please ignore me i dont know what im doing

I’m honesty horrified right now

My anxiety is through the roof and I have no idea what to do. I have literally just spent the last 30 minutes begging my parents to take this hurricane threat seriously until I was in tears. They don’t have any plan in set in the slightest. They don’t have food, they don’t have water, they don’t know if we’re going, when we’re going, where we’re going. I don’t have a license, I don’t have a car. I can’t do anything but hope they come to their senses. We are already under a declared State Of Emergency and Hurricane Irma is now at Category four strength. They are two of the most ignorant people I have ever met and I can’t believe someone could just watch their kid crying and begging because they scared. She didn’t even try and listen. She just kept denying me and then just stopped replying to me all together. How can you sit there and ignore someone like that?

I don’t know what to do right now. I don’t even know what to think. I’m scared. I’m honestly just really fucking scared.

So yesterday someone named @la-petite-marie decided to continue to give me shit for my post on yoonkook and im going to make this post once and for all to point how the person’s behavior was both delusional and rude (bc its getting too long to write out replies) and why he or she should really cut the shit.

Please do not read if you are easily affected by drama.

THIS PERSON decided that I dont know a thing about yoonkook dynamic bc I said I would write a fic about JK pestering Yoongi with his affection and Yoongi being like nooo and Jk ignoring it and literally wanting to carry the agressive Yoongi around. NOW IM GOING TO SAY WHY ATTACKING ME FOR THIS IS DELUSIONAL (this person also told tell me to not tag the post as Yoonkook bc he or she wasnt happy with what i said)

I dont know what your idea of aggressive is but clearly I wasnt going to write yoongi as some violent guy who cusses JK out. And dont fucking tell me that Yoongi is always soft for Jk and that i need to stick to it because welcome to fanfics. Again its fictional. There are no defined answers and thats the beauty of it and if you cant grasp your head around it, I worry about you.

My story idea was about highschool JK who goes after much older Yoongi and yoongi initially not taking any of it. YOONGI MAY BE SOFT FOR JK IN REAL LIFE but in fanfics they dont have to start off knowing each other. They dont have to be in BTS and live just like how they do in real life so congrats youve just just gotten pissy over a start of a work of fiction without bothering to think about the context or where ill take the story. Youve just passed judgement which is something you yourself stated you dont like.

Back to aggressive. Im Korean and I speak fluent Korean. I also speak fluent Daegu dialect bc ive both lived there and my mother is from there and know all about the culture. You may think what does this have anything to do with this…and I will tell you why. Yoongi speaks very aggressively and subtitles do not convey that. In fact, men from Daegu and Busan (Gyeongsan province) are expected to act in a colder manner towards the people they love compared to people from Seoul. Clearly I can pick up on speech pattern done in Korean and actually convey his personality accordingly, so do NOT tell me I dont know what Im talking about and if you think that aggressive speech pattern correlates to actually aggressive behavior then wow you clearly have not met enough people.
On a similar note there is a reason why Jimin is usually portrayed as a cute soft “bottom” among i-fans, while in Korea hes portrayed as the strong willed, biting person no matter who hes paired with. YET do I ever give shit for those people who portray jimin a certain way? NO. Why? Because I can respect people’s differences when it comes to information they come across.

Being a shipper isnt a title. You dont go to school for it and get a diploma out of it. Youre not given the role of some shipping ambassador or diplomat that lets you dictate how a ship should be perceived and if you actually think like this jesus holy hell thats like saying dont talk about apples because i only like oranges and yes lets read that again to see how ridiculous it is. Being a shipper of a certain pair doesnt give you the right to tell other people off for their opinions and if you dont understand this concept than oh boy life is going to get HARD for you when you realize that the planet is filled with people with different opinions. Again no one owns the tag and the only time people are allowed to complain about it is if its wrongly tagged. My post was about yoonkook so I will tag it yoonkook. If you are going to be a baby about it then thats on you and I have zero sympathy for you.

The rule is simple. If you dont like then dont read. Everyone is entitled to their opinion but know that its a two way street if you start talking shit. Get off your high horse. You giving yourself that entitled attitude is like me saying Ive known kpop for longer so you dont know shit. Would I ever say that? No. Why? Because that would be fucking stupid.

