please i'm your son

  • Me: *sees a post calling Lance someone's dumb/stupid/idiot child*
  • Me while simultaneously looking up a deep web Hitman: Oh man. What a pity. What a s h a m e.

If in D&D’s show Sansa and Tyrion’s marriage was “a sham”, even though it was celebrated by the High Septon in the presence of the King, the people of King’s Landing and Westeros nobility and was never officially annulled, now I have no difficulty believing that they will find a way to make Jon legitimate by making Elia and Rhaegar’s marriage a sham as well.

Am I just not following the right people or are we not talking at all about the audio clip Daehyun dropped on Insta???

Pidge: Lance is the goofball of the group. He knows how to make us laugh even we were down.

Shiro: He’s our extremely awesome sharpshooter.

Hunk: He’s the Pilot of the Blue Lion. She chose him herself. He’s also my best bro. I don’t think anyone could replace himself.

Keith: He’s always doing things for his friends like pushing them out of harm’s way even if he gets hurt himself and jumping into a water fountain just to help them out and cool things like that.

Allura: He’s definitely not a fifth wheel nor a seventh one. We couldn’t fight this war without him.

Coran: He matters. For Voltron, for the universe and especially to us.

giulscomix  asked:

Hi! A follower asked me to draw young Peter finds out that Yondu is ticklish, but I can't do it right now, can you write down a fan fic of this, please? I'm very curious about your interpretation, I just ask for a father-son playful moment ^_^ thank you!

You draw stuff??? Holy crap, that’s cool! I’m not in contact with many artists. But I’m honored to write something that you couldn’t draw :) I hope you like it! 

Do you take requests, then??? I don’t wanna pressure you or anything I just think artists are so super cool


“What is it, boy?” Yondu looked up from his arrow that he was polishing and sharpening. 

“I’m getting kinda bored. Do you wanna do stuff with me?” a young Peter Quill asked, leaning against the wall facing Yondu. 

“Go away,” Yondu shook his head, not having time for the kid. 

Peter pouted, “What about the stuff at the control deck? You promised you’d teach me how to fly the ship sooner or later. We could do that.”

Yondu paused his polishing and he had to grin, huffing out a short laugh. He looked at Peter and set his arrow aside, “I did say that, didn’t I? Hmph…”

Peter didn’t wait very patiently for an answer from Yondu and the kid groaned childishly, “We can do anything you want! Just something? Please?”

Yondu stared at Peter and he gave him a crooked grin, “Anything? Are you asking me to play with you, Quill?”

A blush rose to Peter’s cheeks and he huffed crossing his arms across his chest, “If that’s what you wanna call it, then yeah.”

“Ahaww. Well, ain’t that precious,” Yondu chortled, “I’ll play with ya. But on my terms,” and he stood off his chair and grabbed Peter. The Terran yelped and struggled at first, not knowing what Yondu was doing.

And the Ravager leader made sure to check the surroundings before showing his playful side with Peter. He’d kill anyone who saw him like this. Yondu pulled Peter into his lap and plopped back down in the chair he was in.

“Y-Yondu, what the hell!?” Peter exclaimed.

“Watch your damn language, boy,” Yondu smirked before holding Peter still and scratching fingers across the kid’s belly. Peter squirmed some more on the elder’s lap and he burst out giggling. 

“Yohohondu, wahahait! Come ohon, this isn’t whahahahat I wahahanted to doho!” 

“Well, it’s what I want to do. Teach you a lesson about interruptin’ me,” Yondu jested, scrabbling all ten of his fingers up and down Peter’s sides and ribs. Peter hung on either side of Yondu’s lap nearly limp but still squirming, laughing joyfully. 

“NAHAHAHA! YONDUUU! Hahahaha nohohohoho!” Peter snorted and he struggled his way off of Yondu’s lap, landing on the floor. 

Yondu sniggered and he looked down at Peter, “Need anything else, Quill?”

Peter panted and he rolled his eyes at Yondu, sitting up, “Youhu’re so mean to me.”

Yondu shrugged, “Yer annoying, ‘s not my fault. Now go on. Go entertain yourself some other way, boy,” he waved Peter away. 

