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Voltron Fanfic Recommendations #1

For anyone that knows me, I read fanfics like I breathe air. I read fics from many fandoms including Harry Potter (the granddaddy of fandoms), Gravity Falls, Merlin, Miraculous Ladybug, Welcome to Night Vale, and more. Crossovers included. Since I discovered Voltron, I was pleased to discover quite the thriving fan fiction community behind it. I have read so, so many Voltron fics. My only criteria for liking a fic is that the story and grammar have to be decent. That’s it. Most of these will probably be Klance (Keith + Lance) because everyone and their freaking dog ships it, but I like Gen fics too. I might also add fics from other ships too, but we’ll just see what happens. Also, there’s going to be a lot of long fics on this list. I really like to read.

So here ya go…

Alternate Universe (AU) - Includes modern, college age, high school, coffee shop, fantasy, mermaids, etc. so on and so forth…

(M) The Quilted Lion by geewillikers (@gurlskylark) - (97,262 words) - Keith is stuck in New York City barely making ends meet so he and Pidge can live in a decent part of the city close to her university. They scrape by on the illegal winnings Keith makes in street boxing matches, but his manager, Shiro, decides that it’s time Keith gets a side job. He’s whisked into The Quilted Lion café owned by the woman Shiro’s been fawning over for over a year, only to find that he has more to worry about than his lack of magic and cooking skills–There’s a waiter at The Quilted Lion who is entirely Keith’s cup of tea. Klance and Shallura. (Restaurant/College/Boxing AU)

(T) Nothing’s Quite as Sweet by dimpleforyourthoughts and thebrotherswinchester - (50,370 words) - Keith is a barista who hates his job. Lance works at the cat shelter across the street. Klance. (College/Coffee Shop AU)

Canon Universe

(T) Objects in Motion (When Unbalanced) by Mytay @thisgirlhastales - (37,701 words) - Lance and Keith are constantly being mistaken for a couple. Lance is highly offended. Keith is quietly outraged.Pidge decides if she can’t have peace, then she can write an epic scientific dissertation on the romantic failings of two exceptionally dense paladins. Klance. (I laughed so much when reading this. One of my faves.)

(T) Like a Bolt from the Blue by Mytay @thisgirlhastales - (5646 words) - Keith has a near-death experience, but he’s actually pretty okay afterwards — he considers it all part of the Paladin calling. Lance, on the other hand, is wrecked by it, and so he trains his butt off to ensure that Keith will never die on his watch. (A nice short fic in which Keith watches Lance training and is pleasantly surprised. Feelings occur.)

(T) Time out of Mind by aknightley - (27,849 words) - Keith and Lance wake up married. In the future.

Looks Awesome So Far… (Incomplete Fics)

(G) Ghost of the Future and (G) Shadow of the Past by wittyy_name and Zizzani - Lance and Lance from one year in the future switch places in a time travel accident. Each fic is seen from the POV of a different timeline, they are a direct mirror of each other. Really, really good so far.

So this is what I have for my list so far. I will post another fic rec list soon. This doesn’t even crack the surface of all the amazing fics out there that I have read. These are just the ones I’ve read recently. 

So go forth and read my minions.

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We have to stop giving them attention. That's what they won't isn't it? Dark or Anti or whomever? They want it, they live off it. They manipulate us into thinking we want them. When time comes, they'll use us. Don't... don't get fooled. Please

how i think is that anti thrives off the attention. he knows that we eagerly await each and every appearance of him. he’s always watching.

meanwhile, dark knows that we’ll watch him. the second mark (or dark) posted that video with dark in the thumbnail? dark knew that we’d all immediately click on it. 

I feel very strongly about the headcanon that Clarisse has a reputation for tossing EVERY SINGLE newly formed young couple into the camp lake after their first kiss. It’s almost a camp tradition; after you have your first kiss with your beau, you will both find yourselves in that lake before the sun goes down

It’s for this reason alone that it takes Will and Nico months to have their first kiss, even after they start dating

Clarisse is ready

Downpour: Pt 6

A Bucky x Reader / Drab Series

Master List

A/N: Here is part 6! Sorry it took a while. I had a long, lazy weekend. There’s only two more parts! AHHH. Please let me know what you think! I thrive off of your feedback and you guys are fanfuckingtastic! xo

Word Count: 667

- cliffhanger, there will be one in each part.

