please guys we need some international help

The Marvel Fandom(s) Over the Last 24 Hours
  • Marvel Fandom, Phase 1: Finally! We get Civil War news!
  • Marvel Fandom, Phase 2: This surprise better be something good.
  • Marvel Fandom, Post-Trailer: Oh my God, we're in love but we're dying!!!
  • Stucky Fandom: *internally, externally, and eternally screaming*
  • Stony Fandom: God, please help them!
  • Bucky Fandom: *some mix of screaming "MY BABY" and chanting "Bucky" to the tune of Bill Nye the Science Guy*
  • War Machine Fandom: Why is he hurt???? Who do I need to punch????
  • Black Panther Fandom: T'CHALLAAAAAAA
  • Hawkeye Fandom: Hey look! Clint made the trailer!
  • Spider-man Fandom: *in J. Jonah Jamison voice* WHERE ARE MY PICTURES OF SPIDER-MAN!!!????