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AGHSKSNSO I LOVE BEE AND PUPPYCAT! Have you seen the last episode (i think idk) on vrv?? Its just ugghhbsjsjsksk. Imagine jumin, zen, or seven meeting puppycat lolololol. I love ya ૮( ᵒ̌ૢ௰ᵒ̌ૢ )ა



why not all of them?? hehe

don’t worry - i promise i haven’t forgotten ro!

Spotting Moftiss in a Lie

DISCLAIMER: Liespotting can be a bit imprecise. This post is based on research that scientists have gathered about how to tell if someone is being dishonest. PLEASE take this with a grain of salt, as even scientists tend to disagree on the signs at times. I tried to take the most agreed upon signs and analyze the first 1 minute and 30 seconds of the Cambridge Q&A. 

Okay let’s begin. 


Before you can tell if someone’s lying, you need to know how they usually behave/tell the story. People usually deviate from their baseline behavior/story when they say something fishy. The baseline for us is Jan 31st when Moffat talks about season 4&5.

January 31st, 2014 on planning season 4&5:

MOFFAT:  Yes, we do.  It’s really [Season] 4 that we’ve got, but it throws forward to a terrifying [Season] 5.  It wasn’t a planned thing.  We had just got out of the rain and because we don’t have the lovely big trailers that Benedict and Martin have, we had to go sit in the accountancy department and we just talked about what we could do.  We just started having what I think are the best (set) of ideas we’ve ever had.  I think (they)’re just wild.  And when I say ideas, it’s what stories we’ll tackle, what big twists there will be, what gut punches there will be, and what surprises there will be, and I think it’s really exciting.

This behavior then deviates at the Cambridge Q&A on January 20th, 2017: 

Steven: Um, we-ahk- we’re not lying. We- we don’t know! We haven’t even sat down and, uh, uh, done any complicated graphs or sums yet. Uh, so, we really, really don’t know.
Mark: We are sitting down now. 

Steven originally says that they have planned season 4 and how it relates to the storyline of season 5. Then, Steven takes it back and says they haven’t even really thought about it. Then, Mark and Steven even discredit each other by saying that they haven’t sat down and are currently sitting down to discuss it. 

(Thanks to @worriesconstantly​ for the quotes!)

2) Non-verbal Cues

Fibs make you fidgety. Liars will scratch their noses, rub their necks, pick imaginary lint from their shirts

or repeatedly shift their position.

position 1 (steven’s legs crossed towards mark, both of marks legs on the ground)

position 2 (both of steven’s legs on the ground, mark’s legs crossed towards steven)

position 3 (both have crossed their legs towards each other)

position 4 (back to the original position) …all in under a minute

Liars may also maintain eye contact too well or consistently look away.

This is a very difficult thing to actually pinpoint. In my opinion, Moffat maintains too much eye contact while discussing season 5, Gatiss looks away far too often. I’ll leave this one up to your judgement. 

Liars also wring their hands due to feelings of guilt. 

and maintain closed off body language.

(mark’s crossed legs, steven’s hand covering his face, mark’s hands over his crotch, both of their palms are facing down, their bodies are facing each other rather than the interviewer)

Mark seems to be the worse liar in this case. When Steven starts to talk about not knowing anything about season 5, he immediately braces himself and death grips the armchair (better seen in video). Then, strokes his leg from thigh to knee with his palm down which signifies discomfort.


Lies make us chatty. A liar may talk a lot to win you over, but most of those extra sentences are fluff. 

See: the immediate evasion by talking about Dr. Who; the repetition of “we don’t know” (also seen as removal of individual responsibility), “who knows”, etc; and then the quick subject change to casting martin and ben despite no one asking them. 

AKA They evade the question by adding a lot of details that don’t matter. 

MOFFAT: But what you have to do is put out huge amounts of disinformation to try to bury all the secrets 

Phrases like “The truth is” or “To be honest” can mean that even if they aren’t lying to you now, they were earlier. 

see 1:15-1:17 of the video where they both say “honestly” right after one another despite NO ONE contradicting or fighting them. 

4) Finally, there is the Moffat admitting to his tendency to lie

Moffat: “In fairness, I say I’m going to lie, then I lie, and people still get mad at me” (Comic Con 2016 Panel)


Individually, these signs may mean nothing. 

All of these signs in under 1:30? Plus their tendency to lie about the show?

I think it’s safe to say that something is UP. 

