please ignore her eye

Since someone very kindly asked what hair colour my Ryder had yesterday, I thought I’d whip this up (if only so that I don’t forget). This is Freya’s look au naturel, but she goes through so many phases of hair and lip colour, it’s kind of hard to keep up. Pretty flippant for a Pathfinder.

it was the lovely @apprenticemockingbird‘s birthday a few days ago and for her present she wanted a 60′s theme Sansa, no doubt to fill the mad men size hole left in her heart. I had plans to draw Baelish in a smoking jacket with a pipe, but then I remembered I haven’t drawn something proper in so long I think I forgot how.

Very very rough drawing of Charoite swooping in on her bow, tongue sticking out for Extra Concentration. Please ignore that her eyes are not looking at her target.