please how can i buy

GOT7′s Google Search History


  • “how many cats is too many cats”
  • “what does rabies look like”
  • “why do people hate my bucket hats”
  • “am i having an existential crisis”
  • “what type of cat am i personality quiz”


  • “one way ticket to LA”
  • “why is my dad more popular than me”
  • “how to get legal custody of my shared dog”
  • “is time an illusion”
  • “how to delete ‘A’ era ramen hair mark tuan off of the internet for good”


  • “how to get the world to drink green tea”
  • “what are the benefits of drinking a gallon of green tea every day”
  • “help i have too many gym memberships”
  • “am i TOO devilishly handsome”
  • “Jackson Wang GOT7 abs”


  • “i keep periodically losing my social media logins”
  • “when will Bounce by JJP die”
  • “how to plot the murder of a dongsaeng”
  • “why does everyone call me a wine mom”
  • “acting agencies looking for handsome idols”


  • “hello mr google!!!”
  • “is my dog planning to run away with mark hyung”
  • “how many times can i delete my insta pics before people start unfollowing me”
  • “how to abolish every cucumber in the world”
  • “i don’t know how to stop screaming”


  • “nearest gucci store”
  • “every time i spend money i cry please help”
  • “how many boots can i buy before people catch on that i have an addiction”
  • “beginners guide to burning a bucket hat”
  • “what is the newest meme trend i need it for science”


  • “how to tell if your hyung is plotting your murder”
  • “how to make eye contact with girls”
  • “my hyungs made soundclouds so should i do it too”
  • “i forgot my soundcloud login”
  • “music playlists that will make my hyungs think i’m cooler than i actually appear”

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Okay so I am in need of a binder. How do I get one for free? Please help.

Lee says:

Where can I buy a binder?

Free binders:

How do I buy a binder if I’m not out?

I can’t get a binder. How can I make my own?

  • Ren made some sweet info on binding with sports bras (x, x) and we also have a post about binding with camisoles. If you’re binding with a sports bra, you want this type.
  • Please do not try to make a DIY binder. Chances are, it will not be safe and you could hurt yourself.
  • Binding without a binder
Mutsunokami being jealous because Izuminokami didn’t invite him first.
A Light Jog

Obiyuki Modern AU Fluff Fic

“You want me…to teach you how to jog?” Obi asked, one eyebrow quirked.

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taltal / toqtogha / the great historian tuotuo [1|∞]


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fic where Mulder and Scully wake up after indulging in too many beverages - underneath the christmas tree?

Dear Anon,

Thank you for this prompt. I hope you will enjoy this little fluff.

We’re snuggled up together, like two birds of a feather would be

A sound that can only be compared with dragging your fingernails across a chalkboard awakes her. She has a horrible headache, the room smells like Christmas and her phone is ringing. Not being sure which problem to start with, she tries to leave her bed, but Mulder’s arm is laying against her chest and his leg is covering both of hers. The phone stops ringing and her mother’s voice fills up the room. *Why does she have to be so loud?* – She thinks and makes a mental note to turn down the volume on her answering machine. She gently opens her eyes and the memories from last night start to sink back in. It’s not the machine what is loud and this is definitely not her bed…


Maggie invited them over for a Friday night dinner. (Just like she does every month. Just like how she keeps telling them that with their job, they should make more efforts at enjoying life and its beauties.!)

They ate home-cooked meals, played charades and had lots of fun. They drank quite a few glasses of wine, Mulder won at Charades and they made a promise that both of them will come for the Family Christmas Dinner in two weeks. They said goodbye to Maggie and decided to walk back to Scully’s place. Both of them were quite tipsy and a bit overexcited that ‘fluffy, glistening’ snowflakes were falling from the sky. Scully loved how it slowly covered everything around them: The sidewalks, the cars, and the empty branches of the trees. Everything was misty and dressed up in white. 

