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The worst thing ever is when you can feel someone important to you getting bored with you.

Updated hair and tail matching mod

First of all, shout out to @lewdshi for making this mod work, but there were some things I wanted to change because of my own taste. Pretty much I just changed lion/mouse/something tail to match the bow with hair color and made their ears white. Also some things on squirrel elin too, but nothing special.
I didn’t bother to fix fox hair and first face in file, so don’t ask me how to do it, even though I’m sure there is also mod fix for it somewhere.

Updated mod

Few of my friends and myself included tested the mod and it works fine, but if there are any issues or whatever, feel free to message me here or whisper me in game on Dwindle (NA, Tempest Reach).
You will need WinRAR or any similar program to extract files. Instructions are also included in case someone is new to downloading mods.

Enjoy, fellas!


when will i stop hurting over this


So it’s occurring to me that since Popi is busy and on hiatus and I really need to get to asks on my blog, I’m gonna be putting this whole Chara Haven business on hold. I don’t wanna interfere with her current situation and I have too much planned for this blog to put it on pause any longer.

So yeah!! I’ll be answering questions again, but I’d like to answer the ones that have already flooded my asks. Please refrain from asking Chara Haven related questions until I start up the event again!

I have big plans for this blog that I plan to work on and get together so that we can begin to learn more about Frisk and Chara!



The outer dark and the Void when passing through stormgates was always.. strange. Creepy, downright terrifying at times. But also calming. It set his crew at ease.

Jack was currently asleep, curled up on the deck after days of staying up. Admiral Nelson had been sending the lads on missions for quite a while now which was odd, since usually Owen had very few official work that he was given to carry out. He was mostly allowed to do his own thing, so long as he did it in the name of the Queen and Marleybone. The young captain let out a sigh.

He himself was feeling rather tired. The ship was coming up to Monquista now, but Owen’s eyes were starting to fail him. Just when he was about to nod off, he felt a rough tap on his shoulder and turned to see Kan Po narrowing his eyes at him.

“Young grasshopper, falling asleep at the wheel will only lead to misery and tragedy. Keep your mind focused and your eyes open.” The goat chastised him.

“I-I’m sorry, Kan.” Owen was quick to apologize. He was embarrassed. He kept his eyes straight ahead as they passed through the stormgate and into Tierra Primata Skyway. What a beautiful, mesmerizing place. He quickly steered his way to the windlane, guiding his ship safely to the former prison Zenda, now a stronghold for the rising Opposition - just who he was looking for.

They docked and the young captain strode off his ship, his boots clicking against the dirt. Kan Po followed him while Old Scratch stayed behind to watch the ship (and the sleep-deprived Jack).

Owen knocked on the double doors in the front of the fortress and made sure he was stood up straight and looked as presentable as ever. He wore a Marleybonean Officer’s uniform, specially crafted for him (due to him being the only human).


I’m sorry, I should have made this post a long long time ago, but I’ve been putting it off in the hope that I would feel like coming back to writing short form HP fic again, BUT I don’t think that’s happening for various reasons, the three of them being that I am mostly in Star Wars hell nowadays, secondly, that I’ve been writing a lot more longer fic over on AO3 and thirdly, a lot of the… new HP canon has been more than slightly dodgy wrt a lot of race & cross-cultural stuff that I’ve written about on my personal blog here ( there’s also some other commentary you can find in the hp meta & hp commentary tags on that blog) which has made it difficult & frustrating for me, personally, to engage with much of the main canon on a regular basis anymore.

I don’t know if I will come back to this blog. I might, I might not. I’m really sorry about this. Submissions on this blog are still open if you want to submit fic, especially fic exploring the non-British parts of the wizarding world - & to be specifc wrt North America: the non-white parts of North-America - but I’m not going to be writing anymore new stuff on here for the forseeable future.

