Please Help This Baby Get a Heart Transplant

My friend Brittany gave birth to her baby, Emery, a few weeks ago. Emery is a little over six weeks old now and is desperate need of a heart transplant. She has Left Ventricular Cardio Vascular Hypertrophy and without a transplant she will not survive. Emery is on medications and will be undergoing procedures to help prolong her life until she can receive a transplant. The expenses of Emery’s hospital bills, the traveling and all other expenses incurred are greatly mounting and this family is already under a great amount of stress. Please help them to ease this financial burden so they can solely concentrate on Emery’s well being. Here is a link to their GoFundMe page. If you cannot afford to donate, please help by sharing this, it could save a baby’s life.

Please help

I’m taking two of the kittens to the emergency vet because they stopped eating last night. I really don’t have the money for this, but I’m not going to toss them out on the street to just die. At this point, I’ll take straight up donations if you can. My paypal is

Please if you can just donate a little. Either I’m homeless or these kittens are and I’d rather just not have either of those situations.

‘til it was near morning | The Foxhole Court | Andreil | Spoilers everywhere | 1164

I finished this series like two days ago and then I wrote a fic because I hate myself. 


 When the days change for Andrew, they start at the beginning.

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hiii I really hate asking for help like this but.

I’m a mentally ill trans kid in need of money. partially due to needing a restraining order against my abusive mother (it’s literally in the mid thousands..) I live with just my dad and I’m only 15 so it’s really hard to find money any other way than drawing.

email me ( or send me a message here if you’re interested! more art here on orb-art or on dA

whether you can or can’t buy a commission, please reblog this!!

  • anyways, I’ll probably draw whatever it is you ask for (humanoid characters are my specialty as u can see)
  • prices vary but full color is under 40 USD!!
  • please please reblog this, I really need help…

THIS IS SO IMPORTANT “he totally leaned in for a kiss lmao”

Calling all MJ Fans: We still need over 400 signatures!

If you have not signed this petition to recast the Sky Art’s Michael Jackson film and you also do not agree with the disgraceful casting of a white man playing a real African American (MJ), then please sign, every signature counts!

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i think possibly the worst thing in the world is when your parents have friends over for dinner and then that fateful moment comes when dinner is ready and you have to leave the comfort of your bedroom to awkwardly reach around everyone to grab the food and then make the walk of shame back to your bedroom


One of my great friends Karinya has been fighting a horrible cancer for over four years. She was diagnosed with metastatic disease from a malignant paraganglioma of the thoracic spine. She has had two spinal surgeries and two rounds of whole body radiation, and has faced it all with a smile on her face. She is so strong, but in recent months she has been going through a great struggle. Myself and everyone who knows her loves her so much. She is actual human sunshine who lights up everyone’s lives she touches, and we are all doing everything we can to help our dear friend. She now has to get blood transfusions at least once a week, and it costs $250 each time to do a selective transfusion. So PLEASE, if anyone is able to help, even the smallest amount, it would be greatly appreciated by everyone. You can donate at where you can also read about her and her illness. If you are unable to donate please reblog this to spread the word about her. Thank you so much!!!!

  • Me, unassuming:wow, this captive prince series is literally the slave/prince 10k+ light bondage uwu trope in novel form. I'm intrigued to see how it plays out. I'm certain I will find this story hilarious and hot but probably nothing more.
  • Me, five hours of straight marathon reading later:*clutches chest* I....was a fool...*drags hands down face* I WAS A FOOL IT TRICKED ME THERE WAS A PLOT AND GENUINELY GOOD CHARACTERS HIDDEN IN THIS INDULGENT SMUT BATH OH GOD HELP
Help Amy Lose Her Facial Hair
Hi everyone! My name's Amy, and I've been out and on hormones for a little over a year now. I'm starting to slowly feel better about myself day by day, and I've come to realize that much of my dysphoria is hair related. As such it would go a long, long way to helping my situation to start lasering...

Reposting yet again because I finally got some bullshit sorted with my bank so now I have a savings account I can actually access with ease!

Anyway, I hate my fucking facial hair and I feel about 20x prettier when I’m bare-faced, so help me with a more permanent solution~~~<3

I'm scared

I need help. I’m not one to ask for money, or for hand outs. Those of you who know me know this..

But I’m scared.

I’ve been told that my coworkers and I may be going on strike and I can’t afford that. If things don’t start turning in favor of the employees, it may very well happen.

But I don’t know what’s going to happen, and this scares me. I live on my own, and if something happens and I can’t keep up with my rent and my other bills, well.. I don’t want to think about it.

My commissions are open. I’ll take donations, too, if you’re not interested in my art.

My commissions page can be found on my blog. Here is the link:

Even if you can’t afford a commission, reblogging this will mean so much to me.

Thank you for taking the time to read this.

Real talk why do people stereotype hufflepuffs as loving plants?

I mean okay Sprout teaches herbology I get it, and the house element is Earth but like, both Snape and Slughorn teach potions which is all about liquids and Slytherin’s element is Water but they don’t get stereotyped as all being great at potions can someone please explain?



please donate to my paypal if you can. matthew has a seizure disorder (possibly epilepsy). Matthew takes a train every single morning two stops to the next town to go to the methadone clinic. if he doesn’t he will be dead sick. i am afraid of him going on the train when he’s had two seizures in fifteen days and I don’t want him to stand by train tracks, so I need to be able to afford the cab fare. if possible, I would like to have enough to go with him because I’m terrified of him being alone. he also has to go to the hospital. I don’t have a car and I live in the suburbs and we live two train stops away from both the clinic and the hospital.

please donate if you can this is really important and potentially detrimental to his health. these were both tonic clonic/grand mal seizures. I’m going to attach photos of his injuries so you can see how important this is. a cab is much safer than walking to the train and taking it to and from the methadone clinic and doctor or hospital is expensive. i need your help.

“Hunter Schaper (12) from Brenham, Texas is a sweet, loving boy with autism. He is very active, enjoys being outside, and loves to learn how things work. He plays Miracle League baseball—a league for special needs individuals.

Hunter was diagnosed with autism at the age of three, but there were some noticeable signs present as early as eight months old. “Due to Hunter being so active and a wanderer, I researched service or companion dogs. I came to the conclusion that this was something Hunter needed, and could benefit him as well as our family,” said Hunter’s mother, Leslie Schaper. “I want his life to be as normal and productive as possible. I feel that a service dog would also give him more independence and a responsibility, and will allow us to go to more places and functions as a family. If a service dog can provide him help to achieve things like letting us know if he has run off, or being able to go to the grocery store… then it is all worth it.”

Hunter was recently approved for a service dog through Retrieving Freedom, Inc. (RFI) based out of Waverly, Iowa. RFI breeds and trains its service animals for placement with veterans, children with autism, and children with diabetes. In order to participate in RFI’s program, Hunter and his family hope to raise $10,200 through Red Basket to cover training and travel. “It would be life changing if our goal was fulfilled. It would take away some of the stress of having to constantly check on him. It would bring me peace of mind, and give him more independence,” said Leslie. “Hunter has taught us so much. I know that we are blessed to have him in our lives.” You can help Hunter and his family regain independence by considering a tax-deductible donation and sharing their story today!”

This young man is my cousin, and it would be greatly appreciated if you could share this everywhere, reblog it, post the link on Facebook, etc. I know I ask for a lot of help, but it would mean the world to him and the family. 

Here is the link: