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Pls teach me your ways and help a poor college kid pay for his loans D:


I was introduced to an app called Good&Co. This app saved my career and my life. The app made me take a couple of fun quizzes and play a couple of games to figure out what I like and what traits I have (low-key so much fun). After this, it paired me up with jobs that I would enjoy, telling me what kind of a person I am and who I work best with.

I now work pretty high up in the business industry with Hollister Co. thanks to Good&Co and I can easily pay off my loans and have extra money to spend. Here is a link to download the app, PLEASE give it a try like I did and let me know what you think, you won’t regret it!!!

Adventure Time Comics Supports Bubbline

Marcy helped PB to get the heart crystal for experiment while she was sleeping <3

Princess Bubblegum is trying to cheer Marcy

Even though Princess Bubblegum has a lot of responsibility, she still wants to hang out with her bae

Nice catch Marcy (I should point that the green skin people are vampires and they aren’t supposed to look like that and they should be dead)

The amulet looks like from episode “Broke His Crown”

I still can’t believe Marcy prank Simon for creeping around PB.


Oh my glob, their dancing and she doesn’t mind dancing with her before she goes to bed for sixteen days.

“Stop trying to hit on my girlfriend, Simon” 


She ditch her duties and basically said to important people to get lost so she could hang out with Marcy


“Be the same person around Lemongrab as you are when we’re alone, please? Please?” Oh my GLOB

Dat look on PB face when Marcy was helping Finn with fighting the Lich and she doesn’t say any caring words to Finn 

Was those pest about to say that Marceline loves PB for her?!?!?!?! Judging the way she look in the fifth panel

Oh my glob


I can’t believe Marceline got killed by this guy :’(

Poor Bonnibel Bubblegum. Sitting in a dark throne room alone next to Marcy throne :’(

Future Princess Bubblegum to Princess Bubblegum - “Marceline still loves you”

Future Princess Bubblegum to Marceline - “I love you Marceline”

That what I like to believe of what she said to them :)


She’s jealous guys, SHES FU@KING JEALOUS!

Her band are trying to give her confidence but their not helping. When she sees Bonnie, she got it back. 

Princess Bubblegum meeting Marcy Dad and he’s embarrassing her in front of her band and her girlfriend


When Bonnie clap, Marcy blush




“But don’t hurt her” Damn that was gay

Princess Bubblegum looked so sad for blasting Marcy off to space. :’(


She’s not done yet. She has to find her bae in SPACE


Please don’t blame Bonnibel for sending you to into space, just look at her face, Marcy! ALL I WANT IS FOR YOU TWO TO BE HAPPY TOGETHER!!!


I’m getting hurt 

The Star Crossed Lovers

Just say “sorry” and kiss already!

This page is basically telling that she needs Marcy in her life

I just realize that Princess Bubblegum does crazy rescue mission when Marcy is in danger like this and in the Mini-series “Stakes”


Their holding hands


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Oh my glob, is that Marceline and Princess Bubblegum child!?

Yet again, this is probably another reason why this ship could actually become cannon. I’m still waiting for Bonnie and Marcy to hug each other because we never saw them hugging in the show   

This literally took me  two and half hours to make this post and it’s probably my longest that I’ve ever done and now I can sleep 

You're A Dog Person, Right? (Seth Clearwater)

“Please?” I pleaded.

“Y/N you know I would if I could, but I can’t.” Seth, my boyfriend, explained for about the thousandth time.

“Seth, why can’t you tell me?!” I asked, getting more irritated with his secrecy.

“It’s not my secret to tell, Y/N!” he said.

“Okay, you’re making no damn sense! If it has something to do with you, it is your damn secret to tell! Come on, Seth.” I begged one final time.

“Y/N, I just can’t.” he said with a sigh.

“I’m done with this shit, Seth. Both you and Leah started keeping some big ass secret that y'all don’t want to tell anybody and so, I’m done.” I said, pushing myself off of the Clearwater’s couch.

“Y/N, please don’t do this to me. I can’t lose you.” Seth pleaded, grabbing my hand.

“We’re not supposed to keep secrets from each other, Seth. I haven’t ever kept anything from you, I expected the same.”

With that, I grabbed my stuff and walked out the door.


I stayed at home all weekend, not doing my traditional Saturday movie with Seth. I didn’t know if we were broken up or just in the middle of an argument or what, but it sucked.

One thing that did give me some happiness is that Seth didn’t give up. He was relentless. For the past two days, he had blown my phone up with texts and even more calls.

I heard a knock on my door while I was getting ready for school Monday morning.

I knew who it was before I got there but my heart still did a little leap when I opened the door and saw him again.

Even though he looked like shit.

“Y/N.” he said, taking me in.

Hell, I probably didn’t look too good either.

See, when I said that I was getting ready for school, I actually meant I was frantically looking for my last pair of black sweatpants and my hair hadn’t been properly combed/brushed in the past three days.

“Seth, its good to see you.” I said honestly.

“You too, baby.” he replied.

“Y/N, I’m ready to tell you.” he said, extending his hand out.

I took it without hesitation.

We hopped in his mom’s car and started back towards the reservation.


Seth led me to a patch of woods not far from Sam and Emily’s place.

He took my hands in his.

“I know this is unfair of me to ask, but please don’t freak out when everything is out in the open.” he laughed, nervously.

“Seth, come on. It can’t me that bad, can it?” I asked, rubbing my thumbs over his knuckles.

“Well…..” he laughed.

“You’re a dog person, right, baby?” he asked, walking away from me.

I looked behind me to check to see if there was anybody to help my poor little Seth, because he had apparently lost it.

“I mean yes, but I don’t see how that has anything to -” I turned back to see a gigantic, sandy colored wolf in front of me.

“Oh, my holy shit!” I screamed.

And I guess the universe thought this was some low budget, horror movie shit because my dumbass literally tripped over my own damn feet.

The wolf didn’t try to pounce or attack or anything. He just looked at me.

Then he started backing up and retreated back into the woods. I took this time to run back to Emily and Sam’s. I ran into their house, where all of our friends were.

“Guys, I just saw this big ass wolf out in the woods. It was like, I don’t even fucking know! And, I don’t even know what the hell happened to Seth! I think it might’ve eaten his ass!” I explained, breathlessly.

Just then, Seth came running up to the house.

“Holy shit, Seth! I thought that thing ate you!” I told him as I forced him into the tightest hug I could give.

“Y/N, that’s kinda what I wanted to talk to you about.” he said, shuffling me back to look at me.

He took me out to the porch steps.

“Seth, that big ass wolf might come back.” I said, frantically looking over my shoulder.

“I don’t think it will.” he said, pulling me down to sit with him on the step.

“Baby, that wolf was actually me.” he said, completely serious.

