please heal now

Take care of your bodies please!

Having an injury that effects your playing as a musician really. fucking. sucks.

I have jaw muscle pain. Like really sucky, 24/7 jaw aching pain.

The first therapist who I went to said it was TMD, and told me to strengthen my jaw muscles. Their strategies never helped so I went to another therapist a few hours away from me who has worked with brass players before, and she said that I should be stretching my jaw muscles because they are freaking out, and are too tight (I have an incorrect embouchure that has me probably using the wrong muscles, and I clench my jaw often during the day). The new therapist said that I don’t have a problem with my TMJ, just that my muscles around it are not happy. She gave me stretching strategies that slowly began helping me…And when I noticed that I had began to feel less pain, I stopped doing my stretches. Went back to clenching. Bad posture. All the stuff that does sucky things to my neck and jaw.

Guess what?

I’m in pain again, maybe even worse than before, and getting myself to practice when I’m in pain is pretty darn hard.

So of course, I’m back to stretching, and being more aware of my jaw and neck positions, hoping I heal before college begins.

My advise to you is, the second you feel pain anywhere that may effect your playing, tell your teacher, and get to a therapist or doctor. If they tell you to do something, DO IT and do it till you’re !!!!!!100% !!!!!!better.