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Ok, you make this an absolute fun read every time - so tell me 5 things about the lovely counsellor lady, please!

Thank you napoleonfrost! XD Hmmm, let’s see…

The counsellor lady’s name is actually Philomena.

She was born in 1950 and was at Woodstock in 1969. And yes, she tried the Brown Acid. She met God shortly after and He told her she had a gift for helping others.

He also told her that she shouldn’t wear pastel colours because they made her skin look sallow. 

Philomena has no formal qualifications, but she is extremely dedicated and has over 40 years of life experience and several years of online study on which to draw. She also had her own TV show called ‘Dr. Philomena’ in the summer of ‘78, but it got axed after several episodes because studio execs were nervous about people finding out she wasn’t a ‘real’ doctor. People were so uptight in the 70s! (One great thing about the 70s though was that people wore a lot of orange and brown, which really suited Philomena’s complexion)

Philomena has had a few fun acid flashbacks. Once she was listening to one of The Oaks’ patients whining about how her shopping addiction was destroying her life, and she suddenly looked around her office to find it had turned into a tropical rainforest, and she herself had transformed into an iguana! The patient with the shopping addiction had turned into a small brown frog making unintelligible croaking sounds. Nothing so dramatic has ever occurred during her sessions with Anita, unfortunately. But Philomena can always hope!


Ch 47.1 is here. There are only 10 pages this time despite the release being 2 days late. Before moving on, I want to do some PR for EGScans, who’s scanslating Chang Ge Xing. They are looking for a typesetter for this series, so if anyone is interested in helping out, please apply.

This is gonna be a short post (no, really, I mean it this time) ‘cause there’s nothing to say. The only thing that happens in this chapter was that Mohui’s aunt *cough*Sun’s mom*cough* died before Mohui could get back. Apparently, she kept calling Mohui’s (her son) name before she died. Sun came back with Mohui with his face covered, and the last page ends with Sun asking Mohui if he could take a look at her face.

And that’s it. The only other thing that seems to pop out to me is Sun covering up his face. He’s probably doing this in case he runs into someone from the Turk ambassador’s envoy who might recognize him, but I wonder if Xia Da’s doing this because Sun does look like his father after all and there would be a sudden revelation in 47.2 if Sun runs into Mohui’s father instead.

EDIT 07/31/15: Mori has found all the translators she needs. Thank you everyone!

I received a message from a Japanese game developer named Mori, who is looking for translators for her game in progress called Ukark. The message reads as follows:


My name is Mori, and I am creating a game.
I’m looking for two people who would like to translate the game from Japanese to English.

Genre: Otome game
Pursuable Characters: 3
Price: Free
Operating Systems: Windows, Mobile version

Please email me if you’re interested.
I’ll reply with details.

I’ll take this opportunity to say,
Pandora, thank you very much!”

If you can help, please email Mori at the address above. Thank you!

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I’m looking for a Sandra McLeod around her late teen years now should be if not almost done with highschool . she met her birth father but never sees him again she recalls having a little sister and she love with her mom who’s name starts with a M please please please you guys if u have any idea or a picture of the girl please let me know . help me find her . she’s my sister !

Please help the Zan

I don’t usually do this, and I feel bad asking but;

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That’s the top and bottom of it really. 

I currently have no job and nor does my sister, but we both need to pay my mum rent and pay for our own food, on top of that I have to pay £80 a month to pay for my phone contract and my sisters (her phone is under my name due to the fact she wasn’t old enough to sign for it at the time.) 

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Along with this I will be opening commissions today (I’ll post more details later) to help me and my sister out as well.

Thank you…

Think Human

Paring: Reader x Castiel

Request: Hi! Can I please request a one shot where the reader breaks her dominant arm on a hunt and the boys have to help her do a lot of stuff. Like she can’t really do her own hair or make food or just stuff like that! And could she be dating one of the boys, I don’t mind which one. Please and thank you!

AN: This one was a lot of fun to write, I hope that it was what you were looking for. Let me know what you think! :)

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Imagine meeting Steve on a blind date.

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Your best friend Natasha has been bugging you to go on a date, something you haven’t done in a long time. So, she decided that you were going to go on a blind date with one of her friends. 

That night she helped you get ready for your big date. Whether it was helping you pick out your clothes, or doing your hair and make up, the whole nine yards.

“Nat honestly why won’t you tell me his name?” You ask as she does your hair.

“Because, I know for a fact that if I did you would not go on this date.” She replied.

“Oh god it’s not Stark is it, please tell me it is not Stark.”

“No it’s not, now shut up he will be here soon.” 

As Nat finished helping you get ready, you waited for your mystery date to show up. You desperately hoped that you didn’t screw up this date.

