HEY Everyone!!! It has been encouraged by others to post screencaps of the hate and to tag the post with the user’s blog. Everyone who has been following my blog has known that I have STRUGGLED with my time in this fandom, and that it slipped me into a depression. I have made very personal posts about it on my blog as a form of therapy. The above user has been following me for a while, and was once a trusted friend, who I opened up to about a lot in my, now uses my triggering experiences against me and victim blames and shames me. They are upset because I did not reply to their rp posts for a month. Literally, that is the only reason they have come at me like this.  

I have replied to their post that can be found HERE, for further clarification of the situation in terms of what actually happened and evidence to show that I was not lying about anything I said to them. 

I am asking everyone’s help. PLEASE help me spread the word and support the fact that this is cyber bullying. I was not going to blast this person but after some discussions with my friends, I realized that I feel the need to protect others who also may fall subject to this anger. I have reported the user to tumblr staff, but if I can get any support in this, it would be greatly appreciated. 

The users blogs are [that I know of]:

coffeecatsandcake [they changed it since sending me those ims]


Thank you for your help!!

Looking for Artists

Hello out there!  I am not sure how successful this post will be but I am wondering if anyone out there is or knows of an artist that would be interested in taking on 3 commissions that would be due at Christmas?  

One would require a detailed background with two characters, another would require three characters and some dogs and the other would be of just two characters with probably a basic background.  

Each image would have at least one character from Voltron and an OC (in the case of the second image it would be two Voltron characters).  If there is anyone out there who would be willing to take on this job I would love to hear from you and what your prices are. 

I know this kind of job wont be cheap and I expect that so don’t be shy, I would love to hear from you no matter what skill level or style!

“Lucifer… you are NOT the father!” 

Bakugou: I put the hot in psychotic!

Kirisihima: I put the laughter in slaughter!

Uraraka: I put the ay in slay!

Todoroki: I put the d in Midoriya.

Midoriya: what

All Might: what

U.A: what



Midoriya: I mean… He isn’t entirely wrong…

So it turns out that despite years of my dad telling me I wouldn’t have to worry about student loans and he was saving for me to go to university, apparently he saved for my sibling and not me. My mom doesn’t make enough to cover the part he can’t, and I’m unable to work.
This is bigger than just needing to get Socks a bigger tank, this is my future.
Please consider ordering from my etsy. I’m desperate.
I make pride bracelets and earrings, I’m about to add prints of my Pokemon art that I can show you examples of, I take custom orders. Please.


Voltron High School au, yay!! ( ๑ ❛ ڡ ❛ ๑ )

My procrastination level has increased holy shit. I consider myself as a pro.

This is my very first time drawing Voltron characters, a naked male upper body and coloured manga panels… I hope you guys will like the result öwö I bet he played football a lot as a child c: btw I’m talking about European football/soccer! It’s nothing special but I had to draw this~

Keith, Hunk and Lance enter the same high school. Keith wanted Hunk to join the karate club with him but he already signed up for the newly founded football club, led by his childhood friend Lance. He invited him since they used to play a lot as children. I would write a fic about this but I suck at writing, especially in English haha ;u;

I’m a sucker for “Holy shit I’m gay!”-moments lmao

edit: here is some kind of part two!