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a minimum of 40-60 girls were dress coded at my school this morning, but not even ONE male was. a percentage of those girls weren’t able to have a change of clothes delivered to them by a parent and were forced to miss a number of final exams. no one at our school has ever been particularly fond of the dress code, however this is taking it too far. if you’ve successfully fought/know someone who successfully fought against dress code please help us by informing us on how to go about ridding our school of this sexist code. honestly, calling a student a skank???? NOT OKAY. we live in Southern California, and right now our weather averages about 100°F (roughly 38°C) and girls are expected to wear long pants. girls were FORCED to miss FINAL EXAMS just because what they were wearing was deemed “distracting”. a large portion of these girls proved they were not breaking dress code (no shorter than four inches above the knee) by measuring with a ruler, but were not released. please help spread this and let us know if there’s any way to fight this without causing us more trouble!

Help the Filipino women

So in the Philippines, their Supreme Court issued a Temporary Restraining Order on preventing the Department of Health and its agencies from going full blast on its family planning program. This puts a total ban on all contraceptives. This TRO, affects 13.4 million Filipino women. These are the 6.1 million presently using contraceptives, and the 7.3 millions more who have unmet need for family planning.

Not only are contraceptives essential for safe sex, but the oral kind, birth control pills are a necessity for women with PCOS. These pills actually DO MAKE A HUGE DIFFERENCE in the lives of those with PCOS. I can personally vouch from my experience of having irregular menstruation (I didn’t have my period for 2 years at some point) and then when I got checked up, I was given instruction to take birth control pills. I was skeptic at first but only because I wasn’t informed back then. To my surprise, my period started again. It was THAT EASY. Imagine that. I could have regular menstruation if I just took these kind of cheap but still safe pills! Having regular period did wonders to both my body and my self-esteem! No, it doesn’t make PCOS go away but it sure helps with mitigating the symptoms.

But with the TRO, my right to a normal functioning body is taken away. Me and millions of other women in this country will have to deal with the symptoms of PCOS even though it could be easily mitigated with the proper medication, aka birth control pils. And no, there is no alternative because this is the most effective way, all costs considering, of regulating hormones for those whose bodies cannot do otherwise. 

Please don’t let them take this right away from the many Filipino women who need them. Please help us win this fight. You can sign the petition here.


Top: Mama, I went to fight for Venezuela. If I don’t return, I left with her.
Bottom: Son, I went to fight for Venezuela, so you don’t leave with her or by her.

Net Neutrality

I know I might be a small blog, but has anyone been paying attention to the news about FCC and appealing Net Neutrality. I know that it may not be a big deal now, but please everyone remember if you care for it or not we all really should, because this will affect the ways of life for not just all us on this website but many more.

So I’m encouraging you all to get active and help us keep and protect Title Two which protects our net neutrality and not have to pay for faster internet that will be restricted from us unless we go to companies who allready make huge dollars such as Comcast, Verizon, and AT&T.

Not only does this slow the internet for minimum wage students and even high school student with families who won’t be able to even acess to these companies due to their insane prices but it also affects jobs like blogs, the entire growing art community, YouTubers and vloggers. And those are just the few I can name off the top of my head.

Please I’m begging you guys as a trans formative writer, a mutual follower, a fellow blogger, and a friend. I beg the whole Tumblr community to use our voices, to get involved in fighting for Title II. We did it 2015 and it’s time to saddle up and do it again.

