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I hate that post going round that’s like “haha you wouldn’t tell a disabled guy he’s using his crutch as a crutch” ecause that very thing literally happens to people that use mobility aids.

I can’t count how many time people (including physiotherapists who’re supposed to be understanding and help me) have said “you need to stop relying on your crutches” and the like.

I literally had a physiotherapist remove my crutches from under me without my consent and tell me to walk.

And it’s not even a rare thing.

Wheelchair users get told they need to stop relying on their wheelchairs, cane users get told they shouldn’t rely on their canes etc.

I’m just so bored with the depression-centric ableism rhetoric, erasing the ableism people with physical and visable disabilities experience

There was actually a wedding
  • Noctis: What the hell were you thinking?!
  • Prompto: Releasing birds at your wedding is romantic?
  • Noctis and Luna: THEY WERE CHOCOBOS!
Why I Refuse To Support PETA

As most of you know, PETA (People for Ethical Treatment of Animals) produces lots of sexist, racist, fatphobic, and even ableist ads. Their ideologies match, unfortunately. They are incredibly unreasonable, too, and they effectively want to remove companion animals from human contact entirely.

Members of PETA have done the following to me.

  • Attempted to take my service dog’s leash
  • Threatened to take him away
  • Sent me death threats
  • Threatened to euthanize him out of “mercy”
  • Claimed that I am a “slavedriver” and “active participant in the speciesist h*l*caust” (Ah yes, please tell the romani-german-native girl that she’s basically a Nazi. Good idea.)
  • Left threatening voicemails on my phone.
  • Scared me so badly that I had to move house at one point
  • Grabbed my service dog
  • Tried to pry my hand off of my service dog’s harness
  • Threw paint on a faux fur-lined coat I was wearing (the paint got matted in my hair to the point where I had to shave my head)
  • Speaks openly on their hatred for service dog handlers.

You know what kills me? Vane is such a hardened pirate and will not be crossed by anyone. But then he looks at Eleanor like he’s found the treasure of the world.” (via emisonrevolution)

I Can’t Save Her: Part 27

Pairings: Bucky x Reader

Warnings: a little angst, a little fluff, jealous Bucky

Word Count: 1809

Catch Up Here

Summary: You have been with the Avengers for three years and during that time you have developed a close friendship with Bucky. When you discover another woman in Bucky’s room you begin to question what your true feelings for him are.

Author’s Notes: Bucky obviously loves Y/N pretty fiercely still. <3

Tags are at the bottom. Please let me know if you would like to be tagged/removed.

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After Bucky had left I decided to rest a little longer – my head was throbbing and the stress of our conversation had exhausted me.  As I rested my head on my pillow I fought back tears. I had never really thought that we would find Bucky, or that he would be willing to come back with us. I wanted to be angry with him – angrier than I currently was. I wanted to scream at him and really tell him how shattered I felt when he left with no explanation… how hard it was to find out about my parents on my own… how much it hurt me to think that he had left because he couldn’t be with me – a child of H.Y.D.R.A. What he told Steve was right – we could never go back… we couldn’t ever be the same people or have what we had before our terrible secrets were revealed.

I turned slowly on my side and saw Steve standing at my door with his hand raised to knock. He smiled at me softly. “Can I come in?” he asked.

“Sure, Steve,” I responded as I pushed myself up in the bed. I was relieved to see him.

He sat down in the chair next to the bed – his face etched with exhaustion and worry. He paused awkwardly for a moment – it was clear from his face that he wasn’t sure how he wanted to proceed. “So… Bucky – stayed here last night?” he was clearly uncomfortable asking, but his drive to protect me had overruled his desire to not meddle.

“Yes he did,” I shrugged.

“Are things okay?” he asked cautiously.

It was my turn to pause before giving Steve a sad smile. “When will things ever be okay, Steve? It’s not in the nature of our lives.” We lapsed into silence at this. Of course Steve knew – he was presumed dead for 70 years… and was found only to lose the love of his life and discover his best friend, who he thought had died, was tortured and manipulated into a killing machine. I turned to him – unable to keep all the torments in my mind to myself. “I told him I forgave him for my parents, and I think I do…. I know it isn’t his fault, but Steve… what if there is some small part inside of me that can’t forgive him? What if I can’t tell now but it grows into something more that makes me lose him?” I placed my head wearily in my hands. I felt like all the thoughts running through my mind were going to make it explode. I just wanted my mind to be quiet.

