please help frank

me: *takes a deep breath*
also me: h-

anyone who has spent five seconds around me ever: hey what’s up you guys its scarce here, ok i get it haha, so funny, scarce here holy shit pure comedy 100% so funny, might do a double upload today, we get it, okay hella fun, WHATS UP GUYS SCARCE HERE AND I MIGHT DO A DOUBLE UPLOAD FOR TODAY OK WE GET IT STop


Why! Is! He! So! Breathtaking!? I will never stop being amazed by how awesome Chris is and how he effortlessly managed to tilt my world with just a look. He and Frank need to take a break before I pass out from gasping and giggling like a school girl
@whostheblondegirl, I thought I’d tag you because you always tag me in such wonderful Frank photos. Thank you, Love ❤️

@magnus-the-falafel now seems like the time for some LGBT+ demigod headcanons

piper is pan the most beautiful pan ((besides arky but thats beside the point))

reyna is ace and biro

annabeth doesnt really label

hazel my bi child (3 on the kinsey scale)

frank is queer

leo is trans and demisexual demiromantic

percy is bi too (about a 2 on the kinsey scale)

jason is nonbinary

nico’s gay

i headcanon all apollo children as bi so there’s will

Thalia is a very pretty lesbian