Hello, guys. I don’t know if you’ve heard, but in my beloved, you’d think civilised, beautiful country, located in central Europe, Poland, the basic human rights are about to be taken away from women. Why is that? The Polish government, inspired mainly by the Catholic Church (that has definitely too much power in Poland), has created an anti-abortion project. For now, abortion in Poland is legal in case of rape or if the mother’s/child’s life is in danger. If the anti-abortion project comes through (which is very likely) the situation of Polish women will change dramatically:

- aborting a pregnancy that has started because of rape will no longer be legal (3 months to 5 years of prison for the mother and the doctor),

- aborting a pregnancy that endangers the mother’s life will no longer be legal (3 months to 5 years of prison for the mother and the doctor),

- aborting a pregnancy in case of a fatal disease of the fetus will no longer be legal (3 months to 5 years of prison for the mother and the doctor),

- the project says that whoever puts the woman in a situation of a probable miscarriage could be charged of 3 years in prison, which in practice means that some of the medical exams (like the prental exam which helps to indicate if the fetus is healthy) could not be available because of the doctors being afraid of going to prison,

- it all also means that men could get easily away with rape, since the women would be afraid of going to the police in case they got pregnant and didn’t want to give birth to the rapist’s child (which they will now be forced to do),

- also, on the side of this project, the Catholic Church wants to make in vitro even less available for families struggling to have children, since apparently “it’s basically just killing unconcieved babies” (?? fuck logic),

- what’s more, they’ve recently withdrawn chemical contraception for women from the pharmacies (things like spermicidal gels, liquids, creams, vaginal suppositories) cause they’re apparently “dangerous for women’s health”, so now the only contraception available without a prescription are condoms,

- don’t even get me started with the level of sexual education in Poland which is basically non-existent. Recently, just this week, a 12 year old girl gave birth to a child. A 12-yr old!! She had sex (they said it was consensual, but who fucking even believes this shit) with a 29 year old man. The doctors said she didn’t even know what was going on during the labour, she of course had to have C-section because her body was obviously not ready to have a baby at such young age. There are so many cases like this.

- all of this is supposed to “help” with the demographic decline and to “encourage” people to have more kids. Let me tell you something - if anything this encourges me to is to not have babies  a t    a l l.

Let me also show you some of the social media responses of “pro-life” activists and give you a glimpse of what kind of shit Polish women have to deal with:

“If the pregnancy started because of rape, the only victim is the child that can lose its life.”

“If abortion is such a dramatic decision to make, it’ll be better to not let women make it. To ban abortion.”

“Womanhood is all about being in service of life. Women/female MPs who are against life, contradict their own womanhood.”

“All of these women screaming that “their belly, their choice” [should know] that the life in their bellies belongs only to the child. Selfish women, assassins like during Holocaust. You just lend your body to give new life. You should be happy you were not killed. There should be no abortion.”

“Abortion is barbaric (…) and it will be remembered as equally bad as genocide and gas chambers.”

I found these in 5 minutes. Women are treated with no respect, they’re believed to be stupid and not fit to make decisions about their own bodies. Men leading our country (most of them are very religious) want to decide about what we should do with our bodies. Please, help us. Spread the word. We are trying to fight this, but we’re in the minority… The world needs to know!!


Guys, if you wanna help, there’s a petition to sign!!

TEAM EPHRAIM good job! (๑و•̀Δ•́)و You’re doing great! Thank you for all your support!

Please continue to fight for Renais by Ephraim’s side!

People who have lost,please help us in our fight!

Let us raise our lances for our memories of Sacred Stones and for Ephraim!

( • ̀ω•́ )✧

Thank you!

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                   rough sex in the courtyard
                   and your legs are the North Star
                   church bells let me ring them
                                   she looked back, said “baby this your KINGDOM

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The Last One

Puppets, that’s all we’ve ever been. None of us have had the strength to fight back against the puppet master himself, Antisepticeye. Well, that was up until recently. You see, with the the community all standing up against Anti by trying to protect me and the other egos, we’ve grown stronger- strong enough to break his control.

But Anti being Anti, he’s always one step ahead of us; unfortunately, this time it cost the others their lives. Being the only one left (besides Sean), I feel like it is my duty to explain what has happened to the others.