Arriving at Scully’s building, Mulder let go of her hand, scooped up some snow and quickly shaped it into a ball. She couldn’t react fast enough, and the first snowball landed on her left shoulder.

“You’re gonna pay for this, Mulder” – She shouted while hiding behind one of the parking cars and forming her first snowball. She poked his head out from behind a trunk, to locate Mulder but he was nowhere to be found. She slowly started to rise up but quickly was defeated as Mulder jumped at her from behind. She - as tipsy as she was - easily lost her balance and they both ended up on the sidewalk, covered in snow from head to toe. Their laughs were echoing down the empty streets. Both of them were laying on their backs, looking up the grey-scaled clouds, enjoying this magical moment. She broke the spell with smashing a snowball at Mulder’s head. “You’ll never stop surprising me, won’t you, Scully?” - He pressed her body against him and captured her lips between his. She was not sure anymore if it was the weather or his actions that made her shiver. 

A couple of minutes later they were inside her apartment. Mulder opened a bottle of red wine, put on some music and Scully went for a search of a game they could play. They were having such a splendid night, it would have been a sin to waste it.

It was their second bottle of wine and maybe the 5th round of Jenga. Scully was squinting as she was taking one block from the lower level of their Jenga tower, and Mulder was trying his hardest to disturb her. “Hey, Scullyyyyy, did you know dat in some parts of Europe they decorate their Christmas trees at the beginning of December?”

“Mulleeeeer, I know that you’re just trying to distract me but it is not happ… ” – and she couldn’t finish her sentence, the tower fell. “Look whaaat you did.” She tried to sound serious but she couldn’t hold back the laughter. She threw her head back, finished her glass of wine and continued. “So you’re tryin’ to tell me, that there are households in Europe where they already have Christmas trees decorated and such?” – He slowly nodded, taking a sip of his wine. “Come on, Muller, let’s buy a Christmas tree and decorate it, right noooow!” – Miraculously, she stood up without help, grabbed her jacket and was trying to put it on but her hands were failing her. Mulder seemed to be less intoxicated - not so much to stop her from buying this tree – but enough to help with her jacket, keys and purse shenanigans.

1,5 hour later they were sitting in front of their decorated Christmas tree, finishing their last glasses of wine. “Never have I ever had a tree this beautiful. I don’t even the last time, I had a tree, actually.” – Mulder pulled her towards him, stroked her hair and she turned her cheek against his chest. She felt happy, drunk and sleepy. The last thing she remembers is listening to his heartbeat and him rubbing her back, whispering in her ear: “Good night, Scully. I love y’a!”


The morning sun is lighting up the room, the pine smell is filling it up with sweetness and Mulder’s body heat is making it warm. Carefully, without removing the sheet that’s covering both of them, she turns around to face him. That’s only when she notices, that he is also awake. Given the first opportunity, he leans in and kisses her. 

“Good morning! How are you and what the hell happened last night?” They chuckle. 

“Well, Mulder, based on the evidence I think we drank a fair amount of alcohol, bought a Christmas tree, tried to decorate it and feel asleep under it.” 

“Where did we buy a Christmas tree?! He rolls her body closer to his. “ You know what, never mind.”  His arms come up tight around her and in a second she is on her back. Her makeup is washed off, her hair is a mess. “You are beautiful, Scully! You make me very happy, I hope you know that!” She giggles. 

“You make me happy, too! I hope my headache goes away and we can enjoy our Saturday and redecorate this tree! Let’s be honest; We don’t have any taste when illuminated.” He smiles at her and gently starts kissing her eyes, her cheek, her jaw. 

“I happen to know the best medicine for headaches, Scully.” She licks her lips. 

“Oh, yeah? And are you willing to share it, Mulder?” He leans down and kisses her hard.  She opens her mouth and pulls his head down. He only breaks their kiss for a second. 

“I’m willing to show you, Scully”  

Baby Girl

“Request: Teen wolf written imagine where the reader loves when Liam calls her baby?