Steve remained silent for awhile – mulling over the things I asked. Finally, he turned to me with a serious look on his face. “I don’t think you can think that way. If you feel as if you can forgive him then you forgive him. Bucky will never forgive himself and will always seek penance for the wrongs he has committed. Leaving you the way he did… keeping the truth from you… that was wrong. He violated the faith and trust we both had in him when he did that… and it’s going to take time for you to decide if he can earn that back. To be quite frank – it’s going to take time for me to decide if he can earn my trust back. What I will say is this – without a shadow of a doubt I know that he loves you. I know you make him a better man, and I believe he makes you better in some ways too. You have both been through so many similar things and I think having that other person that understands that hell… I think it helps. But you need to decide – and you should take time to decide. Just know… whatever decision you make – I’ll always be here.” He squeezed my hand softly offering me a small smile.

I felt relaxed and thankful after my confession and Steve’s advice. Somehow saying the thoughts I had refused to voice until now had released a terrible burden from me. I felt lighter… and at the moment happier. I grabbed the remote and flipped on the television as we continued to sit in silence. It was nice to not be alone, but it was also nice that I could have a distraction from all things Bucky related. Steve got up from the chair and walked towards the door. “Hey, there’s a M*A*S*H marathon on. Wanna stay and watch it with me?”

“A what?” he asked laughing.

We spent the rest of the day lounging on my bed while watching the episodes together. Steve made snack runs as needed – refusing to allow me out of bed since it was the first day I was feeling a little more like myself. As the day ran into the evening I felt myself growing tired. I rested my head lazily on his shoulder as he wrapped his arm around me. It was a different sort of comfort from what Bucky usually gave me. After the fighting, sleepless nights, nightmares, and arguments it was just a peaceful day with one of my best friends. The best friend that would tear the world apart to find not only his friend but the man I loved – just to make me happy – even if he was still mad at him. I closed my eyes and sighed happily as I drifted off to sleep while Steve chuckled to himself – completely enthralled with the show.

The sound of a knock at the door stirred me from my sleep. As I was opening my eyes Bucky was pushing the door to the bedroom open. “Y/N, I…. oh…. Is this a bad time?” he asked, caught off guard. Steve had apparently fallen asleep with his head resting on mine and his arm still wrapped around me. He blinked sleepily at the sound of Bucky’s voice.

“Oops. Hey Buck,” he added sheepishly as he removed his arm from around me and stretched before hopping up from the bed. “I guess I’m starting to act as old as I actually am,” he chuckled to himself. “Goodnight guys,” he added before strolling out of the room.

I looked sleepily at Bucky with a smile that slid off my face as I studied his expression. His face and eyes were guarded – not betraying any emotion. “He’s still not happy with me,” he muttered as he neared the bed and took the place that Steve had occupied.

“He’s protective of me,” I added matter-of-factly.

“I know, doll.” He seemed much more distant now. His mercurial mood was something that I was typically used to, but tonight it was putting me on edge.

With a huff I pushed myself up to look at him. “What’s the matter? This isn’t going to work if we don’t talk to each other when something is bothering us, Bucky. And something is obviously bothering you.”

He smiled at me sadly. “You deserve to be with someone like Steve,” he whispered as he adverted his gaze from mine. My jaw dropped slightly. He had never been a jealous man – not in all the years I had known him, but it was obvious that he was harboring at least a little jealousy. “I just…” he ran his hands through his hair nervously as he huffed. “When I left… a part of me hoped that somehow he would take care of you, and maybe… maybe someone like him could make you happy. It was the only consolation I could give myself – that you would be with a better man, a man that deserved someone as wonderful as you – a man that could protect you. Someone that wasn’t me,” he added softly.

I wasn’t sure where to begin. A small part of me wanted to tell him that he had no right to be jealous, but I felt like the jealousy stemmed from his own insecurity. He had left – Steve had stayed. He was playing himself against his friend – something that Bucky had a bad habit of doing. I bit my lip as I thought about my answer. “He was there Buck… he was there and you weren’t,” I replied softly.

