Okay, I’m having a serious issue here. For tagging purposes, what would I call what Gideon’s done to Killian at the end of 6x14???

It doesn’t really count as a “kidnapping” if you’re not taking the person with you, does it? I mean, I think that’s sort of a requirement for a kidnapping. You have to, like, steal a person and take them somewhere else, not just… show up unexpectedly and send them on their way with totally different people.

In actuality, Gideon has more or less hijacked the Nautilus, but it’s not really accurate to call this a “hijacking”, as the way tags are used on this blog would imply Killian is being hijacked, and he isn’t. It’s more like “happened to be on board a submarine when it was hijacked by Kylo Ren Gideon Gold” but that’s much too long for an organizational tag.

I have a tag for involuntary teleportation (what even IS this blog right now, ISTG), but this isn’t teleportation at all. I could switch that tag to “involuntary traveling” but that kind of sounds more like he’s gone to see the Eiffel Tower entirely against his will (which would just be silly - I mean, who wouldn’t want to go see the Eiffel Tower?), and this is definitely more of a forceful ejection from the premises than a jaunty holiday in the country.

“Forceful ejection” does have it’s merits, but I know at least half of you mis-read that as “forceful erection” just now and on the off chance I may have a need for that tag in the future, it would seem prudent not to confuse the two now. I could be more specific with something like “jettisoned away on a submarine unexpectedly” but that seems a little TOO specific, really.

So what’s a good general tag term for what’s happened here? I could go with a simpler “jettisoned away” or perhaps “torpedoed away” (borrowing on the wording from the 6x14 press release there)… Maybe wax poetic with, “disappearing into the night” or maybe “taken by the sea” *heavy sigh* Or I could be a smartass and go with “gideoned” - maybe even put it in all caps to truly capture the Homestar Runner influence. Speaking of which, I could also tag it “he’s a pirate and” and just use that for everything I don’t have a tag for from now on.

Or is there a term I’m missing? A term for reverse kidnapping / incidental hijacking / forcefully bon voyaging someone? GIF for reference.

I am still looking for the fic where John and Sherlock start shagging but never talk about it, and Sherlock cries like, a lot

This is not Potrix’s Infinite Curse of a Lonely Heart (because in the one I remember the first morning after John is like ‘we don’t need to talk about this’ or very casually goes like ‘yeah that was fun mate’ and goes back to Mary) but it is sort of like that.

It’s not On the Losing Side (where Sherlock thinks that John is pretending he’s a woman) or Appropriate Behaviour (where Sherlock thinks that John is using him for sex until he finds a woman.) It’s also not SA’s Between Friends.

Basically I just remember a lot of crying. like, a lot of crying. And you kind of think that John is an absolute tool throughout, but later it turns out that he was totally gone on Sherlock the whole time and just never thought they could have anything more (you see why I say it sounds like Infinite Curse?)

So does anyone know of any other desperately pining Sherlock, John cheating on Mary, FWB-gone-wrong fics that might be the one I’m looking for?

Things I have checked: Most of the fics recced by @alexxphoenix42 under the categories “Sherlock cries”, “Friends with Benefits”, ‘Jealous Sherlock,” “Guilty John,” “John Cheats on Mary with Sherlock,” “Sherlock is insecure” and related tags.


Aleppo is being besieged and bombed by Russian and Assad forces for days now. Their electricity and water supply are faltering, there’s 30 doctors for hundreds of thousands of people, UN supplies are being held up because of the intensity of the attacks, and the people have no way out. This is a humanitarian tragedy on every scale.


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i am in need of US women’s size 17 shoes. That’s US men’s 15. Looking for boots, flats, flat sandals, and other serviceable shoes that a cute, fashionable woman with size 17 feet might wear

THIS SIZE IS REALLY HARD TO FIND. I have done a LOT of research and have not had much luck at all. I’ve gotten a lot of the standard recommendations. For instance, “Long, Tally Sally” is a great store, yes, but their sizes only go up to US women’s 15 and that’s not large enough for what I need. if you can give me any information, please double check before you recommend me a store whose sizes don’t actually go up to the US women’s 17!

other acceptable recommendations are vendors who could make custom shoes to this size requirement, if you know of anything like that

please circulate this even if you don’t have the answer yourself!


Hey so this is a really long shot but my cat is lost. I depend on her for so much. She’s the living embodiment of my fight for mental stability, I adopted her exactly a year after I was released from the hospital after threatening suicide. She means so much to me and she’s lost because my dad let her out of the house when she was annoying him. I live in Plymouth Minnesota. It’s cold as fuck here and it’s supposed to snow tonight. Please try to get the word around.

Please reblog if you think that being gay is valid and not horrible

I’m trying to prove a point to my mom. She’s been telling me that my sexuality isn’t valid and that gay people are the same as child molesters. She said that gay people are monsters. I told her that I can’t help who I’m attracted to and she said that if she were to fall in love with a sixteen year old boy wouldn’t that also be valid if being attracted to the same sex is? She told me that I’m going to hell because I’m not following the bible. Please let me show her that people of the LGBTQ+ community are valid. 


Hello there!

First of all I hope everyone has a nice new year! Hopefully a better one then mine. In these days life is trying me really hard. I still didn’t had a luck with the job hunting, didn’t called me back from nowhere and I need to pay the rent in the next week, so they won’t kick me out, and for food. And to add to my luck, in the days I figured (mostly my body did), that I am allergic to something, and it’s affecting my body reallly badly (for 3 days I couldn’t stand up).

So I will make COMMISSIONS again, hopefully this will be enough to pay the rent and paying the doctors, so COMMISSIONS ARE OPEN!!

Reblogs are most needed and appreciated! :3

Linearts -  13$ (any additional character +5$)

Full colored pics - 20$ (any additional character +5)

If you want a drawing, send me a private message with the following:

Character reference: visual reference would be the best, but I can work with a written reference too; also a few words of the character’s personality
Additional Info: anything you would like in the commission, like specific poses or expressions

Payment trough Paypal:

  • In USD or Euro, whichever works best for you
  • If it’s easier, there’s a “Buy me a Coffee” button on my Tumblr page. You can use this too. One coffee costs 3$. How much coffee you buy, dependes on the price of the commission.

    What will I draw:

    • Hardly every or most things I can (OCs, Fan characters, Fanart etc.)

    What I won’t draw:

    • Explicit, sexual content

    Please help if you can! If you don’t want or can’t pay this much for a commission, please click on the “Buy me a Coffee” button and buy me one coffee if you can!

    Thank you for any generous donations! Love you all!

    So that Russian YouTuber reared his head again with a counter claim…

    Please do me a favour, if you see your content take it from him. He’s been really pushy on the subject, contacting me on FB and email and getting his friend to contact me. This was the guy who threatened to tell Disney on me.

    He’s also a jerk about monetization. He kept saying the artists allowed it, but most of his videos weren’t even credited so how could he have even asked them.

    I had initially got his account deleted, but he begged YouTube for it back. I had also made him Hide content he didn’t have permission to post.

    Looks like he’s gone back on that.

    I don’t want him to be harassed. Also reminder you can only report if you’re the artist.