(AN: You didn’t give me a lot of details, so I hope this is going to be what you asked for. Anyway, thanks for requesting! :) )

You were upset. So upset! You prepared everything, everything was perfect! You set up a great table, with some candles and a red rose in the middle of the table. You cooked Liam’s favorite meal and put your most beautiful dress, the one Liam loves. Then you sat down, waiting for your boyfriend to come. You waited, and waited, and waited… for an hour and a half. You didn’t have any candles anymore and the meal was cold. You were walking, arms crossed on your chest, trying to release your anger, Finally, after two hours, you heard the familiar sound of the door. You rushed towards it and hit Liam on the chest as soon as he step in.

”I hate you!” You yelled.

Your boyfriend jumped in surprise, not understanding why you welcomed him like that.

”Y/N, calm down, what’s…” He tried to say.

“Don’t tell me to calm down, Liam Dunbar!”

Ouch. When you were calling him by his full name, he was definitely in trouble.


“Do you know how long I’ve waited for you?! Do you know? Two hours, Liam! TWO HOURS, and you tell me to calm down?!”

He tried to change the subject, knowing that he was not in a great position at that moment.

“You… you look beautiful with that dress on…”

“Don’t even try, Dunbar, you’re in so much trouble right now and even a thousand of that beautiful dress I saw last time we went shopping would not be enough to forgive you! It may help… but this is not the point! Where the hell were you?!”

“I was with the others, you know, busy saving the world…” He said with a little smile.

“This is really not the appropriate moment to attempt to be funny!” You yelled at him.

“Why are you so upset? And why are you wearing that dress i like, you only wear it on… oh shoot…”

“Oh yeah, shoot! On special occasions, yes! Got it now?! It’s been two years today and you were busy saving the world?! Maybe you should date the pack, what about that; huh? You’re never too busy for the pack!”

“I’m so sorry, I… I was happy that they gave me an important mission and…”

“And you forgot about our two years anniversary!”

“Please, I’m really sorry, forgive me, I… How can you forgive me? I’ll buy you that dress you saw!”

“This is not gonna work with a dress, Liam! Wait… you’re really going to buy it?”

Liam smiled. He knew how much you loved that dress.

“No, no, you’re not going to get me with a dress!” You shook your head. “I’m really mad; Liam!”

You boyfriend took a step closer and cupped your face in his hands before placing his forehead onto yours. You avoided any eye-contact. You were mad and he was not going to win so easily with his puppy eyes!

“Please… Y/N… I’m really sorry…” He said, quietly.

“No…” You answered, not as confident as before.

“I’m so sorry… I’ll do anything… Please, baby…”

You look directly into his eyes, your cheeks slightly turning red.

“Did you call me baby?”

“Yes, I called you baby. You’re my baby girl and I love you.”

“You’re lucky I absolutely love when you call me like that, but this is not going to work next time!”

Liam smiled before kissing your nose.

“Does it mean that I’m forgiven?”

“Hmm..” You mumbled.

He traced an invisible path of kisses from your neck to the corner of your lips before looking at you.

“You forgive me, baby?”


He smiled before placing a soft kiss on your lips. You just forgot about your anger and let go, placing your hands on his chest. After a few seconds, he looked at you before smiling.

“You know, I really like that dress on you… but I like it better when you take it off…”

I hope you’re going to like it, it was really not my best one, but I hope it’s okay :) Thank you love!


*Homegirl is mess. A hot mess ex.*

*For the sake of this scenario, your Vixx boyfriend stays with you sometimes, so he has a key. But, you weren’t home that night because of the spat you two had and you decided to sleep at a friend’s house instead of your own because you knew he needed a place to sleep for the night. The next morning you walk in on him and homegirl butt-naked, lying in between your good Gucci bedsheets and on your good Serta® mattress.*

N: N would keep a calm composure when he sees you walk in on them. He knows that if he freaks out, then it will take forever for you to listen to his side of the story. So, he wouldn’t explain himself right then and there. He’d usher home girl out your house and then make himself decent before he corners you and forces you to listen to what he has to say. At that point you would probably be able to hear the sorrow in his voice. “*gives you a long speech + à* Baby, look. We were both drunk. Really drunk. It shouldn’t have happened, but it meant nothing. She means nothing. Please, tell me how I can fix this.” Go buy another set of those expensive ass sheets. As matter of fact a new bed completely.