"What?” I asked, I must’ve heard that wrong.

“I’m that wolf. I’m a werewolf or shapeshifter, if you will. All of us are: me, Leah, Paul, Jacob, Jared, Quil, Sam, all of us.“ he tried to explain.

"Seth, baby. What in the actual fuck are you talking about?” I asked, extremely worried about my boyfriend’s mental

Seth, with the help of Leah, explained everything to me and Leah assured me that the wolf today was in fact Seth.

"Holy, shit.” I said, exhausted from today’s event.

“I know it’s a lot to take in and I get if you just need some time or whatever you-,” he started.

“So, you, Seth Clearwater turn into a giant, vampire fighting, wolfie soldier at will?” I interrupted.

“And we’re kinda soulmates,” he laughed.

I sat there, in between the Clearwaters, who were werewolves, in front of a house full of werewolves.

“So, like, are you going let me ride on your back or what?”

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Um...Sorry but I'm actually quite new to this. Just wanted to ask what your personal favourite headcanons are for RFA+V+Saeran+Rika if it's not too much trouble Just saw your tumblr today and I'm currently in love~ XOXO~♡

please don’t be sorry, I like these kinds of requests. Thank you very much for your words, it means a lot to me, everyone is so nice. These may be a little gruesome and could be triggering, so just be warned. Also, I think I’ll keep adding to this list, because I’m sure I can think of more in the future. Oh, this also probably shows which characters i really like. 

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I found this on Instagram but it apparently originated on 4chan, it’s dated today (5/10/16) so I hope if I can get this out there I can help in some way.
This is a truly horrible, cruel thing to do and if anyone knows the person who posted this or can contact them somehow, please do!!!
Hopefully we can help this poor woman have a healthy, safe transition without any asshole brothers getting in the way!!



Poor Naruto had no one but Hinata

Obviously she was his first real bond. No one else acknowledged, believed, nor cared about Naruto before he became the big hero everyone loves.

I mean no one in the world was there to give him support.

Ugh no one was there to acknowledge him other than her.

Poor kid.

Will someone just be there for him already??

No one has the slightest bit of faith in this kid.

It’s just too sad, please someone care about him already!

Where is Hinata-hime when you need her!?

Oh there she is! That’s an odd way of introducing the first person who’s been there for you, Naruto. Now that she’s here, someone can finally support you!

Poor kid sure needs it.

Ah yes there we go.

So great someone is trying to support Naruto’s dreams and help him out. Good thing Hinata is around!

Aw, look how Hinata doesn’t even care about her teammate apart from making him mad. That’s the spirit, Hinata! Support your man! Not that this makes her anything like that ho Sakura, who ignores the “other teammate” as much as possible in favor of her crush.

Look Hinata! She’s totally the only one who believes in him!

Beautiful. I mean, sure, it’s really sad that no one supports, cares, or believes in Naruto at all but at least Hinata is there for him! She noticed him first and that makes her the most significant bond. Soon, Naruto. In like seven years from that last panel Soon you will realize that Hinata was the one who loved you and believed in you all along. 

Should you ask the types out?

ISFJ: please don’t ask them out unless you’re 100% sure they like you back. They’ll feel guilty and they’ll pity date you and it’ll be awful for everyone involved and their grandmother.
ISTJ: “what are your intentions? Are you serious about this? What are your plans for the future?”
ESFJ: Picky af. If you’re down for constant “adjustments” to your character and appearance then go for it.
ESTJ: Surprisingly shy when it comes to romance. Ask them out. Ask them and watch how they get all stuttery and red in the face. So cute…and hilarious. Please take pictures for me.
ISFP: The closest thing to an idealist without the wishy-washyness. Suckers for all things love. If you’re into gushy and sickeningly sweet, this is your match.
ISTP: Dating them is like being their best friend…with benefits. What are you waiting for?
ESFP: They’re often very popular and desirable. If you’re the jealous clingy type, spare yourself and the esfp and forget the whole thing.
ESTP: Okay first of all, don’t try to compete for their love because you’ll never be able to love them as much as they love themselves. Also, if you’re looking for consistency, look elsewhere.
INFP: They’ll love you for you. 100% genuine. But their feelings are very intense. These are deep waters, you sure you can swim well?
INFJ: These ones are surprisingly ambitious. If your plans don’t fit into their “vision”, just walk your separate ways. They might wind up loving you with all of their heart, but Ni comes first. It’s nothing personal.
ENFP: This is the guy/girl that made you question your sexuality, isn’t it? Well guess what? They’ll probably also be down for helping you “figure it out”. Seize the opportunity!
ENFJ: So hot. I totally get why you’re interested in them. They’re a walking, talking paradox though. Helloo, is it confusion you’re looking for?
INTP: Lmao. Okay try to befriend them first then we’ll talk. This one could take years. Good luck, you poor thing.
INTJ: If you want someone who’ll constantly express their undying love for you then please don’t bother them.
ENTP: Go ahead. They’re pretty easy going and down for whatever. And even if they turn you down, they’ll do it so smoothly you’ll wonder if it ever even happened.
ENTJ: If you actually manage to score this one then you’ve successfully found yourself a sugar daddy. Niiice.

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Do you have any recommendations like of your own stories, the favorites you wrote please?

No Love (Jungkook) demon!au - angst

What will happen to that girl, that one person out of more than 7 billion that he chose to work off all the anger he had inside of him toward the Human kind during all these years. He will certainly torture the poor thing, play with her mind, play with her feelings, and in the end end, he’ll kill her, like he always do.Because he’s a demon, and that’s what demons do, bad things. 

Thantophobia (Jungkook) angst/fluff

Falling in love with your best friend wasn’t easy, it was even less when you had to help him pleasing his girlfriend, but the most difficult was to see him heartbroken

First Date (Jimin) fluff 

 Just a fluffy drabble about your first date with Jimin

Here’s my top 3 !

Admin K

Put You Down (Part Two to Coconut Water) (MATURE)

Her hands were on me, moving from my chest to my shoulders and around my neck. Her touch was like fire, but not in a good way.

“Oh, fuck.” She gasped loudly so close to my ear that it caused me to flinch. I pushed my hips further into hers. “Don’t stop, baby.”

While her body was being layered with sweat and her back was arching off of the bedsheets, I grunted every now and then when I felt a spark of pleasure but that was it.

I found myself having to press my lips onto hers to stop her from screeching into my ear. Her lips didn’t move, however as she concentrated on nothing but my length thrusting into her.

“Are you gonna cum?” I asked, although I knew she was only seconds from practically squirting everywhere. “Cum for me, cum for me right now.” I demanded, knowing how much it turned her on.

I knew I wasn’t going to get to cum when I felt her shaking and myself, still not fully worked up.

