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Moon of Fire Part x (Sastiel Sequel)

I can’t believe we are now this far into the story, thank you for much for sticking around! 10/15 to go! Don’t forget I’m running a Sastiel competition with amazing prizes. All you have to do is make an edit/fanart based on my Sastiel fic to be in the draw to win!

If you haven’t read A Court of Fire and Dreams:
Part I, Part II, Part III, Part IV and Part V.

Moon of Fire:
Part i, Part ii, Part iii, Part iv, Part v, Part vi, Part vii, Part viii, Part ix

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ladylynse  asked:

Dealer's choice on the fic prompts: either platonic 3 with Adrien/Chat Noir and Nathalie or shipping (one sided or mutual) 10 with Marinette/Ladybug and Nathanael. (Basically write something with a main character and a side character, for variety, and take as much time as you like.)

Aw yisssss…  *cracks knuckles, sits back*  XDDDD

“Please, you aren’t safe here!”

Nathalie ignored the call of her charge, her eyes trained intensely upon the men in front of them.  She had already alerted Alan of their position, so they were safer than Adrien seemed to think.

“The kid’s right, lady.  Am-scray,” said the cocky criminal, waving his arm around uselessly.  The only point to take careful consideration of was that finger on the trigger.  If he pulled that trigger, everything could go downhill very quickly.  “I don’t need you alive.”

“Nathalie,” whispered Adrien from behind.  “I’ll be okay, but–”

“If you finish that sentence, I will personally see to it that the chief at home doesn’t sneak you any more camembert for a month.”

As expected, her charge fell silence at her threat.  She knew not why he had gathered a sudden interest in the fromage, but so long as it didn’t interfere with his other activities, he could eat it.  The fact that it gave her a little bit of bargaining power with him didn’t hurt matters either.

“I’m gettin’ bored here, lady.  Either get in the car or hit the road!”

The criminal had returned to pointing the gun at Nathalie.  The woman struggled to keep Adrien behind her, as she knew he would hastily obey any command to keep her safe.

But it was her job to keep him safe first.

“We will stay right where we are.”

And to that end…

“What are you doing?”

She would do anything.

“Fine, you can rot with the garbage!  Agreste goes with me, though!”

Three things happened in a very rapid succession.

The criminal pulled the trigger.

A bodily thud rang through the alleyway.

Blood hit the pavement.


The woman didn’t even stop to register Adrien’s call, even though she knew he had probably scraped his arm when she had pushed him backwards.  While the fool fumbled with his gun, she pulled her right hook forward and used her building momentum to carry it all the way through into their attacker’s face.  The surprise and sloppy grip caused him to drop the gun, which Nathalie immediately kicked away.  There was no sense in giving him any chance to regain the upper hand.  When his head predictably turned to watch the gun skitter away, Nathalie took the opportunity to slam her remaining hand into the side of his neck, rendering him unconscious.

The man’s form slumped down to the ground, and Nathalie only had a moment to worry if she had perhaps overdone it.


“Nathalie, don’t do that…”

The woman could do nothing as her charge latched onto her and drew her away from their unconscious assailant.  She allowed him to do so, knowing that the entire ordeal must have frightened him quite a lot.  Despite being the son of a quite wealthy and influential man, the boy had not been exposed to many kidnapping attempts. Even ones as sloppy as this one had to be at least a little terrifying.

“What if you’d gotten shot?”

“Impossible,” the woman instantly dismissed.  Adrien drew away to glare–actually glare! Where had this boy learned to glare like that?–at her.  She moved to assuage his fears.  “There was no possible way that man could have shot either of us.”

“You don’t know that,” countered Adrien.  Nathalie raised an eyebrow.  “He could have shot either of us at any time.  You weren’t safe–”

“Adrien,” interrupted Nathalie, halting the boy in his tracks.  He had already worked himself up into an emotional frenzy.


“The gun’s safety was on.  We were never in danger of being shot.”

The boy immediately deflated from his tensed position.  All of a sudden he looked weary, drained.  He dove back in for another hug and Nathalie obliged him.  She gave his back a few (awkwardly) reassuring pats.

