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KBTBB Cheating Continuation where MC almost died/gets killed ( Shot, Drown, Hit by a car ) in front of the bidders? Bidders POV Please? Thank you so much. ANGST ALL THE WAY !!!

A/N- I hope you guys like this ^_^



Eisuke- Footsteps cut through the eerie silence as Soryu and I walked down the corridor towards the lobby.  We were just in the middle of a meeting when one of the hotel workers rushed in saying there was an emergency in the lobby.  Probably another crazy fan of one of the guest.  I had more important things to deal with; however, both Baba and Mamoru had also told me to rush downstairs.

“WHERE IS HE?” a man’s voice echoed from the lobby as I walked through the entrance, “if Ichinomiya is not here in five seconds, she’ll be tasting metal.”  Lying on the floor in pools of blood were two security guards.  Another security guard stood in the center of the lobby with his gun pointing towards the front desk.  “The man of the hour is here,” the man said with a laugh, “look there girl.  It took him so long to get here, shows how much he cares about others.”  I turned to toward the man and my blood ran cold.  MC.  He held her in front of her with a gun to her head.  He was using her as a meat shield.  Soryu quickly raised his gun in preparation for an attack, but at our angle it was too risky to try anything.

“Let go of her.”

The man laughed and a shiver went up my spine; it was the laugh of a man that had nothing left to lose. I tried to keep myself calm, knowing that if I did anything wrong she would be in danger.  I just needed to buy time for Soryu.  The laugh made me feel anxious.

He smiled wickedly at me, “why would I do that?  She’s a pretty young woman.  Such a waste to let her go.” His free hand began to wander as MC tried to push herself away from him.  He whispered something in her ear.  Her face went white.  Soryu moved away from me to get a better shot as I kept the man distracted.

“She has nothing to do with the is–”

“You do not even know what the goddamn problem is Ichinomiya!” he yelled, “you ruined my life, and you don’t even know who the fuck I am.  I will tell you though.  I didn’t pick this girl out of nowhere, I knew who she is to you. I’m the husband of the woman you were secretly fucking, and this is the girl you were cheating on.  The two of us have so much in common now that I think about it.  Maybe you loved her though, or maybe she was another toy in your game you heartless bastard.  I don’t care.  I still want you to see this…”  Two gunshots echoed through the lobby at the same time, and both of them hit their targets dead on.  I rushed over towards her and my heart stopped at the sight.  He fell backward and she fell forward.  A pool of blood began to form around her head.  The bullet went straight through.

I fell to my knees beside her body.  Chaotic thoughts entered my mind as I stared at her lifeless form.  She died because of that whore…  She died because I could not control myself.  She died because of me.

Baba-  Where is she?  Why did this have to happen?  Why?  Just why?

My vision became fuzzy as I continued to swim downward in search of her.  She is right in front of me.  She is floating gently downward, just out of my reach.  I reached out to grab her to no avail.

She looked like a falling angel.

How could this have happened to her?  Her eyes were shut and her lips were slightly parted.  Her hair was like a halo around her head completing the angelic look as she sank into the abyss.

This cannot end like this.

I will not let this happen.

I had been following her for a while to try to get her back; I wanted to make sure she was okay.  I was able to successfully tail her a few days without her realizing it was me.  Perks of the job.  She realized what I was doing and yelled at me.  In her anger she rushed away; however, she has always been a clumsy girl.  It was like a scene out of a generic romantic comedy, but this was not a comedy.  This was straight out of a tragedy.  A real life horror.

My thoughts became muddled as I swam closer to her limp form and held her close to my body.  I finally got her.  My vision was darkening as I swam up to the surface.  Part of me was in disbelief that something like this was happening.

On the bright side, this might help the two of us get back together.

A small crowd formed around the edge of the water as I pulled the two of us out.  A man claiming to be a doctor rushed to the front as I laid her gently on the ground.  I began to shiver as the cold air hit me; however, she was still like a rag doll.  The so claim doctor checked on her as others called for help.  The doctor began to do CPR and I continue to kneel beside her shivering.  Why was she so still?  I looked up the doctor who had stopped the CPR and grown immensely pale.

Ota-  I always thought she looked good in ruby, but now…  I covered the wound with my hand to stop the blood flow.  It feels like warm paint.  My hands were covered with her ruby life.  I met her terrified gaze with my own.  I only came here to apologize.  To get her back.  She finally agreed to go on a date and talk everything over.  This was going to be the first time we spoke in person since everything fell apart, but now…

I heard a wicked laugh behind me followed by the thud of someone falling onto their knees.  I did not turn towards the source.  I did not want to see the woman’s face.  She did this to MC because I said it was time to end this stupid fucking affair.  It was incredibly idiotic of me to begin it.  Why did I have to be such an idiot?

