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4.2k of smut, I’m not even sorry

‘OUCH! Stop, st- STOP IT PANSY! Argh, fuck, I think I broke a rib.’ Draco sat down on his bed, a painful expression on his face which was paler than usual.

‘You’re an ungrateful bastard’ Pansy flopped beside him, pouting ‘the whole Slytherin house knows I’m the best on giving massage’

‘Well, I better look for someone from other houses then’ Draco made another pained expression as he got up. ‘I can’t, I can’t walk. Argh, fuck!’ He laid down slowly. Pansy only stared at him from the door, the look on her a face a mixture of pity and remorse.

‘I’ll get someone. Even though you were a little bitch just now.’ She glared at him before leaving.

It’d started three days before then. He was getting ready on Wednesday morning to practice quidditch. Everything was fine when he bent down to tie his shoelaces, but the second he straightened his back an acute pain hit him on his hips. It’d gotten worse the past two days to the point now he couldn’t even sit properly without feeling it.

He laid there, thinking maybe he would have to look for Madam Pomfrey after all. But fuck, those potions always messed up with his stomach, he’d do anything to avoid taking them even if it meant asking for someone he didn’t know to give him a massage. Pansy had told him she knew what she was doing but at the end it’d only worsened it.


'It’s for a friend, you see. He’s in a lot of pain at the moment and I was hoping you knew someone good on giving massages’ Pansy flopped down on a chair at the eighth year common room.

'Well,’ Hermione started, closing her arithmancy book. 'I do, but… who exactly is this friend of yours?’ She gave Pansy a look that could be translated as 'Are-we-talking-about-who-i-think-we-are-talking-about?’

'Draco’ Pansy sighed, predicting the other’s answer. 'But… I swear he’ll behave. And you owe me this one, right? After I brought you those French hair products’ Pansy smirked.

'You really are a Slytherin’ Hermione sighed 'but they were actually amazing. I’ll help you with this one but I can’t guarantee it’ll go well.’

Pansy gave her a quick hug, grinning. 'Who is it then?’

'Harry’ Hermione murmured to herself.

Pansy gasped and then laughed until tears were streaming down her face.

'Holy. Shit. Are you sure he’ll want to do it?’

Hermione gave her a little smile.

'He owes he a favor’

Pansy’s giggling was catching the attention of everyone around them.

'Who’s the Slytherin one now?’


'Tell me how amazing I am’

The girl bursted inside his dorm an hour after she’d left to find Draco in the same position.

'You found someone?’ He got up, regretting the decision immediately. 'Ah, shit! Are they outside? Please tell me they’re outside’

'They’ll be here in ten’ Pany sat by his side and poked his cheek 'go on, tell me how amazing I am’

'You’re amazing’ he grunted. When he looked at his friend, though, she wasn’t paying attention, busy with a little pink bag Draco hadn’t noticed she’d brought before. 'What-’

'Oils. For the massage’ she smirked and Draco felt blood going to his cheeks.

'There’s no need for that’

'They have properties. They could help’ she started to take the little flasks with different colors out of the bag and pile them on Draco’s bed.

A light knock on the door told them Pansy’s friends had arrived.

'C'mon in!’

'I just don’t understand why… No. No fucking way.’

'Harry, please, Pansy said-’

'What the actual fuck, Pansy!’ Draco started talking at the same time Hermione tried to stop Harry from leaving the room. 'This is… ah, shit shit- ARGH!’ Draco’s attempt to get up brought back the striking pain on his lower back and he felt his knees failing. The next second he was tumbling to the ground with a loud thud. Tears came uninvited to his eyes and he bit his lips as hard as he could to stop from screaming.

Draco didn’t look up to see who it was that was trying to help him get up. A firm hand went on the underside of his thigh as the other grabbed his shoulder firmly, pushing him to his feet just long enough for him to get to his bed. When he collapsed on his bed, flushed cheeks and tears still streaming down his face, everything he could think about was that maybe his time had come. Die would be better than suffer so much humiliation in front of Saint Potter, who was panting by his side.

Harry stared down at the boy in front of him, Malfoy’s face twisted in an ugly expression. It was like he was trying to sneer at Harry but the pain was too much even for that. Harry sighed and turned to see he was left alone in the room with an incapacitated Malfoy. Well, shit, that was just great. Why couldn’t people just leave him alone? Peace, it was all he was asking for after everything. But, oh no, he had to have asked Hermione for help with his potions homework the week before, and now he owed her this. Harry wouldn’t have denied giving a massage to any of his friends if they’d asked him. He’d helped Hermione, Ginny and even Luna in the past. But Malfoy? Give Malfoy a massage, after everything, almost sounded funny.

Except it wasn’t because Harry had a hero complex and he knew Malfoy wouldn’t ask for such a thing if he wasn’t desperate. It wasn’t even Malfoy who came looking for Hermione, it was Pansy, which meant he probably was in a lot of pain. He couldn’t walk, from what Harry could see.

Small flasks caught his attention, all of them pilled up beside Malfoy.

'What’s this?’ He grabbed one and put it against the light. The liquid inside was thicker than water.

'Oils. Pansy brought them. She said they could help. Not like you need to know this anyway since you won’t use them.’ Malfoy spoke through gritted teeth, facing the wall opposite to where Harry stood. So he was expecting him to leave, that cocky bastard.

'Take off your shirt then’ Harry levitated all the tiny flasks to the ground and picked up one randomly. When he opened it the smell of cinnamon filled the room. Malfoy stared at him like he’d gone insane.

'What do you think you’re doing?’ he asked slowly.

'Well, maybe a massage since that’s what Hermione asked me to do and I can’t have a fucking moment of peace in this castle. And since you seem to be unable to even walk I advise you shut the fuck up and take off your shirt so I can see what’s wrong and finish in time for dinner’ Harry looked up to find Malfoy gaping at him.

'Do you even-’

'Yes, I do know how to do it, you prick. And I’m using this one, so take off your shirt’ Harry signaled to the open flask in his hands as he sat down on the far end of the bed.

He didn’t quite know how the oil would help since he’d never used them when he gave massages before. He liked the smell of it, that was all.

Malfoy struggled to sit down. He undid his tie, opened every button and started to take it off, really slowly trying not to move too much, wincing everytime he did. He folded his shirt and put it on the chair beside the bed. Harry couldn’t help staring at the huge scars on his chest he knew he was responsible for. Guilt settled on his stomach as he tore his gaze away.

'Lay down on your stomach’ Harry got up and sat beside Malfoy’s body as close as he could without brushing their thighs. It was ridiculous, he knew, since he would be touching him quite soon. Malfoy did as he was told and stilled, realising what that meant.

And what it meant was that, like that, he was completely vulnerable. He turned his face to Potter’s side and searched the other boy’s face for any sign of danger but all he could see was a frown as Harry dripped the oil in his fingers. Draco felt his cheeks heat up for some reason he didn’t understand.

'I’m going to start’ Potter’s voice was low when he spoke. Before Draco could say anything Potter’s hands were on his shoulders, placed at the same distance from the centre of his back. They were warmer than Draco’s skin, soft and sticky with oil. His breath got stuck on his throat  when Potter squeezed and, even though his lower back still hurt, Draco felt some of the tension leave his shoulders. He exaled, relaxing into the matress.

Harry maintained the rhythm for a while, squeazing and releasing Malfoy’s shoulders, his thumbs pressing small circles on the other’s neck as he did. Harry, then, started to let his hands go lower, maintaining the pressing of his thumbs as he did until he reached the high of Malfoy’s kidneys. He stopped there to smear his hands with more oil.

'Where did the pain start?’ Harry found his voice was hoarse when he spoke.

'Hm… my hips’ Malfoy sounded sleepy when he spoke. He was so relaxed Harry had to hold back a giggle. He must really be great at giving massage if it meant even Malfoy was enjoying it.

He stopped shortly.

'Your hips?’ Shit, he wasn’t expecting that. 'Er… okay. I’ll- I’ll need you to lower you trousers a bit.  

'What?’ Draco opened his eyes, snapping out of his daze. What did Potter just say?

'So I can reach your hips. I can’t do much with them in the way’ he said slowly, almost like he expected Draco to start yelling at him.

'So you want me to take off my pants?’ Draco couldn’s believe what the fuck was going on.

'No! Just- Just open it, okay? I can do the rest…’ Draco stopped for a second. He reached for his buttons, opened them and laid down again. He turned his face the other way since he was pretty sure he was blushing. Shit, Potter better know what he was doing.

Harry exhaled gradually. He most definitely didn’t know what he was doing. Well, he did, but he shouldn         ’t be doing this. He should’ve stopped, told Malfoy to go look for Pomfrey and got out of there.

Instead he placed his hands on Malfoy’s lower back again. He rubbed his thumbs in circles there, with less pressure this time, and started to press lower as he did. He reached his trousers but since the buttons were open it hang loose on Malfoy’s hips. Harry let his thumbs go under the waist and Malfoy froze.

Harry exhaled again. 'This will probably hurt but if it doesn’t work I’ll know what I have to do, okay?’ He pulled his trousers lower until he could see the other’s boxers. They were black, just like his trousers. Harry could see the fine blond hair that covered his lower back was up.

'Just don’t break my bones’ His tone was sarcastic.

Harry had his weigh on one knee which was pressed against the matress, both hands on Malfoy’s hips.

'Inhale’ Harry instructed. 'Hold’ Malfoy did as he was told.

'Exhale’ he pushed all his weight on his hands as quickly as he could. Malfoy screamed and Harry cursed. They were panting, Malfoy still too shocked to say anything.

