please have a happy ending okay


Okay… Let’s calm down for a moment and analize what’s happened…

First of all, sorry about my English. It’s not my mother tongue, so please bear with my grammar for a while.

Second, this is a LONG meta post about storytelling and how it affects the last episode’s plot. If you’re not so much into this topic… well, skip to the last part, I guess xD


I knew we were getting something negative this episode. If they wanted the show to have a happy ending, of course something bad was bound to happen. So just let me analyze the whole series, taking what each episode means for Yuuri’s emotional growth and their purpose for the entire story. And, before that, I also want to note which episodes belong to which act:

-ACT 1: Episodes 1, 2, 3.

-ACT 2

    -first half: Episodes 4, 5, 6

    -second half: Episodes 7, 8, 9

-ACT 3: Episodes 10, 11, 12.

(Also, I don’t think the 12 episode format is random, it works because there are 3 episodes for each part… But that’s another story and shall be told another time).

ACT 1: THE THESIS. In which the Thesis is clearly “Yuuri doesn’t believe so much in himself, so he gets anxious everytime his future depends on his own skills”. It ends in episode 3 because he manages to defeat Yurio and keep Viktor by his side.


FIRST HALF: As opposed to the Thesis, the Antithesis this time revolves around Yuuri realizing he’s never fought alone and that people love him. By comming to terms with this, he’s improving quite a lot more than if he just kept “fighting alone”.

SECOND HALF: His Love takes a new form, greater and more beautiful than ever, and it takes him even further… or not? 

ACT 3: THE SYNTHESIS. After some “fiasco” at the end of the Antithesis, Yuuri has to figure out how to merge both worlds (I fight alone - I have people and Viktor by my side) so that he can reach his true Essence.

So, we see the story is (obviously) about Yuuri growing more confident in himself. I believe that other characters are mirroring this idea (I’m specially thinking about JJ, the most confident skater in the rink, and how being over-confident can prove you wrong). But Yuuri’s path isn’t precisely a cakewalk, and some crisis are bound to arise, if only to make him stronger.

Let’s analyze every episode and its mood (believe me, this gets somewhere):

EPISODE 1: The overall mood is a little bit depressing, but not too much, since it’s only the start. They introduce the characters and their motivations in life, specially Yuuri’s. The main character isn’t at a complete loss here, there’s some spark of hope (he still wants to skate and he’s trying to figure out what motivated him in the first place).

EPISODE 2: The mood is hopefull but a little bit tense. Yuuri’s giving all he’s got to be fit enough to train with Viktor, but Yurio appears and threatens this hope.

EPISODE 3: The mood is tense but at the end happy. Yuuri and Yurio are fighting for Viktor’s commitment, and Yuuri almost falls back to the state he was at in Episode 1 (thinking he can’t do it, feeling too much pressure and almost having a pannic attack), but this time Viktor is there to watch and support him. He’s not alone anymore, and thus he succeeds. (He’s past the Old World’s Threshold)

EPISODE 4: The mood is hopeful and cheerful, but a bit confused. After defeating Yurio and having all of Viktor’s attention, Yuuri finds himself a bit lost (he’s entered the New World and it’s still too different, so he doesn’t know how to face it). Viktor and Yuuri talk it through and Yuuri comes to terms with what was holding him back in the Thesis (the pressure of disappointing and facing it all alone). Viktor and his family are there now to support him.
-I also want to point out how emotionally intelligent Viktor is for giving Yuuri the Eros routine (AHEM IT MAY OR MAY NOT HAVE SOMETHING TO DO WITH THE BANQUET AHEM) and Yurio the Agape routine. It’s what both of them needed. Yurio loves people, but not in an inconditional way, maybe because he was hurt before and doesn’t trust anyone anymore, but that won’t make him happy. Yuuri, on the other hand, is just too full of unconditional love for everyone else, always thinking first of ohters instead of himself, but that isn’t healthy. He has to be a little bit more selfish, demand a little bit more and believe he has what’s necessary to make himself worthy. Eros is what Yuuri needed in an emotional way. DESPERATELY. And Viktor saw right through him.

EPISODE 5: The mood is hopeful and a little bit tense. Yuuri is competing with this new found Love and proving he’s worth Viktor’s commitment. We can see for the first time Yuuri’s FS program, which shows the main theme for the whole story (Yuuri’s growth thanks to Love), because now he’s ready to face it and go after it.
-An interesting bit about this episode which foreshadows JJ’s fiasco in episode 11 is when Viktor scolds Yuuri for being too confident and self-centered as to not cheer Minami-kun up. Be more Eros, but don’t be too full of it. Bravo, Viktor. You’re doing something great here.

EPISODE 6: The mood is intense, but determined. Yuuri takes all he’s learned, finds determination in his greed for Viktor’s attention (Eros all around) and ends up first. THIS IS THE MIDPOINT OF THE STORY because it’s episode 6 of 12 duh he’s -apparently- on the opposite side of where he started (”I fight alone but can’t do what I want”). Still, he’s relying too much on other’s support (Viktor’s, mainly) and not so much in himself, so this apparently good feeling is deceiving. Blake Snyder, in his Save the Cat!, states that if the Midpoint is positive, something negative has to happen later (and vice versa), and it explains Episode 9.

EPISODE 7: The mood is quite tense, but at the end it’s greatly joyfull (AND BEAUTIFUL DEAR GOD). Yuuri’s reached what he was looking for, but what now?? For him, the pressure is greater than ever, because he’s reached success once AND because Viktor’s depends on him (that’s what happens when you rely too much on others, I guess). Viktor doesn’t know how to support him this time and they end up having The Fight (Yuuri, you poor thing, I feel you), but Yuuri figures out how to get over it. This makes Viktor prouder of him than ever, not only because Yuuri has stated his love for him but because he’s even stronger than everyone thought. It’s a glimpse of Yuuri’s True Essence. HE can support Viktor AND HIMSELF when the need arises, even if he’s at a loss. Thus The Kiss:

(Sorry, I couldn’t help it)

EPISODE 8: The mood is quite positive. Because of what’s happened in Episode 7, Yuuri is confident enough to perform greatly and be proud of his work (and relationship with Viktor). That’s what really made me think Episode 9 would be salty…

EPISODE 9: The mood is quite depressing.  He’s holding on Viktor for dear life, knowing that he can support him emotionally, but at the end he sees it doesn’t completely work. He’s relying too much on other people, so when Viktor isn’t there he gets afraid of losing him (”He’s going to return to Russia soon”) and the idea of being alone again scares him to the point of not being able to focus. He’s become too dependant for his own good, and even if it has given him strength in the past, it’s not the right choice anymore. He barely makes it into the Finals, so it counts as a crisis. This point of the story stands for what Blake Snyder calls “Whiff of Death”, or what the Tower Arcana means in the Fool’s Journey in Tarot. Before we get into Act 3, there must be something going wrong for the main character to realize they’re deviating from the path that leads to their True Essence. Yuuri decides to end, once and for all, his fear of being alone again and asks Viktor to be by his side until he retires (WELL DONE MY SON).

EPISODE 10 (AKA the most beautiful episode my eyes have ever seen): The mood is calm and hopeful af. But, I have to say, it’s not chronologically in order (that would be some flashbacks from Episode 11). It’s the calm before the storm (clearly), and gives us a hint of hope (their relationship is so stable they even get engaged). Yuuri is not afraid of losing Viktor anymore. Also, the ending tells us A LOT about Yuuri’s True Essence (confident yet kind, commited yet playful).

EPISODE 11: The mood is wrong tense and scaring. Like, the scariest episode of the whole series. Yuuri realizes he’s been only running away from the real problem: by relying too much on Viktor he will never be able to do things on his own. He’s not afraid of his decissions anymore (Viktor says so himself), he’s not afraid of being alone (he’s pretty much ENGAGED, ffs), so… what’s holding him back??? Viktor. As weird as it may sound, it’s true. Well, it’s not Viktor HIMSELF, but what Viktor represents to Yuuri: the Antithesis. The success of his performance relies too much on his relationship with Viktor (thus kissing the rings, and instead of following his fiancé’s advice (enjoying himself while skating) he takes the program as something to secure his relationship and vice versa. But that’s not what it should be about. His performance should be only for himself (Viktor’s words meant this, I think. He was trying to say “I’m not going anywhere, you don’t have to do it for me”, but Yuuri doesn’t get it right). —HENCE YUURI’S LAST WORDS AT THE END OF THE EPISODE— I believe he wasn’t talking about his romantic relationship with Viktor but his professional relationship. They should end this coach-trainee relationship, they don’t need it anymore. It may end up either both of them going solo again or starting a career in pair skating, but they’ll definitely be together. Personally, I think Viktor’s been thinking about pair skating for a while now. Why do I say this? Well… Reason number 1:

There’s something going on in that funny old head of his.He’s got something up his sleeve.

Reason number 2:

The last track of the entire series is Hanarezu ni soba ni ite (”Stay close to me”, AKA Viktor’s song) but in a duet form this time. I’m positive we’ll get some kind of pair skating, even if it’s in an intimate context.