And that was how Alan “the Gorilla” found them two minutes later.  Still hugging, with one incapacitated crook on the pavement, and one firing-proof gun too far away for anyone to reach.

But at least they were safe.

Nathalie cares about Adrien and will do anything to keep him safe, fite me.


Sirius Black x Reader

Request: Can you do a thing with Sirius Black and a ravenclaw smartass girl? Seriously, the smartest of asses.

A/N: Hope I didn’t disappoint :)

Originally posted by your-harry-potter-imagines

“Who’s that?” Sirius asks, staring at the girl sitting at the Ravenclaw table. Peter spares her half a glance before turning back to the more important task at hand – his dinner.

“That’s Y/N,” he informs. Sirius remains staring at her so hard that eventually she feels his gaze on her forehead. Looking up, she meets his eyes and sees the smirk that all the girls in Hogwarts know so well, then rolls her eyes.

“Take a picture, Black, it’ll last longer,” she calls out in a loud voice that catches the attention of almost everyone in the hall. The smirk slides off Sirius’ face and he blinks once, surprised at her attitude.

Y/N raises her eyebrows in challenge, and Sirius opens his mouth to fling back a witty retort – but nothing comes to mind, and he is left sitting in his seat like a gaping fish. Y/N throws her head back and laughs – a laugh that causes pleasant tingles to roll down Sirius’ spine – and then gathers her books and leaves.

Remus gets up from his seat next to Sirius, fighting his own smile as he claps his friend on the shoulder. “Transfiguration with the Ravenclaws next, right? Reckon it should be more fun than usual.”

As the marauders stroll into Transfiguration, laughing and joking with each other as usual, Sirius finds his gaze straying to a table at the side of the room that he has never really noticed before. As he watches, the girls at the table shift to make room for Y/N as she elegantly swings her long legs over the bench – and glances up to catch Sirius staring at her again.

Before she can say a word, Sirius simply tips a fake hat towards her, winks, and walks to his own table.

“I’ll be assigning partners today,” Professor McGonagall says, taking out her wand and tapping the board in the front of the room. “Look up front for further direction.” The chalk flies up and begins scribbling away, writing the names of students and pairing them off. Sirius watches lazily through his lashes, toying with his quill, but he stops abruptly as he sees who he’s paired off with. Y/N.

He stares at the board, a smile playing at the ends of his lips. Suddenly, a pair of books lands on his table with a thud, making him jolt and look up. “Y/N! Pleasure.”

Y/N smiles at him sweetly – a smile so sweet that it is sarcastic. “The pleasure is all mine, Black. Shall we get started, or are you just going to sit there looking pretty?”

She takes out her wand and begins tapping at the goblet on the desk, muttering the spell under her breath, but Sirius sits like a statue, going over her words in his brain. “Pretty? You think I’m pretty, love?”

He notices Y/N’s cheeks color slightly, but she ignores him and rolls her eyes. “Work, please.”

Sirius’ bag is lying on the other side of Y/N’s chair. It would be easy for him to get up and walk around her – but instead, he reaches across her, giving him an opportunity to lean close to her.

His nose is mere inches from Y/N’s when he pauses in his efforts to grab his bag, and he whispers, “Sorry, love.” He licks his lips slightly and takes note of the way that Y/N’s breathing picks up and the way that her eyes track the movement of his tongue. “Just need my books.”

Pulling back abruptly, he pulls out his wand and smirks. Remus was right – this class was more fun than usual. He finally met his match.

it was the lovely @apprenticemockingbird‘s birthday a few days ago and for her present she wanted a 60′s theme Sansa, no doubt to fill the mad men size hole left in her heart. I had plans to draw Baelish in a smoking jacket with a pipe, but then I remembered I haven’t drawn something proper in so long I think I forgot how.