“Y/n he’s here!” Nat shouted. You let out a sigh and walked to the front door. Nat left the room and you couldn’t believe who was standing at the door.

“Have her back by eleven Rogers, or else.” Nat warned.

“Yes ma’am, I’m Steve and you are?” He asked. 

“I’m y/n, shall we be go now?” He nodded and you followed him outside, where a motorcycle was parked on the street. He drove you to the restaurant, which was a very nice place.                                                                                     You two seemed both seemed shocked at how much you both had in common. He was a gentlemen held the door, pulled out your chair, it was something you weren’t used to.

As the night started to die down, Steve took you back to your house. You could tell that Natasha was looking out the window as he walked you up the steps and stopped at the door.

“Well y/n, it was amazing to meet you I hope we can do this again sometime.”

“I hope so to Steve.” He starts walking back down the steps but before he gets to far you yell,”Hey aren’t you forgetting something?”

“Not that I know of ma’am.” You run-walk your way over to him and give him a kiss on the check, which he returns with one on the lips. 

“Alright I think your all set now Captain goodnight.” You say as you quickly run inside to see a emotionless Nat. You shrugged her off and went back to your room, hoping that you would be lucky to go on a date with the Super Soldier again.

Please Help Me

My name is Kiersten (most of you know me as koalabelle) and I am a nineteen-year-old queer young woman who has recently escaped a very abusive home. 

Since I was around 11, I have been physically, emotionally, and verbally abused by my mother. She has blamed her suicide attempts, her financial and relationship troubles, and her mental illness on me for almost nine years now. Although I have managed to briefly leave home by paying for boarding school by myself and through scholarship, attending college (also paid for by myself), and even staying with other relatives for weeks on end, it was always hell to return to “home”, only to be greeted by her (not empty) threats and name-calling, as well as shaming me for my body, my sexuality, and my hobbies.

About a month and a half ago, I asked my boyfriend, who is physically disabled, to help me. He took me into his home and has tried to help me obtain any type of income in hopes that we could move out together. Currently we are staying at his parents’ home (he moved in with them to help them financially), but unfortunately, this ship is sinking. 

As I do have a few places to (maybe) stay for a week here and there, I am essentially broke. Most of my income has only been from photographing conventions and my search for employment hasn’t turned up. 

I am looking at about a month of homelessness until my boyfriend and I can pull together our assets and move into an apartment with our friends that we have found here in Chicago.

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Tattoo Designs: $10-30, depending on size. 

I am also in the midst of working with cosplayers to sell prints of their cosplays! These will probably sell for $25 (in order to pay the cosplayer as well).

Again, please let me know if you are interested in purchasing something or even just want to donate. Anything is appreciated. 

You can donate here at 

Help, please.

A follower and friend of mine as lost her bird and needs help finding him before he hurts himself even more (he has a fractured femur, if I’m not mistaken). I personally have never done any location or finding a lost pet/item spells or work, and I’m kind of bogged down with school and personal life issues that I’m unable to create one at the time.

If any of you can help out please let me know and I’ll give her your blog name so you guys can chat, or just reblog this so others can see or with your tips on what to do.

thanks guys.

x files revival script
  • bland male:scully my love please get your ex bf to help us learn about the alienz
  • *scully and mulder break up and get back together ten times in two episodes*
  • bland male:*gets down on one knee so he’s the right height to stare her in the eyes* dana will u marry me
  • scully:have you met my protégé her name is EINSTEIN
  • Einstein:im calling skinner
  • skinner:*appears on a motorcycle, shoves bland male into his sidecar and roars away while doing a sick wheelie*
  • scully:miller, let’s go home
  • mulder:*shows up ten minutes late with Starbucks and an alien*

David: Emma, will you please tell your mother that we’re not gonna name your brother Leopold?

Snow: Why not? It was my father’s name!

David: People will make fun of him. 

Snow: My father was a king!

David: Which is why nobody made fun of him. 

I know the primary purpose of this exchange was to remind the general audience that the Leopold of this episode’s flashbacks was Snow’s father, but Snow’s idea of naming her child after him always made me cringe. I can’t help but think of how Regina would have felt, looking at this baby and calling it by the name of the man who neglected and abused her. 

I distinctly remember being worried that they would name him Leopold before this episode aired. 

On another note: I doubt anyone would make fun of the child of the town’s most loved two idiots. The townspeople worship Snow and Charming too much for that to be an issue. 

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Hi! My name is Lilly, and I’m a fresh out of high school graduate living with my mom. My mom is an awesome lady (that’s her with the cookies) and she is a hard working and great mom who has had more struggles in her life than what I find entirely fair. Lately they’ve only gotten worse.

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And today her back almost went out.

