please i'm your son

HEADCANON TIME !!! prompto lost a lot of weight between middle school and high school ( while having a little fledgling crush on noctis that went away quick enough ), so unlike in the anime where it basically shows prompto to have a perfectly clear body, i headcanon that prom has stretch marks on his stomach, sides and inner thighs. the ones on his stomach are a lot less obvious than the ones on his inner thighs, but they make him uncomfortable to remove clothing in front of people all the same. it’s not really something he talks about with others either ( i mean as far as he knows nobody else has been through what he’s been through ) and so, while he won’t mention it, if there’s a chance of clothes being removed around someone else then he’ll either find a spot to do it alone or very openly hesitate and turn away from said person.


Dongwan after MBC Music Core (Fancam)
credit : HELLODH 015

He really looks like a little kid when he play with his helicam and he is really cute when he broke the helicam and said “Bye guys” after it T_T


Courfeyrac to Javert.