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Thoughts on Descendants 2

Okay so like unpopular opinion but I think they did the straight ships in Descendants pretty well. Here’s my thought process: You don’t stay with who you go to high school with forever. Maybe this is the VKs trying out relationships to find what’s right for them.

I’m still super into Jaylos and Malvie (I mean heck, Malvie’s duet intensified it if nothing else), I just think maybe we should give a little credit to the straight ships. Let our little bi babies work out how they want to date and who they are in relationships, they’ll get where they need to be in the end (for us anyway, we all know Disney is a buncha cowards that won’t put LGBT representation on their channel).

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Ok so you said 'Gamzee better be in hiveswap'. What I hope will happen in Hiveswap: Jude and Dammek, end up finding a fridge washed up on a beach. Upon opening it, they find the wonderful clown known as Gamzee (Dammek slightly disturbed that one of his kind, a troll, was locked up in a fridge). So Gamzee just kinda follows them around, occasionally honking or giving his input on thing ( tHaTs OnE wEiRd MoThErFuCkInG cReAtUrE) and things like that.

Is he still following us?
quit staring at him. 
I don’t even think he knows where he’s going. ohgodhesStaringAtBothOfUsAtTheSameTime
maybe if we walk faster he’ll catch out drift and leave us alone


May you receive due recognition for your efforts, but not so much that you become too popular and then a bunch of jealous nobodies try to accuse you of horrific things to bring you down a peg.

So people are saying Traci 13 is going to be introduced in YJ season 3, but it’s not confirmed that she’s even actually Traci 13, but if she is then she dated Blue Beetle in the comics, BUT in the DC rebirth she’s gay??

I am confused and hyped and yelling

(No hate on Traci 13 regardless of what shakes out though, she’s lovely)

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Don't you think is it a bit early for alliance rune? I didn't read the books but the alliance rune scene looks like something really special so it seems a bit early for that to me. Also is this rune for-one-time kinda thing? If it isn't, then it makes sense.

Nope, now is the right time because the alliance rune kinda serves as something that brings together downworlders and shadowhunters to fight side by side in the huge battle. They have been building this up since 2x13. I mean, it might not be like in the books with the battle of Alicante but there is still a war. Besides, the alliance rune was a big thing in the books so ignoring it when following book 3 would be a bad thing. Not to mention that I am personally waiting for the alliance rune for 84 years. Because Magnus and Alec fighting together on the battle field, after applying the rune onto each other…. can I just die? Imagine Luke and Maryse instead of Jocelyn. aaaskjasjkskj

Also, the alliance is not a permanent thing. But I have talked about the alliance rune a bit more here already

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I really love the idea of after saving her the cinnabuns adopt Eri. I mean can you imagine how cute it would be. Deku and Ochako can be the mom and dad, All Might can be the Grandpa, Kirishima, Iida, and Bakugo can be the uncles, and everyone else can be the extended family. They all just work together to raise this poor adorable child. Teaching her new things and giving her the love she never had.


After hearing this I couldn’t help but draw some stuff for it! They would all make such a great family for her…

I bet Keith’s life with his shack in the desert was Fun so here are some headcanons:

  • When he first moved in he spent a solid week just sleeping
  • *after waking up*: Time is an illusion and the world is fake
  • After he moved into his shack and gotten used to it he LOVED it, the Garrison and life in general was really stressing him and he liked being on his own
  • He spent most of his time in Big T-Shirts and Boxer Shorts because he’s hot and it’s comfy
  • As a kid his favorite movie was Cars
  • Now that he’s older it’s Big Hero 6, because Tadashi reminded him of Shiro but he couldn’t watch it after the first time because it hurt too much
  • He really likes plants and likes to see them grow 
  • He never intended on getting a mullet, he just got lazy and let his hair grow out, he liked it so
  • He loves cats and cats love him back and it’s the BEST
  • He gets REALLY excited when he discovers something new about the blue lion’s energy
  • I’m not kidding his eyes light up and he smiles and he gets very dorky about it
  • When he has laundry or dishes (or anything that requires him to Be An Adult) he groans and wishes there was someone else to do it but realizes he has nobody
  • He will literally take any other option for food that doesn’t involve actual cooking and/or work
  • Meaning he lived off of instant noodles and eggs
  • Sometimes he’ll just stop and think “should I really be living on my own and stay a dropout despite having skills?” but he ignores that and continues following the vague blue lion energy and the hope that everything will turn out okay
  • *goes into the cave*: *hums x-files theme*
  • Keith is actually?? a decent artist?? The carvings in the cave inspired the hell out of him
  • When he gets frustrated with his work or gets stumped he drives his bike out into the desert and it clears his head
  • Running too! He liked the feeling of being free
  • He just liked living alone dude
21 Super-Queer Movie Ideas That Should Probably Become Reality
Film concept: Make it queer.
By Sarah Karlan

omg people first, read this, then SCROLL TO NUMBER 10

guys im so fucking here for it like mate can you imagine two of my idols and favs and crushes and everything together in robin hood omg hannahclegg123, kudos, thank you for thinking of this beautiful idea