please help ily

1. Always smile at strangers.
2. Drink water. It is good for your skin and it helps you feel better.
3. Eat fruit.
4. Eat vegetables, too.
5. Indulge a little. The cookie won’t kill you, I promise.
6. Write in a journal. Be honest with yourself.
7. Keep a calendar, and mark it off each day. You’ll feel accomplished, even when nothing is happening.
8. Do yoga. Focus on your body.
9. Mediate. Be aware of your mind.
10. You are important and loved. If you do not feel supported, find a place where you will.
11. Love yourself. If not entirely, piece by piece. Learn to accept yourself.
12. Pick up a hobby. You can fall in love with something new at any given moment.
13. Pet dogs. Pet cats, too. Animals are great.
14. Accept the compliment. It is genuine.
15. Go on walks.
16. You are allowed to feel. Sad, happy, numb. Be aware of your mental state.
17. Talk to them.
18. Send that message. If you don’t  say it, they won’t know.
19. Never apologize for being who you are.
20. Do not compromise your happiness. If they can’t accept you, they don’t love you. Leave and move on.
21. Take that mental health day. Everything else can wait.
22. Be kind, always. Do not judge.
23. Embrace honesty. It can hurt, but it can help. Always practice truth.
24. Communicate.
25. Sadness is okay. Take the time you need to take.
26. Delete their messages. You need to heal.
27. Relationships end. It is okay.
28. It wasn't your fault.
29. Smell flowers! They are beautiful.
30. You are beautiful. Tell yourself each day, even if you don’t believe the words. Soon enough, you will realize they are true.
—  30 important things
700 follower celebration asks!!

Heyy!! So yesterday I got to 700 followers (you guys are da bomb!!💣💣) and I know this is pretty lame, but I’m super busy rn (maybe I’ll do smth else later, maybe at 750, idk) so just ask me anything and I’ll answer?? OMG I KNOW!! I’M SORRY!! (I’m just the worst) maybe also send me suggestions on smth better to do for 700 (PLEASE!!)

to any of my followers who are struggling

if you’ve been looking for a sign or a reason or for someone to give you that extra push and support to actively seek out some help, this is it. i know it can be scary or daunting, or you may think people don’t care or you don’t matter but i promise you- people care and you do matter there is so much to gain from getting the help that you need, okay? love u guys im sending u all good vibes and hugs please take care of yourselves 💕💕

clownprinceofgay  asked:

so, i have your human version of Wreck Gar saved on my computer for reference bc I wanted to draw him later but so i was looking through my pictures so i could show something to my mom and i went past that image of wreck gar. she stopped me and asked me if it was Jesus and I just kinda sat there in disbelief

headcanon: wreck-gar is the antichrist

anonymous asked:

is there a fic out there where KC meets on a plane, they're celebs, and they like get married in Vegas or something? and then they stay together despite elena/damon/stefan (who work for them; i'm p sure stefan and damon aren't brothers in the fic) saying maybe they shouldn't? please help ily

I believe it is Collision Course by Sophia Chase.


I draw a lot, but most of what I do is for fun. I’ve decided to start doing some commissions, so if you’re interested, let me know!


  • Most of what I draw is people, and I usually try to draw realistically. I’m willing to try drawing other things/different levels of detail, just ask
  • Fictional characters (Marvel or otherwise), celebrities, your friend, pretty much anyone I can get photos of
  • Payment must be through Paypal
  • Prices are in Canadian dollars

Have a specific picture you want me to draw? Awesome. Have more of a general idea of what you’d like? (i.e. “I want a full body b&w sketch of Steve Rogers dressed as a Chippendale’s dancer”) That’s great. Give me as detailed a description as you can, and we’ll work from there.

What you get

Pay for a gif? You’ll get the digital gif file. It’s yours to do with as you please. All I ask is that you do not remove my signature.

Commission a sketch or a portrait? You’ll get the print quality digital file. Depending on where you live, I might be able to send you a print in the mail for an extra cost.

I’d love to be able to post any art I do on my tumblr. If you’d rather I didn’t, or you’d prefer to post it yourself, just talk to me and we can figure something out.


  • Blood and gore are okay (at my discretion)
  • No porn. Nudity is okay if it’s just part of the pose (once again, at my discretion)
  • Nothing hydr* tr*sh p*rty related ever

If you’d like a commission, send an email to, or a message to my tumblr with information on what you’d like. Have a question that’s not covered in this post? Ask away. Want to see more of my art? Here’s my art tag.

ok so this is going to sound crazy but my birthday goal was 2k and my birthday is this thursday omg so ?? if you guys could help me out lol :’)

*HELP NEEDED!!!* Hey guys! So my close friend found the prom dress of her dreams for senior prom but the problem is that she really cannot afford it. If she gets the most “likes” on Instagram for her dress by May 31st, she will win her dress for free! So I was wondering if any of you guys have an Instagram & if you do, please please please go to the account theultimateprom on Instagram and “like” this photo of her dress! It’d be sooooo appreciated and it would mean a lot to us and especially her. She’s currently behind by about 700 likes and every like counts! Please & thank you ❤️

*follow spree*

Ok yall I just saw that I follow 132 people, 132 omg this is not near enough the number of blogs I want to follow so here we go.

Please reblog this (likes make me sad) if you’re in the Supernatural fandom or multifandom that includes Supernatural. I don’t care about who’s your fave and what you ship you just need to be somewhat spn.

I will check out ALL of you once this gets enough notes and hopefully follow a bunch. You don’t need to be following me but it is a huge plus bc who doesn’t love mutuals<33

Also @ mutuals please help me spread this ily

Hey guys, I need your help!

Okay, so this may sound a little weird, but I need you guys to help me with a school project. It’s really simple actually, I just need you to tell me what makes you happy. You can say as little or as much as you’d like. You can sing, or dance, or send in art, or show me something or someone that makes you happy. I would prefer if it was a video, but pictures are okay. And if you do it on your phone please do hold it horizontally as that looks better when edited and I won’t have to do any weird cropping. :)

I’m sure you’re wondering how you are to get this to me. Well, you can just email them to me at and if you’re video is too long and it asks to add it as a googledrive attachment, go ahead and do that because I can download it from there. :) Also, if you could please include your first name and your age in the email that would be great. The deadline is June 1st (as of right now because I don’t know when this is due, so the sooner you get me the video the better!) I really hope that a lot of you join in, and I look forward to seeing what makes you guys happy! :) As always, message me with any questions or concerns! :)

P.S. If you aren’t comfortable with saying or holding up a sign saying what makes you happy, a smiling selfie or a video of you laughing is cute and may be added in depending on how many submissions I get :)

Hey guys so I wouldn’t normally ask you of this but could you please help out my friend, Kevin? He has a brain tumor and his family is trying to raise money because medical bills are astronomical. He’s one of the sweetest people I’ve ever met and one of my best friends. The tumor is the biggest kind the doctors have ever seen of that particular kind of brain tumor. He started chemo yesterday and fingers crossed/praying that it will go dowm. Please please donate money to if you can please pray for him and signal boost this.