[Please feel free to comment and critique if you see something that is wrong as I am by no means an expert. :) ]

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Am I Right?

Seeing so many new animes that are getting their second or third season or mangas finally getting animated, while I’m still here waiting for my favorites to appear once again in our lives…. I’m happy and excited that Cardcaptor Sakura, Sailor Moon Crystal S4 & Fairy Tail are returning!!!
Bring Back:
Snow White With The Red Hair, Maid Sama, Magic Kyun! Renaissance, Yona Of The Dawn, Ouran Highschool Host Club, La Corda d'oro, Ao Haru Ride, Please!?!?! Their Stories Need To Continued in our Lives

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Arrow: Katie Cassidy to Return as Series Regular for Season 6, Playing [Spoiler]
Arrow has targeted original cast member Katie Cassidy for another encore — but this time as a series regular, for Season 6.
By Matt Webb Mitovich

Oh yes. I heard.

So let’s talk about it.

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this is a masterpost of my Opinions, because i’ve been seeing a lot of drama and ship war bullshit going on, so i just want to be very clear on where i stand on some things. here we go:

-alex is not an alcoholic. she’s an adult who drinks alcohol.
-i ship karolsen & supercorp both, at the same time, legit like 50/50.
-that being said, i can also acknowledge that lena is kind of problematic (the alien finding device thing) and i would love for them to address that please.
-james, j'onn, and maggie have been treated horribly this season. they’re all regulars, and yet only get about, what? .5 seconds of screen time per week? and yes, it’s for sure racist…..which brings me to my next point..
-it’s no secret that my biggest problem w/ this season is mon-el. they sidelined james for this white fratboy, and there was nothing subtle about it. why they felt the need to kill a cute, semi-slowburn romance between an interracial couple is beyond me.
-i don’t think m'gann is technically a regular, but she’s also been treated like shit. they literally have sharon leal on their payroll and they’re not using her AT ALL and i’m heated about it.
-i’m cool with james as guardian, but i am not cool w/ literally any other male heroes on this show, because supergirl, at its core, is a show about women. as it fuckin should be.
-sanvers is my lifeblood.
-maggie needs a backstory, and relationships with people outside of alex. i would love for her and james to be besties, and please for the love of god acknowledge the friendship that she would undoubtedly have with m'gann.
-i want cat grant back.
-i want lucy lane back.
-last but not least. my daughter, kara danvers, has been sidelined on her own show. she is more alone right now than we have ever seen her, and it’s reflected in her overall demeanor. i despise the fact that we had such an amazing, underlying awareness of kara’s constant anger and grief in season 1, and now it’s as if that never existed. i miss the episodes ending with her and alex talking and eating pizza, but now all we get is mon-el manipulating her into feeling guilty that she doesn’t like him back. i don’t need that, and neither does she.

these are some of the big things that i’ve seen people arguing about the last few weeks. if you disagree with any of this, that’s fine, we can still be friends. literally the only people i’m not interested in talking to, are karamel shippers who genuinely believe that they are a healthy relationship, and that kara and mon-el have more chemistry than kara and literally anyone else. they should be brother/sister relationship, and that’s all. other than that, please know that i love seeing different headcanons for all the ships, and brotps you guys come up with, even if i don’t ship them myself. i follow blogs with totally opposite opinions, and love coexisting with each and every one of you.

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can you please ask your followers to go give a good rating to "Dear White People" (the series) on imdb (if they watched it)? It currently has a 4,9 because white people can't handle being called out... It's actually really good and funny, but also needed and I hope it gets a second season

I was literally writing a post about this now! I watched the whole series yesterday and i loved it!

So followers, take 10 seconds of your day to vote for the show! You can vote just for the general thing, but if you have a little more time (one minute really) vote also for the individual episodes!