I’ll begin with Marvin. As far as I know Anti killed him quickly, or at least that’s what I’d like to think. Anyway, I remember Marvin saying that he was going to talk to Sean and when he didn’t return after a few hours, we began to get worried so Dr Schneeplestein and I went to Sean’s room. I’ll spare you the details of the gruesome image we saw but I’ll give you a brief description. As we entered, we found that Sean was no where in sight (I believe Anti has him now) but on the ground lay Marvin, neck cut and blood staining his mask and shirt. Little did we know that that was only the beginning…

Next was Jackaboy-Man. My memory is a bit hazy on this one so bear with me. I remember being with him when this happened- mainly because Schneep was recording a video so Sean’s community wouldn’t get worried. I remember Anti attacking us and him knocking me out- I guess that explains why I don’t remember exactly what happened. When I woke up, I saw Jackaboy-Man laying a few feet away from me and after examining his wounds, I realised he’d been electrocuted.

In a panic, I raced back to the house to tell Schneeplestein what had happened but now I wish that I hadn’t gone back. Before my eyes, I saw Schneeplstein laying on the ground of Sean’s recording room, the headphone cord wrapped tightly around his neck; Anti was stood over him. It took a moment but Anti soon realised my presence and he turned to face me, only he didn’t attack, he just smirked. I think he was contemplating whether to kill me then and there or to wait; I presume he decided to wait as he just vanished before my eyes.

Now I fear - no, I know I’m next. I just hope that he goes after me and not my kids or even Stacy. I don’t know what I’d do if that happened. Even with all the strength I have been granted from the attention given to me by the community, I am still in no position to fight Anti. So please, whoever is reading this… help us.  

A/N- In case you hadn’t worked it out, this was in Chase’s point of view.

@tristanlegendary  @chase-brody-protection-squad @schneeplestein-protection-squad    @anti-support-group  @magic-marvin-protection-patrol          @jackaboy-mans-sidekicks                   

{ deductions }

prompt: reader getting hurt as a detective

pairing: hamilsquad x reader

a/n: this was actually fun bc i’d been wanting to do or see someone do a mafia au and this just gave me a little time to divulge in that ,,

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Chief Washington sipped his coffee just as you stepped into his office. It was a typical Wednesday in the station. It was buzzing with energy as usual.
Mr. Washington’s office was always quieter.

“Chief.” You gave him a curt nod, straightening up as you entered the room. “You wanted to see me?” 

“Yes. Seems there’s been a new case. I figured you’d be the woman for the job. Officer Burr will escort you to wherever you need to go.” He said, sounding a little bored as he handed you the file. You started to skim through it, but stopped yourself when you realized what he had said.

Why did Officer Burr have to come with you?

“Chief, with all due respect, I don’t believe I’ll need Officer Burr’s assistance.” You said, a slight edge in your voice. You gripped the folder tightly, looking up at the older man.

“You know why he has to be with you.” Washington gave you a look, almost amused. You still hadn’t accepted the arrangement that was made weeks ago. He didn’t think you ever would.

“Talk to your partners and then you can go out on the field alone.” He finished.

“Can I at least get Officer Schuyler with me on the case?” You pleaded. “Or even Officer Prevost?” 

Washington looked at you tiredly. You quickly dropped it. 

“I’ll get on it right away, sir.” You mumbled and he smiled. You quickly left his office, wanting to rip the folder in half now. You left as calmly as you could, but you were fuming.

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hey you know that callout about giving a growing child a bracer? well after going to the medical wing he came to me (greatest wizard, taako from tv) and asked if i had a spell for it. i burnt all my spell slots trying to get it off and almost killed us both twice. please help i am going to fight the director.


Big Bad World

Pairing: Daryl x Reader

Summary: You had been bitten on a run that you went on alone and when you got back to Alexandria, Daryl felt that now was the perfect time to confess some stuff

Warnings: tw: suicide!!! very, very, tragic chapter, language, no fluff, only sadness

Word Count: 1.8k

Note: thanks for requesting and sorry this took me so long! hope you like it, anon! also, i decided to leave out the “You may kill me but you might never insult me.” quote cause it just didn’t really fit. requests are OPEN

#26 “You’re the only one for me.”

#110 “Put the gun down.”