Let’s sum it up a little here. The mood goes like this throughout the series:

EP 1:  a little bit depressing
EP 2:  hopefull but a little bit tense
EP 3:  tense but at the end happy
EP 4:  hopeful and cheerful, but a bit confused
EP 5:  hopeful and a little bit tense
EP 6:  intense, but determined.
EP 7:  tense, but at the end it’s greatly joyfull
EP 8:  quite positive
EP 9:  quite depressing
EP 10:  calm and hopeful af
EP 11:  tense and scaring
EP 12: I’m guessing later…

Do we see a pattern here? Yes, we do. The first two parts (Act 1 and first half of Act 2), are calmer and quieter, and have bits of both salt and sweet. When we get to the second half of Act 2, however, things get heated up, and both the good moments and the bad ones are far more intense. At the last part we’ve been given SOMETHING PRECIOUS OMG one of (if not) the most beautiful scenes in the entire series, along with the scariest moment. Things are exponentially more intense than at the beginning, as it should be if the authors are great storytellers (which they are, mind you). They have to play with the espectator’s emotions, guiding them through an emotional rollercoaster so that it MEANS something to them. If we knew Yuuri would get everything right, there would be no point in telling his story. But the GREAT point here is that we never know if he’s going to do ir right or not. That’s what makes us relate to him. That’s why we want him to actually succeed.

So, what I’m trying to say is, the authors are playing with us. They’re making us nervous and insecure about Yuuri’s future because it will mean A HELLA LOT MORE when he wins (or when he gets a happy ending, anyway). If they showed us in Episode 11 that Yuuri’s getting it all perfectly, we wouldn’t be this concerned about his happiness. They always show the opposite of the final status.

And JJ is a perfect example. I was discussing episode 8 with a friend and we were both like “Yeah, I kind of hate JJ” (I even called it when I said Viktor was repelled by the poor guy) when suddenly it struck me: the authors are making us HATE JJ because he’s the total opposite of Yuuri. Episode 10 clearly stated everyone hated him within the universe in the series. While the initial Yuuri wasn’t in a healthy mind state because he was too extremely selfless, the initial JJ was at the other extreme of the rope (too selfish and egocentric). The difference between them is that Yuuri knows better now and has been actively trying to change, while JJ has remained the same throughout the series. This is a way storytellers tell their audience “See that? It’s not good. You have to find balance in your life. If you don’t try, you’ll end up burning yourselves”.

I do believe we’ll get a happy ending. I’m POSITIVE. Not because I believe in Kubo-sensei (which I do) or something like that. It’s all about storytelling.

So let’s all calm down and remember how effin’ happy they where while dancing together at that banquet. That’s how it’s gonna end, babies.

(A sketchy fanart of that scene for some extra cheering up!)

I did a spread using my printable tapes! Maybe that can be an inspiration for someone on how to use them? ¯\_(ツ)_/¯  :D

There’s this quote, “What right do you have to be unhappy?” which is from a lovely scene from the movie The Longest Ride (quite good romantic movie that got me bawling my eyes out at the end, if you’re into that). When I heard it for the first time, it had such a deep meaning for me, maybe even deeper than in was originally meant to have… The point is, I put it everywhere now because it keeps reminding me that it’s okay to be happy, which I need.

Anyway, let’s not get too emotional or anything :D. Please keep tagging me if you use my tapes (or shoot me a message!) I love seeing what you do with them :)

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  • What she says: I’m fine
  • What she means: Hayley Kiyoko has written multiple songs about loving girls that, unlike the work of other artists I've grown up listening to, don’t rely on fetishising them for the purpose of men in order to appeal to a general audience. She has also featured a trans woman in her recent video, who has a cute and happy ending. It makes me so happy that young girls will grow up hearing these songs, especially from a former Disney star, and hopefully know that they are not wrong or just there to please men. That they can think that girls are pretty and want to be with them and that this is okay. Young trans girls will see that they can have happy endings, that they can meet people who care about them. That they can form positive relationships. I hope this continues with other celebrities. I hope more girls are growing up and loving who they love. I hope they’re loving themselves. They deserve that. They should always deserve that.
Someday Never Comes

Summary: You describe a little bit of your life with your love, Bucky Barnes. 

40s!Bucky Barnes X Reader

Word Count: 2742

Warnings: Angst, Death, Seriously, this does not have a happy ending. 

A/N: Okay, So I didn’t really know how to summarize this, I got an idea and I just went with it. It’s 40s Bucky! It’s also very sad.. I think.. If you want to be tagged or untagged in anything please let me know!

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To everyone who isn’t sure about their sexuality or gender, or who isn’t quite ready to come out, or who may never be ready to come out, I want you to know that your feelings are valid, and that you don’t need to define yourself if you’re not ready, or if you’re just not sure. It’s okay to not know everything, and I want you to know that you’re beautiful no matter who you end up being. Please try your best to be happy, and know that you don’t have to force yourself into being something you’re not, because your health and comfort matter, and it is completely within your right to question your current labels, add new ones, or dismiss them entirely. Just know that you’re a star, okay? And, there’s nobody like you in the whole entire world, so it’s important that you simply remain you! And, I promise you that there’s a place in this world for an amazing person like you, and I just know that you’ll find it! You’re 100% welcome in the LGBT+ community, and wish you a lovely day or night! <3


A/N : This was based of this request. Sorry that I was really late with it, requests weren’t open but I had a little time to spare so I decided to write it anyways. Thank you for requesting.

Genre : Angst.

Warmings : Slight smut, a few curse words here and there but I’m sure everyone is okay with that

Member : Jeon Jungkook.

Word Count : +4K 

Request : If your open for requests can i please have either a taehyung or jungkook angst scenario where your married to him but he files a divorce bc his been seeing someone else and obv u just dont want to end the whole thing cs u still love him but all u want for him is to be happy so you agreed to him but on one condition that is, he has to hug you every single day for a month and then you’ll sign it after a month’s over u can choose the ending but please make it sad thank you! :* Hope this is sad enough for you anon xD 

Rain | Part 1 || Part 2 || Part 3 || Part 4 |

Originally posted by jungkooz

Jungkook was tense. He squirmed in his seat like a prisoner waiting for a verdict. You held back a sigh, trying not to tear up right there in front of him.

“ Why ?” You asked putting down the divorce papers. The reason didn’t really matter, you might not even wish to know, fearing what he was to say.

“ I found someone else ” He smiled involuntarily, further breaking your heart, remembering her “ Someone I love ”

“ It looks like it will rain tomorrow ” you looked away, shrugging when tears betrayed you, staring out the window at the gray sky. It felt like the world was laughing at you.

“ Y/N … ” He sighed hurrying you up with his nervous tone.

“ Fine, I’ll do it ” Your eyes snapped back to him, the tears flowing onto your cheeks “ I’ll sign them ”

You saw his expression lighten like a small child. The prisoner was finally free.

“ Thank you, Y/N ” He breathed out in relief, grinning “ So much ”

Jungkook wasn’t even apologetic, you thought how much have you been trapping him that he would be this glad to get rid of you ?

“ But I have one condition ” You cut his joy short with a stern tone, trying your best to switch off your emotions. At least until he wasn’t there. He frowned but nodded anyways, ready to do anything for you to sign. “ For the next month, you have to hug me once each day ”

“ What ?” He hunched putting his elbows on the table “ Are you serious ?”

“ Don’t you want me to sign ?” You threateningly pushed the papers away from you but he was quick to stop you whispering a choked Okay.

Just how desperate was he ? You chuckled, wiping away your tears as you peered at his signature. The ink already dried on his name, on the divorce.

Day 1;

The next day, you heard the key turn and the door open. You shifted in your bed to read 5 AM on the bedside clock.

Before this, it was always work and you blindly believed him. However, you were now sure that it had never been that. For the past six months, ever since this started happening, he had been cheating on you.

Maybe if you stopped him the first day he came home at 3 AM with the scent of alcohol all over him. Maybe if you stopped him.

The door to your room creaked and you swallowed back a sob, pretending to be asleep when he quietly whispering your name. Pretended to be asleep when he made the couch his new bed. Pretended it didn’t feel cold without him there on the bed with you. Pretended to be okay with all of it.

After work, you found him sitting at the same table calmly sipping his coffee. You were about to vent out the frustration of the day when you remembered. He wasn’t yours anymore, you weren’t allowed to anymore.

You looked at him, oblivious to your presence, how annoying has it been for him to listen to your continuous rambling everyday ? How annoying has it been for him to put up with being with you when he wanted someone else ? How troublesome would it have been for him to say “ I love you too ” every time ?

“ You’re home ” He finally acknowledge you, momentarily peeking up at your from his laptop before closing it and standing up. You were snapped back to reality, blinking at him before dropping your bag.

“ Hug me ” You just said and he, although hesitant, did just that. Jungkook pulled you into his arms one hand on your back and the other petting your hair like he would always do.

“ Y/N-”

“ Don’t say anything ”

The two of you stood there for what felt like forever while you squeezed your eyes shot to keep you from crying. Saving it to when you were alone in your bed again to let the tears comfort you to sleep.

Day 2;

On the second day, you weren’t so able to hold back like the first time. You broke down in his arms when you realized that his scent wasn’t mixed with yours anymore but with someone else’s.

“ I’m sorry ” He whispered into your ear, his hands slowly stroking the length of your hair, feeling the vibrations from your whimpering.

“ How could you do this to me ?” You stuttered between sobs, helplessly trying to hold onto his shirt. Onto him.