Pairing: Sam Winchester x reader

Summary: You find some rather interesting reading material during a break between hunts, and decide to have some fun with it

A/N: I basically laughed my way through writing this. I think I’m funny, hopefully you will too

Originally posted by supernaturalwinchesterimpalapie

(Not my gif)

You and the boys were having a quiet night in the bunker. Sam had his nose in a book, Dean was reading a magazine you didn’t even want to know the name of, and you were jumping between apps on your phone.
“Guys, have you heard of the book series, Supernatural?” you asked casually as you scrolled through your Tumblr dash, pausing over an edit that looked strangely familiar. When you were met with silence, you looked up curiously to see Sam and Dean exchanging a worried look. “What?” you asked, confused.
“Uh, why do you ask?” asked Sam, trying to act normal. You frowned, noticing the beads of sweat forming on Dean’s forehead. You turned back to face the younger Winchester.
“Charlie’s reblogged something about them and tagged me. Something about living in a fanfic?” you asked, growing even more confused. Sam’s eyes widened in horror.
“Please ignore her!”
You raised your eyebrows. “Then tell me what the books are about.”

“Someone wrote a book series…about you guys,” you said slowly. “I am hearing this right, aren’t I?”
Sam cleared his throat awkwardly. “Uh, yeah. They’re pretty bad, to be honest.”
A disturbing thought came into your mind. “Wait. So if these books are about your whole lives, am I in them?”
“I don’t think so,” Dean said. “We aren’t exactly the biggest fans.”
You chuckled. “You don’t say. So, do the books have a fandom? They must, if there’s fanfic.”
“Please don’t read anything you find about it!” Sam said hastily. “If you love me, at all, you won’t look up fanfic about me.”
You grinned. “What’s Sabriel?”
You leapt out of your seat as Sam made a grab for your phone, and ran from the library, laughing. You could hear his footsteps behind you, and you dove into one of the spare rooms and slammed the door behind you, pressing your back against it.
“(Y/N), please don’t read that!” came your boyfriend’s desperate voice from the other side of the door.
“I never would’ve thought to describe your eyes as dark hazel, glittering with lust,” you read out, grinning. Sam threw himself against the door, and you nearly dropped your phone.
“Please, I’ll be your slave for a month if you stop reading that!”
“I’m pretty sure that’s what’s happening in this fic, to be honest.”
“Yes, my mind-blowingly tall, body-like-a-Greek-god, smouldering eyed lover with desire poorly hidden in his heart?” you quoted from the fanfic, wrinkling your nose up in disgust. “Jeez, this beckywinchester176’s a bit of a pushover.”
“Oh my god, stop reading that right now! She’s a psychopath!”
You raised your eyebrows. “You know her?”
“She kinda kidnapped me once.”
“So this fanfic’s actually an autobiography?” you laughed.
Sam succeeded in getting the door open, and slung you over his shoulder quickly. You couldn’t stop giggling as he carried you back to the library.
“Dean, get the phone off her please!” Sam begged, turning so that you were facing his brother. You held the phone out to Dean, showing him a rather graphic fan art you’d found. He burst out laughing, nearly doubled over in laughter.
“I didn’t know you had a birthmark, Sam,” you managed to get out between fits of giggles. Dean was leaning on the table and wiping away tears of laughter.
“I hate you,” your boyfriend grumbled, tipping you upside down and snatching the phone from you. “If you ever bring this up again, I’ll-,”
“Hey, no threats,” you said seriously. “That’s how a lot of smutty fanfics start.”
He gave you the classic Sam Winchester bitch face. “You’re damn lucky you’re cute.”
You grinned. “Well, I’d have to be, if I wanted to catch the one and only Sam Winchester, with his arms thick as-,”
He clapped a hand over your mouth, pulling you close so that your back was flush against his chest. “Promise you’ll stop quoting fanfiction now?” he asked, looking down at you with puppy dog eyes and a ridiculously cute pout. You nodded in defeat.
“Only because your sparkling hazel eyes entranced me in a way no mortal man could ever succeed in,” you gushed, fluttering your eyelashes and pretending to swoon. Sam rolled his eyes, sighing.
“That’s it, I’m going to bed. I’ll leave you children to giggle about the funny stories,” he said, his voice dripping with sarcasm. You and Dean tried to keep straight faces as he stormed out of the library.
“You think he’ll forgive you?” Dean joked. You grinned, glancing at your watch.
“I’ll give it five minutes. He’s bound to be missing the feeling of me in his toned, strong arms that are as tanned as a surfer, but not in an annoying surfer dude way.”