Koro… MC… My love…

I heard people yelling and calling emergency services as she began to cough up blood.  That woman managed to hit a lung with her shot?  There was commotion behind me as some people took the gun away from the deranged woman so she could not hurt anyone else.  She might have only shot one bullet, but she killed two people.

My heart broke as I watched the colour slowly fade from her face.  My face mimicked her as I repeated her name over and over.  MC’s mouth moved as she attempted to speak, but no words would come out.  I cried for her to keep her eyes open and look at me.  It was all in vain.  Tears began to pour down my cheeks.  I did not care I was a grown man crying in public, the woman I loved…  I cannot think like that.  She is still alive.


“Hold on MC, help will be here soon,” I whispered, “keep looking at me.”  No response.  The fear on her face faded to peace.  My eyes widened at the quick change.  No, this cannot be happening.  She just fell asleep.  Koro cannot be dead.  She is sleeping. She is sleeping….

Mamoru- I popped out another cigarette from the pack as I leaned against a wall.  I place it between my lips and lit it up as I looked around the street.  Where is that kid?  She always walks down this street around this time when heading home from work.  I ran my fingers through my hair.

What is wrong with me?  I sound like a creepy stalker.

Well, it is my fault for cheating on her to begin with.  I groaned to myself as I noticed a familiar figure walking around the corner with a phone against her ear.  It was her.  She did not see me as I watched her walk slowly down the street discussing some recipe.  I smiled.  She stopped.  Our eyes met.  I dropped the cigarette onto the floor and snuffed it out with the toe of my shoe.  To my surprise she actually smiled as she walked over toward me; she was not angry for cheating on her anymore?

“MC,” I called as she began to cross the street.  I smirked right before everything fell apart.  “WAIT!” I yelled, but it was too late.  The car screeched to a stop.  The driver jumped out of the car pale faced as I felt my blood run cold.  I heard the sounds of a child yelling from the car as I rushed over toward MC who was lying on the ground.  Blood.  Lots of it.  Why is there so much blood?  How can a car accident create so much blood?

The driver quickly called for emergency vehicles as I repeated MC’s name over and over again.  She opened her mouth to speak, but instead coughed up some blood.

“Ma-Mamo-ru,” she finally spoke as the man continuously apologized for what he had done. He said he did not see her.  His child was yelling to know what was going on and he told him to stay in the car.

I ran my fingers through her hair as she stared at me.  A voice called her name from the phone.  I ignored it as I checked her pulse that was slowing down.  Why?  Out of all the things that could happen, why this?  Would things have been different if I did not come here?  Damn it kid, why did you not look both ways before stepping off the sidewalk!  Why did I decide to meet you now…

Soryu-  Scarlet.  Warm.  Sticky.  What have I done?  What has happened here?  I came here to apologize.  Get her back.  Instead, I walked in on a scene right out of a badly done horror flick.  Is it even possible anymore for me to get her back?  Will she… survive?

Her scarlet life force was soaked into the rug that I now knelt on.  I held her figure close to me as her body went limp against mine.  She looked like sleeping beauty.

A card with the symbol of a rival group lied beside her as I felt my blood begin to run hot.  They did this to her to get back at me?  We are not even together anymore, and she still ended up becoming a target because of me.Why… just why.

“MC,” I muttered as my heart banged painfully against my chest.  I placed two fingers against her neck in search for life.  Very light pulse.  Emergency vehicles were going to be here soon, but will the be fast enough?  “MC,” I repeated a little louder.  Her eyes moved behind her eyelids, but her eyelids remained shut.  “MC!  Please open your eyes,” I repeated as I felt tears fight for freedom as I looked gazed down at her.

Her eyes!  A cough.  Blood drops slid down her cheek.

Her voice sounded weak, “So-So-Soryu,  why… why… are–”

“Shh, relax, help will be here soon,” I stated as I forced my voice to keep steady.  The blood from the wound seemed to pour out faster as her eyes darted around the room looking for answers.  She shakily raised her hand and went to put it on the wound but I stopped her before she could touch it.  I grabbed her hand and held it in mine.  She did not fight against the grasp, instead she just went limp.  She stopped looking around, and her eyes met my own.  The dam finally broke.  The fear in her eyes as she stared at me told me everything that she did not have the strength to speak.  Another cough.  More blood.  I tightened my grip on her as her body grew limp in my arms.