'It won’t work, not like this’ Harry got off the bed to take off his shoes. When he looked back Malfoy was staring at him with a strange expression on his face, fear mixed with something else. Was it anticipation?

'This will work’ Harry got on the bed again and before malfoy could say anything he passed one of his legs over the blond’s body, straddling him. Harry sat on Malfoys thighs, trapping him so he couldn’t turn around.

'WHAT THE FUCK, POTTER?’ Malfoy tried to free himself but Harry pinned both Draco’s hands above his head in a strong grip.

'I’m telling you this will work! Stop fidgeting and shut up!’

But focusing on Potter’s words was hard since all he could sense was the warmth and pressure on his thighs, so close to his ass. He’d never felt anything like that before, something disturbingly intimate and his whole body was reacting as if it was. He closed his eyes, cursing inside his head as blood rushed into his cock. Fuck fuck fuck, this wasn’t happening, it couldn’t be…

'Inhale’ Potter’s words resonated closer to his ear than before. He shivered, inhaling as deep as he could. 'You need to relax’ Potter’s voice came out hoarse, his thumbs still tracing circles on his hips. Draco shuddered but felt his shoulders lose tension again.

'Inhale’, Harry repetead. 'Hold’ And Draco did.

Potter shifted on his thighs and Draco almost forgot what he was supposed to do.

'Exhale’ he did it again, placing all his weight in his hands, his thighs pressing hard against Malfoy’s as he did. A loud crack made Harry smile and Draco scream.

And then Malfoy let out a loud moan and Harry lost his train of thought.

Suddenly all the blood in his brain was going down, making his pants too tight. His ears felt like they were full of water when he heard Malfoy hum against the pillow.

'It worked’ Draco breathed, lifting his hips a bit to check if the pain was still there. The motion caused his ass to rub against something hard.

Draco gasped.

Harry moaned low.

Draco’s hips rose up again, higher, rubbing harder against what he knew was Potter and fuck, he didn’t know what he was doing anymore. And then Potter pressed down, literally pressed against Draco’s ass so he could feel it, the whole length even through the fabric. Potter was hard, really hard and Draco felt his own cock twitching at that.

Draco moaned, the sound ringing in Harry’s ears. He should go, he knew he should, but Malfoy was panting, and lifting that roundy ass for him, to rub against him, and Harry saw his face when he turned his head to the side. His cheeks were flushed and lips parted.

Harry pressed again, leaning forward until his mouth was just above Malfoy’s left ear.

'Do you want me to go?’ He needed to be sure, to be certain he wasn’t imagining all that.

Malfoy gasped, his eyes tightly shut. 'No’ He lifted his arm, grabbing Harry’s thigh and craving his nails on it. Harry bit his earlobe, went for his jaw and started sucking there.

Draco’s cock was throbbing beneath him, so hard he was sure he might faint any second.

The next minute the pressure against his ass was gone making a small cry escape his lips. Fuck fuck, Potter must have come to his senses before he did…

His pants were suddenly yanked down to his knees, his boxers with them. The sudden movement ccreating friction against his cock, now leaking on the matress. Draco was sure he couldn’t blush any harder but it didn’t stop him from moaning when hands grabbed his arse cheeks. How come he didn’t know he could get pleasure from there? Potter’s hands were everywhere, squeezing, pinching, scratching the soft skin.

Harry opened his cheeks, exposing his hole and run his thumb there tentatively.

'Ah- ha fuck…’ Draco buried his face in the pillow again. This wasn’t right, this was so fucking wrong, what was he doing moaning for…

'I wanna eat you up’ Harry didn’t mean to let the words escape his lips. His gaze was fixed on Malfoy’s pink hole and when it contracted under his thumb the thought of licking there, fucking him with his tongue, assaulted his mind immediately. Malfoy shivered under him.

'Wh-What are you saying?’ the tips of his ears were even redder from where Harry could see them.

Harry got off of Malfoy’s thighs and pushed them apart. He grabbed Malfoy’s hips again, pulling his ass up a bit. He could see the blond’s cock was hard and swollen, rubbing against the matress. Harry got on his elbows, squeezed Draco’s arse again and bit the already marked skin.

Draco gasped, his head jerking to the side so he could get a glimpse of Potter between his legs. Potter was sucking him at the spot he’d bitten before, his hands massaging the place where his thighs met his ass. He run his fingers there, grabbed his arse cheeks and pulled them apart. Draco drew a sharp breath.

He could hear Harry fidgeting with his own pants followed by the sound of clothes hitting the ground. Draco waved his hand towards the door, a click signalling it was now locked. He couldn’t even begin to think what would happen if anyone decided to come in.

Draco felt something wet, warm and firm press against his hole.

'Fuck fuck, you can’t- ah… ahhhh P-Potter this is…’ he gave a choking moan when Harry began to lick him relentlessly, his own moans reverberating in Draco’s skin.

Harry licked, savoured until his tongue got past the tight ring, and then he was fucking Draco, fucking him with wet and hot thrusts of his tongue. Draco kept pushing  back, gasping as he did, completely out of control.

Harry had never done that before but the sencond he laid eyes on Draco’s ass, naked before him all he could thing about was opening him, filing him up to get all those delicious sounds out of him.

Draco moaned, and moaned, louder each time. The words that came out of his mouth were incoherent, interrupted by sharp intakes of air.

'Yes… This- fuck Potter… I-deep-deeper’

Deeper, he wanted it deeper. Harry grasped the tiny flask he’d left on the ground and smeared his fingers with the oil again. He retreated his tongue earning a whimper from Malfoy that turned into a sob the second Harry’s middle finger replaced his tongue, getting in smoothly. Draco gasped, shivering uncontrollably and Harry just stayed there, mouth hanging open at the view. His finger disappeared and reappeared, Malfoy sucking him in while rutting against the matress. Harry curled his finger experimentally getting Malfoy to jolt and scream, throwing his head back. Harry caressed his thigh marked with purple bruises, another finger going inside his hole. The blond hissed but didn’t tell Harry to stop so he thrusted them to the base.

Draco’s brain was shutting down. The lewd sounds filling the room paired with the smell of cinnamon overstimulating his whole body. He wanted more heat, more pressure, more skin against his but the words kept getting lost in his throat everytime he tried to voice his needs. And Potter, fuck, he knew what to do with his hands, with his mouth. That fucking tongue worked like magic inside him. Potter was moving his fingers inside him in a way Draco didn’t even know was possible, scissoring them, thrusting them to the base.

The fingers were suddenly gone. Draco inhalled sharply but before he could complain Potter grabbed his shoulders and turned him around. He laid there on his back, legs spread open, cock dripping with pre come. And Harry stared him down, took in every inch of his light skin shamelessly. Draco felt exposed even though they were both naked. His hole twitched, stretched and leaking all the oil Potter had rubbed inside him and Potter stared. He fucking stared, jerking himself as he did.

Draco grabbed his own cock and began to do the same. It was unfair, having to do it all by himself after all Potter did, that bastard. The gesture caught the Golden Boys’s attention, though, and Draco smirked.

'i want,’ Harry bent down, their chests flushed against each other, his mouth whispering in Draco’s lips. 'I want to put it in you’ he sucked Draco’s lower lip. Holy fuck, he was on the edge already. Potter moved his lips to Draco’s ear and shifted, the head of his cock now poking Draco’s entrance. Draco felt it tingle as Potter cast a protective spell. 'I want to fill you up’ he whispered against his ear.

'Fuck, fuck…’

'Has anyone ever done that?’ he nuzzled Draco’s temple, his glans rubbing against his hole. 'I’m going to take you’ Harry hold his cock steadily as he pushed an inch, stretching Malfoy for him. The blond was panting on his cheek, small sobs inbetween gasps for air.

Harry’s ability to dirty talk, even as his own mind wasn’t working properly was something he didn’t know he could do. He was blushing, panting, but the possessivness he felt made him talk. Malfoy was his, all his, he just never thought that that anger, the rush of adrenaline he felt every time they were close could be hiding something else. He always thought Malfoy was his to take down, to fight against. But he also was his to consume, to bury himself into.

Harry thrust slowly, taking in the tightness, the heat engulfing him. Malfoy was fisting his cock under him, eyes tightly shut and mouth hanging open. Harry stopped Malfoy’s hand with his own and, with a tight grip, trapped them both above his head. Malfoy opened his eyes, his grey irisis thin rings around blown pupils.

'Touch my cock’ he whispered against Harry’s lips, more a command than a pleading. Harry smashed their mouths together instead, refusing to let go of his grip. Draco shivered under him, opened his mouth, let Potter invade his mouth with that tongue. Fuck, that tongue that’d fucked him just minutes ago. And Harry kissed him, his cock deep buried to the hilt inside him. He was full, so fucking full he felt his whole body collapse when Potter started to pull back.

He thrust again, the friction, the pressure, sending shocks of pleasure to Draco’s cock, up his spine, everywhere. Through half opened eyes Draco saw Harry gazing at him, his glasses gone, his lips red, parted as puffs of air escaped them. Harry thrust hard when he realized Draco was staring back. His complex changed immediately.

'I-yes fuck ahh-ah…’ Draco’s whole body was trembling, his ass thrusting back against Harry’s cock, trying to get him to go deeper.

Harry released Draco’s hands, grabbed his thighs instead and lifted them, shoving in until his fingers were numb from the tight grip. He’d leave marks there, crimson lines, and the thought made him moan. Harry bent down again, his mouth reaching Draco’s neck. He sucked him there while he fucked hard and fast. Draco fisted his cock with one hand while the other scratched Harry’s back repeatedly.

His moans were louder now, loud enough Harry was sure people could hear them from outside the dorm. Draco didn’t seem to care, or even realize he was making those sounds.