That said, if you want to discuss HP related stuff, I’m still happy to talk HP worldbuilding outside of the whole magic in north america mess, so if for some reason you want to talk wizarding tech (the trolley lady is a wizard AI automata, fight me) or wizarding borders and immigration (a pet subject of mine) or even if you want to just talk star wars & worldbuilding in there too you can come talk to me on my personal blog @tobermoriansass.

I’m sincerely glad that so many of you liked this blog (and for all the friends I made & amazing people I’ve met via this blog) and I’m sorry that I’ve left this blog hanging in limbo like this for so long. I hope you guys enjoyed the ride as much as I did, writing stuff for this blog & *fingers crossed* that my muse for this blog returns from the war one day.

Impish Parody Attic Meshes Converted to Sims 4

**** Please note: I have fixed all the files to make them all recolorable.I have also remapped the meshes to make them able to have different textures and not only solids. They are quite versatile now.*******

Please accept my apology for any inconvenience caused.

Though there may already be a set or two out there, I thought it would be good if I offer the converted set here as well. 

I tried to find Impish Parody’s TOU: but did not find it. I will post the conversions here, but if there are any objections made against my hosting it , I will remove the thread.

That said, it is important to bear in mind that all credit for the original meshes goes to EA and Impish Parody. 

I have removed the footprint, which means that your simmies can walk under it without having any interference, and you can place items underneath it as well.

However, you still need the cheat MOO activated to place the attic pieces against the wall.

You will find it under Decorative: Paintings, and cost 15 simoleons each.

I have merged the  packages, but will offer it to you merged and unmerged. Please install only one of the packages.

I only show the four pieces: the 60 full, 60 half, 60 third and 60 two-thirds.
But I also made the 30 full, 30 half, 30 third, 30 two-thirds, 45 full, 45 half, 45 third and 45 two-thirds.

It works with all three sizes of walls with ease.

Download the merged files HERE

Download the separate files HERE and the 60 degree set HERE.

Your Time is Up [JB]



1600 words

And when I wanna talk you say to me, that if it’s meant to be it will be… -Overboard, Justin Bieber

Author’s note: Ok so recently I rediscovered this song and also recently I been lovin me some good angst like the kind where u feel it so hard that u might throw up??? No??? Just me?? Lols.. Idt this is worthy of that feeling but please feel free to message me if you get that while reading angst too!!

Jaebum was always painfully honest. So it hurt you to hear those words leave his mouth.

“I think we should take a break.”

And you did take a break from him. A month long break, one that nearly tore you apart. You had told yourself that if he didn’t call after a month, you’d leave him.

And there you were, in front of the coffee shop, watching him through the steamed window as he laughed along with another girl, holding his usual medium Americano with half a sugar and a dash of cream. You recognized her. She was from JYP… How could you compare to what they shared?

You turned, your feet taking you to the guys’ flat without even having to look up. You’d walked this route so many times before… that coffee shop was your and Jaebum’s place. Not anymore, it seemed.

You stepped into the entryway, pressing floor thirteen’s button immediately.

You looked at the little camera that was next to it, waiting for one of the boys’ voices to come on.

“Y/N!” Jackson’s voice rang through, making you jump at how loud it was. “Jaebum’s not here, sorry ladybug.”

You smiled minutely at the nickname. A handful of months ago you’d been watching a movie in the dorm with him, being your closest friend in the group, and felt something crawling on your arm. You screamed and shook, jumping up. Jackson flipped on the lights immediately to see an ever-threatening ladybug resting on your skin. The nickname stuck.

“I know, I came to give him a surprise,” you smiled falsely to the camera, knowing it was too grainy for him to see that you were in pain.

“Ah, so cute!” He cheered, the handle to the door releasing as he let you inside.

When you stepped out of the elevator he was there to greet you. He hugged you tight, one hand stroking between your shoulder blades. Jackson was always good at hugging, perhaps even better than Jaebum.

“Hi Y/N!” Yugyeom cheered from the couch, waving over at you. You looked up and waved back, also at Bambam, who was sitting in the recliner on his phone. He grinned, throwing his arms up in the air in a big wave. He echoed the maknae’s greeting.

