please help my baby


Sylvesters eye has been like this for like two weeks. I can’t afford to take him to the vet yet. I took him to one of my friends house who has bunnies and she said it’s just an allergic reaction but it looks really bad. He’s loosing fur around his eye, but it’s not spreading. He doesn’t scratch at it and it’s not swelled up. Is it just an allergic reaction? I keep cleaning it to help but I don’t know if it does help


hey im in desperate need of financial aid and any and all help will be greatly appreciated,

recently i discovered a sore in my therapy cats mouth meaning she possibly developed an oral disease, she’s barley been eating or drinking due to pain, it kills me to see her like this
she means the world to me and i don’t know what I’d ever do if i lost her

im an autistic native and I’m begging for aid to get her the treatment she needs, if i can’t pay the vet bills i will be forced to surrender her, please boost this or help out if you can i just want my baby to be healthy again


This is the song of the second malec flasback