The next moment Draco was contracting around him, trembling violently and coming on their stomachs. The pressure was enough to send Harry over the edge, his thrusts erratic as he came deep inside Draco.

Draco moaned again when he felt something hot filling him up, Harry’s last thrusts too much to handle.

Harry flopped beside him, his limbs drained of strengh.

'Merlin’ he whispered to himself.


'That was…’


They didn’t speak for the next couple of minutes. When Harry got up to leave, though, Draco reached for his arm.

'You could… we- uh… we could…’

Harry kissed him softly, almost clumsily before speaking 'Yeah, I- I’d like that’


Draco sat down that evening with Pansy and Blaise at their common room to warm themselves in front of the fire. He couldn’t help wincing a bit when he did.

'What’s wrong? I thought Potter had fixed you back’

Draco felt his face flushing immediately.

'He did! I just…’

'I’m sure he did. Just remember to go somewhere else with thicker walls next time you call him to fix your back’ Blaise didn’t even care to lift his eyes from the book he had in hands.

His cheeks were in flames and the expression on Pansy’s face wasn’t helping.

‘You owe me two favours now!’ She smirked, leaning against the couch like she’d won a bet.

‘What- Why two?’ Draco shifted and winced again at the new burning ache.

‘Because,’ She stuck up a finger like she needed to count all the favours Draco owned her. ‘I found someone to fix your back’ She lifted another finger. ‘And,’

Right that second Potter walked through the portrait followed by Granger and Weasley. He spotted Draco immediately and, well wasn’t that great, strode towards him, leaving Weasley with a confused look and Granger with a knowing one. He glanced at Pancy and saw her waving at the Gryffindor girl. Fucking amazing.

‘Hey,’ Potter stood awkwardly there before sitting on the arm of Draco’s chair. Draco knew his cheeks were already flushed but when Potter bent down and whispered in his ear he was sure he probably looked like a tomatoe. ‘Fancy a game of Wizard’s chess later?’

Pansy was shaking trying to keep herself from bursting out laughing.

‘Your dorm?’ Draco found himself playing with the hem of Potter’s hoody. The bastard blushed at Draco’s words, but nodded with a smile on his face.

He’d barely turned his back when Draco heard Pansy’s voice loud and clear.

‘And, I got you a cute boyfriend. Two favours!’




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Request: “Hi! I was wondering if you could write something based on the song 18 by Anarbor, with Sirius please, I don’t know maybe something about reader having parents with a really strict no dates until out of howarts rule but Sirius has been always in love with her but she not as much as him, every time I hear it I can’t stop thinking of how fitting it is! The reader could be a slytherin who parents obviously kind of disapprove Sirius so that why Sirius or reader want to piss them off. Also, your writing is beautiful. X”

Pairing: Sirius Black x Reader

Word Count: 3.2k

Warnings: smoking, drinking, implied smut

Originally posted by theunclaimedgeneration

Eighteen, crazy
pulled up in your daddy’s car
Should’ve seen this coming from a mile away
I know what you want from me

“So,” your father started, poking at his dinner, “are you going to meet up with your friends at the station tomorrow?”

You perked up at the mention, nodding, suddenly excited as you realised the break was finally over.

“Is that boy going to be there?” Your mother wiggled her shoulders, a cheesy grin spreading on her face.

“Boy?” Your father’s head popped up from the mashed potato he had been scuffing down. “What boy?”

“Oh honey did you fail to notice? (Y/n) was waiting with a boy when we went to pick her up after school finished.”

“No. Who is he?” Your father directed his severe attention to you now. “Pureblood, I hope.” He narrowed his eyes slightly.

“He is, actually.” You fought the urge to roll your eyes as you viciously stabbed your vegetables.

“Good, good.” He responded, eager to drift away from the conversation topic.

“What’s his name?” Your mother asked with raised brows, impatient to learn all the details.

The corner of your lip twitched as you twirled your fork. “Sirius.” No reaction from your father, who was now reading the headlines on his copy of The Daily Prophet. “Sirius Black.”

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Taste | Draco Malfoy & Slytherin!Reader

Summary: Reader and Draco Malfoy are best friends. They’re just getting into puberty, and Draco wants to learn how to kiss well so he asks her for help.

Writing Prompt #151 by @ourwritingprompts

“Welcome to my humble abode.”

“This place reeks of body odor and desperation.”

Warnings: Use of (Y/L/N), which stands for “Your Last Name”. Also, this is based around the summer of year 3 - year 4 :)

The first time he saw her, he thought she was ugly. Annoying. An abomination to the Slytherin house. But then, as she kept crossing his path on a daily basis, he began to feel attracted to her and her mean spirit towards the Granger girl. Despite her pug-like appearance, Draco Malfoy began liking Pansy Parkinson.

He had come clean about his feelings towards the girl to a few of his friends, as well as he looked forward to spend more time with her, even if it was just to do Charms homework. But –what was next? Draco Malfoy had never had any feeling for anybody, let alone be with someone. So, as he watched the Eagle Owl leave through his window with a letter attached to its paw, he prayed for a fast reply from the only person that was capable of helping him.

Thankfully, the reply came in a short time, followed by the apparition of a familiar girl at the Malfoy Manor’s doorstep. As (Y/N) (Y/L/N) smirked at him behind the black doorway, he couldn’t have thanked Salazar Slytherin enough for his best friend.

“Where are your parents?” she asked as they climbed up the large marble staircase.

“Father’s not home, mother’s here –somewhere.” he answered simply.

“Oh,” she only said. Finally, they reached the black door that led to Draco’s room.

He opened it and entered the large bedroom, turning as he opened his arms in an inviting manner.

“Welcome to my humble abode.”

(Y/N) cocked an eyebrow “This place reeks of body odor and desperation.”

Draco grunted, his arms falling heavily on his sides “You’re not helping, (Y/N)”

“I’m joking.” she laughed as she raised her arms in surrender. Truth was, the bedroom was far away from being humble, and the scent it held was of a strong fragrance that (Y/N) had learned to adore.

Draco proceeded to slump down on his bed, followed by a grunt. The girl walked towards the mattress, and sat down on the other side.

“Seriously, Draco, is it too bad?”

“Well, yes!” he exclaimed, sitting up suddenly “I’ve haven’t even had my first kiss!”

“And you want me to teach you?” she quizzed, and scoffed as Draco nodded with pleading eyes “Draco, I’ve only kissed Blaise Zabini.”

“More than once,”

“Well… yeah.” (Y/N) admitted, blushing. Last year, she had had her first kiss with her fellow Slytherin classmate. She thought that would be it, but instead, one turned into two, two into three and then she realized she had lost count. She didn’t know where her relationship with Blaise stood now, but she was too busy trying to figure out how to help Draco –especially when his hormones were all over the place at age fourteen.

“Malfoy, please do keep in mind that Pansy has only kissed Terence Higgs –and she told me he was awful.”

Draco laughed “I know, but still, I want to be good when she kisses me.”

(Y/N) couldn’t help but snort at the last bit. Draco scoffed and rolled his eyes, now getting annoyed at his best friend.

“So are you going to help me or not?”

Before he could say anything else, (Y/N) had suddenly grabbed both of his cheeks and pulled him in a kiss. Draco was caught off ward, but in a matter of seconds he closed his eyes and puckered up, feeling rather nervous as his heart thumped against his chest. He placed an awkward hand on (Y/N)’s thigh, but decided it was better if he placed them both on her waist. (Y/N) opened her mouth briefly, allowing both of their lips to now move in sync. She furrowed her eyebrows as she felt Draco’s bottom lip too close to her chin, so she took control and lifted his head slightly so his lips would be touching hers.

She couldn’t lie to herself; for a first kiss, Draco was doing pretty well. As Draco began to lean back, she leaned forward, until she caught on that Draco was done kissing her. She opened her eyes and saw his old, grey pupils staring at her with a small shimmer in them. (Y/N) was in trance as she stared back; something seemed to have clicked inside of her head when they kissed, her heart was racing and on her skin, several goose bumps had appeared. She only came back to her senses once Draco’s voice shattered the silence.

“So? How was it?”

“I think I’ll need a second taste.”


request: “Hey, I like to request something with Draco Malfoy please? The reader always beat Draco in Potion class and Draco was not satisfied so he approached her and take a sudden liking towards her and the reader said that if Draco want to go on a date with her, he needs to score higher mark than her? Love your writing btw. It’s okay if don’t want to this one.” — by anon

+ “Hello! I’ve read all of your imagine and I was so hooked up! I would like to request something. Can I please have a Draco Malfoy x reader? In which the reader is a Ravenclaw (or Slytherin). The reader was the top of the Potions class and Draco was not satiesfied so he approached her for studying advices but end falling for her? He ask her on a date but she would only agree if he get higher marks than her in Potions? Thank you so much and it’s fine if don’t want to do it. 😊” — by anon

a/n: made the reader a mix of ravenclaw and slytherin? i don’t know if i pulled it off but lol. also, i’m trying to make my imagines longer to have a little bit more depth and be more satisfying to the readers or the one who requested idk 😂 also, mixed the two requests bc they are so alike it’s oddly satisfying

p.s. let’s just pretend that draco’s not stressing out on getting the vanishing cabinet done in this imagine because it takes place in half-blood prince.