“Oh my God,” She whined, and I felt my fists clenching against the sheets.

I shut my eyes as tight as I could and felt my body relax. But before I could let out a deep sigh of relief, I saw an image that caused my lower body to jolt forward.

[Y/N] entered my mind. She was there, staring at me. Naked. 

“Fuck,” I whispered, pulling out before slamming back into her, causing a high-pitched moan to fall into the air. “You’re so hot.” My eyes clenched shut.

“Justin, I’m so close. Let me cum.” she panted heavily, her breath hit my face and I winced.

“Cum for me-” I had to stop myself from moaning [Y/N]’s name as I imagined pounding into her and having her respond to me in a way I loved so much. “Cum.”

And she did. I felt the difference in pleasure as she tightened through her orgasm, and I groaned lowly. She writhed beneath me and pushed her warm body as close to mine as possible.

I slowed down my hip movements as she showed signs of her orgasm subsiding, I was thankful it was over; I was starting to feel like I was suffocating.

“Shit,” she whispered. “that was so hot.” She grinned up at me, her eyes followed me when I fell down next to her.

My length was still standing tall and I knew she knew, but neither of us said anything.

“Yeah.” I chuckled, running a hand through my hair. I could see my phone in the corner of my eye and I itched to pick it up and call the one person I knew could help me.

“I’m going to go take a shower.” She rested a hand on my chest and kissed my cheek. “Love you.” She whispered.

“I’m probably gonna go out for a few drinks, and I’ll see you later tonight. Love you.” I said, already climbing out of bed.

She was already moving across the room and out the door, I heard her footsteps moving across the house. I grabbed my phone and proceeded to text [Y/N]. I knew what I needed to say straight away.

I’m coming over. You better not be riding another man’s dick right now because I need you so bad. Be there in 10. You better be naked and wet for me.

As quickly as I could, I threw on my clothes (pulling my trousers ever so carefully over my hard on) and jogged down the stairs. By the time I had my shoes on, I could hear the shower running. I shot out of the door after grabbing my car keys.

All the way to her house I could feel myself going insane with lust. I felt my hands tightening around the steering wheel while my knuckles turned as white as snow; I needed release, so much that I thought about pulling over to get myself off, but before I could I imagined [Y/N] waiting for me and I felt a burst of energy.

I could barely contain my arousal as I pulled up outside of her house. I saw a light on upstairs, and I couldn’t help but grin.

Picking up my phone from the seat next to me, I checked it to see she’d replied.

When are you gonna tell that girlfriend of yours she doesn’t please you? Can’t help but feel sorry for the poor girl. I’m naked and horny

I grinned as I climbed out of my car before locking it. The moon was making an appearance as I knocked on her door before trying the handle to find it was open. I kicked my shoes off and headed for the stairs.

I felt the anticipation mixing with thousands of other emotions that I was feeling, all for one person. I couldn’t help but wait to feel myself deep inside of her and to have her moaning and whimpering, just for me.

Walking into her bedroom, I saw her laying sprawled around across her bed. There was a faint buzzing sound in the air, and I moved closer.

She was whimpering, her eyes closed and her back arching off the bed. Underneath the sheets was where I figured the noise was coming from.

I breathed out. “Oh, fuck, you are so good.” I moaned.

She jumped slightly as she realised she wasn’t alone, but grinned almost instantly. I fell down on the bed and let my eyes wander over the top half of her naked body.

I hummed gently. “I missed you,” I muttered before letting my lips fall to her neck, she sighed as I touched her.

“Hm. How’s the girlfriend?” She asked, bringing the vibrator from under the sheets and running her tongue along the surface. I growled under my breath at how casual she was about such an arousing scene. “Let you cum yet?” She smirked.

“Just shut up and let me fuck you senseless.” I spat, feeling the tension in my body.

“I told you I was done with this, Justin. Until you tell me you’re leaving her, you’re not getting anything.” She said with such a serious tone that it shocked me. “Besides, it’s not like I need you.” She waved the vibrator in front of my face and I gritted my teeth.

It was silent for a moment but in my head, it was far from it. My brain was burning as I tried to collect my thoughts.

The buzzing sound started up again and it distracted me from my thoughts. I huffed and paced around the room.

I wasn’t happy in my relationship, I wasn’t being pleased; emotionally or sexually, and I wasn’t really in love anymore. At least I didn’t think so.

I sighed and turned to face [Y/N]. She was laid just as she was when I walked in, and I had to stop myself from pouncing on her. She whined loudly and I felt my length twitch in my boxers.

“Close the door on your way out.” She grinned as she opened her eyes to meet mine.

I decided that I probably looked pathetic; I was stood in her room with a creased T-shirt and an extreme hard on pressing against the material of my clothes. I ran a hand through my tangled hair.

“No,” I said. “I’m not going anywhere. I don’t want to be anywhere but here.”

She sighed and sat up, the vibrator was still roaring with life between her legs. I could see she was shaking lightly.

“For fuck sake, Justin. I’m not telling you to leave her for me, I’m-Fuck,” She hissed and I caught her hands clutching the bedsheets. “I’m saying that if you want anything sexual from me, it’ll only be when she’s not around, or anyone, for that matter. I’m done feeling guilty.” She slumped back against the bed.

“I’ll leave her.” I stated, and the silence after that was enough to make me think I’d gone deaf.

“Really?” She asked, resting on her elbows. “What made you change your mind?”

“You.” I said without hesitation. “You changed everything. You made me feel differently than when I did when I was with her and now I just can’t help but want to be around you while I’m with her.”

She seemed to grin at that, and I tried not to feel annoyance seep through me.

“Now, let me fuck you.” I breathed, moving close to her once more.

“Wait.” She said, causing me to stop abruptly. “Promise me. Promise me you’re done with her.” Looking at me, she laid still. “And then you can have me all night.”

“I promise.” I said. “The second I’m out of here, I’ll tell her.” I was breathing heavily now, and I could tell she knew how much I was building up.

“Then what are you waiting for?” She asked, that smirk moving onto her face again.

Even though I moved towards her slowly - with an enormous grin on my face - all I wanted to do was run to her as fast as I could.

“God, I’ve missed you so much.” I muttered, falling into her touch. My knees rested at either side of her legs and my hands rested close by her head, I trapped some of her hair under my hands but she didn’t seem to notice. “I can’t wait for this. I haven’t cum in so long, and you’re so tight. Don’t get me too excited or I’ll cum in seconds.” My lips trailed down her neck.

She let her hands move around my head before tugging at the material of my shirt around my neck, almost impatiently.

I grunted before pulling away; feeling suffocated in my clothes. Quickly, I stood up as quickly as possible to take my clothes off.

