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Other Characters Voiced by Gladion’s Voice Actor

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Akabane Karma from Assassination Classroom

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Yuu Nishinoya from Haikyuu!!

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Katsuki Bakugou from Boku No Hero Academia

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Okumura Rin from Ao No Exorcist

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Accelerator from Toaru Kagaku No Railgun

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Saotome Yoichi from Owari No Seraph

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Ivan Karelin from Tiger and Bunny

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Sebastian Vael + Personality Types (insp.)

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no offence but this lady in this healthy eating vid im watching was like ‘for lunch, i like a really hearty meal’ and she just made a chickpea salad im fucking screamign how do yall live like that???????

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oooh please make a sequel to the mark one!!! it's super cute :)

And… the sequel is finally here! I was kind of stuck and took a while to finish the sequel, but I hope you still like it! [I (Admin K) wrote the sequel while Admin C wrote the first part] 🙈💕 Thanks for requesting the sequel btw, we’re glad you enjoyed it. To the readers who haven’t read part 1, click here

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You were speechless…

You didn’t know how to react to Mark’s straight up confession.

Maybe you were too busy worrying that he would find out about your crush on him that you didn’t notice the touch of rouge that would tint his cheeks when he talked to you, or his lopsided smile and fidgety hands when he passed you in the halls.

Of course you were overjoyed that he liked you, but what should you say? 

All along your crush on him was parallel to your crush on your favourite actor, he seemed unreachable. You were happy to just admire him from afar. Now that he’s telling you he likes you…you really didn’t know how to respond. 

Although it seemed like a brief moment, it must’ve been at least five minutes. Just when you were about to answer him, he spoke quietly, in a volume that only you could hear.

“Tell me after… after we complete this assignment. I want you to think about it first… I know it’s sudden.”

He gave you a small smile and patted your shoulder casually, raising his volume back to normal.

“I’ll think up a dance routine! See you in class tomorrow.”

You stood extremely still as he walked away. 

You weren’t sure if you were more nervous about being his dance partner and bringing him down or giving him an answer to his confession.

The next day came faster than you wanted it to. 

Mark acted the same around you, as if he had never confessed to you the day before.

You were more visibly nervous around him than usual, but you had more important things to worry about right now.

Although you and Mark were positioned at the back of the gymnasium, it seemed like the entire class had their eyes on the two of you.

Mark was patiently teaching you the hip hop dance routine he came up with last night to “No Matter What” by BoA and Beenzino. 

It was clearly a simple routine, he had slowly gone through the steps with you, demonstrating first then guiding you through it.

However, half an hour passed and Mark was still teaching you the same move. You were frustrated with yourself but you knew that patience was his forte and he would never get frustrated with you. 

“So during this part, you want your left hip to lock in while the right leg hops and extends out, gliding on the floor gracefully.”

You nodded your head as he demonstrated the move for you and then you tried it yourself.

Mark rested a hand on his chin lightly, while his eyes were trained on you.

“Alright good. Now do it just a tad more gracefully and stay within the beat. I’ll set a tempo for you.”

This time Mark stood in front of you as he sounded out a beat, his right hand making an “ok” sign, with his index finger and thumb pressed together in a circle, as his arm bounced right and left keeping the tempo.

You bit your lip from smiling too wide when you saw his gesture.

It reminded you of the time the two of you worked together for music class. It was a peculiar gesture that he would make whenever he tried to remember something, repeating a phrase over and over, or when he tried to keep a tempo.

However, back then he would look to the ground when reciting his phrase or look at your guitar to see if you were keeping the tempo; but now, he was staring at you.

As you jumped in the air, you saw his bright eyes follow yours and the two of you locked eyes.

You felt embarrassed by his focused attention on you, especially now that you knew how he felt.

Having been phased by the eye contact with Mark, as you landed, you lost your balance, albeit rather gracefully.

You had landed but your left foot slid forward and you felt yourself falling back.

However, luck was on your side and Mark quickly lunged forward, pulling your arm towards him and catching you in his steadfast arms.

The two of you were inches apart, breathing rather heavily from the shock.

Gasps and whispers sounded throughout the gymnasium from the spectators of your dance practice together.

“You okay?” He whispered, while flashing you his trademark smile. 

You nodded profusely.

Without another word, he grinned and jogged over to the dance instructor, signalling at you before jogging back to your side.

He held your wrist lightly before smiling at you mischievously.

“Come on, let’s go.”

“Where are we going?”

“Thanks to you I got new inspiration for our routine. Can’t let wandering eyes imitate it, can we now?”

He nodded towards the exit of the gymnasium before running with you in that direction.

Mark brought you to the older side of school that you haven’t been much before.

