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i'm awful please post more darth maul dating headcanons cause you make it so cute.

(newsflash my lovely friend: I am also Awful™ so here ya go!)

-You can quite easily deal with his dramatic mood swings by now. So he’ll come in raging and seething about how he will have his revenge, ect, and you’ll be just eating a bag of chips or something and let it blow over. “You done?” you’ll ask in a bored voice.” “No!” he’ll growl. “Want a chip?” “….yes.” “Come sit.”

-People try to warn you away from being with this mad dangerous scary sith lord and you have serious trouble not laughing in their faces b/c “What, him? He’s a massive fucking dork. He spilled something yesterday and blamed the cat.”

-Once or twice he’s had to catch himself before he bursts into laughter while talking to Sidious because of something he remembers you saying the day before. That would not go over well for you. 


“I remember coming [to the Vanity Fair party] with my dad when I was young and just thinking it was the coolest place in the world where all of the prettiest, most talented people came,” Jones reminisced. “And now I’m here.”

“And now you know you were wrong,” observed Poehler.

"Yeah, I was wrong.”

So hi guys so here’s some bad news is that my computer is officially broken and I have to get a new one. So digital art will be put on hold, along with speedpaints and all that jazz. But luckily getting a new computer won’t take that long do for now I’m gonna do sketchbook request cause I’m bored and I still wanna draw for you guys.
So yeah send a bunch of requests, note requests that were sent before when I had my computer won’t be drawn. My reasoning behind that is because I’m assuming people wanted digital art for those and I plan to give that for them.
So all the requests that come after this post will be drawn, you can request as many things as you like cause honestly I can do this all day. I might even draw some smut again so don’t miss out. Also I will do anything, so septiplier, h2ovanoss, Pewdiecry, other youtubers are allowed but I’m gonna try to stick to youtubers and Aus are allowed too. So please I begging you guys to bother me all day with requests. Thank you ♡

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1. Your URL must be (a. fandom related a1. letter a is optional b. must have sense) or else I won’t make you one because it will be hard for me to make a graphic when I don’t have a guide or inspiration.
2. You can only request starting today until January 6, 2014, the day before school comes back.
3. Please be patient with me.

{Open Roleplay} {AU}

Bragwen sat on top of a church looking at the town below. This old and decaying monastery was situated on top of a cliff not so far from the town and she came here often. Lately in this Lively little town in which she came from she had been hearing dire rumours of a dangerous creature that had been kidnapping young ladies and gentlemen from the village and their lifeless bodies being found in the centre of town.

Of course Bragwen did not believe such nonsense, despite the dark fear lurking in the back of her mind. Any way as far as she was aware vampires wouldn’t dare come near a church. ‘They are like demons’ her mother had told her so she promptly assumed that this church would keep her protected from the fangs of a vampire.

But to introduce this young lady. Bragwen was coming close to being the rightful age for being able to find a husband. Though she was adventurous and quite rough at times, she still liked to dress well. Everyday people would see her wearing her smart and tough clothes. When she wore them people knew she was going to go adventuring.

{open roleplay! Please no more than 3 sentence replies! \(^o^)/}


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Honestly what even is so great about ml? Like I've tried to watch the first season but it literally seems like any other kids show, it's so damn boring. But like why are so many teens and adults die hard fans of this show when it's meant for 10 year olds like come on please tell me why it's so interesting cuz I honestly really want to know on a fans pov. No lie I'm actually very interested to find out what brings adults into this.

There are lots of reasons people love miraculous. For one, despite it being a kids’ show, it’s one of the many that are coming out now that have been designed not just for the enjoyment of kids, but for the whole family. A new trend, but one that I think is pretty awesome. 

As far as the show itself, it has dynamic, interesting characters. The cast is diverse. The main female protagonist is not only a badass, but a woman of color. We will see a cast of strong females in the future–a team of superheroes that is majority female and boasts two woman of color (which is better than the Avengers movie cast). The male cast member breaks gender stereotypes and respects his partner as an equal. It’s a show about superheroes–everyone loves superheroes. It’s got a romantic subplot, but the tension between identities as well as the non-traditional roles of the characters makes it fresher than what we see in most romances. The lore, while not expanded a ton in the current show, will be soon enough (most likely). We see some mystery and drama cropping up with the male protagonist’s family, as well as with his abusive relationship with his father. There are lots of reasons to find the show interesting. 

Now, I’m not saying it doesn’t have its cringe-worthy moments, or moments when you just want to sigh and ask why they’re SO stupid, but overall it’s a good experience and I would imagine that, with more funding and more backing behind the show, it will continue to get better from where it is now. 

As far as it being a kids’ show, I really don’t see how that’s relevant. Just because it’s something kids can enjoy doesn’t mean adults can’t enjoy it as well. It’s got a light tone (for now) and is generally enjoyable. And the lore, or lack of it, as well as the relationships, is super inspiring to fandom. There’s a reason I was able to write an epic fanfiction around it. 