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anonymous asked:

Clarke for the character thing please

general opinion: fall in a hole and die | don’t like them | eh | they’re fine I guess | like them! | love them | actual love of my life
hotness level: get away from me | meh | neutral | theoretically hot but not my type | pretty hot | gorgeous! | 10/10 would bang for my people
hogwarts house: I personally believe she’d be a Gryffindor. But the arguments for Slytherin are very good. But like I always insist, you can almost justify any house for anyone. I think houses are more about what traits you want to see cultivated in a person rather than just what traits they have.
best quality: Her steadfast insistence on saving people who don’t give two shits about her.
worst quality: The fact that she won’t just leave those fuckers to die.
ship them with: Lexa. I would say for life but I’d just be sad.
brotp them with: Raven, Octavia, and Bellamy
needs to stay away from: people who want to shoehorn her into a things that makes no damn sense.
misc. thoughts: I adore Clarke. I just wish the writers did too.

💖Amortentia- Marauders Era: Sirius

Request:  hi!! I love all the Valentine’s Day prompts you’re doing—they’re so cute! could you do a sirius/reader drabble? amortentia would probably smell like spearmint, cinnamon, and coconuts to me; I’m a slytherin/pukwudgie; and I love science and Shakespeare. I’m not sure if that’s what you wanted for the drabble requests, so if I need to change anything, please let me know! have a great day!

“I really doubt that’s what a this is meant to look like,” Y/N states, baffled at the bright red liquid bubbling in her cauldron. 

“That’s exactly what it’s meant to look like, Y/N,” Lily gives her a nod of encouragement.

“But it’s so… bright. I thought it would be a little cloudier,” she thinks out loud, continuing to mix the liquid slowly, looking closely at the instructions on the worn out book that lay open on the table, following them with her finger.

“Ah, Miss Y/L/N, a perfect example of amortentia right here! Have a look everyone,” Professor Slughorn’s voice startles her, making her flinch slightly as she drops the ladle she’d been stirring with. 

“What does it smell like Y/N?” Lily whispers in her ear, and she leans closer over the boiling cauldron, letting the steam enter her nostril. 

“Cinnamon… Coconut… and, spearmint? I think it’s spearmint anyway,” she shrugs brushing the pleasant scent off as insignificant. Professor Slughorn takes her cauldron and carries it to the front of the class, and she thinks nothing of it, nothing at all… Until she realises that the comforting scent lingers by her, and glances over her shoulder to see who stayed behind as the rest of the class follows the Professor to the front of the class, her eyes coming straight into contact with brilliantly grey ones. Ones crinkled into a smile. Ones belonging to Sirius Black. 

Regulus Black Imagine: “Evans sister”

Can you do an imagine with Lily’s younger sister falling in love with Regulus Black and Lily’s reaction when she finds out about it?

Notes: gryffindor female reader

Requested by anon

Lily was walking down a corridor, heading to the library so that she could study for the next Charms exam peacefully. On her way though, she spotted an unmistakable shade of [y/h/c] hair. It was her sister. Only she wasn’t alone. [Y/n] was walking with Regulus, giggling at something he said.

Lily furrowed her brow. Why hadn’t her sister told her she was friends with the slytherin? As if on cue, Regulus bent his head down and brushed his lips softly against [y/n]’s. It hadn’t been a demanding kiss, in fact, it had been a mere peck. Yet, Lily couldn’t help but gasp horrified, her eyes wide in shock. She went to the Gryffindor Tower instead of the library. She knew she wouldn’t be able to study after witnessing that scene.

[Y/n] returned to the Common Room late at night. She minced, careful not to make any noise and wake any student up. Before she could reach her dorm though, she felt somebody grabbing her shoulder. [Y/n] almost let out a squeal, but managed to swallow her fear and turned around, only to meet her sister’s furious eyes.


“We need to talk.”

“What is it?” wondered [y/n], feeling utterly confused by the worry and anxiety in her sister’s eyes.

Lily cast silencing charms so that nobody could overhear them and asked bluntly, “Are you dating Regulus Black?”

[Y/n] felt attack by the accusatory tone, so she folded her arms across her chest and retorted defensively, “So what if I am?”

“Then you should break up with him.”

[Y/n] stared at Lily with disbelief.

“Why?” she choked hurt.

“He’s bad for you,” was all the girl with auburn hair provided. “I was friends with a slytherin too, remember? We didn’t end in good terms.”

[Y/n] snorted and sneered, “Just because your friendship with Severus didn’t last, it doesn’t mean my relationship with Regulus won’t. Regulus is different.”

“Regulus is like Severus. He despises anything muggle related.”

“He doesn’t. He loves me,” she countered back fiercely.

“You are making a terrible mistake, sis. Please stop this before it is too late. I don’t want to see you hurt,” begged Lily.

“I don’t tell who you should date, Lily. Just leave me alone.”

“[Y/n]!” she screamed, but it was too late. Her sister had already entered her dorms.

None of the Evans sisters slept well that night. Lily couldn’t expunge a nasty feeling of guilt from her stomach. She kept seeing her sister’s upset face when she left her behind. [Y/n] just wished that her sister would understand Regulus would never hurt her.

The following morning, Lily went straight to her sister’s dorm, but she wasn’t there. She tried to keep calm and entered the Great Hall, hoping that the girl was having breakfast with her friends there. Her predictions were half-true as [y/n] was in there, only she had already finished breakfast and was sitting next to Regulus, who had his arm around her waist. It was clear he was comforting her. Lily inhaled slowly and approached the pair.

“Hi,” she began.

Regulus looked at her, but kept his grip on her sister, who spat, “What do you want?”

“I just came to apologize.”

[Y/n]’s face remained hostile. The sight made Lily gulp.

“I am sorry. I was wrong. I really want the best for you, sis. I thought Regulus wasn’t good for you, but now… He really seems to care for you, and you clearly love him. I was trying to act protectively, like any old sister would, but I was too hard on you. I am truly sorry.” [Y/n]’s face softened then, and Lily kept talking, “I’ve been thinking about it all night and I decided that I am willing to give you two a chance. I want you to be happy, sis. If Regulus makes you feel happy, who am I to stop you?”

“You mean that?” asked [y/n], gazing up at her sister with hopeful [y/e/c] eyes.

The last thing she wanted was to fight with her sister.

Lily nodded and next thing she knew, [y/n] wrapped her in her arms. Lily sighed in relief and hugged her back. It felt like an eternity before the sisters let go.

Lily locked eyes with Regulus then, afraid of his reaction. She expected resentment, but only found gratefulness.

“Thank you,” he whispered wholeheartedly.

Lily gave him a small smile and nodded. She saw the way Regulus looked at [y/n] when she pecked his cheek, and Lily instantly knew she had made the right decision.

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Dracoxreader (muggleborn slytherin.)

Can you probably make an imagine whereas the reader is a muggle-born, and she was sorted into Slytherin. Draco was obviously furious as he thought muggle-borns weren’t good enough to be put in Slytherin. He started making fun of her and all that sort- but she gave no shit towards him and Draco realised that and found himself wanting her attention (is that’s even possible). You can end it like the way you want :-)

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Yule Ball Disaster

I promised an update so here it is plus I decided to make this a two part imagine 😚  Hope you enjoy! 

Can I get an imagine where the reader is a pureblood slytherin and her and Draco have been flirting nonstop which lead her to believe he would ask her to the Yule Ball only to find out the night before the dance he asked someone else. So she convinces Harry to go together since they can’t go with who they wanted in the hopes of making them jealous, which it does. And lots of fluff please!! Thank you!! -Anonymous

The Great Hall was filled in a louder state of chatter as this year was the year of the Triwizard Tournament. Hogwarts, Durmstrang and Beuxbatons students filled the hall as their voices filled the atmosphere. You didn’t mind the noise. You were in your own little conversations with your slytherin housemates; specifically Draco Malfoy. 

You and Draco were the best of friends. A very strong Flirtationship as you would call it. More than a friendship, Less than a relationship. It made people think you were already together. Although you wished it was something more than just a flirtation. You were just too much of  coward to admit your feelings. 

You sat next to each other, as usual, your shoulders were pressed against the other. It wasn’t because the whole slytherin table was occupied, it was because you have gotten used to sitting together so close.  

“Father actually considered sending me to Durmstrang rather than Hogwarts, you know. He knows the headmaster, you see. Well, you know his opinion of Dumbledore — the man’s such a Mudblood-lover — and Durmstrang doesn’t admit that sort of riffraff” Draco stated, looking between you and his friends as he continued “But Mother didn’t like the idea of me going to school so far away. Father says Durmstrang takes a far more sensible line than Hogwarts about the Dark Arts. Durmstrang students actually learn them, not just the defense rubbish we do”

“Funny how my mother considered me transferring as well” You laughed, earning a smile from him “Beuxbatons is what you were destined for!” You attempted to copy your mother’s words causing your small group to erupt in fits of laughter and chortles. 

“Why’d you stay here?” Draco asked. 

“You really think I’m going to leave you here with these blokes?” You smiled, lightly pushing his shoulder with yours “I don’t want you to suffer”

“You’re the only reason I stayed too” He said, looking into your eyes. Your eyes gazed at his for a moment before turning away, quickly hiding the smile you had. 

“Could you two just get together already?” Blaise spoke, cutting the tension.

“You know that can’t happen, Zabini” You said, smirking at the dark skinned boy. 

“Why not?” Draco interjected. He was acting strange but you couldn’t quite put your finger on why. 

“We’re too perfect for each other, dear” You smiled, amused “The universe might explode at the madness of our relationship’s very existence” 

Just then Draco was about to retort until a paper rose had fallen onto your hand. Draco looked at you in a weird mix of expressions. You eyed it suspiciously before slowly unfolding the perfectly made rose. 

“Ms. (Y/N) Howell, would you care to join me in tomorrow’s Yule Ball?” 

You looked behind you to see one of the durmstrang boys staring at you with a smile. He was very good looking but Draco was hotter in your opinion. You would have said yes but you had an intuition that Draco would be the one to take you. Maybe he was just waiting for the right time to ask? You gave the buff boy a grin before turning back around. You saw Draco glare at the boy in your peripheral vision. He was always like that when you were around other boys.