#153 “I have these weird feelings…”

#179 “Kiss me. Right here, right now.”

#184 “No! No, no, nononono.”

and your own: “Did everyone see that? Because I will NOT be doing it again.”

“No cause is lost, if there is but one fool left to fight for it.”


Prompt List

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One thing you should’ve learned from all those times Rick lectured everyone was that you should not go alone on a run. But being as stubborn as you were, you wouldn’t have it and Denise needed more medicine, and since no one was willing to go on a run you decided to do it yourself. Which was the biggest mistake you’ve ever made. Not only did you get back with a half empty bag, but you got back with another surprise up your sleeve - literally. While you were out looking through the shelves of a seemingly empty drug store, you found out just minutes later that you were not alone but had the pleasure of the company of a walker, which you’d noticed much too late. It had gotten you by the arm, lustfully gnawing at the exposed flesh of your lower arm as you fiddled with your knife to stab its head. You were bit, and what was probably even worse, the bite was spreading slowly, which just meant suffering. Still, you decided to drive back to Alexandria, though with your vision a bit cloudy it took you twice as long. But once you’d gotten through the gates, you were quite successful to hide the bite mark that was starting to spread out further on your arm, and also looking quite nasty. You decided to drop off the meds to Denise first thing before you would go and hide somewhere with a loaded gun for when the time was right. You walked up the steps of the infirmary building, legs a little wobbly from the disease spreading but you tried to keep it together. The last thing you needed was to grab attention from the only medically equipped person in all of Alexandria. You entered the building, Denise’s head rising up to meet your gaze as you held the bag out to her, “I didn’t find a lot, I’m sorry about that. But I hope whatever’s in there helps you out.”

“Wait, did you go out there all by yourself? Are you okay? Do you need a check up? I have time now if you-”

“Please stop. I’m fine, just tired from all the driving. You’re welcome, by the way. Now if you’ll excuse me, I need to get some rest.” You interrupted and turned around to leave just as quick as you’d entered. Now you just needed to find a way to sneak into the armory and back out again. The doors were thankfully not guarded, so you quickly walked down the steps and through the doorway and headed to your right, the massive amount of weapons now right in front of you. You decided to just take a simple revolver, nothing too special but most importantly loaded with bullets, and snuck back outside without having been caught. Now you just needed to find a quiet place where you could sit down and wait until the time was right. You stuffed the gun between the waistband of your jeans and your back as you straightened out your jacket, wincing as the leather material stretched along the bite mark. You needed to get this done, asap. You walked through the streets of Alexandria, sparing a few sad little glances at the houses and people that you’d grown so fond of. You felt tears well up in your eyes and quickly turned your head up to the sky to keep them from falling. If you’d start crying now, that would definitely catch the attention of someone passing by and you did not need that. All you needed was to be alone and somewhere far away from civilization. 

“Y/N!” You heard someone yell out for you, mentally cursing yourself as you turned around to face the person who shouted for you. Daryl. The last person you needed to see right now was Daryl. The air between the two of you felt thick with tension as he was now only mere centimeters away from you.

“Can I help you?” You asked, wanting to get this over with as quick as possible. Not that you didn’t like Daryl, not at all. In fact, you were pretty much in love with him. But all the stress with the walkers and working on upgrading Alexandria left little to no time talking about feelings. Nor have you ever felt the need to tell him. The two of you were perfectly fine the way it was, other than the occasional tension. 

“I need to talk to ya. Can we go somewhere?” He asked quietly, as if whatever he was asking was a secret. You gnawed on your bottom lip, honestly debating whether or not you should just go with him and let him talk, maybe shoot yourself in front of him. Yeah, right. Like you would be able to do that.

“Look, D… I’m in a desperate need for a nap right now, so maybe we could talk later?” You tried but all you got from him was a glare and a huff of air. 

“I can’t talk later, Y/N. If I don’t get this off my chest now, I might never do it.” Daryl told you and you let out a sigh and nodded your head for him to continue. Better get this over with now than never, “I have these weird feelings… for ya.”