I’m done with this god damn hate spreading through the fandom about how they handled the Malec sex scene. YES THEY COULDVE HANDLED IT BETTER AND YES THEY COULDVE WRITTEN IT DIFFERENTLY BUT THEYRE NOW GETTING INTO THE HEART OF THE STORY. They can’t fit everything in 40 minutes guys please understand that. This fandom is literally stooping to the level of the book!fandom and it’s starting to not only piss me off but really start to upset me. There’s literally nothing we can do to change the first half of season 2 but guess what? THEYRE SHOOTING 2B RIGHT NOW AND THAT MEANS THEY CAN STILL CHANGE SHIT. Voice your concerns to them now and make sure they do it better and not fuck up. For the love of God please just…..STOP SPREADING HATE. I REFUSE to see something as pure as this fandom be infected and poisoned like the damn book fandom is. ENOUGH IS ENOUGH. Voice your concerns but STOP THE DAMN HATE. Not only are we making fellow fans uncomfortable but we’re making the writers and directors feel like shit but have you stopped to think about how Matt and Harry are feeling about this? They work so damn hard to give Malec the representation they deserve and they work long and hard to not turn this fandom into the book!fandom. We all need to learn to respect that and voice our concerns civilly and not harshly. Let them know to change that in 2B. We can’t change 2A. Accept it. Now for the Izzy being addicted to Yin Fin thing? Just because she’s played by a Latina actress doesn’t mean it’s racist. If she was played by a white actress or a black actress or an Arabian or Asian one, the story still would’ve been the same thing. She would still be addicted to Yin Fin. This season is all about character development (THAT MEANS BOTH GOOD AND BAD) and that’s what they’ve been doing. Developing the characters. Clary and Jace are learning to love each other as siblings and move on. Clary is making split second decisions that usually fuck things up. Jace is being a douche because he’s been forced out of the institute and the field. Alec killed Clary’s mom and obviously is not handling it well considering he almost killed himself because of it. Izzy is going down a dark path BECAUSE OF ALDERTREE TRYING TO TEAR THE NY INSTITUTE APART FROM THE INSIDE. Simon grew a back bone and confessed to Clary while at the same time trying to move on and being called out for it by Maia. Magnus is obviously growing to care about the Shadowhunter group and his relationship with Alec is growing beautifully in the midst of this chaos and we’re getting bits and pieces of his back story which is amazing. He’s growing to trust the main cast which isn’t something easy for him to do so he’s opening himself up, and it’s wonderful. Luke is still mourning Jocelyn and that’s perfectly fine she was the love of his life, but he’s not gonna let Clary of anyone push him aside and walk over him like a doormat. Guys this is literally a season about changing the characters whether those changes are good or bad. That’s how character development works. That’s how it’s always worked. It can’t all be sunshine and rainbows and happiness. And Alec punching Raphael? We all know Alec is an impulsive person that’s been proven more times in both seasons especially season one. Isabelle and Magnus probably weren’t able to explain the whole situation before Alec immediately went after Raphael. I’m not saying Alec punching him was OK and I’m not trying to defend him but we all know that Alec is an impulsive person, so before you start to go bitch and complain about how he’s handling it just think for a second on how you would handle hearing your baby sister is addicted to drugs and went to a local source someone that’s in the same room with you to help with it. I would be pissed too and I would probably punch him as well. Because Raphael willingly bit Isabelle that first time in the alleyway. That second time? That wasn’t OK because Isabelle literally forced Raphael to bite her because she didn’t have access to Yin Fin and she was desperate so she went to desperate measures. It wasn’t right and she should feel bad and I hope she does because that wasn’t OK that was the drugs clouding her moral compass. I know we aren’t happy about some of the writing and editing mistakes this season but you have to remember that it’s only the first half of season two it’s already been written and it’s already been approved and aired and we can’t change it. We need to stop thinking we can, they are writing and shooting the second half of the season right now and things can still be changed so go let them know to not fuck up this time. So how about we all stop bitching and complaining about how the editing team could’ve done better or how the writers need to get their shit together and how 2A would be better if they did this thing one way and that thing the other and tell them to do better in 2B. Re-blog and spread this around the fandom please. Because even if I have to hold this whole damn fandom up by myself at the foundations so it doesn’t crumble I will gladly do it. I will not let this fandom crumble and become as toxic as the book fandom is. I will not give that satisfaction to Cassandra Claire. And if you really care about this fandom as much as I do you will re-blog and spread this around. I know this is a long post but this needed to be said. This will not be a toxic fandom I refuse to let it become such.

My opinions about New Girl's Season Finale

• JESSICA KNIGHT IS IN HIS BOOK AND SHE’S THE REASON PEPEPPERWOOD GETS OUT OF BED EVERY MORNING!!! Now tell me, why couldn’t Nick’s book be the catalyst during the entire S6 instead Reagan and instead of being used for Ness’ good only in the finale? WHYYY? This would’ve been perfect. It would show Nick’s feelings without actually making him admit them or fully realize them just yet.