“Another one?” Crabbe said in disbelief “How many more are you going to get until they give up, Howell?” 

“When they realize she’s already going with Draco” Goyle commented, looking between the durmstang boy and Draco. 

“I’m going with Pansy” Draco said, blankly.

The air got caught  in your throat as you processed what he just said. 

This surprised you and the others. You thought he hated Pansy. He made it very clear that he did every time she would pass by to get him away from you. Draco would always decline saying you and him had things to do. When you two were alone he would always complain about her saying that you were the only girl he needed in his life— besides his mother of course. 

How this boy made your heart flutter in more ways than one.  

“Pansy?” Your voice squeaked. You cursed yourself for for being so embarrassing. Draco shrugged like it was no big deal. Well you couldn’t blame him. You were too stupid to think he would ask you. You excused yourself before standing up. Your friends gave you looks of worry and confusion but you brushed them off. 

Where you were going? You honestly did not know. All of this is confusing. 

You left the Great Hall making your way towards the courtyard. Some fresh air should help you calm down. Why did Draco have to make you feel like this? Of course he wasn’t intending to. He just……Ugh! Stupid Feelings. Stupid Ball. Stupid Girl. You groaned in frustration, wanting to rip out the roots of your hair with your hands. You found yourself sitting on one of the benches. By this time everyone would be in the Great Hall, leaving the courtyard empty well except for you. 

“You alright, (Y/N)?” 

You easily recognized the voice belonging to the Chosen One himself, Harry Potter. Why he was speaking to you?  You had no clue but somehow his presence made you feel slightly better. Why is this happening?

“I’m fine” You whispered, staring at your shoes. You couldn’t just tell him that you were upset that Draco wasn’t taking you to the ball. That would be mad.

“I could tell you’re not” He said, sitting next to you on the bench.You gave him a light smile before answering “Everything’s just peachy” 

Oh how much Draco would kill you right now. Being around Potter and speaking to him.

Then it struck you. An incredibly idiotic plan. Idiotic enough to make it brilliant. 

“Harry?” You spoke up, getting scar head’s full attention. If you could get him to go to the ball with you, you could make Draco jealous. You’ve seen the way Harry looks at Cho; pretty obvious that he likes her so he’ll also get a chance of making her jealous as well.

Now you fully understood why the sorting hat placed you in Slytherin.

“Do you want to go to the Yule Ball with me?” 

starshaping  asked:

Ooooh, just saw this one. Curious to see what you can do with it :D Nottbottom for 5 lines. "The waitress is staring at us. Kiss me."

(This one stumped me for a bit!)

“The waitress is staring at us. Kiss me.”


Neville gave him a pitiful look. “Please? I can’t stand her coming over and flirting again.”

Theo snorted. “Nev, you are an incredibly attractive bloke. Of course people are going to flirt with you. She’s been making your orders bigger for free. Milk it for all it’s worth.”

Neville huffed. “Aren’t you even the slightest bit jealous, or annoyed? Come on, don’t you want to show her that I’m taken?”

“Jealous? When I know you have absolutely no inclination towards women, and we’re getting free food out of this? Absolutely not! Buck up and take one for the team, she’s coming over again.”

“Bloody Slytherin,” Neville muttered under his breath, kicking him under the table when he snickered.

(Send me one line, I’ll write the next five (rules). Read more prompted drabbles here on AO3)

Best Parts of HPCC
  • Ron’s dad jokes (“It’s a lame trick. Everyone enjoys it’s lameness”) 
  • Of course Hermione and Ron hyphenated their names 
  • Scorpius “I’ve always regarded the Pepper Imp as the king of the confectionary bag” Malfoy 
  • Slytherin getting characters that the whole fandom adores (see above) 
  • Hermione’s toffee rebellion 
  •  Rose smells like fresh flowers and bread for some reason “What’s wrong with bread!“ 
  • “Okay. Hello. Um. Have we hugged before? Do we hug?” my gay sons 
  • Trolley witch and her pumpkin grenades 
  • Delphi = home of prophecy in the ancient world = so much foreshadowing 
  • Ron: “Nothing scares me. Apart from Mum" 
  • *Hermione swings* Ron: “Missed” *Ginny smacks him* Ron: “A very solid hit.“ 
  • But Ginny is so fierce in this entire thing and still processing her childhood and *sobs* 
  • "I want a baby or a holiday and I’m going to insist on it”
  •  Albus and Scorpius constantly voicing their “friendship” mY GAY SONS 
  • The French being so unenthusiastic 
  •  Just Ludo Bagman
  • Harry not wanting to bear bad news so he steals his son’s chocolate 
  • “Keep up, old man” “We’re the same age, Draco” “I wear it better" 
  • Ginny’s snark described as "dryer than dry" 
  • "You two belong together” SO GAY 
  • Harry does most of the cooking 
  • Albus thinking Scorpius is kind from the depths of his belly to the tips of his fingers 
  • “Friends?” “Always" 
  • Moaning Myrtle: "Isn’t everyone so naughty?”
  • AU Draco supporting his treasonous son *SOBS MORE*
  • The whole of history pivots on my hero NEVILLE FUCKING LONGBOTTOM
  • Snape is still motivated by Lilly (and also less of a jerk)
  • AU Ron and Hermione’s constant surprise that they’re in love
  • Snape telling Scorpius to think of Albus his best straight bro when casting a patronus charm
  • MCGONAGALL: “Please don’t be tiresome, Craig.”
  • Scorpius’s savage slytherin sarcasm mygOD
  • SCORPUS MALFOY GEEKBOY SUPREME: “Oh my, that’s her. Wow. Squeak. My geekiness is a-quivering.”
  • Harry reducing Dumbledore to tears because he was a crappy father figure
  • All Draco wanted as a child was to be happy
  • the whole Draco Malfoy fucking subplot omg his development and concern as a father and redemption I can’t
  • ROn your ponytail sass
  • and the fact you self declare yourself “the most chilled out of us all”
  • “Rubbish. Beautifully put, but beautiful rubbish” RONALD BILIUS WEASLEY I CAN’T
  • Ginny and Albus bonding over falling in the respective Riddle webs of lies
  • Draco: “I’m being bossed around by Hermione Granger. (she turns toward him. he smiles) And I’m heavily mildly enjoying it” (the dramione fandom screams)
  • “Hello, Harry Potter. I’m Rubeus Hagrid. And I’m gonna be yer friend whether yeh like it or not” Hagrid is the most pure cinnamon roll in the entire franchise and I can’t handle my emotions
  • the boys still hug in the middle of a forced “i’m totally hetero” scene because they’re boyfriends
  • and he visits cedric’s grave the fEELS

This was not at all what I was expecting and I still have questions but THIS BOOK MADE ME LAUGH SO HARD THANK YOU JK

Cold Feet ~ George Weasley imagine

(A/N: (Y/BF/N) = your best friend’s name)


The Yule Ball was on everyone’s lips. It was all anybody talked about during the whole Triwizard Tournament. All the girls were getting their dresses and waiting for their special someone to ask them to the ball.

Including you.

Your parents had sent you the most beautiful dress in the mail. It was floor length and in your favorite color with shiny silver heels. The only thing you were missing was a date. And there was only one person you wanted to ask you:

George Weasley.

You were in love with him ever since your first year at Hogwarts. But there were a few issues:

You were a year younger than him and in Slytherin.

You knew he would never ask you, but you had a little bit of hope. Sometimes, you’d catch him staring at you during class and in the Great Hall.

While you were lost in thought, your best friend took a seat next to you at the Slytherin table.

“(Y/N)!” She shouted in your ear. Startled, you let out a squeal and dropped your fork while she laughed.

“(Y/BF/N)! Don’t do that! You know I hate that!” You retaliated, picking your up your fork. “Sorry! But, I got asked to the ball!” She said ecstatically.

“That’s great!” You smiled. But your smile quickly faded. “What’s wrong?” Your friend asked. You turned your gaze over to the Gryffindor table and sighed.

“I really want George to ask me”

“Maybe he will”

“Oh, please. I’m a Slytherin, and no matter what, we will always be put under the stereotype that we are evil and care about nobody but ourselves”

Your friend gave you a sympathetic look and put her hand on your shoulder.

But, what you didn’t know was that George did want to ask you. He just didn’t know how to


The week was up, and tonight was the ball. You sat on your bed, looking at your dress, debating whether you should go or not.

“(Y/N)! Why aren’t you getting ready? The ball is in an hour!” (Y/BF/N) said, taking a seat next to you.

“I don’t know if I should go” you sighed.

“(Y/N), just because George didn’t ask you does not mean you shouldn’t go at all! You have a beautiful dress and it would suck to let it go to waste. So, I want you to get up, put on that dress, let me do your makeup, and come to the ball!”

You smiled at her and began to get ready.


You were glad (Y/BF/N) had gotten you to go. You felt and looked amazing. The that shined above you made your dress light up like a star. Many people complimented you as you entered the Great Hall.

Suddenly, you felt someone tap your shoulder. You turned around and your cheeks immediately became red when you saw him.

“H-Hi, (Y/N)” George stuttered.

“Hello, George” you smiled.

An awkward silence began to linger. But then, a slow song came on, and George gave you a smirk.

“May I have this dance, (Y/N)?” He asked, holding out his hand. You giggled and nodded, taking his hand.

He led you out onto the dance floor and placed one hand on your waist while the other held your hand. You put your hand on his shoulder and you two began to sway to the music.

Silence was falling again, but it was a comfortable silence. You were dancing with George, and you felt happy.