“ I’m sorry ” Jungkook reapeated again “ I really am ”

“ Sorry doesn’t cut it ” You finally pushed him away, leaving a wet spot on his shoulder from minutes of continuous crying, and turned away “ You can go to her now ”

He didn’t say anything just left.

You sunk into the couch looking around the house. It was over, your happiness with him, you just didn’t to let it go just yet. Or ever.

Day 6;

It came more naturally, as natural as this could get, maybe even as routine. As soon as you would come home, usually later than him, he would silently welcome you with a loose hug.

“ Remember the first time we hugged ?” You asked, hugging him back.

“ When I confessed to you ” He smiled against the side of your head. How could he smile ?

“ I didn’t think you would like me back ”

“ I didn’t think I would be divorcing you five years after either ” You shrugged, unhooking your arms from around him.

“ Y/N, I’m-”

“ Don’t apologize ” You stepped away “ I don’t want to hear it ” I don’t want to cry today.

“ I never wanted to hurt you ” Jungkook’s arms lingered  towards you for a moment before he stepped back as well.

“ Then you wouldn’t have cheated !” You yelled back at him, taking him by surprise, “ That did not only hurt me, Jungkook, it -”

“ I know …. I know ” He reached for you you again but stopped when you responded by moving away.

“ No, You don’t know ”

Day 12;

“ I understand what you’re saying !” Jungkook yelled back into the phone “ It’s her way of saying good- no she’s not trying to pull me back ”. there was a silence. You figured that he was talking to her and just stayed quiet.

“ Don’t talk about her like that !” He sounded frustrated and, foolishly, you let a little pride swell up from him standing up for you before you remembered that it was his mistress he was talking to.

You pushed the door closed loudly, making your presence known.

“ Let’s talk later ” His voice calmed down, with slight panic when he saw you “ I love you too ” He whispered but it was still audible to you.

Your heart skipped a painful beat and the familiar lump formed in your throat. You wanted to just turn around and get out of the house again. But no, you had to face this, for the sake of being able to move. Even if you didn’t wish to move on.

“ Was that her ?” You quietly put down your car keys and bag, ridding yourself of your coat. He nodded turning to phone over on the table.

“ Tell me what kind of person she is ” You buried your face into his chest, cursing yourself for always asking questions you didn’t want an answer to.

“ She … Hmm … Just perfect for me ?” His smile was wider, brighter, than when he has talked about you.

“ I thought I was perfect for you ?” You snorted, laughing slightly, before tapping his side for him to let you go and he did so too easily. That day you left first, getting in your car and randomly wandering around the deserted streets like a stray dog. It damn felt like you were.

He went to her. As he always did. It made her feel insecure, knowing he was hugging you and being closer to you. It made her feel like you were trying to steal back what she had won from you. So, she did the only thing she could give him.

Jungkook senselessly pounded into her like every night except that it was bare of all emotions. Your words resonated inside his brain with each thrust into his moaning lover. He started to question his decision. He looked down at her, expression filled with euphoria. It wasn’t like yours, it wasn’t like when he was with you.

Was it love he felt for her or was it just the excitement she made him feel on the first night ?

“ Y/N” He moaned loudly as he came, loudly and unconsciously, collapsing down on her body.

“ What the hell, Jungkook ?” She pushed him away sitting up.

“ What ?” He caught his breath, supporting himself on his elbows. Oblivious.

“ Why are you calling her name when you’re balls deep into me ?” She scoffed standing up to put her clothes on.

“ Babe … wait ” Why was I ? He staggered and she laughed.

“ I told you not to fucking do it ” She was gradually getting angrier, her voice rising “ She’s affecting you !”

He followed, stopping her before she reached the door, and embracing her “ Please, just give it a little more time.”

“ Just leave ” She stepped away “ I’m not in the mood anymore ”

Was it always just the sex ?

When he went back home at his usual 5AM you weren’t there. He panicked for a moment, thinking something might have gone wrong, the feeling of possessiveness inside him coming to life. Is this how it felt for you everyday ? He asked himself, wondering if you were with anyone in the back of his head.

Jungkook had too many questions left unanswered.

Day 20;

Instead of driving straight home you decided to go somewhere you could think. 10 Days. A mere 10 days was all you had left with him. You wished it would be more. Even though he cheated, and continues to do so, even though he broke you beyond repair, something inside you still wanted him. Something inside you still wished he would come around.

Your phone lit up with a text message from his number, still saved as your husband. You took a mental note to later change it back or even delete it.

“Where are you ?”

“ Coffee shop” You wouldn’t help but wonder why he was even interested in knowing.

“I’m coming ” Or did he just want to get it over with so he could go to her ? You threw your phone on the table, looking out the large window. This place was in nowhere near your house, in fact your had to drive for quite a distance to reach it, and there was no way he would think of it or even remember it.

Minutes passed and nothing. Even if you ruled it out, you couldn’t help the slight anticipation building up but only ending in disappointment. You tightened your grip on the cup, already cold, and sighed closing your eyes.

“ Why didn’t you go home ?” The familiar soft voice resonated for a moment before you realized it was real. You opened your eyes to see Jungkook in his casual wear standing in front of you.

“ What are you doing here ?” You questioned with furrowed eyebrows.

“ I said I was coming ” He smirked with his smugish tone.

“ You know what I mean ” You sat straight brushing your hair back and glaring at him.

“ I will be really offended if you think I forgot about this place ” He grinned taking a seat, not that you offered.

“ You forgot about a lot of things ” You scoffed.

“ You have the right to be angry at me, Y/N” He frowned “ I know what I did was wrong”

So wrong ” You interrupted with a shrug.

“ You two are still together I see ! ” The owner of the shop cut into the conversation with the sweetest smile and a joyful expression on her aged face which you remembered to be a lot more younger the last time you were here “ I’m so happy to see you again ”

You forced the smile, greeting her back just as excitedly.

“ You remember me ?” Jungkook asked turning her attention to him.

“ Of course I do ” She patted his shoulder and he smiled “ You used to wait for her everyday until she talked to you ”

He laughed loudly at the memory, nodding “ I did. But that’s because I was afraid to ask her out on a date”

“ Well, she did have a lot of good offers to choose from ” You chuckled when she playfully winked at you.

“ And she chose the worst ” His expression broke into a frown. You looked at him, meeting his gaze for a split second before he shifted away.

“ I’m sure she doesn’t regret it at all ” The woman said before being called by her employee and leaving the two of you alone.

“ Do you ?” He suddenly broke the silence that took over.

“ Do I what ?”

“ Regret marrying me ?” Jungkook sounded just like you, when you didn’t want an answer.

“ What do you think ?” You shrugged bitterly.

“ You are right to ” He sighed deeply.

“ No, I don’t ” Jungkook looked up at you with wide eyes “ I still enjoyed every moment of it, every memory with you. I enjoyed being loved by you and I’ll have that alone with me forever ”

“ Y/N … ”

“ I want you to be happy, Kookie ” A tear traced from your eye and you hurriedly wiped it away “ With or without me ”

She wasn’t you .

His heart fluttered, clenching painfully at each word. How could I hurt her ? He cursed himself. This all because of him, because of his selfishness, because of a whim.

A whim that he wasn’t even sure he wanted anymore.

His phone rang but he ignored it. You knew who it was from his expression and knew that it was your time to go. It was getting late anyways and you were exhausted.

“ I’m leaving now ” You stood up, grabbing your things.

“ W-Why ?” He jumped as if you were going forever. It didn’t sit right with him, that idea.

“ I want to go home ” You sighed, brushing your fingers through your hair.

“ Give me your keys, I’ll drive you ”

“ You don’t need to ”

“ You look tired ” He tilted his head “ And it’s late. I don’t want you going alone ”

“ Might as well get used to it ” You feigned indifference, making it sound like a joke.

“ Y/N, please, let me take you ”

“ What about your car ?”

“ I’ll come get it in the morning ” Jungkook was persistent so you just ended up giving in to his plea. As you always do.

“ Oh right !” He stepped up to you hugging you right before you were about to step into the car “ I almost forgot ”.

Jungkook spent the whole night home, only leaving in the early morning for work.

Day 26;

It was your day off so you planned the usual clean up the whole mess that was created over the week. Usually, Jungkook would try and help which only ended in more mess than you started with. So today was quiet.

He was home but you didn’t see him all morning as he had locked himself in his office, seemingly stressed with work, but you didn’t ask. It wasn’t your place to anymore.

Lost in your work you didn’t hear him until he came up behind you, giving you a tight back hug, startling you. You tensed for a moment before relaxing back into his touch.

“ Anything I can help you with ?” He sounded tired, drained, and sleep deprived. You just shook your head silently, and even if you didn’t want to, enjoyed that he initiated it.

To him, he couldn’t understand how your scent alone made him feel better without it going further than that, something he could never find in someone else. Even her. Something he would never forgive himself for letting go but it was too late.

“ Remember when you proposed to me ?” You said as you twirled the ring around your finger.

“ I had bought the wrong size ” He chuckled.

“ My hands were trembling so much you couldn’t even put it on ” You smiled closing your eyes “ I loved you so much ”

“ I loved you too ” His arms tightened even more around you.