• Schmidt and Cece are so cute together!! I loved all their scenes in this episode, together and apart and I loved how they wrote the pregnancy thing BUT I don’t know if I love the idea of a baby on the show and that Cece’s simply pregnant (a callback to “Eggs” before she actually got pregnant would’ve been nice for her character), and okay, call me bitter, maybe I am, but I don’t like that Schmidt and Cece get all these beautiful things for a couple while the producers can’t even guarantee to us that they won’t mess with Nick and Jess again. Seems unfair. It’s not that Schmece cannot get all the great things in the world, but why Nick and Jess can’t have anything at all? And I don’t even mean a baby, could be something else.

• Winston and Aly. I always sound repetitive when I talk about them but I just love them so much, I have nothing to add. Aly is the best addition this show has ever done! Better than Coach, WAY better than Reagan. I love that she’s the new loft-mate! She’s funny, Nasim’s great, her chemistry with Winston is fantastic, they really bring out the best on each other, her character is a badass with a sometimes deadpan humor who doesn’t come off as arrogant or nonchalant, she’s always awesome.

• I was so glad the theories about Nick not reacting at first were totally wrong, and also the ones who said that he might say something stupid that would scare Jess before she even got to tell him. He didn’t say anything stupid. He say what he felt. He thought Pepperwood and Jessica Knight, aka he and Jess, would never get back together because he didn’t think she would want him again. Recently she wasn’t even picking up his calls, and he kept calling her all the time. For the first time Nick was oblivious but not in a annoying, unnatural way! He was oblivious about her feelings but we could finally see something from him, his side of the story, how he thinks and how he feels even know he didn’t immediately realized it. I loved that Schmidt and that publisher helped him realize that.

• The little call backs to past seasons were perfect. Perfect! Also the callback of Nick looking at Jess struggling to enter the building from the window of her room, like he said he did when he first met her BUT OH DEAR LORD I WAS AGONIZING WHEN THEY FAILED TO MEET BETWEEN ALL THAT ELEVATOR/STAIRS MESS and at the same time I loved it LOL. When they finally met, I’m not gonna lie, I was a liiittle disappointed that we only saw them smiling while the elevator doors closed and then less than 5 seconds of their kiss. I think we deserved more, especially since the build up to this episode was weak, even though the build up in the actual episode was great, but yeah I STILL LOVED IT ANYWAYS! I mean… FINALLY!

• NOW CMON! I need a season 7!!!! And, please, one that Baer and Finkel don’t ruin NESS!

Srly, I didn’t even imagine to love this anime as much as I do. Classicaloid gave me lot of happiness when I needed it the most 💓 thank you, magical composers! ❤❤❤

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All I want in my life, just once and only for a second, is Woo being dominated by Bum. That's all I need. Like, please Koogi.... give me a power bottom Bum edging Sangwoo. I will ascend to new heights if that ever happens.

Oooooo if Koogi makes side stories for every end of the season or when it’s the final season of Killing Stalking that’d be awesome. Like, taking AU ideas from fans as a goodbye present?? Becoming more interactive with the fan communities??? Hell yeah

My gift to the fandom, who I loved watching this show together with week to week from October til now, (and beyond - please give us more fan art of Victor and Yuri in Russia, I need it.)

This is just a one minute cut, but I encourage you to go shovel someone’s driveway, give a lesson in whatever, sell art, do whatever it takes to support the show financially in whatever way you can so that we get a second season!

And honestly, the world just works better when you support the people whose work you love.

Artist Line-up: #2 Amalas (^O^)~♪♫♪♫♪

Tumblr: @amalasdraws

“Amalas’ art is like reading a really good book. Their characterizations are very earnest.” - anonymous

“And the colors. AND SWAG! HIP-HOP AU! HAVE YOU READ THAT!?” - anonymous

“Way too perfect shadow and folds! Lovely colours and I am sorry but they draw one of the most perfect Iwaizumi for me! ;;;” - anonymous

“I admire the art style and the person too. They are so kind and amazing to interact with. When it comes to their art, the fashion, colors, shading and BGs too. Poses, lines, mood, UGH! I love it all!” - anonymous

“Amalas’ art has an intense narrative. =u= I think they explored themes that aren’t often dealt with in fandom and they do it very respectfully.” - anonymous

Best known for their contribution to the HQ!! fandom with their HIP HOP AU, we welcome Amalas! ღවꇳවღ Thanks for joining the project!