“I’m sorry” he said, breaking the silence.

“For what, George?”

“I wanted to ask you to come to the ball"

“Really? But, I’m in Slytherin. I thought Gryffindors hated us.”

“Ah, well, most of them do. But, you’re different. I know I don’t talk to you much, and when I do, I’m a stuttering mess, but you are the most kind and beautiful girl I’ve ever met.”

Heat began to climb up your cheeks. 
“You think I’m beautiful?” You asked, gazing up at him.

“Of course I do”

“No one’s ever called me beautiful, before…”

“Well then, everyone is blind.”

You felt as if you were about to cry. Before you knew what you were doing, you grabbed George’s face and kissed him.

You pulled away and looked at him. 
“S-sorry” you said, turning away from him. He smirked and kissed the top of your head.

“I wish I had asked you here" he said, turning you to face him.

“Why didn’t you? You’re the only person I wanted to come here with, George.”

“Like I said, I’m a bloody mess when I try to talk to you. I got cold feet and I didn’t know how to ask you.”

A small smile began to grow on your face. “It’s not too late to ask me”

George chuckled. “I have something better.”

You raised your eyebrow at him. “What are you playing at, Georgie?”

“(Y/N), will you do me the honor of being my girlfriend?”

Your heart leapt as he said those words, and you found your lips against his once more.

“I thought you would never ask”

~The End~

Thank you for requesting!


Request: Draco and Reader request? The reader (who is a pureblood Slytherin) is under the impression that Draco is planning on asking her to the Yule Ball, come to find out he asked Pansy at the last minute. So to make Draco jealous, she convinces Harry that they should go together since neither of them can go with the person they wanted. And she neglects to tell Harry who she is hoping to make jealous. Lots of fluff at the end, please and thank you!!


“Draco’s gonna ask me today, I just know it,” you told yourself as you were getting ready that morning.

Draco Malfoy, Slytherin Prince, had been flirting with you nonstop for the past month, and you were sure he would ask you to the Yule Ball. But the ball was in 2 days, so time was running out. But he would ask you today, for sure.

You went down to breakfast and started eating. You noticed Draco approaching you and your heartbeat sped up. This was it.

“Hey Y/N,” he said with an easy smile.

“Hi Draco, how are you?” You returned the smile.

“Great, actually. I’m about to ask Pansy to the ball.”

Your smile faltered a bit but you said, “That’s great…I hope she says yes.”

“Thanks, Y/N!” He then went over to Pansy and you watched as a huge smile covered her face and she stood up to hug him.

You weren’t hungry anymore so you got up to leave. You walked out the doors and accidentally bumped into golden boy Harry Potter. You never had a problem with him like most Slytherins, but you weren’t really friends.

“Oh, sorry Harry,” you said while trying to get away quickly. Of course Harry is too nice, so he tried to strike up a conversation.

“It’s okay! Why are you in such a hurry?”

You had tears in your eyes and you looked down so he wouldn’t see.

“Um no reason,” you responded.

“What’s wrong, Y/N?” He asked.

You sighed and looked up at him. “I was expecting to be asked to the Yule Ball by someone, but they just asked someone else.”

“I’m sorry to hear that! If it makes you feel any better, the girl I asked said no,”

Suddenly you got an idea. “Well, if you want, we could go together?”

There was a moment of silence before Harry responded. “Sure! I’ll meet you outside of Slytherin Dorm at 7:00 on Saturday!”

“Okay! Thanks Harry,” you said with a sad smile and started to walk away.

“Oh and Y/N?” He called after you.

You turned back around.

“Whoever it was that didn’t ask you is really dumb.”

You gave him a real smile. “Thanks Harry. And same goes for the girl who said no to you.”

You turned back around and walked to your dorm. You were going to make Draco jealous no matter what it took.

It was the day of the ball and Harry would be there to meet you in 20 minutes. You finished the last of your makeup and put on your emerald dress.

You went down to the common room and the first people you saw were Draco and Pansy. You rolled your eyes at them acting like a couple and crossed the room.

“Hey, Y/L/N? Do you even have a date?” Pansy taunted.

You cringed at her voice and clenched your hands into fists, but didn’t acknowledge her. The two of you had never gotten along, and this made it even worse.

“Pansy leave her alone,” you heard Draco murmur.

You shook your head and left to wait for Harry.

You were still angry when he arrived and it was very obvious.

“Hey, Y/N!” He called.

“Hi,” you responded shortly.

“What’s wrong?”

“Nothing Harry. Let’s just go, okay?” You said and forced a smile.

The two of you went and you honestly had a good time, even if you were thinking about Draco the whole time. You looked over at him a few times and he looked annoyed and like he wasn’t having fun at all. Towards the end of the night you saw he wasn’t even with Pansy anymore.

The ball ended and you hugged Harry and thanked him for a good night.

“I hope things work out with whoever it was you really wanted to go with,” Harry said.

“And I hope Cho comes to her senses and sees what she’s missing out on,” you replied with a wink.

Harry was about to deny the Cho accusation but before he could you said, “Everyone knows, Harry.”

You both laughed and said goodbye.

You were walking back to your dorm when you heard someone call your name. You turned and it was Draco. You rolled your eyes and kept walking.

“Y/N!” He yelled and ran to catch up with you.

You sighed and looked at him. “What?” You snapped.

“Potter? You really went to the ball with Potter?”

“Yes Draco, I did! Although I don’t know why you seem to care.”

“I care because it’s Potter and you’re a Slytherin!”

“Unlike you, Draco, I don’t care. I have no reason to hate Harry. Now if we’re done.” You turned and were about to walk away but Draco grabbed your arm.

“No, we’re not done, Y/N! How could you go to the ball with him?!”

“It’s really none of your business Draco, but if you must know, I couldn’t go with who I really wanted to go with because he asked a stuck-up bitch to go with him even though he led me on for a month!” You shouted. “How dare you say anything about me going with Harry when you went with Pansy fucking Parkinson.”

“I didn’t want to go with Pansy! My father made me!” Draco responded.

You looked around. “That’s weird because I don’t see your father anywhere around here.”

“Y/N, you of all people know how my father is and that I don’t really have a choice after he tells me to do something.”

He was right, you did know, but you weren’t going to admit that.

“Whatever, Draco. It doesn’t matter,” you said in a calmer tone.

“Yes it does. I’m sorry, Y/N.” He grabbed your hand. “I should have asked you. The whole time all I could pay attention to was how beautiful you looked and how unfair it was that Potter was the one who got to enjoy it. I dislike Pansy almost as much as you, but our parents are friends so I have to act like I don’t. She got pretty mad at me tonight though because I just kept talking about you.” A light blush covered Draco’s cheeks and you gave him a small smile.

“Ah, there’s that smile,” he said. “It’s been too long since I’ve seen it.”

You blushed deep red and Draco laughed and pulled you in for a hug. You rested your head on his chest and couldn’t help the grin on your face.

“Be my girlfriend, Y/N. Please?” He asked.

You looked up at him.

“I suppose…” You joked.

“Wonderful,” he said and leaned down to give you a quick kiss. “I can’t wait for Pansy and my father to find out.”

You laughed.

“Me either, Draco.”

Flying Love - George Weasley Imagine

A/N: hello dearies, I leave you once again with another request ;)

Anonymous said: can you write a George weasley one shot where me and George are good friends and he watches me play quidditch and he realizes hes in love with me and when im done playing he kisses me

Disclaimer: I don’t own Harry Potter

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Flying Love

“Alright, everyone clear?” Oliver Wood said looking back to his team.

“Yes” was heard by all the people in the tent.

“Then let’s go beat Slytherin!”

Everyone cheered as they put their hands together in a circle and yelled excited making their way out of the tent.

“Ready, (Y/N)?” George said walking over next to his best friend.

(Y/N) and George had been best friends ever since their first year, although for the past year, (Y/N) had grown into loving him as more than a friend. She couldn’t really say anything, though because he knew she was like another sister to George, so she did a good job at hiding it.

“Of course I am, Georgie” she said smiling back at the redhead boy as he messed her hair a little.

The team made it to the Quidditch pitch where half of the public was painted with red and gold and the other one with silver and green.

“Hello everyone and welcome to the Quidditch Match of the year!” Lee Jordan greeted everyone on the field. “We’ve got ourselves another classic Gryffindor against Slytherin! Boy this is about to get good!”

“Jordan! Please limit your comments for the match itself” Professor McGonagall told him.

(Y/N) stood next to George looking at the Slytherin team. She was a little nervous. Not because she thought they couldn’t beat them, but because Slytherin was never the one to play nicely. But she then turned to look at George who winked at her and she felt a lot better.

“Alright, I want a nice, clean game! Understand?” Madame Hooch said looking at the team captains, Marcus Flint and Oliver Wood. Both boys shook hands glaring at each other. Madame Hooch whistled and everyone was in their brooms in no time.

“And it starts!” Jordan announced the crowd.

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A Little Jingle PT1 (Newt Scamander x Slytherin!Reader)

Summary: Hogwarts organizes a Christmas party, and Y/N from Slytherin and Newt get chosen to help set it up. During the preparations, they become close friends and the night of the party, he confesses to her that he likes her.

A/N: IN THE CHRISTMAS MOOD AF RN. Also, this is my first Newt, so I’m sorry if this sucks. ALSO. HOW FRKN ADORABLE IS NEWT. Another also. This is a Slytherin reader so I’m sorry if you’re not in the best house ever. JUST KIDDING. I love all houses x

Also, part 1 is really dull, nothing really happens. BUT I PROMISE IN PART 2 THINGS HAPPEN SO PLEASE DONT BE DISAPPOINTED!

