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Alec + light

Imagine Woozi taking care of you when you’re sick and making sure you’re getting better.

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hello eggplant! could you maybe recommend some of your favorite Sota Yamamoto programs? recently i've fallen in love with him, help

it’s hard to make a list of recs for him because he’s so young and hasn’t competed for that long…there aren’t that many videos of him available. some performances worth watching:

and these aren’t programs, but bb sota was on a tv show with nobu in 2011 where they went to a universal studios theme park, it was so cute: part 1, part 2

i should make a sota intro post someday…if he ever comes back to competition ;____;

Sometimes I wonder about the different ways Viktor holds onto Yuri’s glasses during practice time at the rink and he also asks the eternal question that everyone asks people that wear glasses lol

Pretty Tears And Dead Soldiers III

Author: AvengeSuperWhoLock

Word Count: 1930

Pairing: BuckyxSister!Reader (incest)

Summary: Bucky is finally out of Hydra’s grasp and back in his old mind. There’s one problem - you’re the only person he still doesn’t remember.

Part 1/ Part 2

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His Girls

By reddit user proudqueersister. Estimated reading time: 3 - 5 minutes.

This is a story about my sister and I growing up.

My parents moved into our house about 6 months before I was born. When I was four, my sister came along. It was an idyllic childhood for two young girls, and most of our days were spent in the large oak tree on our front lawn.

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Someone, Somewhere

jasico headcanons for anon

  • in the couple of months before they actually got in a relationship they slept together a couple of times and both times Nico “accidentally” left wearing one of Jason’s hoodies
  • when they start dating one of the first things Jason tells Nico is “…i have no problem with you wearing my hoodies but i need them back. please. those things are expensive.” and when Nico tries to deny that he has them Jason just stares at him like he doesn’t believe him and Nico finally blushes like ten times more than he was before and says “….okay”
  • they go to a lot of sports games together. it’s not really Nico’s thing but he goes anyway because he knows Jason really loves it and gets really excited about it. honestly, the excitement on Jason’s face while watching a game makes the whole experience of going out not too bad for Nico
  • of course, Jason never pushes him into going anywhere that’s too far out of his comfort zone, which is why they don’t really go to parties and big events at either camp. they do hang out with the rest of the seven/Reyna/Thalia sometimes though
  • one time when Jason was really tired in the morning and they were getting up early for some important thing at camp and his toast came up and he almost screamed he was so scared… anyways Nico still thinks it was the most hilarious thing Ever
  • Jason still blushes when Nico kisses him in public because…. ‘wow…. i can’t believe nico di angelo actually likes me’
  • neither of them are really fans of pda (they hold hands sometimes but not much) but when they’re alone they never take their hands off of each other. 
  • making out on the couch happens a  lot as well as just kissing in general. Jason could probably lie down on the couch with Nico in his arms and tell him how much he loves him for hours.
  • Jason likes to kiss the back of Nico’s neck and shoulders before they fall asleep, so Nico always falls asleep with a smile on his face because “how the fuck did I end up with this. wow.” and his buries his face in Jason’s neck because of course they fall asleep cuddling
  • that doesn’t mean they don’t have any nightmares, though. Nico has more than Jason, but neither of them have exactly had trauma-free lives. normally when one of them wakes up with nightmares, the other one gets up too and they watch tv for an hour or something to get their minds off of it

New @j_butt program - a work in progress here in Japan, as we are still trying to master his nuanced and contemporary intricacies. Love the feel of the piece!!#HowWillIKnow  [x]

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Just letting you know, I LOVE your metal sonic artwork! the design is so sleek and cool looking! badass in so many ways! better then the original one sega put out! it just looks much more polished and sharp, deadly and evil. You really bring out the fullest in a character who deserves far much more love! please never stop doing what your doing and never think you draw bad! your work is amazing and i would give a leg to be able to do what you can! Thanks for the new lockscreen btw~!

Please keep your legs, you need those!

I’m trying to get back to drawing more Metal Sonic since I’ve got myself a booth at Comic Con this year, gives me an excuse to draw him again~.