It wasn’t necessarily out of bounds for students, but no one had classes here anymore and would much prefer hanging out in the new buildings.

He stopped walking when he reached a rusty door with a small foggy window on it, turning around to give you a small smile before opening the door.

“Ladies first.”

He signalled for you to step in as you observed your surroundings in awe.

Although the door was old and run-down, the interior of the room was cleaned spotless. Mirrors surrounded the room from the ceiling to the floor. There was a black couch placed at the back of the room, and a computer with large speakers in the back corner.

You turned to Mark with a smile.

“What’s all this? Did you prepare all this on your own?”

Mark smiled shyly as he patted his neck, looking anywhere in the room but you.

“It used to be a storage room, actually. My friends and I asked the school if we could get more dance rooms since there never seem to be any vacant ones to practice in. They said that we could clean out this room and use it. We’ve worked on it for over a month now… during breaks and after school, whenever we had free time really. It could still use some work here and there but overall, it’s good enough to use.”

You walked over to him.

“It’s amazing Mark, it really is.”

Being this close to him, you were able to see the tint of colour on his cheeks. You used to think that he was the down to earth, cool type of guy who never got nervous or shy, but he seemed to get especially shy when he received compliments… cute.

After he whispered a quiet ‘thanks’, the two of you remained standing facing each other, eyes locked together. It was a staring contest for quite a while until Mark blinked twice and laughed awkwardly while clapping his hands.

“Alright! Let’s get started on the dance routine, shall we?”

He walked to the centre of the room and began warming up before turning to you.

“Okay, this time, the routine is going to be similar, still to the same song, but we’re going to be adding some lifts and turns… if you’re comfortable with it. I think this will help us stand out from the other groups since most of them will be doing hip hop as well.”

This time, without all the wandering eyes, you concentrated better while learning the moves and became more bold while practicing them. After another hour passed, you had already gotten the basic routine down. Mark was an encouraging partner and often praised you at the end of routines.

Although the bell had rang indicating that school was done for the day, Mark and you didn’t stop practicing. It was as if the two of you had this momentum going on and didn’t want it to end.

He did manage to upgrade the routine by adding lifts here and there, where he would hold you up by your waist and bring you to the other side or when the two of you danced together within a tight proximity.

Sure it was a bit awkward at first, but now that there wasn’t anyone here to judge the two of you, you weren’t afraid or overly coy anymore. Besides, after seeing Mark blush and act shy, you realized that he had feelings like you, and wasn’t just a perfect idol-like classmate. You knew Mark sensed it too, because you could see the excitement in his eyes when they sparkled after witnessing your new found confidence whenever the two of you completed a new move together.

Before you knew it, the two of you were going through the last and final move together.

“Okay so for the last move, it’s going to be a grand ending with lift, hook and spin.”

You thought it sounded easy enough, until he explained it in further detail.

“You’re going to put your arms around my shoulders as your right leg will hook and wrap onto my right leg and we’ll spin around three times before I lead you back down onto the ground.”

At first the two of you kept making mistakes, but Mark didn’t feel discouraged even once; he patiently explained the areas you needed to fix, praised you, and led the way.

After another hour passed, you were finally able to get the routine down. By now, the sun had set and it was well past dinner time, but the two of you hardly even realized.

“Oh my god! We did it! We did it!”

You shouted excitedly, jumping up and down as Mark chuckled and sat on the floor, breathing heavily.

He blinked slowly and tiredly, almost as if he was about to close his eyes any second, but he still had a content smile on his face.

“Are you ready for tomorrow?”

You nodded excitedly as you did a spin on one foot, one of your favourite moves that Mark taught you today.

He chuckled and stood up, walking to his backpack and taking a towel from it before signalling you to have a seat on the couch beside him.

As you sat down, he reached over and patted the towel on your forehead gently.

“You silly girl, don’t overexert yourself… you must be really tired.”

You looked up at him, noticing that his gaze was concentrated on wiping your sweat.

Maybe time had passed too fast or the two of you were too concentrated on dancing, but you didn’t even realize how exhausted Mark was. His entire t-shirt was soaked, but he still worried about the perspiration on your forehead over himself. You realized that he was probably a lot more fatigued than you were, since he was the one doing all the lifting and spins. However, Mark wasn’t the type to complain and danced on without a care.

You grabbed the end of the towel and lifted your arm up to wipe his neck and face.

“You silly boy, you’re obviously the one who’s more tired, don’t overexert yourself and tell me when you need a break.”

He stopped wiping the sweat off your forehead and fixated his gaze on you as you kept talking.

“You know… I’ve noticed you for a long time now and just like everyone else, I thought you were the perfect guy. Don’t get me wrong, you really are… to me at least. But don’t be afraid to let your guard down. If you’re tired, say you’re tired… okay?”