Originally posted by xoxoeddie

A Little Jingle (Newt Scamander x Slytherin!Reader)

Y/N cackled loudly at the joke her friend said. This was a regular thing during class, Y/N never listening, always laughing and joking with whoever is beside her.

A few tables away, sat a quiet Hufflepuff boy, Newt Scamander. He was doodling softly on his History of Magic book, not really caring about the subject much. He had a real passion for Care of Magical Creatures and knew that he wanted to dedicate his life to it.

“So, that is what we are going to do for the holidays this year. Now, all I need are the two volunteer helpers from this year. Anyone?”

The class remained silent. No one really felt like being trapped with 2 people from each year, setting up decorations when they can be outside in the snow or chilling in their common rooms.

“No? Well, I guess I’m going to have to pick.” Said Professor Binns (he was alive at that time hahah). “Y/L/N. And Scamander. Since you two have shown SUCH big interest in today’s lesson, I’m sure you two will show as much to the organisation of this party. Come meet me after class.”

Y/N huffed angrily. She wasn’t really involved in any volunteer work of the sort and wasn’t going to look forward to it. Although, the holidays were her favourite, the white snow and just the cheery atmosphere overall made her so happy. She turned around to look at the so-called Scamander and smiled. Although she look a little tough on the exterior, she really did have a good heart inside. And damn, to her surprise, that so-called Scamander was hella cute.

Newt felt his cheeks grow pink as Y/N flashed him her gorgeous smile. She was very pretty, and not in a stereotypical way. She didn’t wear endless amounts of makeup, or spend hours doing her hair, she was a natural beauty. Some people weren’t too into it, but the ones who were, were crazily. She was effortlessly beautiful, and Newt liked that, because he did believe that natural beauty is the best beauty of all.

The bell rang, waking the young boy up.

“Scamander, Y/L/N.” Professor Binns called. Y/N dragged her feet to his desk as Newt stumbled forward.

“So, you don’t have to worry too much about this. Basically, tomorrow, Christmas night, there’ll be a huge party, and the Great Hall is going to be divided in sections. Each year is in charge of a section, and you guys, 6th, have to decorate the east corner and provide desserts.”

“What, don’t the house-elves cook?”

“You have to help. It’s kind of a little punishment for you students who don’t pay attention in class.” The teacher grinned nastily.

“Joke’s on you, I love cooking.” Y/N retaliated. This was true, she absolutely loved food preparation, and she felt she was going to have some fun with this.

They were dismissed. Newt, not really knowing what to do, left class.

“Hey wait up!” Y/N called after him. “Hey. I’m Y/N by the way, if you didn’t know.”

“Cool. I’m uh I’m Newt.”

“Awesome. So I heard after dinner when the tables get cleared away, we have to go to the Great Hall to start working. Maybe we can meet at my common room?” Y/N said.

“Sounds, sounds good. Um the Slytherin common room is near the dungeon right?” Newt questioned.

“Oh well, maybe it’ll be better if I come to the Hufflepuff common room? Like it’s right beside the kitchens?”

“Sounds good. Well, I’ll meet you there?”

“Yep. See ya Newt.” Y/N smiled broadly and patted his shoulder before taking off to her next class, leaving Newt grinning goofily.

She really was nice, he thought. She wasn’t what Slytherins were rumored to be (we’re not all bitches you know J). He felt himself start to take a liking towards her. The bell snapped him out of it.

For the first time ever, Newt couldn’t concentrate in Care of Magical Creatures. They were learning about Bowtruckles, a creature Newt already knew everything about. His thoughts kept on wandering off to Y/N. Her smile, her kindness, her laugh. Was she single? I think she is, he thought. But how on earth would he ever end up with her? Already that a Hufflepuff and Slytherin relationship was unlikely, but a relationship between him and her? Impossible.

The minutes ticked away and Newt found himself at dinner, sitting beside his fellow Hufflepuffs, chatting about the party. He was in the middle of a sentence when his wandering eyes rested upon the Slytherin table. Y/N was spitting out a mouthful of soup, eyes watering from laughter. She was so cute when she laughed, which was constantly. Her watery eyes suddenly lifted and locked with Newt’s. Newt reddened as Y/N grinned and waved.

 “Hey Newt, who you looking at?” his friend said.

“Hmm? Oh um. Nothing, I mean no one.” He finished his meal normally and took off towards his common room. To his surprise and his delight, Y/N was waiting in front of the door. Spotting him, she heaved a relieved sigh.

“Hey. I’m so stupid I forgot to ask you what the password was.”

“Oh I’m so sorry for not telling you, have you been waiting long?”

“What, oh no no don’t apologize, it’s not your fault. Um, I’ve been here a good 10 minutes but it’s alright, you’re here.” Y/N beamed.

 “So there’s still like a half hour until the tables clear, do you want to take a walk somewhere?”

“I’d love to.” Newt answered, his heart leaping in excitement.

“I love walks. They’re really therapeutical, you know” Y/N spoke. 

They walked and talked, conversation rolling smoothly. Y/N expanded on how she loved walks, how whenever her anxiety would hit its peak, she’d walk around the Black Lake. Newt looked at her speak adoringly. He had no idea on her problems, she always hid it so well.

“Oh my god.” She suddenly clapped her hands to her mouth. “I just realized I was rambling on me! Oh god, I’m so sorry.”

“What? Oh no, it’s nothing, I like learning about you.”

“Anyways, so um tell me about yourself.” Y/N said, resuming their walk. Normally, Newt was very reserved and introverted, but for some reason he didn’t feel uneasy one bit around Y/N. He started explaining how he loved magical creatures, how the wizarding society had a bad impression of them. Y/N watched him, smiling to herself at how cute he was, talking about something he loved. Y/N appeared to be very bold on the outside, but inside she was just as shy as Newt. 

They walked, talking and chuckling and smiling. This might sound cliché, but it did really seem they knew each other for years. The conversation topic soon turned to relationships.

“Well, I’ve dated 2 guys before…It didn’t work out too well.” Y/N fell silent. She had dated 2 bad boys before, both relationships ending disastrously. She had soon figured out that she wanted a sensitive guy, someone who can really love her. Fluffy relationships were much better than cool, thrilling ones, in her opinion. “What about you?”

“Oh I’ve never really um had a girlfriend. I’ve had a couple crushes, but you know. That’s it.”

“Cool.” Y/N didn’t really know what to say to this. “Um, do you have one right now?” Shit. What a not subtle thing to say, Y/N thought. Caught up in her embarrassment, her foot missed a step and she tumbled down the last few steps of the staircase.

“Y/N!” Newt cried out, worried.

 Silent gasps for air escaped her mouth. Soon, they turned into loud laughs. Newt ran down and helped her up. 

“Are you okay? Jesus you scared me.”

“HAHAHAHA my gosh, I must’ve looked so stupid!” Y/N continued to cackle.(little parentheses again hehehe guys I fall all the time on the staircase at my school, it’s so funny)

Newt still looked at her, still a little scared. God, he was so caring.

“Oh gosh. That was funny. Hey, I think we should head over to the Great Hall now eh?” Y/N chuckled

.“Yeah sure.”

They made their way to the Great Hall, chuckling and occasionally bumping into each other a bit. If anyone saw them, they would assume that the two were a couple. The two smiled unceasingly at each other, and although everything had happened very fast, their feelings for each other grew even faster. And inside, they both couldn’t wait for what this Christmas party might bring…  

Part 2

Jasper Hogwarts Kiss

@cindersart sent me her head canons about jasper’s first kiss in the hogwarts au and I am trash that must write all of them so this is part 1

The details as to how he got trapped in this circle of madness in his own common room are beyond him. He was minding his own business and enjoying the Gryffindor victory party when Charlie and Leo had grabbed, now he’s sitting between Leo and a second year he thinks is named Reginald. Somehow a few Slytherins and Hufflepuffs have managed to get into the party, probably eager to get free food and help gloat about Ravenclaw’s defeat. Jason is just about to ask Leo what in Merlin’s beard is going on when a Slytherin student places a bottle in the center of the circle.

“Leo please tell me this isn’t-”

“I believe you all know the game,” the Slytherin says loudly, hushing the gathered students. “Who’s going to spin first?”

“Wait,” another voice calls out. “One more wants to play!”

“Silena, I don’t-” Jason’s eyes go wide as another Slytherin student is shoved into the circle.

He pretends he doesn’t notice the way her tie is loosened just a bit, or that the top button of her blouse is undone. Jason also definitely doesn’t notice that her eyes fall on him before she tries to squirm backwards and it’s only Silena’s hand that keeps her from crawling away. Just before Jason looks away he catches Silena’s eye and she gives him a quick wink, it happens so fast Jason even doubts it’s what he really saw.

“Why don’t you go first,” a voice offers and for a moment Jason is worried they were speaking to him.

He glances around and realizes all eyes are fixed on Piper or the bottle that’s extended towards her.

“Come on Pipes, be aggressive. Let’s see your Slytherin colors,” Silena’s voice carries a note to it that makes Jason’s stomach boil with worry.

Piper snatches the bottle from the other student and presses it to the thick red carpet. Her eyes glance upwards at him before snapping back to her hand. He should really be focusing on the spinning bottle and who he’s about to watch Piper kiss but his eyes are locked on her legs tucked under her and the way her skirt falls across them. Stupidly, idiotically, he forgets what’s happening around him and wonders what it would feel like to run his fingertips over them. Jason’s too preoccupied with his daydream to realize something happened, it’s the complete silence and the burning feeling of a dozen sets of eyes on him that snaps him out of it. He glances around the room, worried they might have all realized what he was thinking about, then he feels Leo’s elbow in his side. Jason turns back towards the bottle and realizes it’s pointed at him, not slightly to the side or aimed between him and someone else, but directly, completely, totally, at him. His house emblem may have a lion on it, but right now he feels more like the gazelle.