So do NOT come at me with that kind of shitty attitude. I dont have patience for the likes of you.

Anyway….I must say. This is the first time someone has given me shit for characterization of all things lol.


So this is personal and daft, but I was wondering if you guys have any advice/suggestions about hair?

My hair is currently 22 inches long, (and has been FOREVER), but I’m considering chopping it down to just above my shoulders?

What do we think? Yay or nay?


my school is a fucking nasty place to be lgbt

  • half the students are transphobic
  • the first person to work out im bi immediately asked me to a threesome with him and his gf
  • if you try and stand up for yourself you just get labelled as a feminazi and ignored
  • back in march an entire class’s worth of students were convinced there were over 100 offically recognised gender identities
  • some people??? genuinely don’t believe that being transgender is a real thing??? and its disgusting?? especially with how they talk about people fml
  • btw so far this isn’t even the whole school, this is just my year group/grade
  • over a year ago we were promised a ‘club’, a safe space to talk about these issues and confide in each other
  • yeah fuck that nothing’s happened
  • the teachers who are supposed to look after us understand being gay, bi, confused, and fuck all nothing else
  • if i hadn’t scared everyone with my bitchiness and vulgarity in the first three years i wouldn’t have the courage to come out
  • i cant help fellow lgbt students personally because the school is such a horrible place for us that people can’t say a word about it without being mobbed by ignorant people
  • i refuse to believe that my entire year group save for me is straight. if im not alone, i would never know, 99% of people are too afraid to come out
  • i
  • hate
  • my
  • fucking
  • school
  • i leave next summer and i want to leave it in the knowledge that my community is going to be okay
  • but i dont know how to help people
  • the council is a popularity contest so there’s no way id be voted into it
  • i dont know what to do and its killing me
  • advice?? anyone?/ someone please help me to help people
  • this rant is brought to you by the four girls in the pe changing room last friday who used such vile language to describe the lgbt+ community that i would feel ill quoting them to y’all

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♣ for a frantic text message


Nea, 11:39: Nye

Nea, 11:39: Ney i need you pleas ehelp

Nea, 11:40: im gonna get caught the cops are on my ass i need you to be twin

Nea, 11:40: dued please bail me out i might actually cry what have i done

Nea, 11:42: i know youre awake dont ignore the call please negging you

“Found their phone number in a library book au” kaisoo requested by i-want-a-do-kyungsoo 

The first note was a compliment. Kyungsoo had found it by accident – the pale pink sticky note between the pages of chapter five of The Great Gatsby, marking the exact point where he had stopped reading last time. The book was neatly placed on the same spot where Kyungsoo remembered leaving it yesterday: the far end of the shelve in one of the quiet corners of the school library, a place where he knew only he could find it.

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Randons Bios

☯ okay, but im better than u ☯

you make me sick

sorry i’m not like her

✝ i wanna be a bad girl ✝

is anybody reading this?

who says i’m not perfect?

stay away from me

zombies eat brains, you’re safe

too vogue for you

i dont care i love it

you are not alone

zayn m(ine)alik

you make me hate you

im not stupid

nobodys read my bio

nobody cares

rule the world by my side

idiots, idiots everywhere

♡ N O T H I N G ♡

you can’t shine like me

thanks for acting like you care

love yourself first

✝ do you believe? ✝

kiss me hard before you go

some secrets never die

sorry I’m not you

they dont know me

maybe i’m addicted for life, no lie ∞

perfect boys only exist in books

lets be nothing, I heard it lasts forever

if this is a dream, please, open my eyes

only god can judge us

its time to say goodbye

who’s laughing now?

im not even sorry

thats what life is about

ignored by one direction

are you living your dream?

You can have it all. Just not all at once

We all feel lost sometimes

i trusted you. my mistake, not yours

If you do what you need, you’re surviving. If you do what you want, you’re living

ask yourself: is the worth worrying?

Nobody asked me, if i was ok.

Go after dreams, no people.