“ That’s the difference, Jungkook ” You pushed him back, fleeing his embrace “ I still do ”

You were about to leave when he gripped your arm turning you to him. His lips were immediately on yours stealing the breath away from your lungs as he desperately clung into you. Not knowing how much he missed this feeling until it hit him again.

You were about to give in and melt into the kiss when you snapped back into your senses and broke the kiss, glaring.

“ You don’t get to do that anymore ” You took off the ring and gave it to him.

Maybe you will regret this for the rest of your life. Maybe you should’ve held onto him. But it felt like it was the right thing to do. For the both of you.

Day 30;

Neither of you slept that night.

You spent it staring at those papers, the empty spot under your name waiting to be filled. Your fingers trembled trying to grip the pen as if your brain has ceased to function. It was easy as a few lines, a little ink on a couple of papers to end everything you worked on. You sighed for what felt like the thousand time and your eyes watered for what seemed to be the millionth.  

Jungkook stared blankly at the wall of your shared living room. A large portrait of your wedding day staring back at him with spiteful eyes.

What happened to him ?

This was once his dream and complete happiness. Was he really going to give it all up for a fling? For pleasure of the night ?

A pleasure you once gave him by existing. His phone rang again, her name clear on the screen but he turned it over and just ignored it. He was too much into this to back out now.

Turning off the alarm before it could go off, you stood up to cross off the final day of the month on the calendar. The final day of your marriage. You looked at the mirror, practicing the smile you had faked so many times it started to appear more genuine than your actual one. Which you couldn’t recall at this point anymore.

After a few seconds, you walked out to find him sitting on that same table as the first day with his usual coffee. You were never going to see this again. Him lazily sitting with his phone in his hand, dressed in a loose tanktop and sweatpants. His hair ruffled but always falling into perfection over his forehead.

“ Jungkook ” You reenacted the smile, holding onto the papers. He looked up from his phone at you with a more sincere and brighter smile than you could afford.

Don’t smile at me like that, jerk You scolded to yourself and as if he heard you, his smile broke into a frown when his eyes fell on the papers he knew too well.

“ Hug me ” You opened your arms for him, trying your best to keep you composure for this final day, still keeping your smile. And just like the first day, he stood up to wrap his arms around you. One hand on your back and the other tangled in your hair.

Jungkook buried his face in your neck closing his eyes and inhaling the sweet fragrance you always put on. You were always unchanged. You were still the same. It was him. This was his fault and his alone. And for the first time, it was Jungkook crying and not you.

“ You can let me go now ” You joked when he held on too long for your own good. He didn’t want to but this is his doing so he slowly released you, wiping his eyes.

“ I signed them ” You handed him the paper, with a smile, “ Have a nice life, Jungkook ” And after a deep breath you turned around ready to leave.

“ Y/N !” He called after you before you could close the door and you hesitated to stop, you couldn’t get hurt again, not anymore. You stared at him as he stood deadpanning. His mouth worked faster than his brain so he had nothing to say. He contemplated for a moment before sighing out a “ Thank you ”.

You left, closing the door behind you and maybe finally putting a period on the last few years of your life. Tears found you again.

“ Wait !” Jungkook caught up with you, halfway through the parking lot, breathless and disoriented “ Y/N … Please, wait ”

You halted turning back to him almost crashing into you.

“ What ? Is there something wrong with it ?” You said, trying to remember if you had forgotten to sign anything correctly.

“ You … I ” Jungkook hunched forwards trying to catch his breath, unable to utter a single constructed sentence, but his mind was made up.

“ What’s wrong ?” You repeated again, getting worried now over his behavior. He looked up at you, with tears filling his eyes making them glister against the faint sunlight, before getting on one knee.

“ I … Can’t do this ” He shook his head “ I know the first time was much better, more planned, but I can’t just let you go ”

Jungkook reached under his collar for a necklace. He had been keeping your ring around his neck ever since you gave it back, which more than just surprised you, considering he was the one asking for divorce.

His hands trembled as he tried to open it and get the ring out, frustrated at himself for not being able to do it properly on the first few tries but finally getting it free.

“ I know I don’t deserve you and I know I fucked up but …” He took your hand into his “ Can you please take me back ? I will do anything … anything I can to make it up to you ”

“ How will I know you wouldn’t just leave me again the moment someone grabs your attention ?” You stared down at him, not knowing what to do. Your heart screamed for you to just accept, to just give in. Every single piece of you wanted him back.

“ I know … I now know that I can’t live without you ” He begged “ I really can’t, so don’t make me. Please, I will do better this time. Give me a second chance, Y/N, please ”

“ You’re a jerk, you know that ?”

“ I do, please, I love you ”

“ You hurt me so badly ”

“ I love you so much ”

“ You -”

“ I deserve to die for it but I really, really, love you ”

“ Just … Just put it on already ” You yelled at him.

Jungkook suddenly sprung up to his feet, his tears still not dry but his mind clearer than ever, he pulled you in for a tight hug almost painfully wrapping himself around you. He pulled back just enough to look at you, searching for something.

“ So you really mean it ?” He asked, uncertain if it was true.

“ You will still have to work for forgiveness ” you brought your hands to his face, cupping his cheeks your fingers drying away the tears “ I still didn’t forgive you for what you put me through ”

He nodded eagerly, kissing you a million times, before pulling you back into his arms nuzzling your hair.

“ I can’t believe how much of an idiot I was ” Jungkook breathed out.

“ I can’t either ”

“ I will absolutely make it up to you ” He said as he slid the ring back into its rightful place “ I will treat you better than I ever did. I love you, Y/N ”

“ I love you too, asshole ” You smiled, reminded of how it was to sincerely do so.

Day 0;

I really hope you liked it guys, feedback is always appreciated.


While the people who were suspicious of Pudding all along are celebrating their correctness, a lot of Pudding fans are understandably disappointed she isn’t their sweet little cinnamon roll who did nothing wrong and just wants Sanji to be happy.

Please keep these fans in mind over the next several days and as the story develops as they might not be feeling as celebratory right now and they are allowed to have those feelings. Ok? Okay. Keep it classy guys.

For the record, I was leaning towards her being good in the end but I spent a looooong time on the other side of the argument and I’m okay - this isn’t about protecting my feelings, I think she’ll be fun as a bad guy.

So Much for My Happy Ending

Okay, look, half an hour ago I was thinking about going to bed and then this hit me square in the noggin and frankly that’s gonna have to be the excuse for any lack of coherency because good GOD Candice in that preview trailer, thank you and good night.

So Much for My Happy Ending

Deep in her stomach, there’s a knot of cold, numb confusion. Barry’s mouth is moving and he’s telling her - he’s telling her -


The rest of her is taking it in, feeling it sink from her skin through her muscles and down to her bones. She can feel tears rolling hot down her face, fear and horror choking up her throat, boiling in her stomach. She wants to throw up. She ate Chipotle for lunch. It’ll be a mess in this gleaming white room, she thinks stupidly, and grits her teeth against the bile rising up.

He catches her by the shoulders - Hey. Look at me.

Barry’s touch, the most familiar thing. Barry’s hands and his warmth and the angle of his long arms and the wideness of his eyes as he looks at her with an expression she only just learned to identify two years ago, which is not enough time.

Four months isn’t enough time either.

None of this is enough time.

Because in five months, she’s going to die.

Four months plus five months doesn’t equal a year, which means she will never have a real anniversary with Barry. She wants an anniversary with him, more than anything.

She wants a family with him.

She wants a home with him.

She wants to fight with him over stupid things, and laugh with him over stupider things. She wants to see him grow grey and she wants to see him still look at her like he’s looking at her now, when she’s grey herself.

She wants a life, a full long one. She wants to write big, important things. She wants to be somebody. She wants to leave her own Iris-shaped mark on the world, carved deep. She wants friends and laughter and to see her father hold his grandbabies and to see Wally become his full adult self and build a life too.

Three score and ten, she remembers that from somewhere. Maybe something Grandma Esther says, from the Bible, about the length God allotted to human lives.

She’s not a fool, and she’s not a child, and she knows that God makes no promises. Promises are a human arrogance.

She wants her three score and ten, whatever that means, with Barry.

She wants - she wants - she wants.

“This is not gonna happen,” he swears. “I swear on both my parents’ lives, I will protect you.”

She nods and thinks, you are not a god; you are not immortal. She’d said as much to him last year, when he was flush with the Speed Force and felt invincible, and she can’t stop herself from thinking about what happened next.

“Do you believe me?”

“Yes,” she says, and hopes that someday soon, she does.


Not Close Enough: Too Close Sequel (Angst/Fluff) || Park Jaehyung

Request(s):  OMG, it’s perfect! I really like it! This’s what I expected ❤ If you have a time can you make a part two? But with fluffy end? I’ll be grateful ❤ @jaepark-soul​ ||  PART TWO PLEASE @briannatrbl​ || Too Close jae scenario part 2??? Angst, but a happy ending pleeeaaase. Your killing me😢😢😢 (Anon) || Hiii! I was too affected by your ‘too close’ scenario of jae, so im here to request if its okay with you to have a second part of that? Like where they make up? ( ´ ▽ ` )ノ (Anon) ||  oh my god, i love 'too close’ so much! will you do a part 2 (pls pls pls)? my heart is racing for the couple, omg, love your blog! (Anon) ||

Genre: Angst-ish? I guess kinda in the beginning but there’s fluff this time and also drama because I am T R A S H

Warning: Swearing (can you believe it because I can’t)

Word Count: 1960ish

A/N: Thank you so much to everyone who liked the first part of this scenario! I am so grateful for all of you and I hope you enjoy this one just as much, if not more than the last!! Also I altered the prompt a bit to make it a little messier and more dramatic oOPS! ENJOY!