You yawned, making your way through the hallways of the bunker and entering the room you shared with Sam. He was lying in bed with his back to you, and you smiled softly.
“I know you’re awake. And I promise to never bring up the topic of fanfiction ever again,” you said, lifting the duvet and lying down facing his back.
“Promise?” he mumbled, rolling over to face you. You pressed a kiss to his soft lips gently, smiling.
He wrapped his arms around you, pulling you close so that you could rest your head over his steadily beating heart. You sighed in content, letting your eyes drift shut. The two of you lay in silence in the dark, waiting for sleep to come.
“So tell me about Becky,” you grinned.
“Shut up.”

The War Of Beacon Hills: Stiles And (Y/N)


Stiles is the typical over protective brother, except that any danger to (Y/N) comes with a dangerous mixture of anger and magic. Back in their Tribe Stiles was one of the most prestigious young mermen and was among two others to become the future leader.

While he has the ability to shift into mermaid form he prefers to use his magic to keep him human to draw less attention and attempt to keep hidden. His powers are limited to his surroundings but his abilities are always multiplying and changing.

He fell for Derek Hale almost as soon as he set eyes on him but tries hard to hide the fact that he likes him. Eventually it’s Derek who convinces Stiles that human inventions like cars, internet and phones are actually useful.


(Y/N) is young, impulsive and on occasion reckless. Her abilities are just beginning to develop and unlike her brother she finds it nearly impossible to avoid the call of large bodies of water.

Her curiosity leads her to always explore her surroundings and anything remotely human or manmade, often ignoring her brothers please to ignore objects that catch her eye in case it is something dangerous.

She’s incredibly close with Stiles who, after the D.R.E.A.D attacked the tribe, is the only living relative she has left. She also finds Stiles’ affection for the grumpy Alpha funny and often tells her brother she dislikes Derek because he’s “Too hairy.”

I’m alive (Klaine one shot)

A cliche AU where one is about to die and the other confesses their love and then they open their eyes and kiss them.

I’m nothing if not fluffy. My brain is made of candy floss.

3rd POV

“Anderson!” Blaine let out a shaky breath and turned. Santana sprinted towards him. She looked wild at the best of times but now she looked a complete mess, blood streaked down her cheek and what looked a piece of concert was stuck to her hair. Blaine probably looked just as bad, there was no way that after a month on the run and after Quinn gone off with the power of a small bomb.

“Is anyone hurt?” Blaine asked.

Santana bit her lip. “I don’t know. I can’t find anyone else - not Sam or Finn or even the bloody chosen one Quinn.”


Santana shook her head and for the first time Blaine noticed black streaks down her cheeks - she has been crying.

“There was eight of us. What’s the chance of us all surviving?” Santana spat.

“We’ll find them.” Blaine said, more hopeful than he had felt. He lit a fire in his palm,l but it had little affect on the thick smog sounding the crater where the football field had once been.

Quinn must be in the centre. Blaine thought helplessly.

“Help!” A soft voice called. Santana head whipped around so fast it shook some of the rubble out of her messy dark hair.

“Help! Please!” The voice repeated, clearer this time. Santana ran in the direction and Blaine understood why - the voice belonged to Brittany.

There was a small group. A very small group, even for one which had been pretty tiny in the first place. Blaine counted three figures - the tall blond was Brittany, the smaller girl next to her was Rachel and the boy was Sam.

Blaine felt like his stomach had dropped. There was actually four people, and now he was closer he could see it was Kurt, the wings - while ash covered and bent - gave him away.

“The others went to help Quinn.” Rachel explained. She was shaking all over and her arm looked broken.