I watched her, and she watched me as I pulled my T-shirt over my head, letting my body be exposed to her. I noticed her eyes moving up and down my chest. I grinned. I let my hands unbutton my jeans before pulling them down with my boxers. It was obvious where her eyes darted to as I stood in front of her, naked.

Feeling tense, I let my hand move down to my length and begin to pump myself slowly. I knew what it did to her when I pleasured myself so I made sure to keep a gaze on her as she inhaled.

“You want me to fuck you?” I asked, breaking the silence. She laid with her lip between her teeth as she took in the way my fingers wrapped around my cock and moved up and down as I teased myself.

“I don’t mind either way,” She smirked. “I can tell you wanna cum though.” She bit the inside of her cheek, and I felt my hand gaining speed ever so slightly at her attitude.

“I’m going to fuck you up so bad.” I said as I moved towards her. “I’ll have you begging for me, shaking for me, and dripping for me.” I rasped and let myself lean over her body.

“Show me what you got.” Her hand moved around my neck and she pulled my face close to hers - and more importantly - my lips onto hers.

Already feeling the anticipation seep through my body, I took a hold of her hips and groped them in the palms of my hands. I felt the hotness of her skin against my own and delved in it.

Our lips moved clumsily together as we pressed up against each other. It was as though we wanted to do everything all at once, but it purely resulted in my lips missing hers every now and then and her hands scratching at my chest.

Once I had become drunk by the taste and texture of her lips, I pushed her back so she laid on the bed once more. I hesitated before deciding she’d got enough use out of it and pushed the vibrator off the side of the bed.

“Hey, watch it. I paid a lot for that.” She eyed me and she frowned to which I rolled my eyes.

“Calm down. You probably have a thousand more stored away, alongside a dildo, and knowing you, a dildo that vibrates.” I sent her a slightly annoyed expression, but I refused to admit the talk of her possession of so many sex toys made my stomach flip and my length twitch.

I took a hold of my dick and placed it at her entrance. I felt my heart pounding in my chest and I pushed against her. I moved inside of her slowly, not that either of us needed to take it slow.

Hearing her hum, I looked down at her and took in her beauty. Even though she’d been rolling around on her bed for what was probably many hours, her hair was still spread across the sheets perfectly while her eyes were still beaming.

“Faster.” She said, and I found myself wanting to do exactly as she asked. I took a hold of her hands and let our fingers intertwine like vines running over each other. I felt her tight as I pushed my hips further into her.

“So, so tight.” I whispered when I felt her around me for the first time in so long. “I missed you so much.”

“..I’ve missed you too.” She whispered, and for some reason, it caused me to pull out and slam my hips against hers. I adored the idea that she’d been missing me.

“Fuck,” I whispered, feeling the air becoming hotter around me when she wrapped her legs around my waist. I found a rhythm to roll my hips and stuck with it as she moaned softly. “Do you like that? You know I love pleasuring you.” I leaned down and kissed the bump of her collarbone. Since my hands had let go of hers, she moved her fingers across my shoulders.

“Justin,” She gasped. “Faster.” She spoke through gritted teeth and I grinned.

“‘Faster’, what? Come on, [Y/N].” I said, already feeling my hips wanting to move faster. “Beg me. You know I love hearing you beg for my cock.” I nipped her neck with my teeth.

“Just fuck me faster, Justin.” She spat at me and I couldn’t help but bring my hand to her thigh forcefully. She gasped and gripped the sheets.

“C'mon. Beg for it.” I watched her face as I slammed into her. Pure beauty.

“J-Justin, please.” She whined, letting her back arch off the bed.

“Hm.” Closing my eyes, I picked up the speed of my hips. I felt her legs tightening around my waist and I couldn’t help but move my hand and run it up and down her soft skin.

The feeling of having her around me was something that I couldn’t help but crave. I wanted more and more of it. Determined, I moved my hands to the space above her shoulders and beside her head. I thrusted into her every other second.

“Oh my God.” She breathed heavily and I felt the air hit my face.

“Shit, baby.” I spat. “You drive me insane.”

She opened her eyes and looked at me, her hands didn’t stop clutching the sheets, however. “You just called me ‘baby’, you never call me that when we fuck.”

I felt my heart beating fast as I was only just realising that myself. I let my lips hit to her forehead. “Get used to it, babygirl.”

Her cheeks had turned into two cherry tomatoes as she tried to hide the small smile forming on her lips, I grinned instantly. It fell almost instantly when I felt my stomach tighten.

“Please tell me you’re ready to cum.” I panted. “I want you to cum with me.”

“I-I’m close. Fuck.”

“Is this better than time alone with your beloved vibrator?” I asked. “I know I make you cum so much harder than those toys ever could.” My hand met her right boob and I squeezed it softly, making sure my hand stimulated her nipples teasingly.


“Oh, fuck. Baby, cum for me. Do it now. I don’t care if you’re not ready, I want your cum on my dick now. Cum.” I spoke rapidly, feeling my orgasm sneak up on me and take over my body all of a sudden.

We came together. Just like we used to. My hand fell into her hair and I tugged on it as she came around me while she dug her nails into the flesh on my back. I almost whimpered at the pain turning into pleasure. I felt her clenching around me and it only made me pound into her with more force through her orgasm.

“Fuck,” My vision became clear when I was left to pant.

“Holy shit.” She mumbled as she relaxed.

“How many orgasms have you had tonight?” My chest heaved as I smirked down at her, I ran a hand through my hair.

She grinned up at me. “Four.”

I fell into her again. I let my lips - that were still formed into a smirk - hit her neck. “Lucky girl.” I muttered.

We were silent then; neither of us spoke. I let my index finger run around in circles on her naked hip. She ran a hand through my hair.

“Hey.” I said, cringing as the silence was shattered.


“I’m leaving my girl for you. Does that mean you’re going to stop fucking other guys? Because like I said, I don’t like knowing you’re getting pleasure on the side.” I didn’t want to look up at her but she took so long to reply that I wasn’t sure if she had heard me.

She sighed, confusing me. “I guess that now you’re actually going ahead with this, it’d be unfair for me to keep it up so yeah, I’ll stop.”

I felt my body relax at her words, and I couldn’t help but pull her closer. “I can’t wait to be exclusive fuck buddies.” I whispered in her ear, I noticed her shiver. “This means I get to call you for a late night fuck whenever I want, and fuck you anywhere in this house that I want. I’m going to fuck you on the counter, on your dining room table, on your coffee table, and bring you all the way up those stairs to fuck you again, right here.” I rasped.

“I can put you down whenever, wherever I want. I’m gonna take it all out on you.” I muttered before letting my lips fall to her jaw where I left wet, open-mouthed kisses.

Oi, you mob, Matthew Reilly fandom! How about we start a Fanwork Fridays + Weekends event?