Peter looked disappointed. He liked Yondu when he was in moods like these, when he could feel comfortable around him and not terrified. Still, he stood up and obediently nodded, “Yessir,” before running off. 

Yondu watched the kid go and he sighed, going back to work on his beloved arrow. That kid could be a handful sometimes. 

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Deere Dialogue
Fire Emblem: Fates
Deere Dialogue

For five anons!

I’M CRYING. HIS VOICE IS SO BEAUTIFUL. I… I think I’m in love. This took me forever because I kept getting distracted by his voice. Uh… disclaimers as usual.

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1st Draft Of A Character Concept: a goofy, flirty boi, created solely to annoy character X, one liner machine, gay af, a good big brother

Final Version: has been the sole provider of food through theft to his entire family (most of which is dead) his entire life, selfless to the point of self-sacrificing himself for strangers, flirts to hide his severe insecurities and self-loathing, now a torture survivor with PTSD, probs dying more or less literally, uses alcohol to self-medicate to a dangerous extent

but like also gay af and a good big brother

i’m just here to say that when the home phone rings at wayne manor, anybody within a small distance of the nearest phone just jumps y’all and i’m talking about four boys clambering to get one phone to their dad and jason has the phone and he’s running he’s running dick will pound him being the second tallest but WAIT tim has just tackled jason to the ground and while damian screams YOU IMBECILES JUST HAND THE DEVICE TO MY FATHER tim almost has the phone until BRUCE APPEARS and jason throws the phone, bruce catches it and answers HELLO while snapping his fingers at the wrestling match that is now in session and handing out the batglare to anybody who wants it