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It’s not to say that we won’t have any money to eat, but it’s going to be tight. My brother and I don’t have jobs, and where we live with our limited transportation has made job hunting nearly impossible, which is only worsened by the fact my brother has severe depression and I have bad anxiety.

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Thank you all so much.

This is a first..

Couple: Neville x Reader 

Fanfiction type: smut/fluff 

Information: (Y/n) = your name / (L//n) = Last name / (e/c) = eye color / (h/c) = hair color / (h/l) = hair length / (f/c) = favorite color / (y/h) = your house / (b/s) = breast size 

A/n: This is in Neville’s POV through the whole thing so yeah! Be sure to ask me for ships, imagines and fanfiction ideas because that would really help! Please enjoy!

Her. Her smile, her laugh, her hair, her body, her scent, her name, her voice, her eyes. Just.. her.

I was standing with Dean and Seamus, talking about.. whatever they talked about in the courtyard with our Gryffindor scarves on. As they were talking, I observed (Y/n) as she was with Hermione and the way she laughed when Hermione would make a joke was just so.. perfect! 

Dean noticed me looking somewhere and he saw where I was looking. Dean then smirked when he saw that I was looking over at (Y/n) and nudged me. “Neville, are you admiring (Y/n)? I think our little Neville here has a crush..!” 

Seamus started to chuckle and wrapped his arm around my neck and started to talk about how to make a girl like you, then Dean joined in. As we were all looking over at her, Harry came over and whispered in her ear about something.  Hermione then started to laugh and so did Harry. 

(Y/n) looked over at us along with Hermione and Harry. Dean pulled it off as if we were looking up in the sky. Seamus started to nod and tell Dean how cool it was and Dean nudged my back, telling me to join in with him.

I saw in the corner of my eye (Y/n) and Hermione getting up and following Harry. “Blimey! There goes your chance Neville… You could’ve gotten some for the Yule Ball!” Dean spoke out and Seamus started to laugh after. 

“Well if I had the chance I would so ask her… but she obviously likes… Draco…” 

Dean and Seamus patted me on the back and got up and told him she wouldn’t decline me and stuff like that. They walked away from me, leaving me alone in the courtyard, staring at the beautiful sunset that was going right through the school’s pillars. I sighed, getting up and walking to the Great Hall for dinner. 

As I sat at the Gryffindor table, picking at the potatoes that were in front of me, Dean and Seamus were laughing with Harry and Ron, Harry finally looking over at me and broke me out of my gaze. “Neville, are you alright? You look kinda down…” I looked up at him and gave him the crooked smile and lifted my head from my palm.

“Yeah I’m fine! Just thinking about… um… The Yule Ball- I mean um… POTIONS!” 

Harry chuckled and looked over at (Y/n) at the (y/h) table and smiled over at him. “Well, I think I know someone who would die to go with you-”

“Luna? I don’t want to go with her though…..” I cut him in the middle of his sentence to sadly reject on what he had to say. 

“Of course not! I mean (Y/n), the girl who has loved you since like, year one! Just go up to her! She’s been wanting to ask you out ever since we were told about the Yule Ball! Come on Neville!” 

Dean, Seamus and Ron heard the conversation and joined in on screaming and chanting how I should ask her out. My face was so red that I could feel the heat from my face just coming off of it. 

“O-Okay! Okay! I-I’ll ask her o-out! Just s-stop before she looks o-over here-” I got up from the table and walked up to the table she was sitting at while my friends were screaming to apparently “get that fine ass of her’s”. 

While she was talking with her friends, one of them looked over at me and the other’s joining, along with (Y/n). Her friends starting to nudge her and bring a small blush appeared on her face. “Oh hey Neville, what’s up?” I smiled and her friends giggled after I did, showing my crooked teeth and my dorky smile. (Y/n) got up from her seat and brought me away from the table.

“So, I wanted to tell you something.” She started off with her hand on my shoulder. 

“Well, same here. I was um.. wondering if you would… liketogototheyuleballwithme?” I asked quickly and closing my eyes, my blushing just growing on my face. No response. I then opened my eyes slowly to see her with a guilty look in her eyes. “I’m so sorry Neville, I can’t, I’m already going with someone…” (Y/n) said while picking up my hand with her’s. 

“Oh- Okay, I understand-” (Y/n) then started to giggle and intertwined our hands together. “I’m going with someone, and that someone is you!” She then kissed my cheek, letting go of my hand and walking back to her table with her friends. I stood in confusion, but a bright smile came to my face, walking back to tell my friends the news.

“Are you sure, Seamus…? I don’t want to look bad for (Y/n)…” 

“Trust me, you look fine! Now, I want you to bring one thing with you that will be very helpful for tonight with (Y/n)..”