Originally posted by muaktuan

           It had been 3 weeks since your fight with Jae. Therefore, it had also been 3 weeks since you two broke up and you stormed out of your shared apartment. Not seeing him was killing you, although sometimes there was a familiarity to it. It reminded you of a time before you had to stress over someone finding out about your relationship and spreading it to the public, successfully ruining his image and his career. But nonetheless, you felt a dull ache whenever you entertained the thought of his smiling face or his stupid, stupid jokes that never failed to make you laugh.

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marurina  asked:

thank you thank you thank you for the translation work that you guys have done and will do in the future. i am over the moon to find out that you guys are gonna translate the second book, too. us non-mandarin speakers really owe you guys a lot. ❤️

XD YOURE WELCOME! We’re more than happy too and are always as excited to translate and edit when given the time. Please don’t jump over the moon, there’s no wifi there to read the novel XD *okay, I’m lame* huhuhuhu We’ll be here with everyone until the end. ^^

Be My Valentine Part 2 -- All I Want!verse

@little-inkstone said: All I Want for Christmas!Rumbelle prompt: Belle and Gold are having a nice evening together and they end up talking about where they’re relationship is going. It ends with a make out session that’s interrupted by poor Bae/Neal that’s come back from a semi date with Emma and he jokes that they’ve ruined his night. (But he’s happy for them despite himself.) (Okay, this got more detailed then planned, please feel free to ignore most if not all of it! XD)

Happy Valentine’s Day! I think there’s one more piece coming for this, and I should be done tomorrow.

Part 1

Theo Gold had no idea why his son and grandson had been in the house, but as soon as Belle appeared on the stairs he completely forgot the question. She was a goddess in red satin as she descended slowly and he had trouble breathing as he waited for her to reach him. She was absolutely stunning, and he had no idea how or why she’d ended up here with him but he was glad she did, even if they still hadn’t quite made any decisions about what they actually were to each other.

“You look beautiful,” he said. “That whole get up is…wow.”

“This old thing?” she asked saucily, cocking her hip and smiling at him. “It’s just a little something I had laying around.”

“Well, it definitely suits you. Brings out your eyes.”

He should probably have been looking at her face when he said that, but it was so damn hard when the rest of her was that interesting. Was there no end to how much seasonal lingerie she owned?

“My eyes?” she prompted, and he could hear the good humor in her voice even before he managed to drag his gaze up.

“Among other things,” he said. “Should I be looking forward to your St. Patrick’s Day green?”

“That kind of depends on how well this goes, doesn’t it?” she replied, moving forward and wrapping her arms around his neck gently. “Play your cards right and you might get to see a lot more of this sort of thing.”

He kissed her, and she practically fell into his arms. He hadn’t even had time to give her a present yet but that was going to have to wait, because his bed was upstairs and he needed her to be in it as soon as possible.

Once they were both sated and lying together with the sheets tangled around them, his rational mind took over at last.

“Can I ask you a question?” he said, waiting until she looked at him and nodded before continuing. “What is all this?”

“What do you mean?” she asked, sitting up on her side so she could look down at him.

What he meant was why do you like me? but he didn’t think throwing that question out there after they’d just had sex was going to do much to impress her. She was just so young and beautiful and…he just didn’t know what to make of any of it.

“Why did you come back here?” he said instead. “It’s a little out of the way just for you to come for sex.”

“It is,” she replied easily. “But…I don’t know. I kinda like this.”


She blushed, which was a little incongruous for a woman he’d seen naked before he’d even known her real name, but he liked it on her. It was incredibly endearing.

“I have a little bit of a confession to make,” she said. “You think I’m a lot more interesting than I am.”

Now, that piqued his curiosity.

“I can’t see how that’s true,” he replied. “You’re fascinating.”

“I’m really not. I have a little bit of a reputation for being kind of dull, actually.”

“Really?” he asked, trying to parse this information with what he knew of her. She was so much fun – lively, intelligent, and daring – how could anyone think she was dull?

“I had to do a lot of work to get where I am, and I don’t go out much. Most of my time I’m just working or reading. And then I come here and I’m a more exciting woman. I like it.”

He was completely gobsmacked by the idea of it. Who wouldn’t be interested in her? Hell, he couldn’t stop looking at her and every word out of her mouth kept him enthralled. She was smiling self-consciously and he kissed her again, wanting to reassure her of whatever it was she needed from him without really knowing what that was.

“Do you want to go someplace?” he asked her at last. “We can do whatever you like, we can get dinner or drinks or…anything. Anything at all.”

“I think I could make time for that,” she replied. “But I’ll let you surprise me. I like surprises.”

Imagine your OTP
  • Person A: *Lost in the shops looking for a gift for person B*
  • Person B: What ya doin?
  • Person A: *Stuffing the chocolate down their shirt* Nothing...
  • Person B: Okay *Drags Person A out of shop*
  • *Store alarms go off*
  • Officer: Please explain why you have 13 different bars of chocolate down you shirt?
  • Person B: *Laughs*
  • Person A: Happy Birthday...
  • Officer: *in hysterics*
  • Person A: *Slides away awkwardly*
  • Person A: *Ends up running from the police*
  • Person B: *Ends up telling this story everything they meet someone*
First Fight (Spencer Reid Imagine)

prompt: first fight with spencer over something stupid. ends happy and like cute and stuff. v fluffy

warnings: nothing really. a few swears, kissing, fluff

pairing: spencer x reader (shocker)

word count: 1000ish

trying to think what else I put in here but I can’t remember lol okay um thank you so much for the incredible reviews I got on my Telling the Team imagine! it’s almost at 100 notes and I’m so incredibly thankful. also, if you guys have any requests you want me to write please don’t hesitate to ask. okay.

(side note: also, I’m writing this very sleepily, but wanted to get something out to you guys so sorry if its meh!)

enjoy x epatts

The Honeymoon Stage. It was a common term in early, yet exclusive, relationships. The time where there is no fighting, but only sweet kisses and warm cuddles. Pet names, holding hands, more kissing. 

You and Spencer had been in that “stage” for a little over four months now. Some people had said it was worrisome that you two hadn’t had a fight yet. But honestly, what were you going to do? Pick a fight over leaving his toothbrush on the sink instead of in the cup?

And hell, it was incredible. He was incredible He treated you like a princess, but not a damsel in distress. He made your heart swell and your cheeks turn pink. He made you smile like no one had ever done before. You had never felt so… at peace. Being with him was incredible.

And then today happened (cue the sarcasm). 

He was proud to have you in his life, or so he had told you. 

You had gotten home from work early and decided to cook some pasta for the two of you. The water hadn’t even begun to boil yet when Spencer walked through the door. 

Relief flushed his face at the sight of you, putting his bag down immediately and taking you into his arms as he pressed his lips to your forehead.

“HI, beautiful,” he murmured into your hair.

You breathed out a giggle, craning your neck to look at him before stepping onto your tiptoes to put your lips to his.

His warm lips graced yours, drawing a kiss out on your lips.

Suddenly, his phone rang. Pulling it out of his back pocket, he checked the caller ID and then answered with a, “Hi, Mom.”

Turning around to give him the little privacy the cozy apartment offered, you checked your water. Still not boiling. Moving towards the fridge, trying desperately not to eavesdrop, you pulled the Preggo from the top shelf. 

You were about to pour it into a bowl to heat it up when you heard him stutter out, “I’m…er, at a, uh… friend’s house.”

You dropped the jar into the bowl, making tomato sauce splash onto the counters. 

Whipping around, you saw his face drain of color as he began to try and explain.

“Y/N - I, uh, - no, uh, Mom. Mom - can I call you back? Great. Okay, yep. Love you too. Bye,” he tossed the phone on the table, reaching for you.

“Y/N, I can explain,” he began.

“I don’t want to hear it,” you said, crossing your arms across your chest, and turning away from his outstretched arm.

“No, Y/N, please,” he tried.

“Friends. Friends. Is that what you think, you think this is? God, because if that’s what, whatever this is -”

“Babe, please listen to -”

“Don’t babe me!” you snapped back.

You uncrossed you arms, ready to snap. Point a finger at him as you got closer.

“You said you were proud to call me your girlfriend,” you started, “You said I was important. God, Spencer! What the hell?”

His face was etched with worry, “I didn’t mean it like that, okay?”

“Four months, Spencer! For months! And all I am to you is a friend?”

“No, Y/N, you’re so much more! I didn’t mean it like that -”

“What did you mean then?” you fumed.

“I meant that I didn’t know how to tell her that the girl I’m in love with is standing right in front of me!”

You gasped. 

“Spence,” you tried as he began to pace.

“I know,” he rushed, “Trust me, I do. I know it’s early. I know that this is insane but I also know that the last time -”


“I was with a girl and didn’t tell her I loved her when I knew I did I -”


He stopped and finally turned to you. Relief washed over him at the sight of your smile. He rushed over and took your hands in his.

