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“you need to lie down, yura,” otabek says.

“i don’t want to,” comes the waspish retort.

yuri can be grumpy, as a general rule, but he’s exceedingly so when he’s ill. yuri is a hurricane-large personality, squeezed into human form, and he doesn’t have time to be sick; he has so much to offer the world and in a limited time. so when he comes down with sickness, he’s almost overbearingly petulant, and his mood is never any flavour but sour. 

otabek sighs lightly. “well, you certainly can’t get up and make it worse for yourself.”

“i know that,” yuri snaps, fever-bright eyes narrowed with irritation. he’s not making eye contact.

otabek sighs again. “want me to put on a movie for you?” he bends down, squatting at the side of the bed. “work with me, yura,” he says softly,  searching the stubborn face before him with patient eyes.

yuri looks at him for a second or two, his lip trembling. a brief moment of vulnerability, before his eyebrows furrow, and his expression shutters. his gaze flits off to the side again, but the edges of his scowl are softer, somehow. in a grudging tone, he mutters, “fine.” yuri tucks the blankets around himself a little more securely. “but i get to choose the movie, and you have to watch it with me, and - and you can’t complain.”

otabek smiles, then, a proper smile, and brushes his fingers lightly through yuri’s sweat-damp hair. “not a word,” he promises.

if yuri’s cheeks, flushed from illness, burn a little warmer at his touch, neither of them comment on it.


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You know what my younger, eleven-year-old sister said after hearing Who Lives, Who Dies, Who Tells Your Story?

She said, “The orphanage isn’t what makes me sad. It’s that [Eliza] did all that stuff and then no one even knows her. No one tells her story.”

That stuck with me.


OKAY so i’ve been thinking a lot ‘bout Knock Out appearing in rid15 and this is just one of many many ideas i have. But this one i’ve thought the furthest almost the whole story. Unfortunately i just didn’t have time but to do just 2 pages today. I really like this idea cause the cons using an ex-con, who happened to be the hero’s biggest enemies, against this specific hero, it’s good cause it leaves so many questions. What happened?
The art is, well terrible doodling, but the main point was just to get the idea on paper nothing else. But if i’m gonna continue i will do it a lot better. And sorry they are kinda small.

do you ever have that feeling that your friends really don’t care about you? like it’s just a false sense of thinking you have a friend, when you really don’t, and they’re just using you for something.

March Book Photo Challenge

Day 12: bookish place

My dad’s office. When I was a child I used to sit here and read/look at some of his books while he worked.

Will trying to seduce Nico with flowers?? idk?? Cookie for anyone who colours it for me


Seth and Kate as Lana Del Rey Songs: Salvatore

“ The summer’s hot and I’ve been waiting for you all this time. I adore you, can’t you see, you’re meant for me? Summer’s hot but I’ve been cold without you. I was so wrong not to tell, I’m in regine, tangerine dreams.”

I am a 17 yr old wasting her time on a 15 yr old boy who probably doesnt even care where our relationship goes lol.

So I’ve gotten quite a few requests for an Enchanted Starco AU so enjoy part 1 of a doodle dump! I haven’t watched this movie in so long I love this au so much! I made the Evil Queen Miss Heinous and tried making her look younger ;3; I also made Marco’s daughter Celeste, who is my idea for a Starco child, and just kinda went with it.
More to come soon! :)


I’m so glad I went to the park today. It was going to be such an ordinary day if you hadn’t been reading that book!


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