please help followers!!!

Need blogs to follow!

hey! i’m looking for new blogs to follow & possibly make new mutuals! so…

reblog this if you post any of the following:

  • marvel (captain america, spiderman, the avengers, etc.)
  • dc
  • harry potter 
  • lots of sebastian stan, chris evans & tom holland

& I will check out your blog! 

ps. i will most likely follow you if you have a good tagging system :)

so my girlfriend and i are gonna be homeless if we can’t find a place to rent out in ventura county by March 3rd and today is February 28th :-) if you have an extra room or anything honestly like even a garage that we might be able to stay in just until we find a permanent place to stay?? im emailing literally every property within our budget but NOTHING is working out!!!! i’ll take literally anything at this point i swear to god.. if u can’t help maybe u could reblog this post? that would rly help? also if you wanna help us out, you could maybe send us some money? my paypal is broken though so the only thing i have is snapcash lol but literally ANYTHING helps at this point!!!! please signal boost!!!!!!!


fyjaxtara is your place for everything Jackson “Jax” Teller and Tara Knowles-Teller from Sons of Anarchy. As well as everything about the actors, themselves, Charlie Hunnam and Maggie Siff. Don’t hesitate to ask me anything! If you’d like to make a request, go ahead, but please be as specific as possible.

looking for blogs to follow

please help, i just remade and im in desperate need of content

please like/reblog/follow if you post ANY of the following:

- YA series [ harry potter,  the raven cycle , percy jackson , six of crows, the foxhole court +]

- LGBTQ+ novels [ari and dante , tsoa , carry on +]

- aesthetic / photography

- dogs (animals in general)

- art / art tips and references

- video games [ dragon age , pokemon , legend of zelda]

- shows [skam , the get down, stranger things] 

- misc [ mythology(greek and roman) , the adventure zone, space]

if you post literally anything listed, there is a 99% chance i will follow 

thank you!

K6034 2000 follower give away

So, I am currently 100 followers away from 2000, and to celebrate I’m going to do a follower giveaway from my RedBubble store

These are the current works I have in my shop portfolio (if there’s anything in my art tag you want in my store, let me know)

5 people will win a choice between any t shirt / tank top, iphone / samsung phone case, poster, print, calendar, pillow, mug, notebook (spiral or hardcover), tote bag, studio pouch, clock or assorted collection of stickers 


  • MUST be following me - it is a follower give away after all!
  • Reblog this post to spread the word
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  • Must be comfortable with sending me your name and address so I can send the prizes over
  • Must have messaging system open to be contacted with or some kind of way of contacting you

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Hey guys!  (~ ̄▽ ̄)~

My dash really needs some more life right now and I’m looking for blogs!

So, if you post / reblog any of the fandoms below, please let me know by reblogging and commenting in the tags which one(s) you have and I’ll check out your blog :3

☆ Hunter x Hunter (I’ve been catching up with the manga and I need analyses, edits, art, a bit of everything basically :D)

Boku No Hero Academia


Shingeki No Kyojin

 Mob Psycho


Kuroko No Basket


 Death Note


Seasonal anime

Anime in general! 

Now, I’ll ask you to simply ignore this if you:

✗ are not consistently active (aka, you come here once a month, reblog everything you see and then are gone again)
✗ reblog any kind of hate or negative stuff about ships/characters/etc.
✗ don’t usually tag the stuff you reblog (I don’t mean super specific tags, just general tagging will do)

** Dear mutuals, if you could help me out, that’d be great ❤ **

That’s it for now.

Thank you all! (。◕‿◕。)

following spree (ノ´ヮ`)ノ*: ・゚

reblog with tags if your blog contains most of the following:

  • hunterxhunter
  • bnha
  • snk
  • naruto
  • durarara!!
  • bungou stray dogs
  • art/ illustrations
  • aesthetics
  • photography
  • multifandom/ seasonal animes
  • bonus if you’re a graphic maker (pls include your tags)
  • bonus x2 if you’re an aesthetic blog (or if you aim to be aesthetic)

here it is sasha ♡ 

i unfollowed all the inactive blogs and now my dash is dead. to keep it short, sorry if there is no a fancy header since im too lazy and too busy with my very upcoming exam, but those are the things i would like to see:

☆ shounen and seinen (tg, snk, bnha, naruto, bleach etc…)
☆shoujo (orange, tclp, etc…)
☆ bl (19 days, out of control, all about lust, youjin etc…)
☆sport anime (hq, free, yoi etc…)
ballroom e youkoso
☆little witch academia
☆studio ghibli
☆makoto shinkai
☆tv shows (stranger things, asoue, etc..)
☆movies (hp, lotr, the hobbit, etc..)
☆seasonal anime


♡tag system [more like a must not a bonus tbh]
♡DRAMA!!!! FREE!!!!!!AND ABSOLUTELY NO SHIP DISCOURSE!!!!! [again a must not a bonus]
♡make your edits/art/gifs etc..
♡active and friendly
♡ are following me

just REBLOG this and tag the fandom in which you are. if i don’t end following you, again, not your fault, it is just me. thank you so much for your patience ♡ and mutuals it would be appreciated if you could SIGNAL BOOST it!

The Signs? Ỳ̸͉̤̻̞̣̱o̵̶̘̮͚͕̻͝u̡̖̱̰?̴̞̻̲͍͍ a̢̬̯̕͠ͅn҉͏̷̯̭͇̠ḍ̴͎͇?͏̹̞͘

Aries: What did you say? Please, someone needs help. Follow me.

Taurus: I can’t shake the feeling I’m being watched. Wait, watched isn’t the right word. Watched and something else.

Gemini: Dear thing I have split cracks in the night. You can see me but only for a moment.

Cancer: And where will you go then? And then? And then? How long until your clothes wither to dust? And then?

Leo: Its not coming for me. Nothing is. Not anymore. 

Virgo: Poor thing. She found a way to scrub her sins away. Every last one of them with soap and water.

Libra: Sick to my stomach. I cant move. I cant think. Its okay.

Scorpio: Ignoring it is hard but acknowledging it would kill you. This is your burden.

Ophiuchus: Weeping in the windy night. Find them and comfort them. Do as so many before you have feared to do. Pussies.

Sagittarius: Its all falling away. It feels peaceful. It feels so peaceful. So bright. What lies.

Capricorn: A hand from the dark. It gently strokes your hair. You fall back asleep.

Aquarius: Time. It will take time dear thing. You have so so much. 

Pisces: A chello played with a scimitar, but only once. Stop it.


for personal reasons (and also inactivity), i’ve unfollowed so many people in the past weeks. SO! if you’re a larrie, fan of one direction’s music as a group and as solo artists, and are often drama free (i understand some particular events anger us, but i’m trying to be fond of my dash again), like/reblog this post and i’ll check your blog out!

a toda mi gente latina hermosa: quiero seguir a muchxs más de ustedes! isso inclui o maravilhoso povo brasileiro. quero falar mais com vocês!

thank you! gracias! obrigado!


i don’t think i’ve ever seen anything as beautiful as aomine being all happy and excited when playing against kagami because he has finally found a worthy rival in him