You understand me? You make me smile

Die with memories, not dreams

life is beautiful, really, it is, full of beauty and illusions


Não perca seu tempo com explicações, as pessoas só ouvem o que gostam de ouvir.

Eu não me importo. Não mais.

Eu confiei em você, meu erro, não seu.


You think he likes your twin more than you

“Hey tay” i say as i sit next to him,
Waiting for his reply,and surprise surprise,he doest reply,
“Well thanks” i say moving away from him,
“Wanna do something? Im bored”
“Go away” he says flatly,
I sigh and get up,walking out,
He doesnt even look up from his phone,
It honestly doesnt get to me anymore,he ignores me all the time,so its no different from any other day,
I walk into the kitchen and grab so chips,i sit on a stool by the counter,when i decide to go up to my room,
As im passing the living room, i hear y/t/n and taylor talking,
“Can we go to the beach?” She asked sweetly,
“Of course we can” he smiles at her,
I cough slightly too let them know im here,tears streamed from my eyes and ran down my cheeks
Taylor whipped his head around,
And saw me standing there,his face turned to sadness then guilt,
“I know where im not wanted” i say quietly,
I walk up too my room,and lock the door,i slide down it cry for atleast 40-60 minutes.
“Y/n open the door” taylor says
“Go a-away” i said still crying
I got up and opened the door
“What do you want” i said
“Im sorry” he says staring at me
“You’re sorry? is that all you can say is im sorry,you pretend asif im invisible,you love y/t/n mor-”
“Thats not true”
“YES ,YES IT IS TAYLOR,AND I DONT KNOW WHAT I DID TOO YOU,BUT YOU STILL CHOOSE TO IGNORE ME,I HATE YOU TAYLOR,DONT TALK TO ME EVER AGAIN” i scream slamming the door in his face and locking it,i carry on crying for what seems like forever.

“Mattew,are you coming with us to the mall?” mom shouted
I heard ruffling
“Yeah i gotta get a few things” he replies
“Ok hurry up”
Me,mom and y/t/n walked out to the car and waited for matt,
About 2 minutes later he walked out and got in the car,
I stuck my headphones in and listened to all time low,
When we got to the mall y/t/n ran out squealing ,i trudged behind her
“Mom can we go in this shop?” She asked smiling,
Of course mom said yes.
I was dragged into the shop,there was dresses everywhere.
I walked slowly over to the racks and skimmed through them,
Then i saw the most beautiful summer dress,im not usually the dress
Type of person,but this dress was just wow.
I picked it up and saw it was a size smaller than i am,but im quite small
So it should fit,i ran into the changing room with it and saw the rest of my family
Well mom and mathew,y/t/n must be in the changing room
“Mom can i see if this fits?” I asked
“Of course honey” she smiled,
I went behind the curtain and put it on,
“Right i want both of you too come out at the same time”
Mom said,she sounded happy so i couldn’t say no
“1…2….3” she said
I whipped open the curtain,
Moms eyes were on me,and matthews were on y/t/n ,he looked at her
And said
“You look lovely”
Then he turned to me,his face dropped and he looked disgusted
“Mom can you come with me too the register,i wanna pay for these” y/t/n
Her and my mom got up and walked off,
“What do you think..?” I asked matt,
“It looks too small,either that or you too fat” he laughed.
I looked at him in disbelief,he’d never taken it this far before.
He knew i was self conscious,because we used to be close,then
Y/t/n took over, i used to tell him everything,
Tears streamed down my face as i hid behind the curtain
I took the dress off and threw it on the floor,i got dressed and ran out of the store
Leaving them behind,
I ran to the other end of the mall and cried with my head down,so nobody would notice
I wiped my eyes and looked up,i saw matt walking slowly towards me,
I cried even harder,
He sat down next to me
“Im so sorry y/n..” He said sniffling
I turned my head away from him
He put his hand on my shoulder
“Matthew get off me right now” i said sternly.
“Please just listen to me” he pleaded
“No,i dont what to listen to you,youve done what you’ve done,you knew how self conscious i am,yet you still call me fat,just FUCK OFF” i shouted,now everyone was looking at us
“I hate you” i said as i walked off leaving him there.

