please i am so in love with this song oh my god

1. I will be honest with you, most days i wake up and my first though is you.
2. I’ve spent days in my thoughts, waiting for someone’s smile to open the door; and there you were- I’ve been waiting for you.
3. And all the songs i’ve been listening to finally made sense, i never thought they would.
4. You’re my thoughts. You  have been for the past year.
5. Oh my god i love you more than you will ever know.
6. I never know what to say and i’m sorry, but if i could even find the courage to say something it would be “please don’t get tired of me.”
7.I love you, i love you so fucking much. You will always be my insomnia, my late night thoughts.
8.I adore you.
9.I know i get annoying and i frustrate you a lot, thank you for putting up with me.
10.I will always be in some kind of love with you, i hope you know that.
11. I still love you at
12. I fell in love with you, you don’t have to love me back. But i gave you my heart, please be gentle.
13. 4 shots later and the only name i manage to slur out is yours.
14. All the songs make sense now, they were about you.
—  A list of things i can’t tell you

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The song is "This is why I need you" by Jesse Ruben and it's not exactly like "A starlit sky" but something about it just gave me a similar vibe and yeah, I am still screaming, how does one fic stick with me so strongly omg, you're amazing //the ghostly anon

OH MAN!!! IT’S BEAUTIFUL I TOTALLY GET U IT HAS THAT SAME LOVELY SOFT ACOUSTIC-Y VIBE AND ALSO THE LYRICS ARE MAKIN ME WEEP THIS SONG IS GORGEOUS honestly tho it means so much to me that after all these years u still associated it with two roads meet omg bless u thank u so so much <33

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Oh good god I think I'm dying. I have a heart condition, asthma, and EDS. And the first track practice tomorrow in which I decided I'd pole vault. So tonight of course, at 1:30 a.m. I decided I'd see how many push-ups and sit-ups I could do in two minutes. So I popped out my handy dandy Spotify soundtrack and (on a cushy surface to 'challenge myself') did sit-ups at twice the beat of Life Of The Party. Plus, I was feeling good so I did the entire 3:34 song. Please send help, I am in mass pain.


Oh, GOD. I miss your lips pressed against my skin. I’m so hooked I’ve forced myself to feel something for another just to forget you. But, still I can’t forget you. I feel like a cliche even though I am not throwing pebbles at your window or serenading you a sweet song that conjugates my love. I say the wrong things at the wrong times and I stutter. That’s what I do. I find songs that remind me of you and listen to them on repeat. It’s a method of self harm. I cry. I cry when no one is watching and I have cried with everyone around. I have valid reasons. I feel weak when I cry because you have taught me to be nothing but strong and it feels as if I am betraying my own soul. Do I even have a soul? or do you still have it after I loaned it to you last Valentine’s Day. You used to say you loved me. But love means nothing when you cram those words down the throat of any girl who makes you feel special. You are special. But you are not perfect. You opened up my eyes and showed me that it is not okay to treat the ones you love poorly. Although you and I will always be unfinished business, I no longer ponder at my future, and see you in it. I don’t see you in it at all. I remember when you found I used to smoke. You saw it as a nasty habit. You didn’t want to be with someone so vile as to let their lungs fill with chemicals harmful to their body. I quit in a panicked state. I was so afraid of losing you. But, now that you’re gone I’ve taken it up again. It’s the only thing that makes me feel as good as you do. You’re worse than nicotine. And I continually think about you. Damn. I’m in love with you. But you have someone new. Of all the girls in the world you chose her. It’s silly because I want to tell her you’re awful to protect her. I don’t want her to feel like I do. She’s so unaware of your evil. No. Wrong. You’re not evil. Misunderstood, if anything. But you broke my heart. Scattered the broken pieces all over the floor just so I could walk on them and cut the bottoms of my feet open. You used to care; you used to get mad when I anticipated that we wouldn’t be together forever. You promised forever and so did I even though I thought it was so pointless to even do so. When two people meet at such a young age how could they be together forever? I thought maybe a year maybe a little more but that was it. Then. I fell in. You were a warlock, casted your spell on me and made me fall. It was like an endless nightmare. Every fight we showed claws and fangs and growled and screamed. Every afternoon when I got to talk to you and it wasn’t a fight I fell even more and more deep into the trance your spell caused. I loved you. Oh, man, I still do. Every color in your eyes, every beat of your heart; I’m in love with it. And if you still want me to off myself, God damn I’d fucking do it to please you. I need you. Fill me with your venom again. Please fuel my addiction because right now I am going through withdrawal. Kindness is an allusion when it comes to you. And less than a month from now I expect her to run to me with a thousand tears, and cuts in her feet. And all I’ll be able to say is “I told you so”
—  April 15, 2015 // “happy birthday”
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that moment when you were expecting something goofy like All Star for the Jojo part 4 and got hit with an explosion of sensual and Savage Garden instead


I am so weak for Mika and Yuu slow dancing together like oh my god.