Once a week, we all search for a fanwork we like, new or old it doesn’t matter, and we reblog or review or comment on it and post two sentences what we like about said work, even if one sentence is quoting a line.

I kid you not, all this homophobic bullshit has been one person’s piss poor hellish attempt to get fandom visibly showing some love to our fanwork creators.

Please guys, can you at least help a sister out and put some good vibes out there tomorrow or over the weekend because there aren’t enough. There’s so much damn negativity in the air today, could we at least get rid of it and show the love? Private messages are great, but they don’t openly show anyone we care about fandom and the people who are in it.

I am on my knees begging you guys to show some love. There’s Meenjan, Mythaelogy, BlackHunter666, ByTheLightOfAThousandSuns, EbonyAndUnicorn, Ayasmert, BookofMac, Phiyazzi, GreatZooofReilly (sorry mate, I forgot your AO3 name), there’s SO MUCH fanwork out there, even on Livejournal and DeviantArt, and Dreamwidth! There’s so much beautiful fanart here on Tumblr alone with so few notes.

Just TWO sentences is all I’m asking. I’ll be doing it too, I know Ayasmert’s onboard too, so can we bring the love and not turn into a Black Eyed Peas song?

If any of my followers can reblog this, please do. Matthew Reilly fandom is a tiny fandom based around a bunch of crazy multicultural Indiana Jones style adventurers, and insane US Marines, who regularly save the world. We’ve got giant panthers, crazy polar bears, a Brown girl who can read an ancient language called Thoth — and without that girl, the world would stop turning.

Matthew Reilly is an Australian author who’s been around for 20 years, his books are like reading action movies — I’m not kidding, one Marine sits in a supersonic jet trying to crack a code to stop a nuclear missile, another has her leg bitten off by a killer orca and proceeds to shoot said orca in the head — and they’re great fun.

Matthew Reilly fandom, I know you’re out there, so please bring the love, erase the hate, and make Fox, Zoe, and Lily, proud!

Kurt Wagner NSFW Headcanon headcanons:

@kingoftherealms wanted top!Kurt headcanons, but I just figured I would switch it up and focus more the fact that:
Kurt is an extreme pillow humper.
I mean, CAN YOU NOT SEE IT!?!?
Here are some headcanons, ABOUT this certain headcanon that I can’t get over until this is done:
1. Kurt gets very lonely very easily. So, as you can guess, he sometimes can’t help but just start going at it on the bed.
2. It’s sort of Warren’s fault. Kurt had only done it maybe twice before he met the angel, but now that he’s been taken and loved, it’s Kurt’s go-to when his boyfriend is gone.
3. Kurt is embarassed by it. He is shy to himself when he starts doing it, and whines at his stupid body for loving it so much that he can’t ever seem to stop.
4. It mostly goes like this when Kurt is all alone:
But also can turn into this a lot:
5. He mostly lays down and hides himself in those oh-so-soft blankets and pillows, but he almost always ends up sitting and speeding up.
6. Kurt didn’t want Warren to find out. He hates the fact that he ruins poor pillows and stuffed animals with his bad habit, but the angel just so happens to wake up one morning to the blue boy sleep-humping as usual.
7. Warren thinks it’s the greatest thing on earth.
8. When Warren IS there, Kurt tries to keep it hidden and be with Warren like he’s supposed to, but the angel can see right through that blue skin of his.
9. “Show me.”
“Do it babe, it’s okay,” Warren’s smile is low and sweet as they pause their make-out on the bed.
“D-do vhat?” Kurt is exhausted and desperate at this point- Warren putting him off and teasing him just for this moment.
“Hump the pillow baby,” Warren whispers now against Kurt’s ear, and slyly slips a pillow between them.
Kurt does as he’s told, but Warren’s love and amazement still don’t make him feel better about it.
10. Kurt likes to just drag himself as hard as he can up the pillows, and withers in the softness as the cotton just spreads and moves with him- never pushing back too hard but giving just enough.
11. Warren soon starts coming home to Kurt passed out dead asleep, and a ruined pillow case between his bare legs.
12. Warren ends up having to buy fresh sets twice a week, and the team seems to know better than to ask questions. The angel doesn’t mind, of course. His baby blue is just apparently horny is all.
13. Kurt always frowns and ignores the fact when Warren walks in and tosses the brand new pillows on the bed, and can’t help but think that they will be totally ruined in a week. He’s not proud of it like Warren thinks he should be.
14. Kurt always debates between wearing underwear and not. When he is more lonely and needy than usual, he typically sheds everything, and whatever goes between his legs is a goner. When he does wear underwear, Kurt feels a little better knowing that there is a chance Warren might not notice this time.
15. Warren knows Kurt likes stuffed animals just as much.
“I got you a friend babe!” Warren knows it’s terrible, but he can’t help the smile on his face when he gets home and drops the large bear on the mattress.
Kurt knows what he’s doing, and his face heats as Warren stares happily at him with a smug look. Whether Warren will be there or not, eventually the stuffed animal will get the same treatment and need to be tossed after a few times.
16. Eventually the two have a certain set up of pillows a stuffed animals- not a lot, but more than before. Warren organises Kurt’s favorites to one side- the cotton and fur of the stuffed animals matteted and gross, and the pillows flattened and bent- and the newer ones to the other side.
The gang stops by one day and notices the old-looking stuffed animals and pillows, and silently wonder why or where the two had gotten them. (They inwardly have an idea about what the real case could be, but choose to forget that possibility.)
17 As time goes on, Kurt keeps it more hidden than ever. He manages fine when Warren is with him, and only mounts the pillows and bed when he is surely alone and everyone is asleep.
18. Warren buys Kurt a nice body pillow one day, and Kurt can’t stop his blush when Warren is the one to lay it on the bed and suddenly take a nap with his arms and legs tightly around it.
19. Kurt prefers doing it in the dark, feeling hidden from the shameful eye of his god, but every once in a while the fairy lights Warren hung up will stay on and glow over him in his desperateness.
20. Kurt eventually realizes that this is just a bad kink of his to get-off that is not going away any time soon, and now just tightly mounts whatever soft bedding he can find and quickly goes at it.
21. Warren really loves it when he walks in to find Kurt asleep with whatever object between his legs in a death grip- the blue boy too tired to finish the job and just passing out.
22. Kurt feels terrible when he takes the stuffed animals and pillows under him, and can’t help but feel as if they are begging up him not to do it.
“Oohh, I’m sorry!” He apologizes to their invisible consciousness and himself in a moaned cry, but starts up right away and doesn’t stop until he’s done and gone soft.
23. Some nights, Kurt doesn’t feel as bad about it, and will stick his ass out as he sits heavily on a pillow. He shoves it all into as tight a ball as he can to fit the pillow beneath him, and will dig into it for thirty minutes in happy moans and gripping hands.
24. Kurt just really loves riding long body pillows. Although anything will do, really. This poor boy has two dicks to please, and sometimes soft cotton just does the job perfectly fine.
25. One night, Kurt discovers the edge of the mattress.
And oh, WOW, that feels good…
26. He adds it to the list of personal favorites, and easily hangs on to the bed as he humps the hard edge and withers it the crazy feeling.
27. Warren really loves his needy blueberry. He’s always ready to help him out when Kurt needs it.
28. There are times when Kurt will go at it All. Night.
He just LOVES how that tight pillow feels shoved against him, and will sometimes just hump and hump with nothing happening but limp legs and sore hands.
29. (His tail comes in handy, all I’m gonna say)
30. Kurt will also lay on his back and spread his legs to dig the pillow into him with his hands. When he uses the body pillow for this, it usually ends in him rolling to the side and quickly mounting it like a dog and thrusting fast.
31. Kurt thrives on that warm feeling in his gut as the pillows heat between his tight, strong legs and he goes at it all he wants. His dicks cry to him in joy and wanting as the soft cotton pushes against him and engulfs them in a perfectly pressured thrust.
The team probably knows by now.
Most likely due to that sleep over in the living room that took a turn at 2 in the morning for the sleeping angel and teleporter when Kurt just so happened to ball up his sleeping bag.
Our poor Blueberry is just so damn needy; he can’t help it if he’s horny! And it’s been said that sometimes pillow humping just feels VERY nice for those occasions.