Pain flitted behind Bucky’s eyes for a brief second, but it was long enough for me to see it and realize how much he was keeping inside. “I know, Y/N. I’m so sorry,” he answered as he hung his head.

“But,” I added as I lifted his chin with my hand and looked into his sad eyes. “I love you. Steve is my friend, and he always will be – but that’s all it’s been and that’s all it will ever be. He helped me find you – he refused to give up until we did. You’re back because of him regardless of how mad he might be at you. He loves you too and you need to realize it.” Bucky grimaced sadly and tried to look away, but my fingers latched to his jaw – turning his face to mine. “You’re not a bad man James Buchanan Barnes. You’re a good man that was forced to do bad things – it isn’t the same thing,” I added sternly.

His hand wrapped around my wrist and pulled my hand from his jaw as he turned away. “But I left… no one made me leave,” he added sadly.

“You’re right, and it broke my heart. You broke my heart,” I could feel the hysteria bubble in my throat at the thought of the night he had left and the pain it had caused me. At this he turned to look at me – the closely guarded face had shattered giving way to a man that was hanging on to the edge by a string. “But you’re here now, and we’re together,” I added. I cupped his face with both of my hands and looked at him earnestly. My own fragility didn’t escape me, but when I looked at Bucky I knew his was much worse. I hesitated for a moment before bringing my lips to his. At first he didn’t move, but slowly his lips yielded to mine as he wrapped his arms around me. I had missed this – our affection. The electric feeling I had every time our lips met. It was still there – as strong as ever. As we melted together in that moment I was cautiously optimistic that we could make it work. That although things could never be how they were we would still find a way to overcome our problems, and somehow be better for it.

I should have known that it was fleeting. I should have known that everything about our lives would eventually be blown to hell, because that was the ultimate sacrifice of being an Avenger.


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green-eyed professor (not literally) (part ii, au bellamy blake one-shot)

Prompt: Professor Bellamy has a hard on, err a soft spot for his favorite student.

Pairing: Bellamy Blake x Reader

Warnings: SMUT, SO MUCH SMUT, cursing, dom!Bellamy, Bellamy with a professor kink (?), unprotected sex, spanking, dirty talk (?)

A/N: HEY BABIES. I AM BACK. I really hope you guys enjoy this. It is pure, raw, dirty Bellamy Blake smut. I loved writing this (after I found out exactly what I wanted) and I really hope you guys love reading it. Please tell me what you think!!! !!!!GIFS NOT MINE!!!!!!!

green-eyed professor part i

I let out a small gasp as Bellamy pushes me into his classroom, the door shutting behind us with a loud thud.

“You know,” I turn around, planning on mouthing off to him. “You really–”

“I really what, princess?” Bellamy turns around, eyes dark as he teasingly removes his tie. “You’ve been talking an awful lot today.”

“Yeah, well–” he brings his hand and wraps it around my throat, his thumb teasing my bottom lip.

“Well what?” He tightens his grip on my neck and I tilt my head back, a slight gasp escaping me. “You should put your mouth to use, princess.”

“M-make me,” I gasp out as his hand moves soothingly across my neck. He pulls me closer, his free hand gently kneading my ass. He brings his lips closer, hovering over mine, teasing me as he smacks my ass.

I moan against his lips, the perfectly plump set that’s just millimeters away from mine. He smirks at my reaction, his hand landing against my ass even harder this time around. My mouth falls open, eyes closed as I moan.

“Someone’s very naughty,” Bellamy whispers against my lips, his mouth turned up into a smirk.

“Yeah, you obv–” I’m cut off by Bellamy tugging my hair.

“Did I ask you to speak, little girl?” He places his mouth against the base of my throat, his hot breath fanning against me. “Only speak when spoken to. I thought you knew this, hm?”

I gulp, closing my eyes as I wait, not knowing whether that was a question or a statement. His hand landing against my ass gave me the answer I was looking for.

“I asked you a question. You know to only speak when spoken to, correct?” He tugs my hair again, leveling my face with his.

“Y-yes, sir,” I nod, blushing lightly as he eyes me.