“Kurt.” The name came out all thick with emotion.

“He was so close to Quinn when she went off - the blast sent him a mile off - he must have hurt his head.” Blaine pushed Rachel a little too hard as he pushed past.

“He’s got a pulse.” Blaine said, feeling slightly relived. Rachel pulled at his arm but he stood his ground.


He ignored her plea. “Kurt, open your eyes. Please.”

“Anderson, maybe you should give him some space.” Santana said, her voice too gentle. Blaine shook his head.

“Kurt I need you to open your stupidly pretty eyes.” The girls had stopped trying to pull him away now. Maybe they sensed the urgency in his voice. “I really need you to be alive and look at me. I’m not asking much am I? You always look at me. You don’t see me but you’re always looking and I’m okay with that. I can spend a life with you not seeing how much I care if you wake up.”

Blaine let out an ugly sob.

“I had given up on finding love before I met you. And please, don’t make me give up again.”

Blaine was crying hysterically now. The hot tears blurred his vision.

Please look at me. Blaine begged internally.

There was a small moan of pain. Blaine felt familiar hands pull his hands from his face.


Blaine felt like crying again. Instead he pulled Kurt and pulled him into a tight hug.

“You’re alive.”

“I’m alive.” Kurt tried to smile, but it looked painful. “But in no way let that stop you’re confession of your undying love for me.”

Blaine couldn’t help himself, his heart was still beating like crazy and he almost lost Kurt.

Maybe he should kiss him because he had confessed his love and Kurt was so alive that Blaine felt breathless just looking at him.

“Blaine, look at me.” Kurt sat up shakily, and reached out for his hands. “I love you.”

Blaine didn’t have time to process who had said it before Kurt had leaned in and kissed him.


Dance together

Request: Hey! Love your work! Can I have a story where the readers hip gets broken? It happened to me on an accident and I’m still so sore. And cas helps her walk?

I hope you like it, anon. Castiel is the character I find hardest to write; he’s so complex. On the one hand, he’s this powerful soldier, commanding the forces of Heaven, and on the other hand he’s adorable and clueless and I just want to squish him with hugs.

As always: don’t hesitate to drop me a line to tell me what you think. Feedback makes me grow. Also, let me know if you want to be added to my tag list, or if you want to be removed.

Word count: 2424

What happened? No one really knew for sure. One moment two guys, a girl, and a (nearly human) angel were sneaking around inside an old, abandoned mansion – yeah yeah, very smart – looking for clues that could lead them to figuring out who was causing the disappearances along Highway One, and the next moment, Y/N went flying off the grand stairs, scattering torches and guns and bags of salt.

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In the Midnight Hour: A Jerza Fanfic

Title: In the Midnight Hour

Pairing: Jerza

Rating: T

Note: I’m really sorry this is so late. It was supposed to be up yesterday morning, by my procrastination took over and I’ve been a lazy all all day yesterday and partially today, which is why this is being posted after midnight (oh how fitting). I played around with the idea of Jellal accepting his past and letting go of his guilt in this fic. I have this headcanon that Jellal lets down his walls only around people who know him the best. That’s why, to people like Natsu, or Gray, he still appears stoic and aloof, sorta angsty and quiet, but, as seen in this fic, around people like CS or Erza, he’s more carefree. I also think it has to do with the fact that he had his childhood stolen away from him, and, although he is a mature adult, sometimes the kid inside him breaks free.This is a collaboration with @uzumakipposong, who will be making fanart of a certain scene in the upcoming weeks. 

Summary: “I have dreamed of the day I would be able to hold you in my arms without feeling the guilt that used to suppress me.”

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heir-of-dragons  asked:

“I’ve been in love with you since the first time I saw you.” Nalu ,ANGST ANGST

Send me a sentence (and a ship and I’ll write a drabble) REQUESTS ARE CLOSED

My Condition:

If you send me a fluffy prompt, I’m gonna make it angsty.

If you send me an angsty prompt, I’m gonna make it fluffy.