“MC, stay with me,” I whispered as I heard voices from the other side of the door.

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Hey....Has anyone been depress lately because I have been depress...Can one of you guys help me a bit ( btw Tord your my favorite character <3 )

Matt: who caused you depression?? I’ll come to them and DESTROY THEM SLOWLY
Edd: hey, would you like to talk about it? Maybe it’ll make you feel better…
Tord: *shyly hugs you* be ok please…
Tom: if you feel sad or depressed, just look at the bright side of life! Think about all the good things! The things you love! Maybe that’ll help??

((Shaggy’s note: hey, in case you need to talk to someone feel free to contact me! I’d be more than honoured and happy to help!

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There is more strength to you, and more potential to you. The world needs you still, and you're meant to be here. Please, things are rough and horrible right now, and you don't deserve a second of it, but please just hold on a little longer, it does get better, I'll bet you anything on that. You have your whole life ahead of you to search and look for what you're meant for, and decide it for yourself at your own pace. Don't let anyone rush it, this life is meant for no one but you. Stay alive|-/

Oh friend, thank you so much for caring and sending me this message. You guys have no idea how much you help me everyday. Thank you for not leaving me alone and for always being kind and lovely. I love you and I really hope I can thank you enough one day. I’m feeling a little bit better today and your messages are helping me a lot. Thank you.

I hope you are having an amazing day and that you are okay, my friend. <3

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Well fuck. Just seen the news. Terrorist attack in London. One lady dead and suspect has been detained. They drove along the path of west minster bridge and tried to ram in to westminster palace itself. There are severe casualties. The suspect tried to stab a policeman and was shot by armed officers. His condition is unknown but he’s been detained. Its been confirmed a terror attack but no group has been named yet.

BBC news is covering it. Mobile doesn’t let me link things. Please look up for facts and guys in the USA please dont let trump use this to be an asshole. I have such a bad feeling coming of this and its bad enough already that it happened.

Im fine. In a different city entirely far away but I really dont like this.

I see posts going around that always say ‘you’re not bothering me if you’re…” or “come into my inbox; i won’t mind at all!!” and I have just a couple grievances. And I’m gonna try wording this in the least asshole-ish way possible.

Sometimes, I have days. Days where I don’t feel like talking to people, or I just feel like talking to or roleplaying with certain people. And this happens frequently.

I won’t feel ‘bothered’ per-se if you send me a thing and I’m in one of those moods. But please don’t get upset when I either don’t reply for a few days, or don’t reply at all. Its not you, it’s me.

In addition, since people still don’t read my rules: when I say that I only rp with mutuals, I kinda mean it guys. Which means that if I’m not following you, I won’t be rping with you. Again; not you, it’s me.


He’s not a pet.

Ya’ll need to get on Netflix right now and freaking watch Trollhunters.

Stay for the night

So… I had this idea earlier today and I’ve been working on it since 3PM. I hope you guys enjoy it and please let me know what you think! Lots of love, B xx

The house is empty and silent, much different than when you first arrived and the last bottles of beer and wine have been tossed in the bin just outside of Harry’s kitchen. You’ve managed to tidy things up a bit, make the house less messy than when his drunk guests left almost half an hour ago and now, after washing your hands from the sticky remnants of beer that got all over them while you cleaned up, you can finally try and find him and bid your goodbyes.

When you do find him, he’s sitting on his couch, legs spread open and a hand resting on his tummy, his head tipped back and resting against the back of the couch, a frown on his forehead and his lips pressed in a tight line - if you didn’t know better, you’d say he’s fighting nausea but you know the truth. You know he’s just about to pass out and sleep for the rest of the night on his couch and the only thing he’s waiting for is for you to leave - he’s too much of a gentleman to let you just leave without saying goodbye.

Smiling, you stand between his legs, one knee resting on the small bit of the couch that’s available and you lean forward, hand reaching for the curls that fall across his forehead, your fingers pushing it back in a slow rub against his scalp and he hums in appreciation of the gesture.

“Everyone’s gone.” You inform him, thumb smoothing across the frown lines on his forehead and he relaxes under your touch, his face turning softer, his lips opening around a sigh of contentment. “I’ve cleaned up so you don’t have to do it tomorrow.”

“Didn’t have to.” He says and you can see his sleepy green eyes open to glare at you, but the effect of his intended angry stare is just a grumpy and pouty, too sleepy to look menacing stare. “‘M a grown man, can do my own cleaning.”