“So what’s the surprise?” Jackson asked after backing up a little, his arms falling to his sides as he eyed you for a gift or something.

“I’m leaving him,” you said bluntly.

His eyes doubled in size, instantly stepping back like you’d slapped him. “W-what?” He said incredulously. You heard the TV pause, and when you looked over the other two were also staring at you wide-eyed.

“Well you know we’ve been taking a break for awhile now,” you sighed, trying to seem like you weren’t so effected.

“Yah, did he end things?!” Jackson shouted, shocked his friend would make such a devastating decision without asking him.

“No, so I am,” you explained swiftly, brushing past him into Jaebum’s room. Thankfully Youngjae wasn’t in there, making the room empty and overall better for you to collect your things.

You set the duffel bag you’d left there at some point on his bed, shoving in each piece of clothing or toiletry you’d stowed here in the flat. You swallowed thickly, tugging one of your soft sleep shirts out from under his pillows. Maybe he’d been missing you as well… Too bad he didn’t show it and now he’d have to pay.

Jackson followed you in a moment later. “Y-you’re just leaving him? That’s your surprise?” He sounded as hurt as if he were the one you were breaking up with.

“If he can’t make up his mind I’ll do it for him. I’m not the type of girl he– or anyone, in fact, can put on the back-burner Jackson… you know that,” you looked over your shoulder and smiled at him sadly.

He frowned, big eyes glistening. “But I don’t want to lose you,” he whined, coming over to wrap you in his strong arms again. You chuckled as his chin rested on your shoulder when he leaned onto you. You stroked his bleached hair, and his strong back muscles.

“Jackson, you won’t lose me, I promise. I’m leaving Jaebum, not you,” you whispered, pressing your cheek into his sleek hair.

“You what?” You heard from the doorway. You both retracted your heads from each other to see Jaebum standing there, looking between the two of you with unease.

Jackson made to spring away from you but you let go of him slowly, as to show Jaebum that you were friends and he didn’t need to worry about any kind of romance there.

Jackson touched your arm with a forced smile. “Talk to you soon?” He stated but posed it as a question. You nodded, and he slid past you and then Jaebum’s unmoving frame.

You looked straight at your boyfriend– was he even that to you at this point?– and turned back to your bag, zipping it closed.

“You’re… You’re leaving me?” He asked, unsure if he’d heard correctly.. Hoping he had.

You nodded, slipping the bag’s straps over your shoulder. “We’re over.” You looked unphased on the outside but on the inside you were freaking out. You’d been thinking about how you were going to do this for awhile now, and you’d decided to leave without confronting him because his being in person is just so strong you didn’t think you’d be able to handle saying that.

“B-but we were just taking a break, Y/N, I didn’t mean this,” he stepped forward, hands out to touch you,“ I don’t want that, I–”

“It’s not all about you, Jaebum,” you spat, feeling as if you were a cat with an arched spine and a snarl bared. “It’s about us. What’s good for us, what we want! And we clearly don’t want the same thing anymore Jaebum, I’m not sure we ever did!”

“What the hell are you talking about, Y/N? What do you want? I honestly don’t know, that’s why I needed a break!” He yelled. Your temper had triggered his.

“I want a relationship, Jaebum!” You growled, exasperated.

“And you think I don’t? You think I don’t want to be with you?” He asked loudly. You were sure the other boys could hear you by now.

“No! I don’t need to think about it, because you just don’t, you don’t want to be in a relationship! At least, not with me.” Your voice dropped as you said the last bit.

“How the hell do you know that I want? Why would you even say that? I’m trying, Y/N!” He groaned, pushing his hair back as he squinted at the ceiling in irritation.

“No, you’re not! If you were trying, if you wanted to try, you’d be talking this through with me! You wouldn’t tell me that if its meant to be it will be! Because if you wanted to be with me you’d make it meant to be! You’d fucking try, like I have been for this whole time! You wouldn’t.. You wouldn’t just push me away!” You were so mad that your tears flow out, which made you even more mad at yourself and then you just cried harder.