Okay, I actually already did this prompt. With the same pairing. But…I did fluff for it last time, so I decided to write this anyway. So yay you, Melissa! :D

Not to mention, an angsty NaLu idea had been festering in my mind for a couple days now and this prompt worked pretty well with it.

I don’t know what drabbles are what foreign language to you speak human

Rated: T

Character(s): Lucy, Natsu, Zeref

Pairing(s): NaLu, Zeretsu (family)

“Let her go, you bastard!”

Lucy struggled to avoid whimpering as the cold barrel of the gun pressed against her bare temple. The pale-faced man holding her hostage in a chokehold cocked the gun without so much as a moment of hesitation in spite of Natsu’s demands.

“I will do no such thing,” the man replied evenly, with an unsettlingly smooth and silky voice. “She’s naught but a nuisance. I will have her dead, my dear brother.”

“She hasn’t done anything to you!” Natsu yelled, clenching his hands into fists in his fury. “So leave her alone! Lucy’s got nothing to do with this!”

“Oh, goodness. You don’t seem to understand the tragic mistake she’s made, do you?” The man pressed the barrel of the gun against her temple more forcefully, as if trying to punctuate his meaning. “This wench has manipulated you…twisted your thoughts…filled your head with all this nonsense about love and friendship…as if that could exist for either of us.” Lucy could feel the man’s arm around her neck tense up. “She must die for her impudence, dear brother. We are not to be privy to such drivel. You belong to me. I hope I have made this clear.”

Natsu opened his mouth to retaliate, but he clamped it shut again a moment later—he apparently couldn’t come up with a rebuttal to that remark. His jaw was so tense that Lucy was afraid that he would crack his teeth with the pressure, and his fists were clenched to the point that the knuckles had turned white.

He was silent for a moment too long for Lucy’s liking before he finally spoke, his eyes downcast and voice low. “…Zeref…please, just…let her go. Let her live, and I—I promise; I’ll never speak to her again. Do what you want with me. Whatever you want. Just please…” His hoarse voice caught at that last word. “…Don’t hurt her.”

Lucy’s eyes widened in horror. “N-Natsu…” she managed to choke out. “Wh-what are you…please, don’t…!”

Natsu ignored her, his dark eyes steadfastly fixed upon his brother. “Zeref,” he repeated, pleading. “Brother…please.”

For a moment, nothing happened. After an eternal minute, however, Lucy could feel Zeref slowly pulling the gun away from her temple.

“‘Whatever I want’?” Zeref quoted mildly, adjusting his hold on her as he did so. “That’s quite an ostentatious offer, Natsu. Is this girl worth that much to you?”

“Just let her go,” Natsu implored quietly. “I’ll keep my end of the bargain…as long as you keep yours.”

The dark-haired man was silent, musing to himself. His hold on Lucy had loosened somewhat in the process, so now she was able to speak without reserve.

“Natsu, this is insane!” she cried. “What do you think you’re doing?! I won’t let you go through with this; this is suicide!”

“Lucy, hear me out for a second, okay?” Lucy stopped short. “You know me better than that. I swore to keep you alive, remember? I’m not about to break that vow.”

Lucy shook her head even as he spoke. “No,” she whispered pleadingly. “No, please—I don’t care about that anymore, Natsu; I—I just can’t let you do this! Who knows what he’ll do to you!”

Natsu sighed resignedly. “I do.” He flashed her his trademark smile. “But you’re worth it.”


“Hang tight, okay? You’ll be just fine.” He turned his gaze away, his expression abashed. “Besides…no matter what he does, I’ll never stop loving you.”

“No—Natsu, you can’t—!”

“You’ve got yourself a deal.” Lucy yelped in shock as Zeref’s hold around her neck abruptly vanished, but he kept her at an arm’s length in case she tried to do anything funny. “I give you my word that I will not harm her. Now…” He beckoned to him. “…Come here.”

Natsu stepped forward unflinchingly, completely unfazed by the disturbingly thin smile upon the man’s face. He came to a halt several paces from them as Zeref raised his free hand toward him. Lucy could see a tiny red capsule resting on his palm.