“We needed an artist that’s as different from ‘em all, Amalas came around and answered our call!”  - inspired from ‘The Seasons’ by Prof  б(>ε<)∂ [I TRIED, AMALAS _/\_]

[P.S. Kindly click the image and read through the content to know more about the artist!]

I cannot and will not believe Alex will stand Kara up. I don’t believe she would do that for a second. If this does happen and it’s not just a cover up for a surprise party or something she is throwing for kara then the writers have totally screwed up. I love sanvers but Alex would never do that to Kara, need proof go watch season 1!! I can’t and will not accept this!! Please let this not be true #danverssistersaregoals

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Imagine #62 || Request #40

A/N: Imagine follows Teen Wolf’s season 3 episode 2: Chaos Rising (the first part anyway), hope this one’s something you guys would enjoy! A gain, hopefully I can retrieve every single file I that got lost so I could post more imagines, so please be patient with me because I have a long list of drafts already lined up with the imagines.


“You know, I’m starting to not like this idea.”

Isaac continued to pace in front of the floor-to-ceiling windows of the loft, his heart beating faster than it should because of his nervousness. His lean but muscular built showed just how tense he was as the afternoon sun shone through the glass window.

“It sounds kinda dangerous.”

“You’re giving me a headache,” you spoke up, groaning as you rubbed your temples with three of your middle fingers of each hand before leaning back on the almost worn out sofa. You were nervous too about this plan because you weren’t as sure as Derek that it would work-seeing that your trust, as well as Isaac’s, was now leaning towards Scott, Derek was iffy for you.

The werewolf only ignored you.

“You know I definitely don’t like this idea.” Isaac continued to mumble, more to himself that to the occupants of the room. “I don’t like him.”

You groaned again, while Derek just rolled his eyes.

“You’ll be fine.” The alpha reassured his beta.

After a few seconds of silence, which you were thankful for, Isaac spoke yet again.

“Does it have to be him?” he questioned.

“Oh, my god stop. Please,” you mumbled, sighing in frustration as you now positioned yourself more comfortably on the sofa with both legs now resting on the soft cushion.

“He knows how to do it, I don’t.” Derek answered, but not catching the werewolf look towards you.

“She doesn’t know either,” he added. “It would be more dangerous if I would do it myself-the same goes for Y/N.”

The blue eyes that looked at you grew more sad and worried.

“Hey, if I knew, I’d do it.” You spoke, sitting upright and looking back at him, hoping that you were enough of a support for him to do this even though you yourself was somehow doubtful of the plan.

“You know Scott doesn’t him trust, right?” Isaac spoke after a short silence, your facial expression only agreed to what he said as he turned to look back at Derek.

“And, personally I trust Scott.” He added.

“I second that,” You agreed, raising a hand.

“Well, do you trust me?” Derek asked, looking at you then to Isaac.

“…Yeah,” Isaac answered.

“You hesitated.” You mouthed to Isaac, pointing it out and making him suddenly look at you with wide eyes that said ‘be quiet.’ You could only give a light chuckle that would hopefully lighten up the very tense room.

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ARROW : Things we still need answers…

I was thinking about some Arrow storylines that have not been resolved yet… I would love to get answers for all of them in the second half of this season.

Please, let me know if I missed something or you want to add more to the list.

1- OMAC prints with QC’s logo on it. Was QC selling weapons to ARGUS, Russia?

What if, it’s just like in the comics…

2- Why Amanda Waller “helped” Oliver? Were there some hidden interests involved?

Just read this piece of dialogue of Waller and Oliver from S3EP4…

3- When did Oliver learn to fly a plane?

There have been multiples references to Ferris Air. Maybe he’ll learn when he makes his last flight to Lian yu with our favorite  Oliver’s teacher: Anatoly

4- Did Oliver get those nasty burns on his back and chest while working with the Bratva? 

We are getting that answer in 520…#Ouch

5- Who was Slade’s benefactor? He was just a soldier when in Lian Yu. Where his fortune comes from?

6- Where is Nyssa? Did the League really disappear?

Who is behind Helix? Could Helix be a secret division of ARGUS..

Who is Vigilante? I hope they don’t make us wait until Season 6.

 I am hoping he/she is part of Helix….Lyla? Anarky?

How did a Deadstroke mask ended in Lian Yu?

The Captain teased us we are going to have an answer very soon.

I hope the season keeps the quality of these last episodes and we get more answers.  #fingerscrossed