Hey guys I need help to move out, I need $4000 to be able to save enough money to move out and pay rent for a while without having to scour for money. I am going to leave links here to everywhere you can donate or buy things from under the cut, but commissions are going to be my main source of money right now.

What I can draw

  • humanoids
  • anthros/furries
  • animals

What I will not draw

  • mechas
  • offensive material

Will I draw NSFW?

This depends. I will draw it if I feel comfortable, but I will not likely draw intercourse between characters or g. If you wish anything NSFW (gore or sexual) please send me a message asking me if it is ok and I will try to find a way to make it work for the both of us.

If you’re interested in commissioning me please message me on tumblr or email me at rtrouserzcommissions@gmail.com

Even if you are not interested I would really appreciate it if you reblogged this. Thank you so much!

More information under the cut

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please please god somebody help me 

I’m 20 years old, I’m unemployed and I’ve been homeless since I was 15. My parents kicked me out because they found out I was gay. The place that I’ve been staying has told me that I have until September 13 to find another place to stay. All the shelters in town are full and my only options are to stay with a past abuser or sleep on the streets. I have talked with my case manager and there are not a lot of resources to help me. I suffer from several mental illnesses that prevent me from working, my therapist hasn’t even cleared me for a part time job yet. 

I got this letter in the mail today. it’s from a collections agency stating that I owe them nearly $370 from a prior hospital visit. (The prior hospital visit was against my will, I was forcibly taken to the ER by police and held there overnight). please help me I don’t have a place to live I cannot pay this bill. If you know anybody in MN in the Saint Cloud area with a spare room or even a couch I can stay on please please tell me. I’m so scared of being on the streets while the weather is changing, homeless people freeze to death in my town every year. 

My paypal is kathulhu63@yahoo.com if you can donate and help me pay off my debt as well as help me get food and toiletries. 

please anybody help me I’ve never been this desperate. reblog this- spread it around if you can’t donate please I cannot beg you enough.

My rescue puppy Stanley is currently dying in the veterinary hospital of parvovirus and if we can’t pay his medical bills they will discharge him and he will die. I am struggling to even pay for my own living expenses and have no way to pay for his vet bills. Please help us. Even one dollar would help save his life. If you can’t donate please share, I’m begging you. I can’t lose him.



Here’s a brief overview of my situation: My name’s Nate, most people know me as ‘Cynical Media’ online. In the past month I’ve lost my home, my car and nearly everything I own. I’ve come to no ends and have next to no options. Under the read more is a more indepth description of my situation, along with the link to my gofundme and a youtube video I made that explains what’s going on.

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Please Help Save Me and My Dogs

Most of you probably know me from fandom, some of you may know I’ve been going through a rough time trying to reestablish my life after a divorce and find a job. I’m at the end of my rope currently. I have two dogs which I have had since they were babies, Jupiter (pictured below) and Callisto, his sister. They both depend on me and I am at a point where I am no longer able to provide for them, or myself. The water in the house is cut off and the electric is set to be cut off any time, and I have very little food left for either my dogs or myself.

I am broke and desperate to keep the utilities on for a couple more months while I continue to try and find work. The full story is on my GO FUND ME page.

My GO FUND ME campaign is here: https://www.gofundme.com/xq8dxbsk

I’m asking for your help to keep the power and water on. To get on top of the utility bills, which will be much more affordable when there aren’t a ton of late fees, and then keep the utilities on for another two months while continuing to look for a job. I need gas money for interviews and on-foot job hunting and I also need to feed my two dogs and myself.

My situation is dire, and I need money as soon as possible to keep the lights and water on and a roof over my head. Please, if there is anything you can do to help, even just signal boost, I am begging for your help and I would be so incredibly grateful for anything you can do. My dogs don’t understand that we’re about to be on the street, but I know that if they did, they would be incredibly grateful as well. Please help me keep providing for them and myself. I just need a little more time. 

We in the SPN family have accomplished some amazing things. I’m hoping maybe you can all help me pull out a miracle. <333