“And by that you mean?”

“I think I might love ya. I’ve been thinkin’ about this a lot and wheneva I think of you, I just feel… happy. Hell, you know I’m bad with words.” He told you and you let out a little laugh. Not that it was funny, you just found it ridiculous that now God thought it was the perfect time to give you a chance to be happy. Now. After you were bitten and close to dying. Great, just great. But then again, you couldn’t just let the mere fact that you were dying ruin a perfectly good confession.

“You know what? Kiss me. Right here, right now. I’ve been waiting for you to say that for a very long time.” You confessed and Daryl looked quite taken aback for a moment before he pulled himself together and actually did it. He just frantically reached for your face and pulled you towards him, lips molding together as if they belonged. You were sure that there was already a small crowd gathered around you, probably watching in awe. If they only knew what was actually going on. Well, only you did, but whatever.

The two of you parted, both panting heavily as Daryl let his forehead fall onto yours, “D, you’re the only one for me. I just want you to know that. But now, I gotta go.” You could feel Daryl’s forehead scrunch up at your words, forehead slowly removing itself from your own as you were met with his questioning eyes. You raised your hand to caress his cheek, your lips turning up into a sad smile as you stepped away from him to leave. And you actually did. You turned around and didn’t look back once, making your way to the very end of the town. When suddenly, Daryl called out to you again.

“Whatcha need that gun for?” He asked, having you caught red handed. Daryl knew you well enough to know that you hardly ever carried a gun with you just because and that you were a lot more skilled with knives. You stopped dead in your tracks, pulled the gun out and turned around, hand shaking.

“Oh, that? Well, fate decided that today should be my dying day.” You said, only to receive confused looks from not only Daryl but other onlookers, including Rick and the others. A little crowd had started to form behind Daryl, watching the interaction curiously, “I’ve been bit, Daryl. That’s what I need the gun for.”

“I don’t believe ya.” He said with his jaw clenched angrily. You let out a laugh, averting your gaze from him to everybody else. 

“Oh yeah? Well, how about fucking now.” You said and quickly slipped out of your jacket, throwing it to the floor in a fit. You rolled up the already blood soaked sleeve of your shirt and showed everyone the bite. For extra drama, you just decided to take a shot at it, just because, Did everyone see that? Because I will not be doing it again. Even though I could. It’s fun, I don’t even feel it hurting even though I believe this must hurt like shit!” You could feel yourself turning a little crazy. Probably all the adrenaline plus the virus pumping through you. 

Put the gun down, Y/N. You don’t know what you’re doing.” Rick now decided it was time to step in. You scoffed at him and waved the gun around, mimicking his words as you rolled your eyes. 

“I know exactly what I’m doing, Rick. The bite has spread all the way up my arm. I’m a lost cause.” You spat out, sniffling as you now couldn’t hold back the tears anymore. Daryl started to walk towards you slowly, his usual hard exterior now broken down as he was crying as well. 

“Look at me. You’re no lost cause, Y/N. Remember a quote from one of your favorite movies ya told me about?  “No cause is lost, if there is but one fool left to fight for it.” You remember that, don’t ya?” Daryl asked and you sniffed loudly, “I’m gonna be that one fool fighting for ya. Let us help you. Please.”

“I’m sorry, I can’t. I already feel it taking over me, Daryl. You can’t help me anymore.” You sobbed and clicked the hammer of the gun down, pointing it to your temple, “I’m so sorry. I’m sorry I was too dumb to listen to any of you. I’m sorry I went out alone. I’m sorry I wasn’t careful enough. Daryl, I’m sorry for never telling you how I felt. But at least now you know. I love you, always have and always will. I gotta go, I’m sorry.” You squeezed your eyes shut, blocking out all the protests and shouts from everyone as you pulled the trigger, your eyes opening one last time to see the image of Daryl rushing towards your falling body. 