“That’s a good girl,” he hums, kneading my ass with one hand while the other gently releases my hair and grabs the back of my neck. He buries his head against the crook of my neck, leading my hands to his curly locks. I quickly tangle my fingers into his hair as he bites down on my neck.

I whimper into his ear, gently taking his earlobe into my mouth as he sucks on the small patch of skin on my neck. I tug his hair and he moans in satisfaction. He pulls me flush against him and I moan, feeling his erection against my waist.

“Seems to me like you’re enjoying yourself far too much,” Bellamy smirks, bringing his lips up to my jaw. He pulls away from me, leaving me a trembling, moaning mess. His smirk only widens at my state; his hands grab ahold of his tie as his eyes bore into mine. “Strip for me.”

My eyes go wide at his demand, my panties only growing wetter at the husky tone in his voice. I clench my thighs together, trying my best not to completely melt under his lustful gaze.

“Did you not hear what I said?” He takes a threatening step closer and I take one step back, bumping into a table. “I told you to strip for me. Get to it, pet.”

I nearly whimper at his excessive pet names but instead opt out of that, choosing to simply nod my head and bite my lip as I look right at him. I slowly pull down the sleeves of my dress as he undoes his pants, his erect member freeing up into his boxers. I moan at the sight, letting my dress fall to the floor as I stand in front of him in my lace lingerie. Bellamy raises his brows as he takes in my attire, a small grunt escaping his mouth as he rubs himself through his boxers.

“Seems like you planned this, pet,” he walks over to me and presses his erection against my pelvis. “You wanted this to happen, didn’t you?”

“I-I could only hope this would be the outcome,” my breath comes out in pants as he teasingly grinds himself into me, my panties dripping at this point.

“And if this hadn’t happened, then what? Hm?” His hands move up to my hair, tugging my head back to expose my chin. He places his lips right above my neck as he continues questioning me. “Had I not brought you into my room, would you have gone home with that Murphy kid?”

“M-maybe,” I smirk as his head snaps back from my neck. “We live together, who knows what would have happened.”

“You little slut,” he chuckles, shaking his head as he removes his pelvis from mine. A light whimper escapes my lips, giving away my brave facade. His hand tightens around my hair as he turns me around, my back facing him. He quickly grabs my hands and wraps a soft, silky material around them: his tie! I groan at the feeling, at the excitement of what’s to come. He grips my face, his fingers digging into my cheeks as he turns my head around to face him. “You’re my little slut, do you understand?”

My eyes go wide and I’m momentarily speechless as his dark eyes bore into mine. He raises his brows and I realize he’s still waiting for an answer from me. Before I’m able to produce an answer, his free hand falls against my ass, hard. I let out a gasp as Bellamy’s grip tightens around my cheeks.

“I asked you a question. Do you understand that you’re my little slut?” He raises a brow at me and loosens his grip slightly to give me some room to answer his question.

“Y-Yes, sir. I understand.” As soon as the words leave my mouth, his hand falls against my ass again.

“That’s my good girl,”he groans, kneading my ass as his other hand turns my head back around and pushes me lower, my front parallel with the table in front of me. His hands move away from me as I hear clothes being shred. I whimper lightly at just the thought of his naked body.

“How cute,” he chuckles and presses his chest against my back, pushing me further against the table. “Is my little slut needy for me? Does she want me to touch her?”

“Y-Yes, sir,” I whimper as his hot breath fans against my ear. He smirks against me, wrapping his lips around my earlobe and sucking on it.

“Such a good girl,” he bites the area behind my ear and moves my panties to the sides as he suddenly inserts two fingers inside me. I groan and arch my back, his hard chest there to hold me back. “So responsive to my touch. So wet. Who made you this wet?”

“Y-you did… professor,” I bite my lip as I await his reaction. He stiffens against me, his fingers still inside me, unmoving. He lets out a groan as his erect member is pressed against my ass.

“That’s so hot,” he bites my shoulder as his fingers slowly move back out of my opening.  “Say that again.”

“You made me so wet, professor,” I moan out as his thumb begins playing with my clit, his free hand wrapped around the tie as he pulls my hands back against my ass. He lifts his hips up, his erection pressed into my palms as he growls in my ear.