monsta x kissing pt. 1/?
  1. Wonho would just kinda ghost his lips over yours a little bit and pull back to give you that lil grin of his, and his eyes would literally disappear because he’d be smiling so hard and you’d whine a little and he’d laugh and lean in to do the same thing, over and over, until you’re pouting and his nose brushes against yours and the corner of his mouth is turned upwards at one corner and he’d wait until you literally asked him to just actually kiss you. and then he’d just. drag his thumb across your lower lip, pull it down a little as he studied your face, and it would be the sexiest thing because his tongue would peek out and he’d look so concentrated on that one fricking thing for a few seconds and then he’d lean in and you would be able to feel his breath against your mouth and he’d inhale sharply because his eyes would meet yours and then he’d slide his fingers over your cheeks and pull you in like that to fully press his mouth to yours in this really sensual, slow kiss and he would still be grinning into the kiss, but it’s more cocky and self-satisfied than teasing and he’d lick his way into your mouth and i’m– he’s touchy as heck and he’s got the strength to actually lift you up and pull you onto his lap and his hands would be on your outer thighs, just kneading at them with his strong, slender fingers, and he’d kiss you open mouthed and slow, taking his time as he just kinda breaks you down into this submissive kind of state and his hands will glide up your back, palms flat against the curve of it until one reaches the back of your neck and he would pull you in closer and he’d be the type to pull back after that, to just smile lazily at you, admire what he’s done, and then brag about how he must be good if you look like that from just kissing and then he’d laugh with that smile again and give you a little small kiss until the process repeats itself
  2. Hyungwon…… he’d be the kind to also give really slow, sensual kisses, but. I don’t think he’d be the kind to tease as often. if he’s gonna kiss you for real, he’s gonna kiss you for real. so he just kind of. kisses you. his pretty lips pressed fully against yours and he’s got one hand on one of your thighs, rubbing gently. he’s probably not the type to press too far— he’d wait for you to lead him into what you want, but he’d be super willing with whatever you wanted to do and boy. would he be able to kiss. it’d be nice and soft and careful because he’s kinda definitely thinking about each of his actions just a little bit despite him being a lil lost in the kisses. and he’s so sweet about it in this way that’s not really obvious idk how to describe? the kisses are far from light and airy, more like he’s channeling how he feels at that moment into the kisses he’s giving you, and it’s always so breathtaking and he could do it for so long, just enjoying the warmth of your body pressed against his and your mouth on his. he’d take his time and sometimes, when you both part for air, he’d give you that small little smile of his, the one that’s more of a twinkle in his eyes than an upturn of his lips and he’d probably be a little shy too, maybe pressing his face against your shoulder sometimes to just kiss you there while he tries to regain his composure. he would also brush his fingers over your face while kissing you, like he’s trying to memorize the way it feels against his fingertips
  3. Changkyun would know how to kiss, in all actuality, and it might sometimes be a little awkward in the beginning to get the right rhythm but he’d be so good. so soft sometimes, maybe even a little too soft, and other times it would be too rough, but he’d slip into it with ease after a bit. your teeth might crack together sometimes, and he’d laugh against your lips, but then he’d capture your lower lip between his teeth, suck it into his mouth and lave his tongue over it, and you’d be done for because he knows what he’s doing then. he’d smooth his hands down your arms, bring his hands to rest at the small of your back and keep you close, and his kisses would be so warm, if not just this side of sloppy. he’d tease your mouth open, brush his nose against yours as he dwindled you down into this less than eloquent mess and it’d be so worth it. he’d pull back sometimes to make a silly face or snort when he realized he couldn’t breathe, and he’d probably say silly things too and point out that he had to manually force his lungs to take in air, but he’d fall right back into the rhythm from before when he kisses you again. he’d also DEFINITELY be the kind to graze his teeth along your collarbone and nibble and rest his face in the crook of your neck while he watched in satisfaction as marks bloomed on your skin (with you, he wouldn’t bite super hard, too scared that he might hurt you, but you’d never not have some kind of little bruise from him sucking these marks into your skin).
  4. Shownu would be the type to not always initiate things— not because he doesn’t want to but because he definitely wants to make sure it’s what you want. so you’d have to kiss him first, but that’s mostly where his hesitance is thrown away. he’d be really happy you kissed him, every single time, and he’d immediately bring one of his hands up to press against the middle of your back to bring you down to him. and he’d just. he’d kiss you so softly because he likes to be gentle with you and because he likes to feel the drag of every movement of his lips against yours. and you could easily coax his mouth open, get him to smooth his tongue along yours and into your mouth and even if his mouth is insistent, his hands are so soft and he’d pull you down onto his lap, get you situated while only breaking the kiss because he wants to smile happily at you, and then he’d go right back to kissing you, lips warm, a little cracked, but so sweet. he’s all about consent and making sure you’re good with everything and he’d also just open up so easily to you because he loves to give to you (and okay, real talk because I’m weak and a nasty pervert, but he’d probably get turned on super easily by kisses and be so embarrassed by it at first because it’s just kissing but he’s hard ?? and you’re on his lap so he’s like got his hand on your hip, trying to keep you from pressing over it so you don’t realize and he’d stop and just distract you somehow, by brushing his thumb across your cheek and he’d laugh his silly little laugh aaah)
  5. Minhyuk would be fun, deep kisses. lots of smiling during them and a lot of tickling during sometimes. he’d want to see you smile any time he pulled back, and his own grin would light up his entire face. he’d play with your hair, smooth it down while he kissed you, and touch your skin, your shoulders, anywhere he could get his hands on because he just wants to be near you. he’d be the kind to press your bodies as close as possible while kissing because he craves that contact and his mouth would be so soft. he’d make sure you knew that you were loved and adored by him with his sometimes overwhelmingly loving kisses. but there’s also a flip side to minhyuk like… he’d also get really into it sometimes, especially when the mood is right. and lord knows that boy knows how to be sexy. he’d still be grinning, but there would be a kind of edge to it and he’d kiss you hard, full on the mouth as he pressed himself against you and his hands would smooth across the skin of your stomach when he slipped them under your shirt. he’d groan anytime you pulled back, like stopping what you’re doing is the last thing on his mind and the last thing he wants, and he’d always lean forward, mouth seeking yours out as soon as you’re ready again but his soft kisses are honestly what i’d live for because they’d be so full of love and happiness and you would be able to FEEL that in everything because he doesn’t hold back when it comes to you.
  6. Jooheon… he’d be the playful kind of kisser. not teasing in the way that wonho is, but still teasing. he’d pepper little kisses all over your face while smiling the entire time, and sometimes he’d get really close to your lips, like right at the corner of your mouth, before he’d stop and retreat back to your cheeks or nose or forehead or something. he wouldn’t wait for you to start begging though— he’d end up giving in relatively quickly and he’d kiss you fully. it wouldn’t be hard, really, but it also wouldn’t be soft. it’d be just this side of needy and insistent, and his lips would feel surprisingly supple and smooth. he’d be the kind to drag his fingers through your hair to pull you closer and he’d pull back every now and then just to look at your face and smile his cute little dimpled smile at you. he’d lean forward and drag his lips across yours again, and then he’d go right back to kissing you and he’d maybe cop a feel, touch your ass, but only playfully, like a pinch, until things got more heated. and then it wouldn’t be just playful. he’d easily slide into the mood from sweet and insistent to hot and almost harsh, and you wouldn’t even know what hit you because he’s got a hand on your ass and he’s dragging your lower lip between his teeth and you’re responding in kind because boy does he know what to do with his mouth. it would be really fast-moving now, with a lot of little grunts and fingers searing into your skin and he’d probably even pull back to ask if you liked what he was doing with a cocky, playful grin and eventually, if it didn’t go any farther than kissing, because jooheon is definitely not the type to press for that if you didn’t want it, it would dissolve back into sweet kisses and that dimpled smile of his
  7. Kihyun kissing would be so nice like he would bring you close first, fingers pulling you in by your jaw and he’d smile all coyly at you and just create this really heavy kind of charged eye contact with you before he would lean in and slot his mouth against yours and he’d be so calculated about it almost but also it would be the most amazing thing because he’d make these nice noises against your mouth and his hands would burn a path down your skin as he moved them to grab at your hips and rubs little patterns into them while he slowly broke you down. when he’s really into it, he’d kiss you with the same kind of passion that he pours into his singing and you’d literally be able to feel every single emotion he wants you to feel and sometimes (not very often) it might even be overwhelming because he might even let himself get lost in it and show you too much but more often than not he’d be in control. and he’d pull back sometimes and smile at you, a kind of teasing but happy grin because he knows what he’s doing and sometimes when he’s feeling soft and sweet, his kisses will be light and airy and flirty, and he might smile sweetly at you and say teasing things, just to keep that balance in there