Jaebum turned his gaze back to you, now apologetic at the sight of your tears. It must’ve just occurred to him how much the last month sucked for you. He thought he’d had it bad, but you seemed so hurt. “You’re right Jagiya, I’m sor–”

“No.” You cross your arms over your chest, closing him out and trying to intimidate him despite being a foot shorter and having to peer up at him.

“No?” He tilted his head to the side.

“I don’t want your apology. It’s too late for that, you had your chance. I waited for you, I can’t any more,” you said, voice wavering lowly.

Jaebum started to panic internally. He couldn’t just lose you like that. He loved you, so much it confused him which was why he pushed you away in the first place. “You don’t mean that, Y/N, please just give me another chance,” he pleaded, his own eyes glassy as he realized that the possibility of you walking out of his life was very real,“ you won’t have to wait, Jagi, I’m right here. I’ll be here for you more than last time, I swear.”

“No Jaebum. Your time is up. Stop wasting mine,” you stepped around him only to have him lightly push you back.

“No, please Jagi, don’t leave me, please. I love you, please, just please don’t leave me. Let’s talk; we can sort things out and we’ll be okay, I promise,” he choked, tears dripping down his soft cheeks. “I’m sorry I yelled, I don’t want you to go.”

“I’m sorry, I can’t,” you murmured, slipping around him and exiting the room. Jaebum stayed behind, sinking to the floor with his back against the door as he wept into his palms.

“I’ll see you guys around,” you said, half-heartedly casting a glance at the three boys in the living room. You hugged Bambam as he ran up to you with tears in his big brown eyes, telling him you’d hang out with the three of them soon. You smiled at Jackson, who stood there with a defeated look in his eyes, before you turned and walked out of Im Jaebum’s life for good.

selfie tips for trans gals

a lot of my friends have been asking lately so i thought i would make a little public post about it!!! ppl always say nice things about my selfies and it surprises me because i honestly dont put all that much effort into them… which is good for me, and the rest of you probably, because you can look cute while still having crippling executive dysfunction!! :B

a lot of these will probably apply to everyone ! some of them are specific to my fellow trans gals tho because. well thats what i know how to do hehee

tips part 1: actually taking the selfie

i think a lot of this is lighting! whether youre lying down or standing up or sitting or whatever, make sure that your face is lit up, or at least not darker than the rest of the room. if you are leaned forward at your computer because you have terrible posture (as im sure many of you do- mines certainly awful hehe) its easy to let your face fall into shadow!! and then its much harder to make out details on your face!! and thats no good we want to SEE your face. its good

now this one’s a little more specific to trans girls but is probably still a good idea for other people too- wiggle around a little before you take the selfie! look at yourself in the camera and try carefully to line up a shot. i know it can be hard to look at yourself sometimes, but hopefully if youre trying to take selfies, you at least want to feel good about yourself, so try it ! youre going to need to do this anyway to try and get the lighting right (i rarely ever have to leave the room to do that by the way- its just a matter of turning around a bit until youre content with how it looks).

now- here’s the important part- angle the camera so you’re looking slightly up at it. this will produce a WAY more flattering picture than if you look straight at the camera or a little bit down. as a trans girl ive found that this actually makes my face look much more feminine!!! idk how all that magic works tbh but i think it makes my jaw and cheekbones much less prominent while focusing on my eyes instead, and eyes are rly cute ! :>

also take a few different selfies. take a few from the same angle and then a few from a few other angles so you can pick out your favorites. thats much less demoralizing than taking a bad one (it happens sometimes!) and deleting it and being left with nothing. 

tips part 2: posting the selfie

this is important too!! a lot of ppl worry because they post selfies and then dont get very many notes on them… ive had the same problem before and dont worry youre still beautiful even if you dont get a lot of notes!!! a lot of the time its just a matter of how many people see your selfies !!!!