Just…. them dancing together to some slow cheesy af love song and doing the forehead touch and smiling at each other because they’re so in love with each other and oh gosh my heart….

Gentle face caresses

One of them just leaning their face into the crook of the other’s neck and nuzzling them (actually no! Both of them hehe).

Did I mention gay dorks blushing and being adorkable?

And then finally a sweet kiss full of love and trust and now I’m drowning send help please omg…..

by now

summary:  phil’s got a boyfriend and dan kinda needs to move on (and maybe phil does, too).

ANOTHER SONG!FIC and more marianas trench (also the hampsterdance which is VITAL TO THE FIRST SECTION)

word count: 6.3k which is hefty sorry.

warnings: again, swearing. also again my americanness, but you best believe i am TRYING

semi sequel to ‘fallout’ but it would probably make sense separately too.

uuuuh it’s me again i know shocking. you’ll be surprised to know that during school breaks i don’t have a LIFE

anyways i was inspired by some anons (holla atcha) to both make a sequel and extend on some things, and so i figured why not. plus my birthday is tomorrow and i wanted to treat myself and you because oh my god all the love i got made me cry last night so THANK YOU. the response was overwhelming and i wasn’t expecting it. anyways i’m going bowling so here. run wild. be free. i love you guys already.
**any grammatical or formatting mistakes i apologize for. i read it over twice but i’m in a rush and i wanted to put it out before i’m gone all night y'know.**

the song that inspired this fic is here (x)
and the hampsterdance is here (x) (listen to it if you’ve never heard it please it will change your life)


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Also what about Derek proposing and asking the sheriff for Stiles' hand in marriage because it's only polite and the sheriff makes some comment about Stiles being too young and Stiles just LEAPS UP and starts singing "Rude"By Magic and Derek just groans, holds his face in his hands and is like "Please don't hold this against me..."

This image makes me very happy, nonnie. So very happy, I can’t stop laughing. I’m now listening to the song and just imagining Stiles, maybe kind of drunk, belting this out and the Sheriff just turning to Derek and saying “on second though son, take him, he can be your problem.” And hey, I am an awesome son!! But also OH MY GOD, DEREK IT WORKED. I’M THE BEST BOO EVER TO HAVE BOOED. Derek, all the while, wondering if it’s too late to back out. That is until Stiles falls into him and grins and he remembers why he loves this idiot. 


so like…hi. new year new jeannie except not really and you have no idea wHO THE HELL I AM thats ok

i didn’t want to post fics on my main blog so here i am wowie anyways.

summary: dan breaks off his “thing” with phil and literally regrets it 2 seconds later.
song!fic sorta following the lyrics of fallout by marianas trench oops.

i can’t do summaries.

warnings: swearing??? i guess. also my AMERICANNESS so sorry. and a random OC boyf who literally has no description i just needed a dude’s name sorry. 


an empty room, i’m empty too
and everything reminds me of you


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1. XIumin

“ I really like this…”

2. Luhan

“Can I join in..?”

3. Kris

*can’t handle it*

4. Suho

“Come here…let me tell you a secret…I really am Crazy in Love…”

5. Lay

*she didn’t see me, did she..I can continue watching this, right?*

6. Baekhyun


7. Chen

“Don’t ever forget the instructor, please…”

8. Chanyeol

“Oh my God, this is the best thing I’ve ever witnessed…”

9. D.O.

*watching intensely*

10. Tao

“Does she know I’m at home…?”

11. Kai

*on the outside* 

“Those are some nice moves…”

*on the inside*

“You’ve got me looking so crazy in love…”

12. Sehun

‘If you bring those moves to the bedroom and I bring those in, we’d be an explosion of crazy, baby…“


This song is porn. Excuse me while I cry myself back to sanity…

Hope you liked it! ^^