i blocked the person who sent me this yesterday but its been on my mind today so thankfully i screencapped it to show my friend  who helepd me feel better after i read this

its just. like this is so beyond unneccassary like i dont care if you dont like me why woudl you come into my inbox just to tell me my dog,who has been with me through years of abuse and helped comfort me through a lot of hard times, just tell me to put her down? and get a new one? pets arent like ltitle accessories where if you break it just get a new one. theyre living creatures with a heart and soul. 

i dont care about how you called me a poor bitch bc yeah i guess so but please just leave my dog out of this. i already feel bad were not well equipped to pay for a 500$ visit and i have to ask for help. dont rub salt in the wound 

i doubt this person will se this since im not answeing the ask directly but like if you do like… can you literlly never send anything like this again toa nyone else. its such a dick thing to do

I make books now

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Pro Tip

Be nice to cashiers. They’re working a minimum wage job and most likely don’t have answers to all of your dumb ass questions. Don’t make a joke about the chip cards. Don’t say anything about the chip cards actually. Smile and be polite because most likely they’ve been yelled at by multiple customers that day for something that they couldn’t help. Don’t be a douche in general. Just be nice to the poor smoll cashier who is trying to have small talk with you so the check out isn’t as awkward. We’re people and we’re squishy and sad when you treat us mean. Please think next time you buy something.

There’s dissent on my ‘what happened to anders was unforgivable’ post, nothing I didn’t expect, but I really struggle to understand why people actually think his destroying the chantry was such a bad thing. A bad thing yes, but the worst most heinous act ever? No, not really.

If you’re the sort of person who thinks [killing = murder] and [murder = bad] you have already condemned the entire cast of Dragon Age 2, however it only really seems to come up when we’re talking about Anders. Otherwise you would be constantly pointing out on positive Isabela/Fenris even Merrill posts, that their actions are ’unforgivable’. It’s not a goddamn coincidence. 

And let’s talk specifics here, he’s not blowing up the sweet rustic chantry of Lothering here, he’s destroying a chantry that was once built by the Tevinters (wow look at the symbolism there, why don’t you) that refused to help the poor, and the sick. There is background dialogue in game that confirms this. The closest thing Kirkwall has to a real place of healing and salvation is Anders’ clinic. Chew on that for a few moments please.

He strikes out at the chantry, at the leaders of his own faith, because they have failed him. They have failed every non-entitled soul in Kirkwall. They have stood back and watched for years as people starve and mages are killed or put to the right of tranquillity unjustly. Would you even call these people innocent? 

I personally don’t think literally blowing it up was the best course of action, or the best way to make that statement. But I don’t blame him, I’m not mad, I don’t mourn these people. 

Ironic considering Anders feels guilty. This wasn’t what he wanted. He tried for six years to go through peaceful methods, after he had to mercy-kill his own lover and friend. It’s only when he is completely alone, after seeing the entire mage underground crushed, that he desperately turns to the only thing he could think to do.

If you can still condemn him knowing these things, I have nothing more to say.

Spells to protect animals from crossing streets

This spell was made to help all our Lil furry friends. Not far from my home we have a street that is heavy woods on one side and semi wooded on the other along with a huge cemetery, I have seen that this road is a regular crossing for many small wild animals (skunks, possums, feral cats, ect.) Sadly, most of the poor little guys don’t all ways make it across the road, especially the babies.

So if any of you have a road like this near you, please use it to help save one of our animal friends!

What you will need: ( these things can be optional or switched out for other materials depending on your craft)

A personalized sigil or protection marking that holds power for you (I made my own just for this spell, if you would like to use it feel free to message me)
Protection herbs or stones(for mine I wrapped my chalk in a mix peppermint, black salt, pepper, and copal)

How to do it:

Take your items to the road or space in question (please be safe while you do this if it’s a busy street like mine was) take your chalk and on the curb or if you can manage safely the street it’s self and lay down your sigil on both sides of the street, trying to make them as even as possible. (If you used herbs or stones place a small amount of them in any available dirt or land near your sigils, this way even if your sigil is washed away, the stones and herbs used will keep your spell going)

Hope this helps some of our animal friends out there

Double Shift

Or the one where Clarke has a disastrous encounter with a vending machine in the maternity ward and Bellamy happens to be there to witness (and laugh at) the whole thing.

Clarke was five hours into her double shift and she felt like she was going to die.  She was pretty sure she hadn’t eaten since breakfast (it was eight at night) and she knew that if she didn’t eat something soon she was going to pass out.

So as soon as she had a break, she ducked out from her rounds and headed for the vending machine in the maternity ward because it was always the best stocked.

She’d been expecting to grab a bag of chips, eat it in the elevator, and go back to working herself to the bone, as usual.

What she had not been expecting was her chips to get stuck in the vending machine.  Now, this was something that had somehow never happened to Clarke.  She’d once had a nightmare about it and woke up in a cold sweat (sue her, she liked her junk food) but it had never actually been a thing that happened in real life.

Now here she was, in the hallway of the maternity ward’s sixth floor, looking forlorn and out of place, staring at the vending machine and the bag of Ruffles cheddar and sour cream potato chips that were dangling by just the smallest amount.