“Know you are…” You giggle, cupping his face in one of your hands and rubbing your thumb across his pouty lips. “Just wanted to help.”

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Kaeri’s Otayuri Fic Rec List #2

Due to a lot of people requesting for more Otayuri fic recs from me, I have decided to make these rec lists a weekly thing! I’ll probably post one every Saturday with ten fics (maybe more, maybe less, it depends) included. 


They are ALL so good and wonderful, and I feel so blessed that there are so many wonderful writers in this fandom. My rec list is just a compilation of my personal favorites for people who don’t have time to go through the tag regularly! 

I hope you guys enjoy (I know I sure did hohoh…)! <3

Back and Forth (oneshot, sfw) by kiyala (don’t think they have a tumblr) 

THIS FIC KILLED ME. IT JUST UTTERLY WRECKED ME. GOD. There will be one scene in this fic (and you’ll know which one when you get there trust me…) where you will just be UNABLE TO CONTAIN YOUR SHRIEKS OF LAUGHTER AND AMUSEMENT… Be ready for your heart to melt into a puddle of warm, squishy goo. Don’t say I didn’t warn you.

what hoodies are made of (oneshot, sfw) by @thepoetsarejust

I already recced this fic on tumblr but I shall rec it again. I am also in the process of drawing fanart for this fic. That’s all I have to say. (No, really, GO AND READ THIS AND DIE FROM THE SHEER HOTNESS AND UST OF IT OKAY, YOU WILL HAVE NO REGRETS I PROMISE).

Stupid Ideas (oneshot, sfw) by JeSuisLePomme (don’t know their tumblr either rip)


In Your Hands, Your Thoughts (oneshot, sfw) by @nooowestayandgetcaught​ (hello Rie! <3)


Resolution (oneshot, sfw) by kiyala

Another masterpiece by kiyala… I’m crying over how fucking ROMANTIC THIS IS. THIS IS MARRIED COUPLE SHIT RIGHT HERE OH MY GOD. I’M DEAD.

A Beginner’s Guide To the Dangers of Making Out with Your Fellow Athletes at Parties (oneshot, sfw) by @ineptshieldmaid

THIS FIC IS A+++ GOLD. I literally could not stop screeching the entire time I read this fic GOD THIS WRITER HAS THE WITTIEST VOICE EVER. I LOVE IT. I love this fic.

play to the fullest (oneshot, sfw) by @rovmustang

Another fic from one of my favorite writers I’m crying??? I love how subtle yet powerful their writing is… Every sentence is one part of an intricate puzzle. Anywho, THERE’S MEDAL KISSING IN THIS FIC…!!! SO GO READ IT!

On Love: Agape (oneshot, sfw) by Kima (don’t know their tumblr ahhhhh)


Sonata in A Major (oneshot, sfw) by @the-teacupshatters

I’m not gonna lie… this fic completely SHATTERED ME. The feels are fucking REAL guys. The writing is also GORGEOUS AND MESMERIZING and just… AHHHHH. I have no words. THE FEELS THO. GROSS SOBS.

Family Ties (oneshot, sfw) by @scripturamortem

This is really, really cute…!!! And freaking HILARIOUS haha it definitely brightened up my day!

Please go and kudos all of these lovely fics! Also, please, PLEASE comment if you can; all these writers deserve so much love, support and praise for their hard work.

A huge thank you to all the writers on this list (and all fanfic writers in general) for sharing their beautiful creations with us! I love and appreciate you guys so much <3

ok but i think there’s one thing we can all agree on and that is sheer silk shirts for magnus in season 2 but i don’t mean just any plain one, i want expensive and exquisite patterned ones:

imagine his broad chest and arms in that, like. make this happen guys

Dex as a ghost who died a few years ago from hypothermia because he fell through the ice at the pond during a shinny. He kinda just floats around Samwell and does his ghost thing. Then one day he sees Nursey being his clumsy self and is like ‘fuck i gotta help this guy.’ Dex follows Nursey around campus and stops him from tripping over shit and whatever other clutzy things he does. And one day at the Haus the boys decide to crack open an Ouija Board to talk to the 2 ghosts in the attic and instead they get Dex who complains about Nursey’s clumsy ass via Ouija Board. 