(There is self harm in this story)

I cried silently looking at the roof,everything was too much
Everyone expected me to be perfect,just like y/t/n,when i couldnt
They all put pressure on me,why dont you dress like y/t/n?
Why arent you pretty like y/t/n,why can you do well at school like y/t/n
What ever i did,she always did it better,they expect me to be exactly like her,

Today nash had gone too far,he called me “fat,ugly and dumb” and he told me
He loved y/t/n more than me and that i should kill myself, i couldnt handle it anymore, i
just want to die,
So thats whats going to happen,im going to die,everyone will be happier,
I will be happy.

I got up and sat at my desk,i got a pen and some paper,and began writing

Dear mom and dad,

Im so sorry im not as perfect as y/t/n,im sorry im an ugly dumb bitch
Thats a disappointment and an embarrassment,but you wont need to worry about
All that stuff now,becuase by the time you read read this,ill be dead,in
a place ive wanted to be for so long,
Tell Nash he got what he wanted,tell him he made my life miserable,he
told me to kill i will.
Tell him he wont need to remind me im not good enough or that im
Worth it anymore,becuase i wont be there for him to tell me that.

I hope he feels guilty for my death,because he’s the one that drove me too

I love you mom,dad,hayes,sky,and even y/t/n
I will watch down on you from heaven.

I folded the paper up and put it on my desk,i wrote mom and dad on the front.
I walked into my bathroom and pulled out my blades and looked at them,
The cold metal danced on my wrist,when i made the first cut,i carried on and on untill i couldnt see
My skin,my vision blurry and my head started spinning,this is it,

NASH’ P.o.v
I felt bad after telling y/n all that stuff,i didnt mean it obviously,
I dont even know why im so horrible too her,i know she hates me,
I mean who who wouldnt, i decided to go see what shes doing
I walked up to her room and knocked on the door
“Y/n” i say,she doesnt reply
“Y/n” i say abit louder,no reply,
I started to get really worried,but then i realised shes probably
Giving me the silent treatment,i knocked on her door and walked in
She wasnt here..weird,i walked over to her bathroom,the door was open slightly
I pushed. It open and i saw my baby sister lying there with bloody arms and a box of
Blades next to her
I instantly started to cry
“Y/N PLEASE GET UP” i screamed shaking her
“PLEASE IM SORRY” i pleaded
“PLEASE” i cried shaking her
“NASH WHATS WRONG” said y/t/n as she walked into her room,
She looked at the mess and looked at me
She screamed,
I just cried,i shook her and shook her but she wouldnt wake up
These are so bad,im thinking of doing part 2 though idk.

why is nobody talking about the explosion in Tianjin? you know guys, not everything is about USA, why can’t we talk about other countries?
i’ve read the explosions were terrible, all i know is that the first explosion was like 3 tons of TNT and the second one was like 21 tons… many chinese firemen and policemen died because of that, they were trying to protect people.
for those who dont know what am i talking about: 3 days ago (august 12) on Tianjin, China there was a fire on a gas plant, this gas plant is known for being super secure and everything and no one is 100% sure about what caused that fire but anyway, while policemen tried to get people away from the zone and firemen were trying to control the fire so i couldnt get to a near chemical plant, sadly, it exploded TWICE. Honestly, i havent seen many coverage about this tragedy.
please, if you pray, do it for injured people and dead people families and if you dont please at least keep them in mind.
please dont ignore this, i know it’s not american-related but this needs to be known and if im wrong in something, let me know. thank you.

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So idk what to do and i would love your help. So i have this best friend who I've been best friends with for around 3 years. Lately I've been told by other people that she has been saying im fake and she told another good friend of mine that she doesn't want to hang out with me. I don't know if i should confront her or ignore her or what. Please help.

just confront her, i know its hard and it will feel awkward as hell because you dont want to wreck anything just incase but letting it go on will just make you feel shittier each day. if you confront her and she denies it or gets bitchy, i think that will be normal because you think she’s backstabbing or whatever, but just explain to her how people have been telling you things are going on?? idk i think you have to prioritise between whether you still want to be her friend or find someone else if it is true