She considered her options.  She could shake it and hope that would get it out.  She had a hand on either side of the vending machine when she realized this could potentially be much worse.  Vending machines weren’t attached to the floor.  She could topple it over. It could land on her.  She could die.  So that was out.

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hamilton sentence starters!!

ahhh, yet another sentence starter list!! i love doing these and i thought why not do one with my favorite musical at the moment, Hamilton?? it has one of the best soundtracks i’ve ever heard and it’s just a great play okokok. also I KNOW IT’S SO LONG THERE’S 200+ DON’T HATE ME, IM SO SORRY. I HATE MYSELF TOO LMAO!! i just couldn’t decide which ones to take out to make it shorter. 

one more thing: if you’re going to request from list, please specify if you’d like it to be fluff, angst, or smut (or even all three) and if you have a plot in mind, feel free to specify that too!! you can also add prompts into your requests from here and here !!

  1. ❝the world’s gonna know your name.❞
  2. ❝there’s a million things I haven’t done.❞
  3. ❝you gotta fend for yourself❞
  4. ❝he/she would’ve been dead or destitute.❞
  5. ❝in new york you can be a new man.❞
  6. ❝you could never back down.❞
  7. ❝you never learned to take your time.❞
  8. ❝will they know what you over came?❞
  9. ❝we fought with him.❞
  10. ❝i loved him.❞
  11. ❝i’m the damn fool the shot him.❞
  12. ❝pardon me, are you [name]❞ ❝that depends who’s asking?❞
  13. ❝i have been looking for you.❞
  14. ❝i’m getting nervous.❞
  15. ❝i may have punched him. it’s a blur.❞
  16. ❝he looked at me like i was stupid; i’m not stupid.❞
  17. ❝then we can prove that we’re worth more than anyone bargained for!❞
  18. ❝can i buy you a drink?❞
  19. ❝that would be nice❞
  20. ❝while we’re talking let me offer you some free advice. talk less. smile more.❞
  21. ❝don’t let them know what you’re against or what you’re for.❞
  22. ❝you can’t be serious.❞
  23. ❝you want to get ahead?”❞
  24. ❝fools who run their mouth off, wind up dead.❞
  25. ❝two pints of sam adams but i’m working on three.❞
  26. ❝oui oui, mon ami!❞ [yes, my friend]
  27. ❝bon soir!❞ [good evening]
  28. ❝casse toi.❞ [go away]
  29. ❝who is the best? c'est moi!❞ [it’s me]
  30. ❝good luck with that.❞
  31. ❝if you stand for nothing, what will you fall for?❞
  32. ❝who are you?❞
  33. ❝who is this?❞
  34. ❝what’s he gonna do?❞
  35. ❝i’m not throwing away my shot!❞
  36. ❝the problem is i got a lot of brains.❞
  37. ❝i’m only nineteen but my mind is older.❞
  38. ❝i have learned to manage.❞
  39. ❝don’t me shocked when your history books mentions me.❞
  40. ❝i will lay down my life if it sets us free.❞
  41. ❝when i fight, i make the other side panicky❞
  42. ❝i’m a tailor’s apprentice.❞
  43. ❝i know it’s my chance to socially advance instead of sewing some pants.❞ 
  44. ❝but we’ll never be truly free❞ 
  45. ❝you and i. do or die.❞
  46. ❝geniuses, lower your voices.❞
  47. ❝i’m with you but the situation is fraught.❞
  48. ❝oh, am i talking too loud?❞
  49. ❝sometimes i get over excited.❞
  50. ❝i’ve never had a group of friends before.❞
  51. ❝i’ll make y’all proud!❞
  52. ❝i imagine death so much, it feels more like a memory.❞
  53. ❝we have to make this moment last.❞
  54. ❝when our children tell our story, they’ll tell the story of tonight❞
  55. ❝let’s have another round!❞
  56. ❝raise a glass to the four of us!❞
  57. ❝tomorrow they’ll be more of us!❞
  58. ❝daddy doesn’t need to know.❞
  59. ❝like i said, you’re free to go.❞
  60. ❝remind me what we’re look for.❞ ❝she’s/he’s looking for me!❞
  61. ❝your perfume smells like your daddy’s got money.❞
  62. ❝[name] you disgust me.❞ ❝oh, so you’ve discussed me?❞
  63. ❝some men say that i’m intense or i’m insane.❞
  64. ❝i’ll compel him to include women in the sequel.❞
  65. ❝look around at how lucky were to be alive right now!❞
  66. ❝they’re playing a dangerous game.❞
  67. ❝it’s hard to listen to you with a straight face.❞
  68. ❝my dog speaks more eloquently!❞
  69. ❝if you repeat yourself again i’m gonna scream!❞
  70. ❝why so sad?❞
  71. ❝now you’re making me mad!❞
  72. ❝don’t change the subject.❞
  73. ❝and i’ll love you till my dying days.❞
  74. ❝so don’t throw away this thing we had.❞
  75. ❝we got to stop them!❞
  76. ❝i think i could be of some assistance..❞
  77. ❝[name] have you met [name]?❞ ❝yes, we keep meeting!❞
  78. ❝[name], close the door on your way out.❞ 
  79. ❝i called you in her because our odds are beyond scary.❞ 
  80. ❝why’re you upset?❞ ❝i’m not.❞ 
  81. ❝it’s alright, you want to fight. you’ve got a hunger, i was just like you when i was younger.❞
  82. ❝dying is easy, living is harder.❞
  83. ❝why are you telling me this?❞
  84. ❝i’m being honest.❞
  85. ❝i have never been the type to try and grab the spotlight.❞
  86. ❝where are you taking me?❞
  87. ❝i’m about to change your life.❞
  88. ❝well, by all means, lead the way.❞
  89. ❝my life gets better every letter that you write me.❞
  90. ❝there’s nothing your mind can’t do.❞
  91. ❝we’re through.❞
  92. ❝be true.❞
  93. ❝and as long as i’m alive, [name], my love for you is never in doubt.❞
  94. ❝i’ll never forget the first time a saw your face.❞
  95. ❝i have never been the same❞
  96. ❝he’s a bit of a flirt but i’ll give him a chance.❞
  97. ❝if [name] can get married, there’s hope for our ass after all!❞
  98. ❝i came to say congratulations.❞
  99. ❝you are the worst.❞
  100. ❝i heard you got special someone on the side.❞ 
  101. ❝what are you trying to hide?❞ 
  102. ❝i should go.❞ 
  103. ❝leave us alone.❞ 
  104. ❝he’s/she’s married.❞ 
  105. ❝oh shit..❞ 