No! No, no, nononono.” Daryl continuously sobbed as he held your body in his hands, blood oozing out of your temples. He couldn’t believe he had just watch you die. The love of his life, right in front of his eyes. It was something he never thought would happen. You were the only person Daryl had ever wished a future with. With you, he had hope. And now he would never have the chance to tell you all of that. You were gone, for good, leaving Alexandria broken and devastated.

Van Helsing chp 2

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The mist provided a cloud of sinister darkness to the thick forest. Some would see it as a bad omen of what was to come. There is where he waited tied to a post in a small clearing. His dark gaze followed every sound that graced his ears throughout the dense forest.

Righting his hold of the ropes in his grasp he turned his head dead ahead before he decided to speak.

“Come on, Dracula unleashed you for a reason” he seethed

Just ahead something was breathing…hard. It was crouching around seemingly hidden by the deep brush of trees. It saw the man and thought him an easy target. Dark yellow eyes gleamed with anticipation as it pounced on the helpless man, claws out and fangs sharp.

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Diabetes costing Americans more than any other disease

I am type one diabetic. I was diagnosed a month after my third birthday. If you are a parent, please try to imagine giving a three year old three injections a day to keep her alive.

When I was five, my dad took out an orange and had me practice injections by myself. Everyday. So that when I started kindergarten I could do injections myself (after the school RN cleared the dosages, of course). Imagine what you were doing at five years old.

When I was eight, my mom was part of a carpool for dance classes and so she wouldn’t be able to check my dosages for dinner break. I learned dosages. AT EIGHT YEARS OLD I LEARNED CARB COUNTING and insulin ratios so that I could take tap classes. Let that sink in. EIGHT.

To say that being diabetic is tough is an understatement. Now you add in how damn expensive it is to survive and you get an idea of what life is like. Injections are expensive. Insulin pumps are expensive. Most endos will not approve pancreas transplants. This country is woefully behind in stem cell research for type one diabetics.

Diabetes in any form is not easy. Please help us fight for our right to have affordable health care. Call you representative regarding the repeal of the ACA. This is life or death for millions of Americans.

The Initiate Part 3

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Part One

Part Two

I was in the training room with Eric and Four, waiting for the new initiates to come. Well, I wasn’t waiting. I wasn’t an instructor, I was just there to help them clean out the guns. Eric was helping me, while Four was just standing there. The three of us made small talk, but most of the time it was silent. That was, until the initiates came in.

They were all talking and laughing. It reminded me of my initiation.

Eric left me to clean out the guns by myself when they came in because he had to help Four. They started talking to the initiates about what they were going to learn today, which was how to fight another person in the ring. And I wasn’t paying any attention because I had already passed my initiation- and did a pretty good job if I do say so myself. It was when I heard my name that my head jerked to look in their direction.

“Would you please come over here and help us show how to fight an opponent in the ring?” Four asks.

I look from him to Eric, to the initiates. What the heck. “Sure. Why not?”

I put down the gun that I had been cleaning and walked over to them. All of the initiate’s eyes are on me. As soon as I am standing by Four, I smile at the initiates. Some smile back, some just continue to stare.

“Alright, Y/N.” Four begins. “You’re going to get into the ring with Eric.”

“What?” Both Eric and I ask at the same time.

“The two of you, are going to get into the ring, and fight.” Four says as if he were talking to three year olds.

“Okay. You don’t have to talk to me as if I’m four.” I comment.

“Of course you’re not Four. I am.” Four replies smiling at me.

Most of the initiates laugh.

“You’re not Four I am.” I mock in a horrible impression. “Very funny.”

“Just get into the ring.” Four sighs.

“Yes sir.” I respond.

I look over at Eric to see him covering his mouth. I let out a small laugh, and continue to follow Four’s orders. I take off my jacket and my shoes and place them on the floor by the ring. Eric does the same and steps up onto the mat. I follow his lead and we both stand hands in fists up by our faces.

He makes that first move and tries to punch me, but I dodge the blow. He tries it again, but I dodge the blow again. I kick him in the stomach, causing him to step back just a step or two. That’s all it did? Oh great.