“Trust me, she knows that you’re my girlfriend. And she knows that I love you,” he laughed, “I didn’t want to tell her what was going on because then I’d blow the secret and I wanted it to be really cute and stuff but she would want to talk about it and I knew if I said I was just at a friend’s house then she’d give it a rest but -”

Tired of his rambling, you dropped you hands from his and brought them to the back of his neck, placing your lips on his.

After the shock had subsides, he melted into the kiss before hesitantly pulling away.

“Do you… uhm…” he mumbled as he scratched the back of his neck, his other hand holding your waist.

You let out a laugh, throwing your head back before saying, “Of course I love you too, you idiot,” you said before pressing his lips to yours one again.

He pulled away once more, making you groan. He smirked, and leaning back slightly tapped your nose with his before breathily saying, “You should shut me up like this more often,” before placing his lips back on yours.

Just as his lips touched yours, your stomach rumbled, making your eyes widen at the thought of the pasta. Turning quickly, you saw that your kitchen had begun to flood with the water in the pot, as the bubbles fell from the boiling water.

Rushing forward, you grabbed some paper towels.

Spencer, being the smart ass he was, immediately said, “Hot,” as you slipped trying to dry the floors.

You threw a glare at him along with a now wet paper towel, telling him to help you. 

He laughed as he walked towards you. 

HIs focus not on the wet floor beneath him, he slipped and fell on his butt, making him yell out, then immediately reassure you that he was okay.

You let out a breath before muttering, “Hot.”

anonymous asked:

Could you make a javid fic that's not modern au about them being in secret , fluff or jack getting caught and jack watching Snyder and the cops beating up him(still happy ending :) I love your special needs headcqnons and anxiety it makes me feel okay about myself that a character that I like has it

I decided to go with fluff, rather than Snyder and people getting beat up.


“What I’m trying to say, is you tell one person, just one, and they got something they can use against you whenever they pleases.”

David and Jack were out on the fire escape, which was spacious enough standing, but grew cramped as soon as you tried to sit. That was alright enough, as far as David was concerned. The wind was getting so chilly that even his jacket and scarf weren’t enough to keep it out, but being shoulder to shoulder and knee to knee with Jack created its own kind of warmth.

“And you’re goin’ somewhere, right? That’s what education does. It makes you go somewhere. So, you’re goin’ somewhere, and maybe you don’t want this following you.”

Jack made a sweeping gesture, which David only caught out of the corner of his eye, because he’d been staring out into the distance as Jack spoke.

“I don’t care,” David said. He turned to Jack, who made a scoffing sound.

“Figures.” The word didn’t sound unaffectionate. “You like math problems, right?”

“I’m indifferent.”

“Me too, but…”

Jack’s hand was temptingly close to David’s own. David reached for it. Cold fingers against cold fingers, but it was worth a lot. Just being able to listen to everything that Jack was saying without feeling a pang of panic meant that it was worth a lot. David had panicked over far less crucial things, after all. Sometimes he’d made himself almost sick with worry over homework that he couldn’t bring himself to start until the last minute, or boys at school who had rolled their eyes at him. One time he’d accidentally walked into the wrong classroom during the wrong period, and lost sleep in the contemplation of what a disaster he was.

“Anyway,” David took a deep breath, “I’ve already told Sarah, and Mush and Blink have known for longer than you have.”

“I might have mentioned something to Racetrack. Also, Swifty.”

“Are you even friends with Swifty? Close friends, I mean. More so than with anybody else.”

“Felt like it at the time.”

“Did he say something?” Somewhere in the pit of his stomach, David found just a little of that unease which he supposed he should have been feeling from the first time he leaned in to kiss Jack.

“Just smiled and congratulated me. That’s Swifty for you.”

“Right.” David didn’t know Swifty well, but he guessed that Swifty was just another person, and that was fine, except for Jack’s math problem. Even without hearing it, David could guess what it was. If Swifty was one person, and he told two people, then those two people each told two people and so on and so forth… Well, eventually things were bound to go sour, unless of course they didn’t.

“I’m not worried,” David said, even though not worrying was in itself worrying, or maybe it was wonderful. David couldn’t tell. He’d never liked the feeling that came with knowing exactly which emotion was proper for a given situation, and being afflicted with something that was entirely the opposite. “Maybe I’ve gone to far to worry,” he tried to explain.

“Might not mean much coming from me,” Jack said. “But try not to be careless, alright? That’s all I was trying to tell you.”

It’s Different This Time

Pairing: Gabriel x Reader
Words:  1805
Requested by @angelwriter3895:  Requests are up? Awesome. I was hoping for a Gabriel x reader where the reader has been hurt a lot by men. She no longer trusts them and e tries to get with her. Happy ending please with a little angst but mostly comfort. Smut if you want :) 

Warning: Smut…it’s so fluffy!

          You walked into the living room and saw Dean, Sam, and Gabriel sitting around together. It was still weird to see the guys okay with hanging out with Gabriel. After everything he had put them through, you would have thought they would completely despise him, but he actually hung out with them quite a bit.

           “Hey, Cupcake,” Gabriel smiled at you.

           You smiled back, “Hi, Gabe.”

           “What are you up to?” he asked.

           “Just going to get a snack,” you said, “What are you boys up to?”

           “Trying to figure out this next hunt,” Sam said, “Gabriel’s helping. Might be a tough one.”

           “If you need me, I can help.”

           “You’re a great hunter, Sugar,” Gabriel said, “We could probably use you for sure. Come sit with me,” he patted the spot on the loveseat next to him.”

           You smirked and sat down, “Don’t get any idea, Angel Boy,” you said.

           “Like what?” he asked, leaning toward you a little bit.

           “You know what, Gabriel,” you said.

           Gabriel chuckled, “You’re adorable when you get flustered.”

           “Just brief me on this hunt, Crazy.”

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Age is just a number

Request: Can you write a RossixReader fic which they have a serious relationship but she is 27 years younger then him and Hayden(His 2nd ex wife) tries to tear them apart. I know I am very angsty but happy ending please :)

Words: 1,502  Authour: DJ Warnings: angsty till the end 

I hope you like it!

“Hey Garcia did you guys get a last minute case?” I ask into the phone. “No we didn’t. Why is everything alright?” “Everything’s fine Garcia. Dave is just a bit late is all.” I sigh. “Oh I’m sorry want me to call him?” She asks. “Nah that’s okay. I can do it. I just didn’t want to interrupt him if he was at work. I’ll talk to you later love.” “Alright my lovely angle. Talk to you soon.” Hanging up with Garcia I put my shoe’s on and grab my car keys. As I walk out the door I try and ring David again. I get in my car as it goes to voicemail I hang up and start the car. I back up and head to Davids’ house the entire trip worrying if he’s okay.
—–Time skip—–
When I pull into the drive way I immediately notice another vehicle in the drive way. I grab my gun for the glove-box and quietly get out of the car not closing the door as I go. I pass a window and look through and suddenly I regret coming. David is inside with another woman. I walk back to my car and close the door loudly tucking my gun in the back of my skirt. I knock on the front door and a second later David opens the door and smiles. “Hello darling.” He trys to greet me with a kiss but I turn away. “David.” Was all I said. “What’s wrong love?” he asks looking confused. Before I could answer the woman I had seen in the window walks to the door. “Oh who’s this Dave?” She asks as she eyes me up and down. I answer for him. “I’m his girlfriend. Who are you?” I ask crossing my arms. “She’s my ex-wife Hayden. She came her to ask for a favor.” He replies introducing her as if she was just any other person. I nod my head. “Nice to meet you. David can I talk to you in private please?” He nods his head and tells Hayden that he’ll be right back before he steps outside and closes the door. “What’s wrong Y/n is everything alright?” He asks. “No David everything is not alright. You forgot what tonight was.” He looks confused at my last sentence. “What do you mean? What was tonight? Did we have a date? I’m sorry Hayden showed up and said it was important. We can always reschedule.” He said thinking it was a simple mistake. Oh how wrong was he. “Never mind Rossi. Go take care of Hayden. She obviously means more to you than I do.” I snap crossing my arms again. “What Y/n that’s insane why would you say something like that over one date?” He asks getting mad. “Oh I don’t know I just thought our one year of dating would be a big deal. But I guess not. Goodbye Rossi.” As I speak I see realization of what he has done. But before he can apologize I get in my car and drive off. Going home and crying to sleep.
—–David Rossi P.O.V.—–
As soon as Y/n mentions our one year anniversary I know I messed up big. I walk into the house again almost forgetting about Hayden till she asks, “What happened?” I explain what happened to her as we have another glass of wine. After I was done she spoke up. “I mean it was probably for the best she looked a little young to be dating you.” She said looking at her nails. “What do you mean?” I asked. “I mean if I was that young and looked that good I would want to date someone more my age. But I guess some people are really like that.” “Like what.” “David you really thinks she’s dating you because she likes you. Please look at all the stuff you have honey she’s using you.” “Y/n wouldn’t do that she’s-” “I mean if you say so Dave but I think I would know more about girls then you do. Anyway I have to leave now. Bye Dave.” She kisses my cheek as she leaves but i hardly notice thinking if Y/n was really only in this because she liked me or my money.
—–Normal P.O.V.—–
I wake up around ten and look around not really wanting to get up. How could he forget. He sounded so exited about it the other day. Maybe he wants someone his age. I mean why else would he be so welcoming to her and let her distract him from such an important day. Besides I’m twenty-seven years younger then him. Maybe he was just using me to feel younger. I sigh and roll over pushing my face into the pillow crying again. I hear a knock on my door. I look at the clock and realize it is now one o'clock. The knocking doesn’t stop groaning I roll over and get up. Not bothering to wash my face or check who’s at the door I swing it open with a little more then enough force, “What.” I snap looking up to see David. “Oh uh hey Dave.” I say looking away. “May I come in?” He asks not even saying hello. I nod my head and step aside. “Don’t mind the mess I’ve been busy recently.” I say looking around my apartment noticing all the takeout boxes I have manged to collect from my secret writing habit. “Why are you with me?” Was the first thing out of his mouth. “What?” I ask a bit taken back. “Why. Are. You. With. Me?” He says, “Because if you are just using me for my money then we are done.” He snaps. I just stare at him in shock. How could he think that. “That’s what I thought.” He says taking my silence as a yes. He gets up and walks to the door but before he can get there I find my voice again. “You think I am that low of a person David? I did not fall in love with you because of your money.” He turns to look at me asking, “And how can I be sure you’re not lying?” “Because David if you remember correctly I didn’t know you had money until AFTER I told you I loved you. I found out when someone hit my car and i didn’t have the money to pay for it at the time and you offered to help! I can’t believe you think I’m using you.” I yell. He looks down and opens his mouth and closes it again. “Who even put that idea in your head David?” I ask my voice now just above a whisper. “Last night when you left I knew I messed up. But then Hayden offered to talk it out. We had some wine and she said the only reason you would be with me is for my money. I mean you are twenty-seven years younger then me you could have so much more. I guess I had to much wine last night and I don’t know. I’m sorry.” He said still not looking at me and he sounded like he was trying not to cry. “Do you think that little of yourself Dave? I fell in love with you because you treated me right. You were kind to everyone. You even offered to scare of my ex with your badge Dave. I think that’s the night I fell in love with you actually. You could have gotten in a lot f trouble for that but you did it anyway to make me happy.” I say letting a few tears fall. He walks up to me and hugs me hiding his face in my neck and I can feel his tears. “I love you too darling.  I’m so so sorry. I promise to make it up to you.” He says his voice slightly muffled. “I forgive you Dave. How about we start by going to McDonald’s and getting something to eat because I’m starving.” He laughs and pulls away. “Sounds like a plan to me love.” I get ready and when we arrive we bump into Hayden. “You’re still with her?!?” She asks in a slightly high voice. “I am she makes me happy and we cleared everything up.” He says calmly trying not to draw attention to us. She huffs and as she walks away we both here her mumble out, “ I was supposed to get with you. Rich fucking bastard.” We look at each other and role our eyes. Walking up to the counter and ordering our food. “Well she seems like a peach.” I say causing Dave to laugh. Once he calms down he turns and kisses me. “I love you. "Well that’s good be pretty hard to explain to the family if you didn’t.” “Y/n.” He whines. “Fine. I love you to ya big goof.” I respond kissing him one more time.