Seamus walked up to me and handed me a plastic wrapping. A condom. A small blush came to my face as I looked at it. “But Seamus, I-I’ve never done it b-before..! Wh-Where does it even-”

Seamus patted my shoulder and looked at me in the eyes. “Neville, you have to start making out with her, then you have to bring her to the cars that are parked outside and you know….” 

I nodded nervously, putting it in my jacket and walking downstairs to the Great Hall. I then waited for (Y/n) to come as Seamus waited for Dean. We then both saw Dean and (Y/n) walking down the stairs, talking with her. Her beautiful (f/c) dress came up to her mid-thigh and and her (h/l) (h/c) hair was curled in very beautiful curls. 

Seamus walked up to Dean and they both walked off, Seamus winking at me with a smirk. I blushed deeply, thinking of her underneath me and moaning my name.. Her just gasping- 

“U-Um.. You look handsome tonight Neville..!” (Y/n) finally said, covering her blush. “O-Oh..! You look absolutely gorgeous (Y/n)..!” I put my arm out for her, and she accepted, wrapping her arm around my arm as we went inside with everyone else. 

As we started to dance with everyone else, twirling around and around. The way she looked when she smiled and danced was just absolutely breathtaking, laughing and at the end of the dance, we were inches apart. A band called “The Weird Sisters” started to play a song about Hipogriffs dancing I guess. I saw Seamus in the corner of my eye, sitting at the sidelines and waving for me to come over to him. 

“Neville, are you going to do it or not? She seem like she’s having a fun time, so all ya gotta do is kiss her and she’ll be wrapped around your finger… Or she’ll be wrapped around other places…” Seamus winked at me, getting up and batting my shoulder. 

I swallowed deeply, got up and walking over to (Y/n) on the dance floor while shaking. “H-Hey um.. (Y/n)… You wanna go outside for fresh air…?” She turned around and smiled while shrugging and yelling back, “What did you say Neville?!” 

“I said do you wanna go get some fresh air..?!” I spoke a little louder and pointed to the exit. (Y/n) nodded and yelled ‘yeah!’ and followed me outside to where the snow was falling down slowly. When we finally hit outside, the air was so crisp, cold, and so nice to breathe in. I leaned against the railing and looking up at the full moon in the sky. 

(Y/n) came up behind me and wrapped her arms around my neck, got on her toes and started to kiss my neck. I swallowed and was scared to start kissing her back. Was I going to mess up? What if she doesn’t like it or even me anymore..? 

“Neville… I’m so glad I was able to go with you… Draco was about to ask me, and he did but I gladly said no to him because well… I’m happy I’m with you..” This made my heart flutter, making me smile, turning around to see a sweet smile on her face. I cupped her cheek, bringing her face up to mine, but I had to bend down a little bit to actually make our lips connect. 

She kissed me back, wrapping her arms around my neck and I wrapped my arms around her waist. I didn’t know what came to me, but I pushed her against the wall that was next to us and started to lift her leg up, pressing myself against her. 

(Y/n) pulled away and looked over at the cars where two other people were going as well. We walked to one, a couple down from the other people, and we went in it. As I walked in, (Y/n) turned me around and kissed me passionately, closing the door behind her and pushed me down on one of the seats, not breaking the kiss. 

I didn’t want to show my shyness during this, so I decided to show dominance and show how much of a “man” I could be to her. As (Y/n) broke the kiss for air, I rolled her over so she was on the bottom of me. I started to kiss her lips, moving down to her neck and leaving a few marks. Then I moved down to were the dress started, wrapping my arms around to her back and started to unzip it. 

As soon as I finally got the top part of her dress off, I started to kiss down to where her (b/s) breasts were, kinda just admiring them. As I started to kiss and nibble them, (Y/n) gasped lightly, stroking her fingers thorough my hair. This was a sign that I was doing good. 

Her breasts were so… soft… and perfect. I ran my hands up to where her bra clips were and undid them, slipping her bra straps off of her shoulders and moved to her bra. I moved from the middle of her breasts to one of them, licking and nibbling her nipple while working with the other one with one of my hands, my other one stroking her bare back. 

“N-Neville.. Don’t stop…” She breathed out, gripping my hair and breathing out. I then started to kiss down, going to her bikini line. As soon as I thought I was going to actually start to “get it on” with (Y/n), Professor Snape came by and opened the door, seeing the both of us and yelled, “20 POINTS FROM GRYFFINDOR AND 20 POINTS FROM (y/h) (if gryffindor then 40 points for both) OUT NOW!”

We then put (Y/n)’s things back on and left…

but let’s just say we went up stairs and I had her wrapped around my finger..!

..or other places..