“Grab it, baby girl. Grab my cock, see how hard it is for you,”  he nips my shoulder as my hands eagerly wrap around his erect cock. He groans against my shoulder as I rapidly move my hands up and down his cock.

His thumb keeps moving against my clit, faster than before, as though he’s trying to see who can make the other cum first. I brush my fingers against his tip and his hips jerk into my hands as I teasingly run my fingers over his shaft.

“Stop!” He removes his hand from my clit and tightens his tie over my wrists. “Do you seriously think I’d cum before you did, baby girl?” His free hand comes down against my ass and I let out a scream, the stinging sensation worse than before.

“Don’t act like you don’t like it, baby,” he kisses my lower back as his hand falls against my ass again. This time, I emit a moan from deep in my throat as the pain quickly turns into pleasure. “There’s a good girl.”

“P-please,” I whimper as his thumb finds my clit again and his index finger begins teasing my opening.

“Please what?” I can practically hear his smirk as he rams two fingers in and out of me.

“Oh, fuck!”I yell and lean forward, resting my forehead against the hard table. “P-please fuck me, professor. I-I can’t take it much longer!”

“Oh, but you can. And you will,” he tightens his grip on my hands as I feel him remove his fingers from inside me. His hands grip my ass, spreading the cheeks as he groans. “Fuck, you’re so wet.”

I whimper as I feel his breath fan against my slit, his hands gently kneading my ass. He licks his way down from my ass to my open slit, and I feel him smirk as he buries his face against my pussy. I feel myself throbbing as I bite my bottom lip, the sensation of his light stubble alone nearly bringing me over the edge.

“Does my little girl like this?” His face is still pressed against me as he speaks, his nose nuzzling my opening.

“Y-yes, sir. I really like–” His hands hold my ass apart as he rams his tongue into me, his teeth gently playing with my clit. “O-ohhhhh fuuuuuck!”

He smiles against me, his fingers reaching up to pinch my clit as his tongue continues ravishing me. My lips throb as Bellamy continues playing with me. “I-I’m so-”

Just as quickly as he pressed against me, he was gone.

“F-Fuck wh-why?” I pant, whimpering at the loss of contact.

“I almost came at the sight of you,” he leans over and growls in my ear as he rams his thick, bare cock into me. I groan in surprise as he wraps his fingers around my throat. “You were a wet, whimpering mess. Every little noise you made kept pushing me towards the edge and I couldn’t take it. FUCK!”

“O-oh, sir,” I pant as Bellamy continues to ram his cock into me, quickly finding my g-spot. “R-right there. Please sir!”

Bellamy groans as he continues hitting my spot. He turns my head to face him desperately placing his lips against mine, his tongue making its way into my mouth as I groan against him. His free hand plays with my clit as he twitches inside me, his thrusts growing sloppy. My walls clench around his cock, Bellamy moaning into my mouth.

“C-cum for me, princess,” Bellamy’s husky voice makes me whimper as I near the edge. “Cum all over my cock.”

And I do. I cum all over his cock, my orgasm taking me higher than any before this. I shudder as I ride out my high, Bellamy groaning as he quickly follows, shooting his cum deep inside me.

“Oh fuck,” we both mumble at the same time, chuckling as I lean back against him and gently place a kiss against his lips.

“This was a fun class,” I tease as he removes himself from inside me.

“The classes were fun when you were around,” he winks and lightly slaps my ass, eyes widening slightly as he looks down.

“What? What is it?” I furrow my brows and look at the side of my ass, seeing the edge of his handprint. “Someone likes to mark me up.”

“You haven’t even seen your lower back yet,” he walks closer and bites my shoulder again. “Or your shoulders for that matter.”

I laugh and gently nudge him just as the bell rings. Our eyes widen as the students run around in the hallways.


         ❀. Under the cut you can find {   70   } gifs of Bridget Satterlee, requested by anonymous. Some are edited for roleplay purposes. None of these gifs belong to me. If you want any of them removed, please tell me. Enjoy and please reblog or like if you find them useful! 