Lucy felt a horrible chill run down her back at the sight of it. What was that? Was he going to make Natsu swallow it? Why did it fill her with so much terror?

“Swallow this,” Zeref instructed Natsu calmly, ignoring Lucy’s futile attempts at freeing herself from his grip. “Once you do, I will let her go. And don’t worry—you don’t need water for this.”

Lucy saw Natsu’s eyes narrow slightly as he plucked the capsule out of his hand and observed it, his lips pressed into a thin line. Her heart thudded painfully at his expression.

“…You’re not going to tell me what this does, are you?” he asked tersely.

Zeref just gave him a pleasant smile. “You said I could do whatever I wanted with you,” he said lightly. “I didn’t think its effects would matter with that condition in place.”

Natsu sighed. His eyes flickered to Lucy, a remorseful light shining in his dark eyes.

“I’m sorry, Lucy,” he said.

“Natsu; please—” Lucy begged him, straining against her captor’s iron grip. “Don’t do this—I can’t let you—!”

“I don’t know what’s going to happen after I swallow this, so…let me confess something while I still can.” Natsu’s face flushed a pale pink. “I know we didn’t meet on the best terms…and I didn’t know this at the time, but…I do know now—I’ve been in love with you since the first time I saw you.”

Lucy could hardly keep her composure—she raised her free hand to her mouth, covering it in a bid to hold in her sobs, but traitor tears had already escaped and been trailing down her cheeks. How? How can you be smiling like that in a situation like this? “Oh my God—Natsu, I—you—!”

Natsu raised a hand and gave her a small wave. “‘Bye, Lucy.”

Before Lucy could pull up the air in her lungs to scream out a protest, Natsu popped the tiny red capsule into his mouth and swallowed it.

Mere seconds later, Natsu gagged—he clutched his throat and fell to his knees with an earsplitting shriek, his eyes rolling into the back of his head as he scrabbled at his own neck, face, and hair. That shriek wasn’t human—it was feral, wild, as if he was a beast screeching in agony—the sound tore at Lucy’s ears and ripped through her mind mercilessly—she wanted to claw off her ears just so she wouldn’t hear it anymore—

And then it stopped.

Lucy exhaled sharply the moment the screams stopped (how long had she been holding her breath?) and kept her eyes on Natsu’s crumpled form on the muddy ground. His entire body had been dirtied by the mud in his thrashing, but she could still see that his skin was pale and slick with sweat—and he was heaving so forcefully that Lucy grew light-headed just watching him.

So he was still alive…but what had just happened?

Zeref suddenly gave her a rough shove to the side, making her yelp in surprise as she stumbled, and began approaching his brother’s collapsed form, an eerily wide smile of ecstasy stretching across his pale face.

“Yes, very good,” he murmured, his tone starkly contrasting his countenance as he spread his arms in invitation, “Come here to me, Natsu…come to your dear brother.”

“You—” Lucy somehow managed to find her voice, but it was raspy. “What—what did you do to him? What did you make him swallow?!”

“I see no need to explain to you,” the man answered, his gaze still fixed upon Natsu, who was now struggling to push himself up. “He agreed to this. Accept it with grace.”

“I won’t!” she cried, taking a step forward. “I want an explanation now—tell me what you did to Natsu!”

The man sighed in annoyance—Natsu was on all fours now—and glanced back at her carelessly.

“I made him mine,” he said simply.

That stopped Lucy short. She didn’t understand. “H-huh?”

“He was never yours to take,” Zeref said, a hint of anger creeping into his tone as he turned back to Natsu, who was now unsteadily crawling toward him on all fours. “He cannot belong to anyone else. Natsu belongs only to me.” His unnatural smile widened. “And now you can’t take him from me. I destroyed his mind. I destroyed any and all connections he has made—especially those he made with you. He is naught but a beast in all respects—a beast bound by blood. A beast that will love me and me alone.”