We continued to try to hit, and kick each other for about two minutes and then he tackled me. I tried to get up, but it didn’t work, he was way to strong. After abut ten seconds of being pinned down to the mat, Eric gets up and says, “I win.”

I roll my eyes. “Whatever.”

I get off the mat and quickly put on my shoes and grab my jacket. “I would love to stay and help boys, but I have to get to work.”

I walk out of the training room and sprint down to the tattoo parlor. I was just in time.

“You were almost late, Y/N.” Tori says.

“Yeah, I know. Eric and Four kept me in the training room.”

Tori laughed, “Are they making you retake your initiation?”

“I sure hope not. Never in a million years would I want to go through that again.” I state.

“Isn’t that right.” She agrees.

Later that day, Four came in and strides over to me.

“Hey Four.” I said.

“Y/N, I know that I have told you this countless times before, but I’m going to tell you again. I don’t think that you should be with Eric”

I scoff. “Come on Four. I told you he would never hurt me.”

“You don’t know that! He isn’t safe to be around.” He looks around the room, and then back at me and whispers, “Especially for people like us.”

“Like I said before, he would never hurt me.” I look back at Tori. “I’m gonna head home.”

“Okay. Bye, Y/N.” Tori nods.


I proceed to walk past Four, and out of the tattoo parlor. When I arrived home, I found Eric asleep in bed. A smile forms on my lips as I get into my PJ’s and slip in next to him. Of course, it had to be right then that I really started thinking about what Four had said.

The day after the initiation finished, I woke up to cold sheets on the other side of the bed. The shower was on, so that was where Eric had to be. Finally, he came out of the bathroom. His hair was wet, and he was shirtless. I would be enjoying this moment if it weren’t so early in the morning.

“Eric? Where are you going it’s like 7 a.m.?” I was still half asleep, so I wasn’t sure if what I said came out right.

“I got to work.” He said as he got dressed. He came over to me and squatted down so he was at my level. He put his hand on my face and said, “Do me a favor. Don’t leave the apartment. No matter what anybody tells you, don’t leave. Promise me?”

I didn’t know why he wanted me to make such a promise, but I replied, “Yeah. I promise.”

“Good. I love you.” He says as he kisses my head.

“I love you too.”

And then he walks out of the door.

I keep my promise. That is until I heard yelling outside in the hallway. And then it stopped. Then, more yelling. It was coming closer. I could hear what the person was saying.

“Max needs everyone in the Pit ASAP! Everyone down to the Pit.” They yell. I was about to follow the order, but then I remembered Eric’s words. No matter what anybody tells you don’t leave.

But I wanted to see what was going on. I could just go down to the Pit, take a peek at what was going on, and then come back. Eric didn’t have to know. That’s what I did. I tiptoed towards the Pit, praying that nobody would see me. Nobody did.

Everything was going great, until I saw Eric. He was talking to some people, and was injecting some sort of serum into the people. Not wanting to get injected with whatever that stuff was, I run back to the apartment and when Eric came home that night, I acted as if I had stayed there the whole day.

The  next morning, Eric told me the same thing, to stay inside. So I did. At first. Soon, I got curious again and went down to the pit. What I saw was worse than what I had seen the day before. The Dauntless were all mindlessly walking around, picking up guns. It hit me. The serum that they were injecting the people with is causing them to do this.

Eric is in the middle of the swarm of people, marching alongside Max. I didn’t think things could get any worse, but they did. A man started walking around, trying to find out what was going on, what they were doing.

I heard Max say, “Divergent.”

Eric then proceeded to walk towards the man, telling him calmly, “Everything’s fine. Nothing to worry about.”

But then Eric took out his gun and shot him. I slapped my hand over my mouth to quiet the cry that came out. Four was right. Eric was never safe to be around. He killed Divergents. I had to get out here. So I ran. I ran down all of the hallways, and out of the compound. I ran, and didn’t stop.