Sometimes I'm ashamed to be a part of this community

You guys are sick. Okay, being in TCC and learning about Columbine is one thing BUT WRITING FUCKING DYLRIC IMAGINES IS ANOTHER! Don’t you guys know that they were called “gays” and “faggots” and, naturally, they didn’t like it? Don’t you guys know that these insults just added the fuel to the fire? Don’t you guys know that this sure was one from the thousands of things which basically caused Columbine? And you dare writing FUCKING IMAGINE WHERE ERIC IS PASSIONATELY KISSING DYLAN AND GIVING HIM A FUCKING BLOW JOB?! Please stop. This is so dishonouring.

Hader: At SNL, we called it the Friday night crazies, because by Friday night, everyone’s exhausted. Kristen and I and Fred Armisen would really go bonkers.
Wiig: You’d just hear over the loudspeakers, “Okay guys! Please!”
Hader: And I’d be fitting Kristen into a refrigerator. Or we’d do a thing where one of us would mouth the words on camera, and we’d do each other’s voices.

Kristen Wiig and Bill Hader for the New York Times | September 2014 (x)

I’m chasing a ghost
A feeling that’s haunted me for years 
Every time I get close it’s gone

Am I living a lie?
Well, maybe I just expect too much
Maybe it’s time I try for more 

 I will tear my sky
To make it through the night
I will take back my pride
And live while I breathe, live while I breathe 

I will move the ground 
I will pull the curtains down 
Wear my fist on my sleeve
And live while I breathe, live while I breathe 


why do people who use the “lol u triggered” subset of Jokes™ only use Those Certain Ones and nothing else like I just heard a guy use the same “punchline” 4 separate times regarding 4 separate things like not only is this humor bananas offensive but it’s also repetitive and boring as sin on the most basic level.

Gemini: Friends + Relationships

What a Gemini expect from friends: When it comes to being a Gemini friend, just be yourself and be about what you preach. A Gemini would be impressed by one who is just simply themselves all-around, rather then someone who has 54 different personalities for 54 different people. Another thing a Gemini seeks from friends is commitment and longevity; don’t call us our friend one day and act like you don’t know us the next. 

What a Gemini expect from Relationships: If your lover a Gemini, please be about your business and stay on top of your game. A Gemini expects space, loyalty and a communication level that can be considered well-grounded. Don’t let anyone come in between you guys and try your best to understand your Gemini on a level that others can’t, and you both will last for quite a long time, or possibly forever (don’t take my word).

fun fact: tater absolutely knows all the best eurovision songs from the last fifteen years or so. the other guys try to chirp him for it but tater has no shame about it whatsoever. you haven’t seen true emotion until you have seen a 6′3″ russian hockey player belt out euphoria by loreen

bonus: kent knows tater is The One the morning he comes into the kitchen to find tater making breakfast in just his boxers, dancing and very loudly singing along to abba (there may be a video. just for posterity’s sake. kent will never admit it.)

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hey guys,
i never thought i’d actually be making one of these. this doesn’t seem real. my family just threatened to kick me out and im not sure if it will become a reality or not so im posting this just in case it happens and i don’t have any access to anyone for a while. they are planning on taking my computer, my phone, my car, and freezing all of my bank accounts/assets that they legally have a hold over (maybe illegally i dont know how this shit works). If they take these things, i will not be able to continue schooling. i will have to drop out, and at this point in the semester that means that i will end all five classes with a failed grade, bringing my gpa down at LEAST a whole point. with my gpa that low i will lose all of my scholarships. also, without my car, i will be unable to continue getting to work reliably and i won’t be able to afford food or a place to stay. i had been planning on buying my car, but this has happened so suddenly i am just completely unprepared.
my parents decided to kick me out for several reasons. i have been outed three times this year, and each time i tried to scramble back into the closet because i had absolutely no where to go if theyd kicked me out, but i dont think they are buying it anymore. secondly, they are avid trump supporters. i recently posted a rash of protest posts on social media and did a spoken word protest that elicited a LOT of backlash from our very conservative community. my family is, to quote, “embarrassed and angry” at my “obstinance and ignorance” regarding their world views. i have tried to backpedal and make amends for my own safety, but they seem hellbent on getting me out of their house.
thirdly, they are upset that i am applying to liberal colleges like Columbia and UChicago, as they had planned for me to go to a christian university in state. this is their retaliation for me “breaking the family ranks”
this place is so so toxic for me to be in and i have felt unsafe and depressed here for an extremely long time….. i just really need to try and get out as soon as possible. unfortunately, my mom has complete control over my entire high school transcript until i graduate because she has homeschooled me. she already threatened to fail me in one of her “classes” because she got upset and im genuinely worried that she will purposely sabotage my gpa if i do anything to make her mad… my parents have also gotten physically violent multiple times in the past when they get heated and lately theyve been getting up in my face a lot and so im also worried for my physical wellbeing