At that moment, the guy who you thought was always so out of reach looked like an adorable puppy as he gazed back at you with his round eyes, while you wiped his forehead.

You smiled and leaned over, placing a kiss on the tip of his nose.

He looked shocked as you pulled back and smiled at him, as if you didn’t kiss his nose just now.

“W-What was that?”

He spoke softly as you lightly dabbed the sweat off his face with the damp towel.

“Although a bit early, that was my answer to your question… we’re good dance partners… but I thought we could be compatible in other ways too.”

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I imagine Francis being the office guy who goes around to everyone like “have you seen the new guy, what’s his name, Arthur?” “He is so hot, he is absolutely my type Antonio.” “Please, Gil, he would obviously like me back, have you even seen my perfect body?”

But upon being rejected by the hot headed, fork tongued, foul mouthed English new guy he storms back with a face like thunder just


next day Arthur comes in: “Look at him, he’s so hot, I hate it.”

History Part 2

Author’s Note: Here is the second part! I hope you guys like it c: I’m having a ton of fun planning out and writing this series! So, enjoy c:

Warnings: Language


“Y/N and I…we used to date.”

What?!” Scott asked, shock all over his face. I let out a sigh and lifted my head to look in his eyes, nodding in confirmation. “When? How? I don’t…what?”

“Scott, calm down,” I told him, rolling my eyes at his reaction. He was shaking his head, not wanting to believe what he was hearing.

“Why is that so hard to believe?” Derek asked, slight offense in his tone.

“Well, you don’t exactly seem like her type,” Stiles interjected. “Dark, brooding, scary.” He gestured to Derek’s body, proving his point. He rolled his eyes at him with a huff.

“We broke up, didn’t we?” I growled, anger rising in my body. “Clearly we’ve established that he isn’t my type! So, can we drop it, please?” I saw Derek’s lips press into a flat line as he looked at the ground. I didn’t want to have this conversation, especially with all these kids in here.

“No way, we are not dropping this!” Scott said. Derek stepped up, trying to calm things down.

“Scott, it isn’t that big of a deal,” he said. I raised my brows at him and placed my hands on my hips, turning to give him a look. “That’s not- I didn’t mean it like that, Y/N,” he tried to save. I nodded slowly, pursing my lips at him. He cleared his throat and stepped back, gesturing to the side. “I’m just gonna…”

“Yeah. You do that,” I said before turning back to my little brother. “You know what I’d like to know? What the hell you guys are actually doing in here.”

“We told you, we’re- studying,” Stiles said, rubbing the back of his neck. Scott’s mouth was still parted. I could tell that he felt like he was caught. 

“Without any books?” I pointed out, turning my gaze on him. Stiles opened his mouth to speak but then must have decided it was better not to say anything at all. I faced Scott again. “And I’m pretty sure that Derek isn’t exactly a highly recommended tutor.” My arms crossed over my chest, giving Scott a look. He glanced to Stiles and Derek, then sighed loudly.

“Y/N, look, things are complicated. If you just give me time then I can explain-”

“I would like to know now, actually,” I demanded, my tone strict. God, I felt like a mom. With a defeated expression, Scott turned to face all the kids sitting in the living room.

“Y/N, this is Kira, Malia, and Liam. You already know Stiles, Lydia, and Derek, so.” I waved to them and gave me awkward smiles and waves in return. I couldn’t imagine how weird they probably felt being here for this little encounter. I looked at Scott, waiting for him to continue his explanation. “They’re my…pack.”

“You’re pack?” I asked, taking a step closer to him, my eyes narrowing. Oh man, I hope this didn’t mean what I thought it did.

“This is gonna sound crazy, Y/N,” Scott laughed. “But there are supernatural things in Beacon Hills.” His tone was slow and careful. “I’m…a werewolf.” His eyes were focused on mine as they turned to a bright red, giving me proof. Anger flared within me and I spun on my heels to face Derek, approaching him quickly.

“You turned my brother?” I yelled at him. “I can’t believe you!” I was absolutely furious beyond belief. Derek looked shocked as he stared down at me ,my hands balled into fists to keep from slapping him.

“Y/N, calm down!” Scott told me. “Derek didn’t turn me.” I turned around to look at him, breathing heavily. “It’s a long story, let me explain it to you later.” I glanced back at Derek quickly, scanning his face before I looked to Scott. “How do you even know about this stuff?”

“I dated a werewolf for a long-ass time, Scott,” I said. “Derek taught me everything I know.” My voice turned quiet and I held my arms, rubbing my hands up and down. 

“Well, this night has not gone as planned,” Stiles mumbled. I sighed and shook my head, closing me eyes.