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anonymous asked:

Hi, I was wondering if you are taking requests? If not, then please ignore this, or sit on it for a while and decide. Tom did not build her up from nothing; he broke down the walls around what she didn't want to acknowledge. The book that housed a fraction of soul looked into this lonely, angry child and for just a moment saw a shadow of himself. Or basically: What if, Ginny was sorted into Slytherin?

Hm. So you seem to be asking two different questions here, and you don’t seem to know that they’re different. They’re both interesting stories probably, but I think what I’d like to talk to you about here is that nonequivalence. 

You’ve asked for a dark!Ginny, one who secretly hates, who secretly relishes in pain or dismissal, one with a hidden superiority complex and a violence in her that’s cruel enough to match a young, arrogant Tom Riddle. The youngest of seven, forgotten and left behind, belittled, bitter, and the orphaned boy who orphaned so many more in his time. 

It’s not quite my type of story, that–my Ginny is not a kind beast, but she is not a cruel one either–but it could certainly be a story. 

But then–

Or basically: What if, Ginny was sorted into Slytherin?

This is not the same question. Did you know that? 

Slytherin, despite everything, does not mean evil. It certainly doesn’t mean that on my blog, but even in canon– this is where you find Regulus Black, who died to stop old Tom. This is where you find Draco Malfoy, who was an ignorant, whiny, and self-important child, but hardly an evil one. This is where you find Andromeda Tonks, who loved so hard and so fierce and so well that she ran from superiority, wealth, and family to marry into a Mudblood house that was so much warmer than her childhood home ever had been. 

And Slytherin!Ginny is a story that would fascinate me. The traits of Slytherin– ambition, cunning, adaptability, selfishness, and possessive love– these sit well on the youngest Weasley. She falls in love with Harry day one and never gives up on it. She transforms herself to step out from waiting in the eaves for him and lives for her own self, and it’s that bright creation of her daring self that wins him in the end. She goes after things with a single-mindedness that delivers– in love, in Quidditch, in kissing boys and defending Hogwarts until the end. She breaks rules. She loves hard. She doesn’t give up. She belongs in Gryffindor, sure– bravery is a watchword; her red hair is a war banner– but she would not be out of place in Slytherin. 

And what a story that would be? The silence in the Great Hall when the name “Weasley” got followed by “SLYTHERIN.” Mrs. Weasley’s face when owls flap through the Burrow’s windows, carrying Percy’s concerned note and Ron’s dubious scrawl and Hermione’s anxious ‘Dear Mrs. and Mr. Weasley, I’d thought you’d like to be informed…’ (Fred and George of course just laughed and laughed and laughed into the silence and fell off their bench at the Gryffindor table and got bruises on their bums.) The way the Weasley parents would stress and wonder and pace and ask what did we do wrong– but in the end, the warm Weasley Christmas sweater that would arrive in the mail at the Slytherin table, a G knitted into the front, all brilliant in silver and green. 

But the worries Ginny would have that first year, as the diary ate her from the inside, as it did cruel things with her hands–she’d have the same fears that are written up there in that ask as certainties: that being Slytherin meant she was secretly wrong. That her loneliness and her anger, her ambition and all her little selfishnesses meant she walked in the same skin as Tom, the ghost-boy who was using her hands to strangle chickens and write threats and hang cats by their tails and let out monsters so they could murder schoolchildren for the sake of their blood. She would worry she was like him and she would be wrong. 

But this is what I would want out of that story– that growth, that realization, that reclaiming. You can be lonely without lashing out. You can be angry without being cruel. You can be ambitious without stepping on other people to get there. Ginny is good– a Ginny with green on her herms is still good. She is sarcastic and a bit dark in her humor, casts a mean Bat Bogey and is jealous about Cho and fiercely defensive of Luna– this is true in a lion’s House or a snake’s. 

I want Fred and George playing Exploding Snap with her and teasing her for not cheering for them in Quidditch matches. I want her to find Millicent’s temper as hilarious as she finds Luna’s oddities, and to threaten a hex on anybody who calls Millicent fatty just as quick as she threatens the ones who call Luna loony. I want Harry to conscript her to help him spy on Draco and her to take to espionage like a duck to water– because you’re a Slytherin, he says, and she laughs and says, no, because I’m a nosy little sister and always have been. 

When Ginny stays her sixth year, during the Carrows’ reign and Voldemort’s months of power, I’d want her to spit cruel words at Death Eaters and to hide her wand up her sleeve, and to stand between children and their abusers. I’d want her to marshal an army in the Room of Requirement, with Luna and Neville and every other scared, willing soul. This was her home. These were her people, her family, the things she was willing to fight for. 

When they told her–their firebrand, their war banner–that she ought to have been in Gryffindor, I hope she laughed, I hope she fumed, I hope she proved them wrong. She was here for her friends, the way Regulus betrayed Voldemort for Kreacher, the way Narcissa lied to save Draco, the way Snape spent his adult life atoning for Lily, the way Andromeda left everything behind for Ted Tonks. 

I would want Ginny to wear green proud by the end of it. I’d want her to know the evil was in Tom’s shadow, not in her, not in the color they both wore. I’d want Hermione to look up histories for her of Slytherins who saved children and fought good wars and taught and loved and built things meant to last– because ambition is about going after what you want. What in that is evil? Selfishness is about understanding that you yourself have value. What in that is evil? Cunning is about creativity, quick-thinking, rolling with the punches and paying attention– what in that is evil?

Do you know the sort of evil you can do in the name of fairness? Do you know the sort of damage you can do with bravery, with not knowing how to back down, not knowing how sometimes there is a need to give, to adapt? Do you know how you can cut with cleverness, what sort of scornful superiority can live in those high towers? 

These are stories about choice. You choose your House. You choose how to live your House. Be brave, be cunning, be fair, be curious– all of those have their dark wizards. I refuse to believe otherwise. 

pinwheel premonitions

Pairing: Draco Malfoy x Hermione Granger
Prompt: Day 4: Traditions for @dhrfaves

Notes: Modern, non-magical college AU because apparently, I’m trash? Also, it was never a thing I thought I’d ever be into, but HA HA HA we have the best writers ever. [hangs head] Deck me.

Hermione Granger has always lived a highlighter-and-ruler, bullet-point and color-coding life. She’s an excellent record-keeper, has an A+ memory - she’s her own awesome executive assistant, basically; Donna Paulsen would be proud. Anal-retentive has been tossed around both as a pat-on-the-head, condescending endearment (Ron and Harry) and as an insult (everyone else), but, like - so what? 

Summa cum laude takes effort, and like - she enjoys it, to be honest, the proverbial “stick” up her behind. Enjoys the text-book print of her planner, the neatness, the aesthetic. And besides, it’s not like, a disorder or anything, it’s not something that she had to sit across a couch to figure out. And, occasionally, she throws her plans up in the air, so. It’s all well and good, do come off it, Harry

If anything, this passionate attempt to keep to her plans and schedules, this regimented state of being, it helps her keep with tradition - like the pre-game vodka-and-ketchup ritual for the boys, and the spring break pursuit of “protecting ladies from Broodingly Soulful Young Men” drunk-blogging with Fleur, and, for tonight, the anticipated New Year’s Eve pinwheel tournament. 

She’s had it penciled in for months.

Tonight, she’s letting loose. 

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For @liljen98…enjoy!

Draco narrowed his eyes as he walked past the courtyard. Y/N, his girlfriend, was currently speaking with Cedric Diggory. A Hufflepuff. Draco scoffed to himself before biting into an apple. He crossed his arms and leaned against a pillar.

He smirked slightly as Y/N turned to greet some passing friends with a smile. It faltered when she returned her attention to Cedric. Draco brooded in the shade of his pillar as the conversation continued. Y/N let out a loud laugh as Cedric grinned. Draco clenched his fists and tightened his jaw. Only he should make her laugh like that.

Y/N bumped Cedric’s shoulder playfully. He chuckled before reaching a hand into his bag. Draco raised a slightly panicked brow. Before he could stop himself, the Slytherin hustled over to her side. He wrapped an arm around her waist and kissed her cheek.

“Oh, hey Draco,” she greeted happily.
He ignored her. “What do ya have there, Diggory?”
Cedric furrowed his brows bemused.
“You have a dozen roses or something?” Draco continued to taunt.
“Draco,” Y/N chided.
“What? You think I’m about to let him take you away from me?”
She sighed. “Draco, he was grabbing my Potions book. I lent it to him last week.”

The pureblood straightened his posture. He blinked his eyes a few times as he registered what just happened. He watched Cedric hand Y/N her book to her. Y/N rolled her eyes and crossed her arms.

“Really, Draco. You’re going to have to remember that he’s my best friend,” she told him. “You’re my boyfriend.”
A small blush crept up his cheeks as Cedric smirked to himself.
“I, uh…”
“And for thinking otherwise, you and Ced here are going to spend an entire day together.”
“What?” the boys said in unison.
She smirked. “Yep. I want my two best boys to get along, and making you spend time together will help.”
“Y/N…” Cedric said lowly.
“Are you sure about this?” Draco finished.
Y/N gave them her best puppy dog eyes.
“Please,” she said, “For me?”

The boys shared a look, knowing her expression all too well. Cedric sighed before caving first. Y/N grinned before glancing up at her boyfriend. Draco bit the bottom of his lip. With a mischievous glint, Y/N gently kissed the spot right in front of his ear. Closing his eyes, the Slytherin ceded.

“Fine. For you, love.”
She kissed him again. “Thank you!”

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