au in which princess dís joins her brother and her sons on the quest to reclaim erebor.

Coriolanus - A Summary
  • (Contains spoilers for a 400-year-old play)
  • Citizens of Rome: Grain's too expensive! We're going to starve!
  • Caius Martius: Too bad, fragments. I'm off to fight in Corioles.
  • Aufidius: Damn you Caius Martius, you win again!
  • Roman Senate: Yay! We will call you Caius Martius Coriolanus!
  • Volumnia: Hooray, more wounds. Now run for Consul!
  • Caius Martius: Do I have to?
  • Volumnia: I'm your mother. If I say you run for Consul, you'll do it!
  • Caius Martius: Yes, mummy. Give me your voices, rabble... I mean, citizens. Please?
  • Citizens of Rome: Okay!
  • Tribunes: do realise he secretly despises you all.
  • Citizens of Rome: Oh.
  • Tribunes: Banish him instead!
  • Citizens of Rome: Okay!
  • Caius Martius: Hi Aufidius. I know we're sworn enemies, but Rome banished me. Wanna kill them all?
  • Aufidius: I love you. I mean... okay, sure, sounds good.
  • Cominius and Menenius: We used to be your bestest friends. Please stop attacking Rome.
  • Caius Martius: No.
  • Virgilia: I'm your wife. This is your son. Please stop attacking Rome.
  • Caius Martius: No.
  • Volumnia: Mummy says PRETTY PLEASE stop attacking Rome.
  • Caius Martius: Dammit, Mummy, I hate it when you do that. Okay, okay. Peace treaty.
  • Caius Martius: *dies*

Dongwan after MBC Music Core (Fancam)
credit : HELLODH 015

He really looks like a little kid when he play with his helicam and he is really cute when he broke the helicam and said “Bye guys” after it T_T

Real Life Statrion AU
  • Son: Dad you know my name?
  • Dad: *He sweat big* U-Uh Jim-
  • Son: Hahaha... DAD remember? That was your late son! I'm your new son what my name???
  • Dad: P-Please son this phase of yours Please don't make me...
  • Son: *Instant Transmission behind he own father knife to he neck* Say it...
  • Dad: Go- *Sobbing* Gogu............