“I need to get some air,” I announced, pushing past Derek and walking out the door. The coolness of the night felt good against my flushed skin and I took a deep breath, walking toward the road. My little brother is a werewolf. I didn’t want to believe it, didn’t want it to be true. I remembered everything Derek went through when he was learning how to control his shifts, the fear he lived in when hunters came to town, all the pain he suffered. God, I did not want that for my brother.

“Y/N, let me explain some things,” a deep voice said from behind me. I whirled around to face it, an angry look on my face.

“I don’t want to hear anything from you, Derek!” I spat, poking my finger into his chest. 

“Y/N, please-” he started, voice calm with an edge of pleading. I shook my head, backing him up a few steps.

“You promised!” I hissed. “You promised that my family wouldn’t have to get involved, that you’d keep them safe!” He sighed, reaching a hand up to grab my wrists that were threatening to push against his chest.

“I know,” he said softly, eyes looking right into mine. “I did everything I could, I swear.” I pulled my hands from his and headed back to the house, spinning around to face him one more time.

“You stay the hell away from me,” I told him, venom in my words. 

 “Y/N, come on!” I took a deep breath, trying to calm myself down a bit.

“I’m sorry,” I said, eyes still stern. “Just give me space. I need time to process all of this, figure things out. Please, just leave me alone.” Derek sighed at my words and I took that as my cue to turn around and go back into the house, offering a small grin to everyone.

That night, after everyone left, Scott and I sat down and he told me everything. He explained about Peter and Kate and the Argents, everything. It took awhile, and I certainly had a lot of questions for him. It was an emotional night. Not only did I learn that my brother had become a supernatural creature, but I also found out that he had kept secrets from me. I didn’t know which hurt worse, really. 

“Damn, it’s late,” I said, looking at my phone. “I should probably head back to my apartment.” I stood up and stretched, slipping on my shoes and jacket and grabbing my keys.

“Y/N!” Scott said, stopping me as I had the door open. “Don’t be too hard on Derek. He’s doing his best and he’s been through a lot, too.”

“I just need some time to think,” I sighed, running a hand down my face. “But don’t worry, I’ll talk to him eventually.” I gave me brother a warm smile. “Txt me or something if you’re coming over this weekend,” I said before heading out to my car and driving home. I was grateful to be back and have some time to myself.

I fell into bed gratefully, pulling the covers around my body. I stared into the darkness, a million things swirling through my head. And then I did it. I knew I shouldn’t, but I did.

Me: I’m sorry about tonight

My phone buzzed almost immediately.

Derek: Me too. I want to meet up, explain everything. Talk

Me: Scott already told me everything.

Derek: There’s more that I’d like to tell you myself

Me: About the werewolf shit?

Derek: Not really. I just need to talk to you

Me: Give me some time, Der

With that, I put my phone down and rolled over, trying to finally get some sleep.

Does anybody remember what it was like when Carol Peletier was happy?


Me neither.

Show Ohara / fb 4.9.2014

I thought it can be a good substitute for a blog but I am not sure as I have nothing to post about. (laugh)

Recently every day, I have been doing some preparation for (our) future environment, while absorbing many things.
Things that I would not be able to see if I did not come to a halt. That is what I think.
Sceneries, feelings, that you overlook while you constantly run while looking ahead. I want to use this timing to reaffirm those things.

I have been reading letters received from 23.8 and also the office**, and through reading them I can personally feel the uneasiness that we indeed have caused by our announcement.
As the talk about this withdrawal had been going on since spring, the title 「NEVER ENDING UNIVERSE」 was decided to convey that 「this atmosphere created by Alice Nine and everyone who has supported us, will never end」, and (hopefully) ease the feeling we cause even just a little.

With that vow in my heart, I shall refine myself as we head toward a new beginning.

** office - this refers to PSC. Reminder fanmail and gifts for A9 are still accepted until November

this was done quickly so, usual disclaimers apply★ \(^o^)/ 

Gotta Let It Happen (Narry/Zouis/Lilo) - Chapter One


“It’s just a spark but it’s enough to keep me going…”

Niall’s your typical Frat Boy, all about babes and beers. Harry’s such a hipster, nothing mainstream, can’t stand those douche-bag frat houses – especially guys like Niall! But when they’re both super drunk and have a quick fumble – what’s gonna happen to the ever so straight Niall and the hugely judgmental Harry. Not to mention Harry’s best mate, Zayn,  is falling hard and fast for the closeted Louis who’s so completely in love with his childhood best friend Liam, but Liam’s completely oblivious to it all. They’ve all just gotta let it happen!

Pairing: Narry, Zouis & Lilo 

Warning: Strong Language, Explicit Content (later)

Chapter One

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