please i'm your son

Pidge: Lance is the goofball of the group. He knows how to make us laugh even we were down.

Shiro: He’s our extremely awesome sharpshooter.

Hunk: He’s the Pilot of the Blue Lion. She chose him herself. He’s also my best bro. I don’t think anyone could replace himself.

Keith: He’s always doing things for his friends like pushing them out of harm’s way even if he gets hurt himself and jumping into a water fountain just to help them out and cool things like that.

Allura: He’s definitely not a fifth wheel nor a seventh one. We couldn’t fight this war without him.

Coran: He matters. For Voltron, for the universe and especially to us.

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Hi! A follower asked me to draw young Peter finds out that Yondu is ticklish, but I can't do it right now, can you write down a fan fic of this, please? I'm very curious about your interpretation, I just ask for a father-son playful moment ^_^ thank you!

You draw stuff??? Holy crap, that’s cool! I’m not in contact with many artists. But I’m honored to write something that you couldn’t draw :) I hope you like it! 

Do you take requests, then??? I don’t wanna pressure you or anything I just think artists are so super cool


“What is it, boy?” Yondu looked up from his arrow that he was polishing and sharpening. 

“I’m getting kinda bored. Do you wanna do stuff with me?” a young Peter Quill asked, leaning against the wall facing Yondu. 

“Go away,” Yondu shook his head, not having time for the kid. 

Peter pouted, “What about the stuff at the control deck? You promised you’d teach me how to fly the ship sooner or later. We could do that.”

Yondu paused his polishing and he had to grin, huffing out a short laugh. He looked at Peter and set his arrow aside, “I did say that, didn’t I? Hmph…”

Peter didn’t wait very patiently for an answer from Yondu and the kid groaned childishly, “We can do anything you want! Just something? Please?”

Yondu stared at Peter and he gave him a crooked grin, “Anything? Are you asking me to play with you, Quill?”

A blush rose to Peter’s cheeks and he huffed crossing his arms across his chest, “If that’s what you wanna call it, then yeah.”

“Ahaww. Well, ain’t that precious,” Yondu chortled, “I’ll play with ya. But on my terms,” and he stood off his chair and grabbed Peter. The Terran yelped and struggled at first, not knowing what Yondu was doing.

And the Ravager leader made sure to check the surroundings before showing his playful side with Peter. He’d kill anyone who saw him like this. Yondu pulled Peter into his lap and plopped back down in the chair he was in.

“Y-Yondu, what the hell!?” Peter exclaimed.

“Watch your damn language, boy,” Yondu smirked before holding Peter still and scratching fingers across the kid’s belly. Peter squirmed some more on the elder’s lap and he burst out giggling. 

“Yohohondu, wahahait! Come ohon, this isn’t whahahahat I wahahanted to doho!” 

“Well, it’s what I want to do. Teach you a lesson about interruptin’ me,” Yondu jested, scrabbling all ten of his fingers up and down Peter’s sides and ribs. Peter hung on either side of Yondu’s lap nearly limp but still squirming, laughing joyfully. 

“NAHAHAHA! YONDUUU! Hahahaha nohohohoho!” Peter snorted and he struggled his way off of Yondu’s lap, landing on the floor. 

Yondu sniggered and he looked down at Peter, “Need anything else, Quill?”

Peter panted and he rolled his eyes at Yondu, sitting up, “Youhu’re so mean to me.”

Yondu shrugged, “Yer annoying, ‘s not my fault. Now go on. Go entertain yourself some other way, boy,” he waved Peter away. 

Peter looked disappointed. He liked Yondu when he was in moods like these, when he could feel comfortable around him and not terrified. Still, he stood up and obediently nodded, “Yessir,” before running off. 

Yondu watched the kid go and he sighed, going back to work on his beloved arrow. That kid could be a handful sometimes. 

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Hello yes where can I get the adoption papers for Mercury????

I’m breaking the fourth wall, oooops

Anyway, after that he’ll remember that you hugged him when he was a little ball of lava still in formation.
Then he’ll run very very fast.
Because he’s stupid and shy♥

But… eventually… Will he maybe come back to you?
Will he let you stay with him?
Will he let you teach him how to dab?



Dongwan after MBC Music Core (Fancam)
credit : HELLODH 015

He really looks like a little kid when he play with his helicam and he is really cute when he broke the helicam and said “Bye guys” after it T_T

Coriolanus - A Summary
  • (Contains spoilers for a 400-year-old play)
  • Citizens of Rome: Grain's too expensive! We're going to starve!
  • Caius Martius: Too bad, fragments. I'm off to fight in Corioles.
  • Aufidius: Damn you Caius Martius, you win again!
  • Roman Senate: Yay! We will call you Caius Martius Coriolanus!
  • Volumnia: Hooray, more wounds. Now run for Consul!
  • Caius Martius: Do I have to?
  • Volumnia: I'm your mother. If I say you run for Consul, you'll do it!
  • Caius Martius: Yes, mummy. Give me your voices, rabble... I mean, citizens. Please?
  • Citizens of Rome: Okay!
  • Tribunes: do realise he secretly despises you all.
  • Citizens of Rome: Oh.
  • Tribunes: Banish him instead!
  • Citizens of Rome: Okay!
  • Caius Martius: Hi Aufidius. I know we're sworn enemies, but Rome banished me. Wanna kill them all?
  • Aufidius: I love you. I mean... okay, sure, sounds good.
  • Cominius and Menenius: We used to be your bestest friends. Please stop attacking Rome.
  • Caius Martius: No.
  • Virgilia: I'm your wife. This is your son. Please stop attacking Rome.
  • Caius Martius: No.
  • Volumnia: Mummy says PRETTY PLEASE stop attacking Rome.
  • Caius Martius: Dammit, Mummy, I hate it when you do that. Okay, okay. Peace treaty.
  • Caius Martius: *dies*
Real Life Statrion AU
  • Son: Dad you know my name?
  • Dad: *He sweat big* U-Uh Jim-
  • Son: Hahaha... DAD remember? That was your late son! I'm your new son what my name???
  • Dad: P-Please son this phase of yours Please don't make me...
  • Son: *Instant Transmission behind he own father knife to he neck* Say it...
  • Dad: Go- *Sobbing* Gogu............

au in which princess dís joins her brother and her sons on the quest to reclaim erebor.


Courfeyrac to Javert.

7516) I hate hearing the way my family talks about me. They talk as if I'm dead, no longer around. Please, your son/nephew/grandson/brother isn't dead. She's just your daughter/niece/granddaughter/sister now. Too bad that's too much for you to handle.