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“Buck…” you breathed, your voice exasperated, as if the situation couldn’t get any worse. But, that’s not what you were thinking. Your emotions were running absolutely wild inside of you. You were ultimately sad that he had to go through something terrible to receive this bionic arm, but it was absolutely stunning. Every ridge and curve in the metal was sculpted to look like real joints and muscles. Anger was also an emotion that bubbled at the top, your brain trying desperately to wrap around the fact that someone would hurt and steal someone so pure, so loving, and give him this metal replacement. He pulled his hand quickly away from your grasp, shoving it into the pocket of his coat.

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heLLO !! i’m may like the month & nineteen & highkey excited to be here ???? i’m literally dancing around in my seat right now cause i’m so happy for this & i can’t wait to see your characters thrive !! i’m also a stupid bean so please forgive me if i go way off topic … under the cut you’ll find a short & sweet little rundown on haneul & like the post if you want me to bug you in your im’s <3 i don’t have many of my pages up cause they’re still Under Construction but these simple little points should be enough for now !! 

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1)Hello,lovely blog you have here!You’re in almost all the fandoms I’m in, it’s awesome. You also have a great grasp on characterization. I was wondering if I could get a Naruto,Bleach and DeathNote ship. Im a straight femal. I’m 5'3 average weight with a curvy figure, long black hair, brown eyes and wear glasses. I have a major resting bitch face or just look aloof and intimidating overall. I can come off as standoffish and tense. I’m an Intj, always three steps ahead to get the desired result.

2)I’m extremely clever, witty, sarcastic and intelligent. I have the best insults up my sleeve. I’m very well read. I’m not entirely trustworthy and can be manipulative, but I am very loyal although most people will often question that. I have a need to please authority. I crave adventure and thrive in chaos. A little thrill is nice from time to time. I’m very introspective and have rarely ever have light conversations. I like to debate and I can’t stand average people. I can be lazy and..

3)unmotivated about trivial things. But very intense about things I deem important. I want to run a multinational philanthropic company (crave respect, power and influence). I can be emotionally oblivious so I don’t really know what to do in relationships so I expect the other party to be direct about what they want from me. Obviously no one too emotionally sensitive. Not the jealous type and I dont really care for PDA. I hope this wasn’t too long. (I’m sorry if it was)

5)Ahhhh soooo sorry it’s me again, I just came across the your info thing about what you require for ships and I left some things out. I’ll include them here to make it easier for you. I dislike plain people with no self identity. And don’t like people ruining my organizational methods (or lack there of). I like boardgames, card games and puzzles. Team oriented games are great too. I like people who can motivate me and take new classes with me every few months to learn something new.

Thank you so much for your kind words! Characterisation has always been important to me and sometimes I agonise over it, so it’s really good to know that I do it well. Hope you enjoy your ships!

- The two of you are strikingly similar, in all honesty, but I think this would built a solid foundation of understanding, trust and respect between the two of you, as you see in each other that which others may not. Because of this, you’d have a very private relationship. Some may not even think you’re a couple because of how you interact with one another, but it’s none of their business, anyway.

-I think you’d keep each other entertained, as you’d be trying to stay three steps ahead of each other. Your conversations would largely be deep and philosophical, challenging one another, or sarcastic and meaningless, a way to blow off steam, knowing that neither of you will offend the other, even if lines are crossed.

- L can also be manipulative, but there’s a mutual understanding that both of you know the others’ games, so it’s futile to play. There’s always an adventure to be had, especially as you’re the s/o of the Three Greatest Detectives in the world, so chaos and thrills are plentiful, ripe for the taking!

- Neither of you waste your time with things that don’t personally benefit you or aren’t important, but each of  you would motivate and encourage the other on your personal endeavours that are deemed important. L’s own occupation is thriving, and he’d have the money to help you set your own up. There’d be business deals in place for this, too. You’d owe him but he’d never hang it over your head, expecting you to repay him in your own way.