No, it’s not everyone’s favorite, but that has nothing to do with it being a “kids’ show” and more to do with it simply not being some people’s cup of tea. You are at liberty to dislike the show if you please, but if you do take issue with it, please do not assume that those of us who do enjoy it are somehow at fault for it being targeted at children. Zootopia was a “kids’ movie” and people all over the world enjoyed that. So was Frozen. 

In any case, hope that helps some. 

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i’m probably a bit behind b/c everyone’s done one, but i did a sherlock-frozen thing and yeah. please not that i can’t sing for shit, so, this’ll likely be awful. but, enjoy it if you can!


do you wanna go play murder?
the game is on let’s go and play,
we never do this any more,
since mary walked back through the door,
it’s like you’ve been away.
you used to be my colleague,
and now you’re not,
mrs hudson was right.
do you wanna go play murder?
it doesn’t have to be a murder,
there’ve been some linked suicides.

do you wanna go play murder?
or shoot some bullets through the walls?
i think some deductions are overdue,
can’t do them without you,
i’ve started answering anderson’s calls.
i’m used to being lonely,
it’s been my whole life,
but without you i’m bored.

come on, you know i’m out here,
people are asking if i’ve seen,
they say he’s back and we both know it’s true,
he’s coming back for me and you,
please let me in.
i’m the only one who can save you,
you must do the same for me,
what are we going to do?
do you wanna go play murder?

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I’m too busy being yours to fall for somebody new


Checking his bow tie for the last time on the mirror he sighed and turned to look at Jarvis sitting on the bed surrounded with all those papers that he didn’t even knew what were they about.
“Are you sure you don’t want to come?” He approached to him, kissing his temple.
“It’ll be just a couple of hours and then we can go back and I don’t know…I won’t be that bored if you with me.” A small smile curled on his lips as he stepped back to grab his keys and wallet.
“We can talk shit about you know who~”
Among the high society there was good people but most of them were just assholes and pretentious.
Anthony and Jarvis had fun talking about those who were the worst.

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what are your favourite games please? I'm so bored of mine and have a 5 hour car journey tomorrow ☹

Hey! I’m legit in love with DDtank, i’ve started playing it over coming onto the tumblr app which is saying a lot! I just wanna squeeze the bird forever it’s so cute, and it’s never going to get boring because you can play against people online all the time. Idk which you have so here is the android link and here’s the ios one xx  
😄 😄

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hiya! fic request pretty please :D modernAU where Steve & Bucky are roommates & they're totally into each other but Steve is in denial about how he feels so Bucky keeps coming up with ridiculous adorable ways to seduce Steve (ex; "I'm sorry what oh my towel? you know how I like to drip dry Steve," "What's that you say you're bored well obviously we should wrestle naked won't that be fun?") lol

When you go to college, they tell you that everything is going to be different. You’ll meet new people, try new things, have new experiences, and, yeah, all that is turning out to be true, and Steve’s kind of happy about it.

 Less so about the proximity he’s got these days with Bucky.

 They shared a room in Bucky’s house, sure, but they also shared two walls, one with Ricky and Jack. the other with Becky. Mr. or Mrs. Barnes could walk in at any time, so Steve had an easier time keeping his eyes- and thus his crush- to himself.

 It wasn’t that he was in the closet or anything. Steve had taken so much shit off of people anyway for his attitude that he’d never bothered pretending he wasn’t queer. Bucky, too, came out sometime in middle school as pansexual, though the quickest way to get him in a fistfight was to imply that meant anything other than having age-appropriate crushes.

 It seemed a betrayal of the Barnes’s trust, once they’d taken him in after his mom died- “You’re barely a mouse, Steven,” Mrs. Barnes had told him. “It’s no trouble, I promise.”- to have a crush on Bucky, and never mind that he’d been crushing since they were in elementary school. Before either of them realized that no, actually, wanting to kiss boys was not a logical extension of enjoying hanging out with male friends for everyone.

 Bucky’s compulsion to spend eighty percent of his time in some form of undress was not helpful.


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Could you please link me to your favorite fanfictions? I'm a bit bored and I've already read all yours, so... THANKS! :)

Weeeell, somebody else had asked this a long while ago and I had to search through my posts to find the answer. I had a good laugh while reading the reactions people had at my stories/series. 

Oh the broken feels, should I break more hearts? Yeah, I am going to!

Ok sorry for the rambling, now to the answer:

Old Enough [Dean x Reader]by i-write-supernatural-fanfiction

Part 1 l Part 2 (there should be more coming)

Where my Demon hides [Demond!Dean x Reader] by i-write-supernatural-fanfiction

Part 1 l Part 2 l Part 3 l Part 4 l Part 5

Out Of Bounds [Jensen x Reader] by sincerelysaraahh

Part 1 l Part 2 l Part 3 l Part 4 l Part 5 l Part 6 l Part 7 l Part 8 l Part 9

Hidden [Dean x Reader x Sam] by winchestercandy

Part 1 l Part 2 l Part 3 l Part 4

Unkiss me [Dean x Reader x Sam/Jared] by deanwinchesterismyhomeboy


The best for you [Dean x Reader] by thenightyouknow


That’s me panicking [Dean x Reader] by thenightyouknow


These are my ABSOLUTELY favorite ones ♥