Leo: Cannot see Leo getting that drunk and sleeping with ex when he’s in love with you. He must have really been in love with homegirl in the past, and the alcohol must have awoken those feelings he thought he let go of. With that said, Leo probably wouldn’t even know where to begin explaining to you about his cheating. He’d most likely become super angry with himself that he hurt you, so you’d probably wouldn’t get a talk from him for a couple of days. “I can’t believe I did that. I can’t believe I hurt you. And especially like this?! I need to go.” Oh snap, did he leave homegirl there with you?! Stay calm and try not to go fight club on her ass.

Ken: Ken wouldn’t say shit anything. To him what is there to say, exactly? He let himself get wasted and then slept with his ex that’s been trying to make your life a living hell. Ken would know that he screwed up big time, and his face would scream ‘Oh…shit’. He’d attempt to explain, but if you were not in the mood to listen then he wouldn’t press the issue. He’d simply pick up clothes along with the rest of his dignity before leaving with a hungover homegirl. Expect him show randomly during the week though to try explaining again. “*whispers under breath* I’m sorry.” SMH

Ravi: Ravi would be the one to freak out. He’d abruptly jump out of bed in all his naked glory which would piss you off even more. He’d throw on some clothes and then hurriedly try and kick homegirl out of your house. Once she’s gone he’d try to explain himself, however, all of his words would be jumbled because he doesn’t know exactly what to say so you won’t break up with him right then and there. If you didn’t want to hear it, he’d follow you everywhere around the house until you stopped and listened. “BABY, I CAN EXPLAIN! I take the blame completely.” Hell yeah you take the blame completely fool.

HongBin: HongBin’s face would have regret all over it along with ‘I F’d up. I F’d up bad’. Like Ken, he wouldn’t bother explaining because he knows there’s no easy way to explain what happened, and he knows you probably don’t want to hear it. He’d take his time though collecting his things in hopes that you speak to him, but that’s wishful thinking. He’d make sure Homegirl is gone before he leaves, and he’d try and give you some sad look before he leaves as well. “*tries to reach into your soul with his sad face in hopes to get sympathy from you.*” Nope. Sorry. I got cheating repellant, so them eyes won’t work.

Hyuk: Hyuk would have no reaction similar to Ken, but he won’t sit there with a dumb look on his face because that would only add feul to the fire of his dumb ass decision. He’d get up and throw Homegirl out, and then try to talk to you. Like N, he’d corner you if necessary. Hyuk wouldn’t try to be funny or teasing because he knows this is a serious matter and that if he says the wrong thing then he could lose you forever. “Look. Listen to me. I didn’t plan for this to happen. She was the bar after out fight and one thing led to another. I’m sorry. But we can work this out.” Ehh. Whatever. Good thing you know it’s time to be serious. This isn’t a knee scrape that you cover with a My Little Pony Band-Aid. This is a straight up paper cut!

Thanks for asking!
-Admin Cheezy ^_^

In the event you missed part numero uno:
Part 1: You and homegirl splash water on each other at a restaurant

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You make a mug of tea, sit by a fire and listen to Christmas music. As the music dances through the air, reminding you of all that was innocent and pure, you will let the tea overwhelm you with a peace that only that beautiful hot liquid can do. Once time has gone by, you will be ready to buy my book on Amazon, but not right now… For now, you must live life and enjoy the little moments that are so often forgotten.

The book is still coming together, but I am so glad that you are excited to buy it.

-T.B. LaBerge