idk this isnt really a help post because i dont know if theres anything yall can do like// you could donate $$ but ultimately my mother and father still have complete control over my academic future and so there’s nothing i can do.. this is just really disheartening and frustrating and im feeling especially scared right now because they actively support pence’s conversion therapy plans.. even though im 18 and could legally refuse, i would expect them to use food or shelter or my education to blackmail me into going if i get outed again
im in a rly dangerous, precarious, and scary situation idk.. please please please just signal boost and send positivity because in all reality i might need a place to live near the south east coast of FL before the end of the year.
also if anyone knows how to handle my parents using my education and living condition to threaten me like… i dont know whats illegal or not and i havent been able to find clear answers online but anyways please just send me positivity and love because i really really need it right now

There’s nothing wrong with your kinks as long as you don’t force them on someone.

I am a little confused about is why Johnny fans keep saying Johnny has a daddy kink when

1) he literally just explained the mama/daddy culture to the best of his abilities to leeteuk and xiuchen.

2) just bc someone explains the daddy kink (tbh he wasnt even explaining it in a sexual way, pls watch the My SMT episode) DOES NOT MEAN they have that kink (i can’t believe i have to say this)…

I don’t want to see you guys harassing him on every social media platform. His teasers are coming up, and I can already see those comments on youtube and instagram. Yo he’s going to read those comments, so don’t waste your time with making him uncomfortable. Tell him nice things like how proud you are of him. Johnny said so himself that he wants to talk with and see his fans again, so make it fun for him. Please just do this one small thing :( He deserves a good time.

Stop forcing things on idols this 2017. Thank you.

Reasons I Want a Yuri!!! On Ice Season 2:
  • Heart-to-heart conversation between Yuri and Victor
  • More beautiful choreography and music!!
  • Yurio and Otabek being BFFs
  • More sweet Victuuri moments
  • Yuri and Victor annoying everyone in St. Petersburg
  • Yuri comforting a physically drained Victor anyone?
  • More sweet couples
  • Making assumptions for the next episode only too be shocked and delighted
  • Victor and Yuri teasing each other please
  • Proud but competitive fiances
  • Seeing the fandom blow up over silly little things that seem so important (cough the whistle cough)
  • More accurately portrayed anxiety
  • Minami (hopefully) being able to compete against them all too

guys i’ve just watched beauty and the beast, and, i’m, so, speechless.

i’ll try to not tell you spoilers since most of the countries the movie is being released only tomorrow (but here it was released today).

my thoughts are:
- well, the movie is visually stunning and pleasing to see, that movie is a visual masterpiece.
- there’s lots of differences between this new version and the original one, but some of them are not really different at all, and the different things that happened are still magical and some answered questions that we didn’t even know we needed to know, and the little different details are just fascinating, i’m deeply in love with this movie.
- and can we please talk about how perfect the cast is? luke evans is the perfect gaston, seriously, he totally brought the character to life, and dan stevens is such a perfect beast/prince, and ewan mcgregor as lumiere !!!!!!! absolutely wonderful ????? and emma watson as belle, josh gad as lefou EVERYBODY IN THAT CAST IS SIMPLY AMAZING !!!!!!!!!
- well so i mentioned lefou and i just can not forget to talk about the controversy about him being disney’s first openly gay character. i was really happy about it because that is such a big step from disney since they’re really, you know, traditional, but i was kinda worried because lefou is mostly used for comic relief, and also his name literally means ‘the fool’, i was worried about what disney could give us but in my opinion i can say i’m not disappointed. i really like josh gad and he perfectly played him, and i can’t lie he was the one who caused most of the funny stuff in the movie, but he’s a really really good character, i swear they portrayed him in this movie in a better vision, and the “especially gay moment” the director promised us in the movie is not something that is “so shocking” but it’s just really natural and i love it a lot, i believe this is the beggining of more lgbtq+ characters in the disney world and i’m pleased, lefou is amazing my dudes.
- and the songs ?!!?!!!! the original soundtrack is already incredible but the new songs, you guys better be ready because i bet it will kill you in so many different ways like it did to me.
- it’s such a rare thing for me to cry in movies, i swear the last movie i remember crying it was httyd 2, but you guys, I CRIED, A LOT.

i just want to watch it again and again, it’s one of my favorite movies from this year so far, i believe you guys will fall in love with it just like i felt, there’s no words to describe it, it’s just so magical.