoyed expression on his face.
“Eisuke! You scared me!” You smiled trying to relax him and it worked out.
“I was calling you for ages, don’t get me to worry like that!” He glanced at the recipe and noticed what you were trying to do.
“Do you want to take a break from work to shake your hips and cook with me?” You giggled. He made a thoughtful face. “C'mon! It’ll be fun!”
You handed him another cook apron and he accepted. He is pretty clumsy when it comes to cooking. You tried to make him fell more comfortable, so you hit your hips on him softly and started to sing. He smiled at you and put the vanilla glacé on the tip of your nose. You giggled and paid back putting cream com his cheeks. Both of you started laughing and singing along while cooking. After a sweet and enjoyable time, you put the cupcakes to bake. You felt his strong arms embracing you from behind as he rested his chin on your shoulder.
“I’ve never thought my first time cooking could be so good. I guess it was because I’m with you.” He planted a sweet kiss on your cheek, making you blush.
“D-do you want t-to decorate the cupcakes with me?”
“Of course, thank you (Y/N)…” What? The great Eisuke Ichinomiya thanking you?
“For what?” You smiled.
“For being with me and for always being yourself.” He turned you to face him and kissed you, making you blush even more.

You walked into Soryu’s apartment after work and didn’t receive a kiss or a “hey sweetie” that you usually receive every day after work. You searched for him and found out he was at his suite. You sneaked into the room, where he has his back facing you. He finished his phone call and sighed staring outside the window. ‘Looks like someone is having a bad day, so let’s cheer him up!’ You thought. You reached to walk to the bed and grabbed a pillow, he still didn’t notice your presence. You walked closer to him and said.
“Soryu! Think quick!” Before he could face you, you hit his butt with the pillow and started giggling. “Hey! That’s how you play? Attacking an unarmed person from behind?” He smirked, but you could see that he was trying to hide his blushing cheeks. You giggled even more and ran away. “Get back here!” He tried to catch you, but you were faster so he ran after you. Soryu grabbed the other pillow and tried to hit you, but you defended yourself with your own pillow. Both of you started laughing and running around the room trying to hit each other. You’ve never imagine that one day you would have a pillow fight with a mob boss. You felt a hit on your butt too. “How’s that feel, huh?” Soryu had a smirk on his face and you started blushing. He picked you up in his arms “I didn’t finish with you.” “E-Eisuke is going to k-kill us…” You tried to hide your embarrassment by changing the subject. It was true though. The room was a mess, there was feathers everywhere. “Enough about him, he’s not going to get near you, not when I’m here to protect you. Now, where were we?” He planted a tender kiss on your lips and pressed you against the bed. He gave you a sweet and long punishment. Maybe you should hit him with a pillow more often.

Your parents had to travel abroad to take care about some business and asked you to take care of your younger brother for a week. Eisuke understood your situation gave you a free week to spend with your sibling. Every day Ota came to check out on you, the little Hiru liked your boyfriend and the three of you spent the night together. One day you were preparing a fort with mattress, blankets and pillows when your brother started running around with Ota. Your heart got warmer with that scene and you giggled. “It’s with you!” Hiru to bed your arm and ran away. The little boy had a lot of energy so you chased after him for a while until you reached to him. You grabbed him and spun him around. Both of you giggled. “Own, that’s not fair! I almost won!” “Almost, pumpkin. Do you want me to do some popcorn and watch a movie on our fort?” You asked softly and he cheered.
You let him go and headed to the kitchen. You haven’t noticed that all the time Ota’s eyes was following you. When you were waiting for the microwave popcorn get ready, you felt two strong arms embracing you from behind. “You’re great with your little brother, can’t wait to have children with you. You would be the best mother ever.” Ota’s voice said softly as he placed a kiss on your head making you blush and smile. “Ota! Let my sister go, she’s mine!” Both of you giggled at Hiru’s jealousy. The popcorn was ready and the three of you watched Disney movies until fall asleep.

It was your day off and Baba took you out to every place you wanted to. When the night came you both decided to stay at his apartment and watch a movie instead of going to a fancy restaurant. He prepared the living room with blankets and pillows to a comfortable movie season and you took care about the snacks. When the movie started both of you started laughing and commenting about it. You looked at him just to see his beautiful smile. You love this man so much. You stared at him for a while and his hair looked so soft that you couldn’t help but start carefully cuddle it. “Huh?” He looked at you. “Baba… Can I… Uh, nothing.” “Come on, what does my princess wish?” “Can I play with your hair? Please~” you made your puppy eyes and he just chucked and nodded. You manage to sit behind him and he was sitting between your legs and resting his arms on your legs. You giggled when you messed with his hair and he protested. You started to make some braids and others hair styles on him. When the movie ended he decided to take a look at his new hair at the mirror. “(Y/N)! What have you done with my pretty hair?” You could only laugh at his indignation as he unmade his braids. You chose another movie and when you were about to sit beside him, he pulled you to his lap. “Baba!” “Sorry blushing princess, but now it’s your turn.”