B.A.P when they’re mad and you do aegyo

I’m glad you love out blog~ We do?! ah, you see. We got that connection happening hahahhahahahhaha <3

Did you see that shit in the V app doeeeeeeeee<3


He would start laughing when you to aegyo but realise he was meant to be mad so he’d become a little embarrassed by how much power you have over him

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He would try really hard not to smile while you’re doing your aegyo but would give in. He’d laugh and pull you into a hug

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He’d look at you seriously but when you start your aegyo he would immediately smile. He’s a sucker for your aegyo and you know it. He’d forget all about the argument

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He would somehow manage to keep a straight face but when you think you had failed at your aegyo he would attack you with kisses

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Would pretend that he isn’t taking any notice of you yet he would end up laughing anyways. He wouldn’t stay mad long

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He would attempt to keep a straight face while you’re doing aegyo to stop him being mad, knowing full well its his weakness. He ends up cracking and starting to laugh

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P.S i might take a little haitus cause i have a lot of work to do and i need to stop procrastinating. I have requests i need to do when i come back so please wait for those~ hopefully it wont be a long haitus. i really need some motivation. Someone give me motivation TT-TT loves y’all~

poetry commissions

hello friends!

i know i have a boatload of messages to reply to and challenges to get to and things to do around here, and i’m really sorry i haven’t been around as much as i used to be - i have reasons, most of them being “university”. which is actually why i’m here today! i’ve been having some money issues with living on my own and all, so i’ve decided to open up commissions on my poetry to you all!

now, i really don’t know if there’s even any interest in this, but basically, there’s a donate button to my paypal on the top left hand corner of my blog, along with a dropdown menu of options for the poems as well as pricing. here’s the pricing rundown:

  • a 3-stanza poem: $6 USD [ex]
  • a 4-stanza poem: $8 USD [ex]
  • a 5-stanza poem: $10 USD [ex]
  • a 6-stanza poem: $12 USD [ex]
  • a 7-stanza poem: $14 USD [ex]

IF YOU SPEND UPWARDS OF $25 YOU WILL GET A DISCOUNT - talk to me about it and you can pay for a 3-stanza poem and recieve a 6-stanza poem for that price instead :)

as you can see, i don’t count 2-line stanzas as full stanzas (4 lines or more), so those will be extras, not counted in the price, if i feel your poem works better with them :)

so here is what you get to do:

first, pick how many stanzas you would like me to write for you from the dropdown menu on my blog and pay to my paypal account.

second, email me at FAIRYTALESQUES@GMAIL.COM, an email account I have set up to take requests (the name should be “pearl lydiamaartin” if you get confused), with your request. this request should include the followng:

  • your tumblr url, so i can send you a message, link you, and tag you in the poem when i post it (if you change your tumblr url before i post it, please let me know so i can link the right person)
  • how many stanzas you paid for
  • what you would like the subject of the poem to be - this can be anything, a general fandom (as long as i’m familiar with; you can find my fandoms here), a character or ship (romantic, platonic, familial, whatever) from one of those fandoms, or simply a general subject or archetype like “princesses slaying dragons” or “heroes” or “wanderlust”, anything you want. i am okay with pretty much anything ship-wise and subject-wise, and i will let you know if i’m not and we can work something out.
  • any formatting specifications - do you want it written in photoshop (example) or in text format (example) or in quote format (example)? if you don’t want to specify, that’s totally fine, i’ll use my own judgment and do what i think is best for the poem.
  • OR if you don’t want it to be posted on tumblr, let me know that as well and i can simply email it to you (on the email you used to pay me) for your own personal enjoyment)

third, wait for me to reply back. this is important - if i don’t reply back within two or three days, i have not recieved your email request and you will have to resend it so that you get your money’s worth. and if i get a request without a matching payment to my paypal, i will let you know through email.

fourth, wait for me to post the poem - i will mention you in the caption, tag your url, and send you a message through tumblr and through email to make sure you get it.

after that, just enjoy your poem, i hope! and multiple commissions are more than welcome, i would appreciate every single one. if you have any questions, feel free to email me or shoot me a tumblr message :)

if you made it to the end of this, congrats and thank you so much, especially if you decide to buy a commission! it would mean the world to me and it would help me so much, and i’d love you forever!

  • 5sos: Take my Money!!!
  • Me: Yes please, I need those money back for the hundreds of dollars I spent on you 4 dudes.
  • 5sos: hey everybody! We don't have to live this way!!! We can all get some!!! We can all get paid!!
  • Me: but you just told me to take your money
  • 5sos: cause I've got a jet black heart and there's a hurricane underneath it trying to keep us apart.
  • Me: oh? So your blaming me now?