“N-no…” Lucy felt her entire body tremble in rage. “How…how could you do this?!” she yelled at him in outrage, tears prickling at her eyes. “What’s so wrong with sharing connections with other people?! How could you take away the only part of him that he liked so easily?!”

“That part never should have existed!” Zeref snapped furiously, finally breaking out of his façade and making Lucy flinch back in fear. “He was always mine—mine and mine alone! But you—” His eyes became bloodshot in his fury as he shot her a murderous glare. “—You stole him away from me! YOU STOLE WHAT WAS RIGHTFULLY MINE!

I never stole him!” Lucy shouted in rebuttal. “Natsu doesn’t belong to anyone! He never has! He’s his own person, and it’s up to him to decide who he loves! And he—he just chose to love me!” Lucy’s chest tightened painfully. “If you have any shred of empathy left in that twisted heart of yours, you’d know that he still loved you, too! Why do you think he gave himself up so easily?! It wasn’t just because he wanted to save me! He did this to himself because you were his brother! HE LET YOU DESTROY HIM BECAUSE HE LOVED YOU!

SILENCE!” Zeref pulled out his handgun once more and brandished it at Natsu, who was still crawling toward him, breathing labored and each step shaky. “If I cannot have him here, then I will have him in death!”

“NO!!” Lucy lunged for the gun—but too late; the man fired on Natsu three times—twice in the head and once in his left arm. Natsu let out a high-pitched yelp and whimpered in pain as the bullets struck him and collapsed on the spot.

Lucy didn’t even have time to turn to him—Zeref immediately turned the gun himself and shot himself in the head after firing on his brother. His body crumpled to the ground before she could get another word out.

Lucy couldn’t breathe. This man had just shot himself—and his brother—to death. The man was completely still, so he was most definitely already dead.

But the low whimpers that came from Natsu’s broken frame on the ground told her that he was—somehow—still alive.

“Natsu—!” Lucy hurried over to him and knelt on the ground next to him—she didn’t even care that she was getting herself all filthy in the process. She lifted his head into her lap—both that and her hands immediately became coated in blood—and stroked his soft pink hair, now clumped together by the blood and mud. His entire body trembled under her touch, and his breathing was rattled and uneven.

There was no saving him. He had lost too much blood, and the bullets had struck fatal points—it was a miracle that he was even still alive. Lucy had to fight back her tears.

“Natsu…” she choked. “I’m so sorry…!” She somehow managed to lift him higher to the point that she was holding him in her arms, and pressed her face into his dirty pink locks, trying and failing to hold back her tears. “This is…all my fault…!”

At that point, her sobs broke out, and she began to weep into his hair, the horrid metallic scent of his blood flooding her nostrils.

Hardly a moment later, Natsu moved—he pressed closer against her body, his breathing shallow now. Lucy flinched, her sobs momentarily stifled.

“N-Natsu…?” she whispered.

He didn’t answer, of course, but she could feel his head shift position slightly—and she felt something soft graze her chin before it pressed—lightly, but enough to sense that it was deliberate–against it.

He was nuzzling into her. Just as a dog would.

She was just about at the breaking point. “I never got to tell you, Natsu…” she said shakily, letting her tears soak into his matted hair. “But…I…I love you, too…!”

Lucy couldn’t hold back the tears any longer. They spilled over in buckets as she wept profusely, her lips pressing into the hair of the boy she loved. He wasn’t breathing anymore—he’d gone completely silent—but it was irrelevant.

She knew. He hadn’t forgotten.

Because love transcended reason.

sleepless-cloud  asked:

Gajevy #11 if you don't mind :)

partners in crime au

Her laughter was bright and contagious, blue hair whipping around her face from the wind streaming through the window. She didn’t seem to notice – or maybe she just didn’t care – about the sirens blaring in the distance.

Blue was the name she’d given him when they’d first met, and Gajeel had never met anyone like her before.

“Well, that was something.” She turned away from the window, flashing a wicked smile in his direction. “For a beat there I thought we wouldn’t make it out.”

Gajeel ignored the way his heart fluttered in his chest and turned his attention back to the road.

“Doubting me were you?”

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