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Dead And (pt. 5) [ Distraction ]

Masterlist: Click Here
Synopsis: Satan plays cupid in the apocalyptic world
Chapter Warnings: N E G A N and his delicious mouth, lotsa lotsa sexual innuendos and sexual flirting and some pantie slow burn shit, two psychopaths empathizing with each other (anything else, please tell me)
Chapter Synopsis: He’s different and it’s a bad thing.
Word Count: 2,500+ words
Rating: 18+ 18+ hide your children please.
Pairing: (So far it’s) Negan x Reader
Helpful BGM: “Dirty Mind” by Boy Epic
A/N: Well well well, shit’s getting filthier and ugh I love how Negan and Reader are both unstable and mentally sick yet adorable as fuck, even I get flustered and confused with their personality shifts. Enjoy motherfuckers xoxo
Tagging (if you want me to tag you or remove your tag, please tell me!):

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“Leave us,” Negan commands, his eyes never leaving (Y/N)’s. The subordinates peer at each other before walking themselves out of the living room, leaving their leader and his new interest. “Kitten…” says Negan in the softest purr-sounding noise, motioning his body to move closer.

(Y/N) knows — just by the look of that devilish sneer on his face — Negan likes how he towers next to her height. She sees him blink while he does that stance again with his upper torso tilted to a side. Negan parts his lips as he gazes on the woman’s face, eyes searching but twinkling. He’s about to say something, but instead (Y/N) sees the tip of his tongue peeking out and slowly sliding from left to right. Almost immediately the girl bows her head. They are like two magnetic poles; an unstable combination of attraction and repulsion. (Y/N) gulps and gives her massive thanks to the force in between them and to the height difference (if it isn’t for that, Negan would have noticed how the lump in her throat goes up and down)

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So I was at Midwest Media Expo this Saturday and I was looking at the background of this pic of a rad Korra cosplayer my brother took for me when

is that

Wario eating food with Azula. Thank you and good night

     no theme version

 here we have a ### ( there’s A LOT gif hunt of my fave, underused actress ( who is also the CUTEST ) lily james. most of these gifs will be in movies or tv shows and are small-medium sized; i like to use gifs that i deem roleplayable, so bear with me here!! this hunt will be updated periodically, with the dates written BEFORE the new gifs. most of these gifs are from movies or tv shows, but there will be a few interviews in there as well. none of these gifs are made by me, unless said otherwise. please like if you use this, etc., because it does TAKE TIME to make, even if they’re not mine. if you want your gifs removed, please tell me. 

     here’s some more references ( x ).

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under the cut are 85 112 gifs of the model alexis ren. this will be updated as i find more/make more gifs of her/is requested. please do not repost, use in other gif hunts, or claim as your own. none of these gifs were made by me unless otherwise specified.if you see your gifs and want them to be removed, please tell me ! i’ll remove them asap !

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zayn & perrie: the timeline

hello, so i honestly don’t know what this is… it starts from when they first met until now. it’s just pictures, instagram screenshots, tweets, etc. basically anything involving zayn and perrie, including both families and some friends. it’s extremely long, but i think reading it from start to finish might help people appreciate their relationship. i’ll add to it whenever something happens. xoxo :)

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under the cut is 90+ hq faceless gifs of romantic couples. this hunt includes kissing, cuddling, dancing and more. some may also be nsfw. for the most part, it’s m/f but there is a few f/f / m/m in the hunt as well. i did crop a few of the gifs but none are mine. so if you see a gif you made and want me to remove it/credit you, please tell me. and if anyone needs anything else, my requests are still very much open so feel free to send in more.  please give a like or a reblog if this helped you!

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Roll an Escape Artist Check Please

*Context* Chaotic evil group has come across a ravine of trapped undead and want to draw the undead away from one of the party members backpacks that fell in.
Half-Orc Fighter: “I want to tie Nugget (Town guard they betrayed and removed all his limbs) to a rope and dangle him over the edge to draw them away from the backpack”
Me Dm: “Yeah sure, roll and Escape artist check to make sure you do a good job.
Fighter: *Rolls a 1*
Me: …
Party: …
Me: “Yep, as far as you can tell, this is the most secure knot you’ve ever tied… there is no way at all it will come undone leading to Nuggets ultimate demise…