It was December and Tokyo were covered with white and fluffy snow. You always get excited with this beautiful view, while Mamo only get even more lazy. You managed to take your boyfriend out of the bed to a winter date. You sat on a bench at the park drinking a large cup of hot chocolate with cinnamon. Four kids catch your attention, they were playing and running around and stopped to build a snowman. You remembered the snowman you built every winter at your house’s garden when you were little. You finished your drink quickly and walked towards the kids. “Hey hid! Where ya going?” He sighed and followed your tracks. You introduced yourself and your boyfriend and the kids said their names: Aiko, Akira, Yuri and Hanna. You helped them to build a giant snowman. Mamoru just stand there watching and saying how childish you looked. When he turned his back to you to throw his cup at the trash, you made a plan with your new little friends. All of you made snowballs and throw it at Mamo. “SURPRISE ATTACK!” “HEY! You little- What ya think ya doing kid?!” You and the kids laughed so hard at his reaction. You felt something cold hit your left arm and you saw Mamo smirking at you “Hehe, if it’s like this ya wanna play…” And he throw another snowball. And you started a war, two adults and four kids, everyone against the lazy boyfriend. Later the kids had to go home and so did you. When you reached Mamo’s apartment, as soon as he opened the door he pinned you against the wall. “Now it’s time for you punishment sweetheart.” You were glad that he kissed you so you could hide your red cheeks.

What if there was a thief in their house? (GoM)

Akashi: WHO ARE YOU?
Thief: *Ignore Akashi*
Akashi: *Brings out Scissors and Razors* How dare you to trespass here?! *attack*
*10 minutes later with screaming in the background*
Thief: *runs away crying from the Akashi’s mansion with a Saitama Hairstyle*


Thief: Go away!
Aomine: *Holds a toy gun* HANDS UP!!! YOU’RE UNDER ARREST!!
Thief: A police? With that face? I think they’ll think you as a suspect than a police.
Aomine: HEY!!


Thief: -_- Please don’t scream..I think my ear drums are going to explode.
Thief: EXCUSE ME?!


Midorima: GET OUT!!
Thief: Nanodayo..
Thief: I can because…NanodaYOLO !


Murasakibara: hahhhhh? What are you doing here? And who are you?
Thief: *Eating Atsushi’s snack*
Murasakibara: My………FOOD!!! HOW. DARE. YOU….
*there was a flying thief away from Atsushi’s house*


Thief: *Evil laugh* There’s no one here in this house
Kuroko: *Popped out behind the thief* uhhh Who are you?
Thief: AHHHHHH!!! *Runs away from Kuroko* A GHOST A GHOST!!!

‘She continued rocking, but she nodded. “I thought, at first, that you might replace one of us if something ever happened.”
It took him a long time to make the sentence make sense, and when he finally did, the surprise kept him from answering for another minute longer.
“You’re a very good listener.”
“But I’m- I’m-” He couldn’t think of how to finish the sentence. He finally said, “Leaving.”

so i just got a bunch of requests in again (thank u everyone!). it takes me a while to get around to requests because there’s a lot and i work a 40+ hour week, so please don’t think im ignoring you if i don’t do something straight away.

here’s a list of every request i’ve had in, please check here to see if i got your request, if not listed, please just send me another ask - i’ll try and keep this updated, & as always, blacklist #todolist if u don’t wanna see this~

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Can we just talk about the entire personal tragedy Grell’s going through in the background with regard to the dress?

Madam Red already said Grell’s going to be her butler as per usual, and Grell was absolutely horrified last page.

When Madam Red says she wants a daughter, specifically “a charming girl who looks wonderful in frilly dresses.”

Grell’s in the background “M-Madam, what about me…”


“Um… Please…”


Grell has a sad.

Which is also ignored.

Grell really wants to be in the dress. Really, really, really wants to. Lingering looks of longing levels wants to. It also looks as though she might’ve been the one to spot the dress first. She does seem real worried about it during the party. What sort of horrible betrayal was it that they took her dress and put it on Ciel?

Five minutes later she does go and murder a woman, so um. There’s that.