first of all make sure that you have it tagged as okay to reblog ! if you dont want it reblogged you should tag that too and i understand bc sometimes you dont want your face going around out there in the big wide yonder but ! if you want the Big Notes you gotta let ppl reblog them and thats also great because it gives them a chance to say nice things about you in the tags that make you go u////u

secondly, for my fellow trans ladies, there is a WONDERFUL blog called @transgirlsruletheworld which automatically reblogs your selfies and signal boosts them! the code is visible right there in the blog description as is the creator but the most important part is to tag your selfies as #girlslikeus. the bot will automatically reblog new additions to the tag so long as they dont have certain other blacklisted phrases in them (including stuff like #dont reblog and #nsfw and a whole bunch of slurs and nasty stuff so dont worry the blog stays really nice)!!! and a lot of other trans girls follow that blog, so when they see your face theyll reblog your selfies too and youll be all >A< and its great!!!

just a quick note here at the end too because i think some people arent positive how tumblr works with tagging (i dont really blame you guys tho this site is awful) - you have to put the tags in the original post if you want the bot to find them. the bot cannot find things which have been reblogged and tagged as #girlslikeus (because reblogs dont go into the page) and it also cannot see a post if it has been edited to contain the tag (because, again, edits won’t go into the tagged page i THINK. not 100% positive here feel free to correct me). you can reblog your own selfies multiple times to make sure all your followers see them! but they wont turn up in searches or tags or anything like that.

ok thats it!!! feel good about yourselves!!! you are all so pretty oh my gosh. i hope this helps some of you feel pretty too <3


Before making payments through Paypal, please read this. It may seem like something obvious, but I have had two commissions so far without that checked, and it could get me into serious trouble.

Prices in USD.

If you would like a NSFW piece please wait until I make a separate post.

Please note: I have the right to decline a piece for any reason.

Base Prices:


$5 Sketch

$10 Coloured sketch

$12 Lines

$16 Flat colours

$18 Shaded


$8 Sketch

$12 Coloured sketch

$16 Lines

$20 Flat colours

$25 Shaded

Full body:

$12 Sketch

$15 Coloured sketch

$20 Lines

$25 Flat colours

$30 Shaded

Icons are $12.

These prices are for one character, each extra character is the same price (so two full body, flat colour characters would be $50).

All of these come with any option of blank background, transparent, solid colour background, simple background (pattern for example). Currently not accepting commissions with more complicated backgrounds.

These are just base prices; The complexity of your character determines how much the cost will be. For example, a simple design would be base price; but if your character has six arms and wings, it’s going to be more costly. If you’re curious as to how much more it’ll cost, message me in private and I’ll give you a quote (this should be done regardless)! All commissions will be discussed before being accepted, and once I have I’ll give you my Paypal and you can send the funds. Please do not send payment until everything has been agreed upon.

I’ll need a good reference(s) of whatever character/person/thing/etc. you’re commissioning; please provide them instead of making me look for references myself. Also! Please let me know if when it comes time for me to post the artwork, whether you’re okay with me linking to your blog/website or you’d like to be kept anonymous.

Payment must be made before I start on your commission.

I read 3/5* of a pretty great book at the library today and pages 78-81 were all about the idolatry of statues and how the Greeks felt about them and there’s a Herakles statue that has been kissed so many times its lips and chin wore down.

Dang, ancient Greeks. You do you.

*the other 2/5ths were a breakdown of every temple that was dedicated to a specific deity.

every. single. one.

so really interesting but not what I wanted to read about today.

(the book was The Complete Greek Temples by Tony Spawforth)
Blue flare - YouSetTheTone - Supergirl (TV 2015) [Archive of Our Own]
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Written for Supercat Week, Day 3 : Baby!Carter AU

Shoutout to everyone else who’s Suffering™ because we’re ballsdeep in hiatus right now. Send me a concept/ship/character/anything and I will write sympathy headcanons.