Bracelets AU (Jungkook) Part Eleven *Final*

Summary: In this world everyone has a soulmate. The day you are born you receive a bracelet. When it turns black you’ve come into contact with your soulmate–only thing is, one of you will eventually have to die by the other’s hand.

Writer’s note: WARNINGS, BLOOD, eventual sadness, fun times. cursing.

Wrtier’s note: Hah, I wonder if this even makes any sense? I dunno how I feel about this written ending. But alas–this is it guys. I hope you all enjoyed the story and thank you all for sticking with me through it all. It really isn’t a happy story so please watch lots of funny videos and read tons of fluff afterwards, okay? <3

Parts: Two / Three / Four / Five / Six / Seven / Eight / Nine / Ten

“Jungkook…I…I didn’t-I love you–I-” Each word that came out of her mouth was a broken stutter, a mess between breathy tears. He’d never seen her composure crack like this, he’d never seen her sob to the point where she couldn’t even speak–hell, he’d never seen tears in her eyes before.  Her hands applied pressure, her gaze looking up at him with a hopeless tilt to her shoulders.

His hand not holding both of hers against his side scooped the back of her neck to press her forehead against his. Everything in him crashed against each other, shards of pain breaking into agony when he saw her face–she hurt him more than any physical pain ever could, just by crying. “It’s okay….shhh…” He whispered because that was all he could manage, sweat beading along the back of his neck only to slide down his spine. “This is nothing–I’ll be fine. You hit enough to the side, I’ll be okay.” It was true, he was lucky his stomach wasn’t bleeding acid into his body right now.

She didn’t believe him, he could tell by the turn of her lip and the slower tears that rolled down her cheeks–those doe eyes only shone with loss.

“It’s not supposed to be you.” She sobbed, “It’s not supposed to be you.”

Her head snapped up to Jin’s as he started losing it, feeling Taehyung running from the door to come beside her as Namjoon focused his attention on Hoseok.  She could feel him taking her place helping Jungkook–he was better prepared for bullet wounds, it’s not like they haven’t been shot before.

She could hear him muttering that Jungkook was going to be okay. She could hear him trying to reach her from the place in her head she had travelled to.

Her eyes were only focused on Jin, on his words and that horrible villain smile that twisted his mouth to match the insanity in his irises. She watched him lift the gun up to aim at Jungkook.

She was gone then, bursting past both Jungkook and Taehyung’s lingering hands that were trying to keep her there with them.  Jungkook spun in his spot to follow her, Taehyung grunting at him to keep still so he could attend to the bullet.  Even Taehyung knew it was hopeless; Jungkook was going to continue to attempt to scramble towards her even if he knew he couldn’t do anything with that wound. Even if he knew how this would all play out.

Jimin met her eyes, his lips parting in a scream for Yoongi.

Her head snapped to the male running at her from her right side, her gaze was nothing but a glare that could easily pierce through bulletproof armor.

“She looks like her sister.” She heard Jimin whisper; just before he noticed Jungkook’s fingers reaching for a gun hanging out of the younger’s flailing reach. He put himself on the job of stopping that, attempting to run past her–only to take an elbow to the neck just before she stepped to the side and swiped Yoongi’s legs out from underneath him with her foot. This sent Yoongi stumbling and crashing on top of him, pinning them both to the floor in a heap. She had barely even looked at them; her gaze was locked on Jin’s and the way his gun had traveled from Jungkook to her.

“You’re a monster–just like Birdie.”

She tried to move towards him, only to feel Yoongi’s grip on her ankle as he attempted to drag her back to him. The sudden stop sent her crashing to her knees, her other foot lashing out to kick at the man’s face. She had to get to Jin; she had to stop him from hurting her soulmate–that was all she cared about anymore. He foot finally snuck past Yoongi’s blocking hand and snapped his head sideways from the hit and he finally released her–only from the fact that she’d successfully knocked him out with that kick.

“She would be proud of you.” Jin laughed in front of her, watching her slowly pull to herself back up to her feet; he’d decided that the grim reaper that resided in that glare of hers. “You’ve turned out just like her.”

“I’m not my sister.” She whispered, her lip curling to her nose in disgust. “Unfortunately I could never love a man as twisted as you.” The words came out as a waterless spit, unable to leave her lips fast enough as she moved closer to him despite the shaky aim of his gun on her.

“She made me this way.”

“I’m not Birdie, I will never be her.” She was nearly in front of the gun, that same cold, uncaring stare on her face–uncannily similar to the one his soulmate had on the day he killed her. The girl in front of him transformed in that instant into someone taller, with more sharply defined but an equally as deadly doe-eyed gaze. It was at that moment his two consciousnesses merged together to create some horrid concoction that were equal parts Birdie and Y/N standing in front of him.

He wanted to hurt her. He wanted to see her scream out in pain, begging apologies through her tears. He wanted her to love him again.

So he knew very well that he couldn’t physically hurt her if he wanted that, she was too good with pain–too immune to the fear of death. Past the chaos in his head–past the cacophony of the room–he put his aim back on Jungkook as she barreled into his side.

Somehow he managed to stay upright, but the force of her caused his gun’s shot hit to haywire into the concrete–not at all what he was aiming for.  He pistol whipped the side of her head, hearing her cry out and expecting her to drop. But she was always stubborn, and even now she refused to let up on him. He flailing version of a fight only increased with her desperate attempt to protect Jungkook.

She wasn’t Birdie; if she was he would be on the ground right now staring into the barrel of a gun.

She was just a girl, hopelessly in love with her soulmate. A girl who’d barely been taught to fight, a girl who’d saved her younger sisters from him–at the price of her soul.

Birdie was dead, and Jin had killed her. And now her poor replacement was trying to make him do the same to her.

“Y/N!” She heard Jungkook screaming, rage in his every tone when Jin pressed the gun into her struggling side.

Taehyung tugged Jungkook back, trying to attend to the wound even as the desperate man reached for a fallen gun in front of him. To his poor luck, Jimin had finally managed to free himself from the weight of Yoongi, rushing to where Jungkook had managed to get his hands on the handle of the gun.