  106. ❝i will never understand you.❞ 
  107. ❝if you love this woman/man go get her/him!❞ 
  108. ❝what are you waiting for?❞ 
  109. ❝i’m keeping the bed warm while his/her wife/husband is away.❞ 
  110. ❝i’m willing to wait for it.❞ 
  111. ❝stay alive..❞ 
  112. ❝raise a glass!❞ 
  113. ❝he’s/she’s not the choice i would’ve gone with.❞ 
  114. ❝what are you doing, [name]? get back on your feet?❞ 
  115. ❝there’s so many of them!❞ 
  116. ❝i’m sorry is this not your speed?❞ 
  117. ❝[name], you’re the closet friend i’ve got.❞ 
  118. ❝[name], do not throw away your shot.❞ 
  119. ❝this should be fun.❞ 
  120. ❝these people take your name and they rake it through the mud!❞ ❝my name’s been through a lot i can take it.❞
  121. ❝you could die and we need you alive. I need you alive!❞ 
  122. ❝go home, [name].❞
  123. ❝how long have you known?❞ 
  124. ❝you should’ve told me.❞
  125. ❝you deserve a chance to meet your son.❞ 
  126. ❝i relish being your wife.❞ 
  127. ❝look at where you are. look at where you started.❞ 
  128. ❝the fact that you’re alive is a miracle.❞
  129. ❝if this child has a fraction of your smile, or a fragment of your mind, look out world!❞ 
  130. ❝i don’t pretend to know the challenges your facing.❞ 
  131. ❝i’m not afraid, i know who i married.❞ 
  132. ❝i witnessed their deaths first hand.❞ 
  133. ❝i made every mistake.❞ 
  134. ❝even know i lie awake.❞  
  135. ❝i know that we can win.❞ 
  136. ❝i know greatness lie in you.❞ 
  137. ❝see you on the other side❞ 
  138. ❝’til we meet again.❞
  139.  ❝and just like that, it’s over.❞ 
  140. ❝you’re on your own❞ 
  141. ❝awesome. wow.❞ 
  142. ❝domestic life was never quite my style.❞ 
  143. ❝when you smile, you knock me out.❞ 
  144. ❝you outshine the morning sun.❞ 
  145. ❝i’ll do what ever it takes.❞ 
  146. ❝you ready for more yet?❞ 
  147. ❝what’d i miss?❞ 
  148. ❝i can’t believe that we’re free.❞ 
  149. ❝where’ve you been❞ 
  150. ❝we fought for these ideals, we shouldn’t settle for less.❞ 
  151. ❝you wanna pull yourself together?❞
  152. ❝do you have to live an ocean away?❞
  153. ❝take a break.❞
  154. ❝hey, our kid is pretty great❞
  155. ❝runaway with me for the summer.❞
  156. ❝i came all this way..❞
  157. ❝i haven’t slept in a week.❞
  158. ❝i don’t know where to go.❞
  159. ❝i came here all alone.❞
  160. ❝how could you?❞
  161. ❝please don’t go!❞
  162. ❝was this all a setup?❞
  163. ❝stop crying!❞
  164. ❝goddammit, get up!❞
  165. ❝i didn’t know any better!❞
  166. ❝nobody needs to know.❞
  167. ❝i thought you were my friend!❞
  168. ❝let’s take a break tonight.❞
  169. ❝why do you have to say goodbye?❞
  170. ❝i wasn’t aware that was something a person could do.❞
  171. ❝i’m perplexed.❞
  172. ❝that poor man they’re going to eat him alive.❞
  173. ❝they will tear each other into pieces.❞
  174. ❝[name] can’t help you now.❞
  175. ❝[name] is out of control!❞
  176. ❝this is great!❞
  177. ❝you have nothing.❞
  178. ❝i don’t have to tell you anything.❞
  179. ❝is that a yes?❞ ❝um, yes.❞
  180. ❝i couldn’t seem to die.❞
  181. ❝i was twelve when my mother died.❞
  182. ❝that’s one last thing to worry about.❞
  183. ❝i came as soon as i heard.❞
  184. ❝thank god, someone who understands what i’m struggling to do.❞
  185. ❝i’m not here for you.❞
  186. ❝i love [name] more than anything in this life!❞
  187. ❝i will choose her/his happiness over mine every time!❞ 
  188. ❝god, i hope you’re satisfied.❞
  189. ❝i saved every letter you wrote me.❞
  190. ❝i though you were mine.❞
  191. ❝you brought this girl/boy into our bed!❞
  192. ❝i’m erasing myself from the narrative.❞
  193. ❝you have torn it all apart.❞
  194. ❝you forfeit the rights to my heart.❞
  195. ❝now i’m left with only the memories of when you were mine.❞
  196. ❝i gotta be my own man/woman, like me father/mother, but bolder.❞
  197. ❝i can’t do that, i’m making my father/mother proud.❞ 
  198. ❝god, you’re a fox!❞
  199. ❝how about when i get back, we all strip down to our socks?❞
  200. ❝i came to ask you for advice.❞ 
  201. ❝they don’t exactly cover this subject in school.❞
  202. ❝promise me.❞
  203. ❝okay, i promise.❞
  204. ❝they brought him in a half an hour ago. he/she lost a lot of blood on the way over.❞
  205. ❝is he/she alive?❞
  206. ❝can i see him/her please?❞
  207. ❝is he/she breathing? is he/she going to survive this?❞
  208. ❝who did this?❞
  209. ❝[name] did you know?❞
  210. ❝i’m so sorry for forgetting what you taught me.❞ 
  211. ❝you would put your hands on mine.❞
  212. ❝shh. i know, i know.❞
  213. ❝the moments when you’re in too deep, it feels easier to just swim down.❞
  214. ❝you would like it uptown, it’s quiet.❞ 
  215. ❝just let me stay here by your side.❞
  216. ❝i can’t believe we’re here with him.❞ 
  217. ❝you could grab a beer with him.❞
  218. ❝honestly, it’s kind of draining.❞
  219. ❝no, i’m chasing what i want.❞
  220. ❝i learned that from you.❞
  221. ❝i am not the reason no one trusts you.❞
  222. ❝i don’t want to fight but i won’t apologize for what’s right.❞
  223. ❝i stand by what i said, every bit of it.❞
  224. ❝it’s what i do.❞
  225. ❝i can’t apologize because it’s true.❞
  226. ❝you’re on!❞
  227. ❝[name], come back to sleep.❞
  228. ❝i have an early meeting out of town.❞
  229. ❝i’ll be back before you know i’m gone.❞
  230. ❝you’d better hide.❞
  231. ❝he may have been the first to die but i’m the one who paid for it.❞
  232. ❝i was too young and blind to see.❞
  233. ❝i hate to admit it, but he doesn’t get enough credit.❞
  234. ❝i stop wasting time on tears.❞
  235. ❝in their eyes i see you, [name], i see you every time.❞
  236. ❝i can’t to see you wait again.❞

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