- L would see a relationship as a sort of business deal, a contract of give and take, pros and cons. As the both of you are INTJs (same here!), there may well be an actual contract written up for you to read through and sign. It’d lay out the expectations, do’s and don’t’s, of the relationship, as well as likely consequences for breaking any of the rules. It’s all laid down in front of you as a matter of cause so the both of you know exactly where you are at any given stage.

- It’s an interesting relationship, for certain. You keep each other on your toes, especially when you’re playing chess or some other game together.

 Itachi Uchiha

- Itachi is incredibly perceptive and can read people and their intentions easily, so he’d know more than anyone to not judge a book by its cover. His own sense of humour is quite dry, so on that you’d be well matched. You’d take him by surprise and even after he’s known you for some time, you’d still be able to surprise him. I imagine he has a few of his own surprises, too…

- He’d love your intelligence and the fact that you’re well-read. You plan all your moves in advance and I think he’d be interested to see how well things work out, especially when it’s a personal thing that you’re working on. He may keep a step back though, knowing that you’re not entirely trustworthy, but he’d hope as your s/o that he’s one of the exceptions to that.

- Itachi is very opinionated and so are you, so debates are fairly commonplace. There’s a line where debates become arguments, and he’d be careful to never allow it to cross that line. He will not argue with his s/o as it goes against his principles. There’s conflict all over the world, the one place he wants to be free from it is in his relationship with someone.

- He would understand not be invested in something unless it interests or benefits you in some way, but even if it’s trivial in your eyes, it may still be important. Here, he may do a little manipulation of his own because he’s asking you to do The Thing, and as someone who loves to please authority, won’t you do this for him? It’s so minor but if something needs doing, he’ll use this.

- Itachi would know that you would need things on the table, so he’d sit you down after he’s asked you out and you’ve accepted, and you’d spend some time discussing the things that you both you do and don’t want in a relationship, incorporating all of it into a mutually-beneficial agreement. If you need it in writing, he’ll do it as you go.

- He’ll play board games, go with you to learn new things, encourage you in making your own company…. he’s your greatest ally.

 Sado Yasutora

- He’s so chill. He genuinely just goes with the flow on everything, so whatever you want to do, he’s in for it. Your resting bitch face doesn’t bother him at all, because he has one too. He’s tall and silent, observes and pays attention to more than most, and would be able to see you for who you really are. 

- Sado is naturally a man of few words and when he speaks, it’s important and can’t be expressed with the shake or nod of his head, or it’s dry and sarcastic. When the two of you debate about something, it’s more you talking and he’s listening, interjected with a few well-chosen words.

- There would be mutual respect and understanding in seeing the other for who they really are. He’s a gentle giant and is so sweet and caring. He’d want you to do the things that you want to do, the things that make you happy and are important to you.

- One of the times you’ve had a proper conversation with both parties speaking an equal amount would be when you broach the subject of dating. Sado would sit and listen patiently as you outline what you do and don’t want, and then he would say that he agrees or doesn’t. You may need to ask him some questions but it’s a pretty casual relationship in that there are few compromises, so there’s not that much to remember.

- Assuming you’re both in high school or college together, Sado would be more than happy to go with you to any extracurricular clubs or activities, either before or after school, that you want to do. He’d be your larger, quieter shadow that just tags along to keep you company.

- He would encourage and support you endlessly. He’s in love with your mind, and isn’t that a much more beautiful, deeper kind of love than those hooked on appearances?

When Dean returns to Lawrence with a bad audition under his belt and crushed confidence to boot, he agrees to work with Sam on his production of Moulin Rouge for a theatre competition in hopes of starting fresh. But when Sam casts the role of Satine with Castiel Novak, Dean’s life changes forever.

Before he realizes it, Dean finds himself thrown into a world that looks suspiciously like the original canon they’re portraying on stage, and is caught in an array of arranged marriages, blackmail, affairs, and the most unexpected thing of all: love.

An updated Moulin Rouge AU with Dean as Christian, Cas as Satine, Crowley as The Duke, and
Gabriel as Harold Zidler.

It’s posting day and I can’t wait for everyone to read it!