Jungkook shot at Jimin first, hitting the man in the leg just to try to get him out of his shot at Jin. But Jimin didn’t stop gunning for Jungkook; instead he dropped nearly on top of the younger in a vain attempt to steal the gun from him.  Taehyung tried to help pull Jimin off of him, tried to let Jungkook get a decent shot at Jin in the mess that was her fight.

Jungkook watched Jin put the gun to her side, his throat raw from shouting her name on an endless repeat. He didn’t have time to get a perfect aim, so he just pointed it in Jin’s direction and pulled the trigger at the same time that Jimin pushed his wrist slightly to the left.

That was all it had took, one single millimeter of a push.

It wasn’t like the movies. People didn’t die coughing up blood in slow motion; they didn’t die twitching, and pleading with sob stories passing at the tail end of their last breath. Instead their head snapped to the side with the force of the impact, a thin trail puff of blood leaving the entrance wound. Their knees gave out beneath them and they crashed to the ground in a heap. Their eyes stared with a bloody, glassy stare that he can’t look away from. These eyes pierce like dead eyes had never done before this moment, they shout at him until all he hears is a ringing in his ears. But past the sound of the shot, Jungkook quickly realized he was the one screaming.

Taehyung pried the cackling Jimin off of him, while Namjoon ran to nearly fling the man out of the way–Hoseok resting unconscious on his back, staying on by Namjoon holding both his wrists in front of his neck.  He felt the two members looking at his wounds, wrapping it temporarily with a shred of a torn shirt. But he couldn’t sit still–he was moving towards the body on the ground, his mouth open in a scream that no longer came out. He couldn’t form words anymore, couldn’t shout her name or pray to some hopeless god with empty “please"s.

She wouldn’t be able to answer.

Jin looked to the body at his feet and, for a second, it almost looked as if he felt grief for the loss. But that moment quickly faded when he stepped over the growing pool of blood and wandered to go check on Yoongi.

Jin was unharmed, blood spattered, but whole–because Jungkook had hit her instead.

Jungkook burst past Jimin and Jin; neither of them cared about him any longer–it was as if he was a ghost breezing past, a threat that had long since passed away.  He couldn’t even feel the pain of the wound any longer due to a larger gaping wound that he couldn’t even hope to get fixed. The place where his heart had been felt empty–hollowed out only to leave a piercing ache where it used to beat faster upon sight of her. But the sight of her now caused what was left of his heart to leave out his throat. This was the last face he would remember of her, the one of her head tilted up onto his lap, blood leaking past the corner of her mouth as she dead-stared at the nothing of the ceiling. This would be the last memory of her, as he held her in his arms with a broken stuttering cry that didn’t push any tears past his eyes. He curled himself over her head to shield her from the world’s view, rubbing softly at her cheeks as if that would make the blood flow through them again.

He was the one to kill her– he’d fulfilled his end of the curse perfectly.

He heard Taehyung come up behind him, heard him trying to speak but he couldn’t make out the exact words that were passing his lips. He refused Taehyung’s arms around him, wanting to sweat out all the pain and lay beside her. He didn’t want to be healed to a world that didn’t include her. But Taehyung gave him no choice; he forcibly dragged him away from her body–prying his arms off of her. Jungkook struggled at Taehyung flung himself over his shoulder,  his fingers grabbing at air as if he could pull himself towards her that way.

"She would want you to be alive.” Taehyung whispered past Jungkook’s thrashing. “She would be pissed if she saw you trying to do this.”

“I can’t.” It started out softly. “I don’t…I can’t do this. Not without her! I love her.” The broken words ended on a horrible, cracked shout–a choke of grief as the tears finally broke past the barrier of shock that had struck him. “I loved her.” His voice dropped into a version that was half of what it used to be as he adjusted his tenses to the new reality he had to face.

Taehyung didn’t say anything, just carried him past Jimin. Namjoon crossed his way to the body, carefully hoisting her into his free arm–she was always so light.

“She’s one of us.” Namjoon said to Jin, getting comfortable for the long walk back to their dorm. “We’re taking her with us.” The look he gave dared the man to say something, but Jin only put his hands in the air without even looking at Namjoon.

“I don’t care. Just leave–I’ve got my own men to attend to. A body is worth nothing to me if it’s dead.” Namjoon remembered when Jin used to smile, when his voice used to hold some sort of warmth for the people around him. Back when Jin was innocent and still cared–but it’d been a long time since then, and Jin’s voice only held ice now.

The doors closed behind broken group, shutting the world off to the last time anyone would ever see Jungkook cry.

Or smile.


4 Months Later

“Would I forget you?” He paced along the edge of the chain link fence, dragging the edge of his gun across it so it would create a broken, stuttering beat. His voice was loud, horribly singing in favor of projecting to the top of his lungs. He wanted Jin to hear, that was all that mattered–not the guards watching him pass in front of them.

“I’m afraid, afraid, afraid.” His voice raised in pitch, a high pitched wail he hoped was irritating. He wanted it to be obnoxious; he wanted Jin to come out himself. Jungkook couldn’t do it on his own, he’d already promised Taehyung. Hoseok was even watching safely from the street, his hands stuck in his pockets like always–he was the guardian for him today, making sure he came back to their territory alive and in one piece. Jungkook had just finally gotten over one bullet wound; they weren’t ready for another one.  

“Butterfly, like a butterfly.”  He wore a black bracelet on either wrist, and they flashed under the sun. He looked at a guard with empty emotion, slamming the gun into the chain-link fence especially hard before turning his head to the hollow path in front of him. He didn’t want to walk on it any further, Hoseok didn’t promise it got easier like he normally would have; he’d only said he had to look forward, and walk on. So Jungkook did just that.

Jin closed the curtains to his office window, cutting out the scene of Jungkook’s walk. He turned to the desk Yoongi sat at, sitting down at his desk.

Jin spun himself back to the busying stack of paperwork he had been attempting to work on before the singing stared, his pen the only noise in the room until Yoongi inclined his head towards the window.

“He out there again?”

Jin nodded, not looking up to the man. Jin had no distractions anymore, so now he could go back to the expansion he’d envisioned for Bulletproof back when his own soulmate had still been alive. There were no more lost episodes of insanity, instead he was calm–the emotionless robot that became even more fearful than before.

Because now there weren’t any weaknesses to exploit.

“It’s still the same song.” Yoongi whispered to the window.

“She must have liked it.” Jin could easily picture her enjoying that song; it was beautiful and tragic–just like her.

“Do you want me to kill him?”

Jin chuckled darkly, but even the smirk accompanied by a chuckle couldn’t make its way onto his blank face. “That would be kind; he needs to suffer like we all do. He’s a survivor, and unfortunately we don’t die easily.”

Yoongi’s eyes fluttered to his own single black bracelet, the other one long since burned with her photographs. He closed his eyes into the singing–even though it was sung horribly off-tune it still had a nice beat to it.  "It’s a pretty song.“

Jin looked up, his eyes staring at the ceiling so his attention could be focused on the lyrics–the slow rise and fall of the words sung through a grief-stricken throat. "Ah, yes it is.” He licked his lips to rejuvenate them in the dry air. “She was more of a butterfly anyways.”

I tell everyone that I’m happy you and I didn’t work things out this time and that I’m glad you found someone new again. Hell, I sit in the car and have to practically chant it to myself in the morning so I don’t lose it when I see her grab your hand. My face hurts from smiling and laughing too much in hopes that you’ll see how totally okay I am with this. We’re going to walk away from this one day and babe, you really screwed up pushing me away. You were my best friend and then you decided that you’d rather have their approval than mine. You’re going to wish that you could go back in time and tell me that you loved me even when I didn’t see it. You’re going to regret every single time you made me upset. You and her aren’t going to work out. In the end, we always will… Too bad I don’t think I’m going to have the energy to give us another chance. You ruined us. One day, you’re going to wish you hadn’t.
—  It’s nearly been a year
petition for jshaya to end exactly like topanga's crush on eric did

please Disney Channel…..don’t encourage 14-year-old freshmen-in-HIGH-SCHOOL girls to avidly pursue 18-year-old young adult males going into COLLEGE

like. adult age gaps are fine, whatever. I’m sure there are many many happy middle-aged couples who are 3-10 years apart in age that have a healthy, happy, fulfilling relationship. that doesn’t mean it’s okay to tell the younger audience watching the show that it’s okay for girls to pursue boys who are in a completely different path of life

the way Eric nicely (but realistically) let Topanga down in BMW was honestly beautiful. he explained to her that, even though she may be wise/mature at a young age, it doesn’t mean that all boys are going to love her for her brain/maturity. some boys are going to try to take advantage of her. and that’s not okay. Eric rejected her in the nicest, most genuine way he could. at that time, Eric was a sophomore in high school while Topanga was (I believe) in 6th (or 7th?) grade.

hmm. an age gap like that sounds oddly familiar to josh and maya, hmm?

please. I honestly have nothing against relationship age gaps in general, but it completely rubs me the wrong way for Josh to tell Maya things like “you grew up gorgeous” or give her a false sense of hope in the whole “wait until you’re no longer a minor for us to date” thing (VOMIT) when he KNOWS he doesn’t want to be with her. Josh is generally uncomfortable with the thought of dating Maya.

yes; we all know Maya is beautiful and confident and strong-minded and has a sort-of old soul…but that doesn’t make it okay for the Writers to keep this relationship plotline going on and on without real closure for both the characters, as well as us – the audience.