please guys i'd really appreciate it

Post taken down??!

Tumblr sent me an email saying they took down one of my posts cos it “violated” tumblr rules
I think the post they removed was my 2 Jin gifs where he said ‘I love you’ and smiled

I didn’t copy and re-post it, it wasn’t sexual or harmful in any way whatsoever so I don’t understand what I’ve done wrong..

If anyone can find those gifs posted by me, could you please tell and send them to me
I’m not 100% sure if it is the one that got taken down but I can’t find it anywhere on my account

Thank you guys, I’d really appreciate it if you helped me
Normally I wouldn’t pay it any mind but this post almost got 1000 likes/reblogs and that’s a huge achievement for me 😔💕

looking for book recommendations!

-> i’m looking for 12 book recs so i can read 1 book that was recommended to me per month this year and i would really appreciate it if you guys were the ones to do the reccing. please message me with the rec so i don’t lose it!

-> here’s my read shelf on goodreads for reference (so you don’t rec me something i’ve read).

-> i don’t have a preference when it comes to genre. i would appreciate diverse recs but literally, rec me anything.

-> i will give you cookies or i can make you a moodboard of your choice (fictional characters, tv shows, url or archive/personal moodboards) - just let me know.

@emberscas @dear-monday @padaleckhi @anactorya @asexualfeministagenda i think you guys specifically could maybe rec me something?

Help, please?

Guys, I would be really appreciative if someone could let me know where to purchase a domain name? (I’ve seen multiple sites and I’m confused as to which ones I should trust). How much should it cost? and should I be doing monthly payments??

Also, I’d like to know whether it’s best to opt for .com or and also how do I design a nice website? or should I just give a tumblr page a custom domain??

Any advice/pointers/redirection is greatly appreciated!! 


Heya, Lovelies~! I’ve wanted to remind you all that I’m still taking commissions (with updated prices). But more now than ever because I’m in a bit of a rut as of lately and I’d really appreciate every bit I can get right now- so please share this wherever you can; reblogs are just as effective as well. It would mean a lot to me, guys~<3



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OK!! I’ve legit been debating on doing this, but seeing as it’s now May, I feel the need to do this hahaw

As most (or some, and that some being my tomos haw ) of you know, my living situation is not the best! In fact, I am planning on hopefully scooting off to school and leaving all of this home life bullshit behind! Problemo is: I don’t have the money to really do that. My mom is likely to abandon my brothers and I soon and with no job for myself and no way to support ourselves past our current bills and stuff, I need more money!

SO, HERE’S THE DEAL. For the next….little while, I suppose, I’ll be doing some sketch commissions! They’ll be flat color or simply shaded and AT LEAST waist/knees up! So ah….help a guy out? ;v;

You can contact me in the following places!

hachikkos, raccooncchi, or, if you have me on skype, my skype!!

hi guys ♥

I need to make a proper commission post but I am so very tired with everything that’s going on. Due to extremely stupid and unfortunate events, @beanbab and I are moving. We have a place lined up but we need to raise as much as we can for the deposit and moving costs. I’m trying to get back to full-time as quickly as possible, but in the meantime, I’d really appreciate it if you would please commission one of us. Pat does both SFW and NSFW commissions (psst those are links ♥)

I’ll be offering $20 color chibis and $8 fullbody sketches.  You can send me a message here on Tumblr or email me at; I’ll also do fully-rendered busts, waist-up, and full bodies, but the price would vary based on complexity. NSFW is fine by me.

(random human lady drawn as quickly as I could haha)

Every bit helps. Thank you!

Need some Throne of Glass blogs to follow

Sooo I just finished reading Queen of Shadows and it was amazing, the whole series is definitely one of my favorites now. But I wanna follow blogs to satisfy my new obsession haha, So if any of you guys posts about the Throne of Glass series, please like/reblog this and I’ll check out your blog. Or if you know of any good ToG blogs to follow, that’d be great too :) Thanks!


Hi guys! I am seriously struggling on these problems! It’s not due until next Thursday, but we made a deal with our Professor that if we all answer these and finish our assignments by Friday, our Professor will bring us donuts. I’m stuck on 2.5 problems, and I was wondering if any of you lovely followers can figure them out (and hopefully explain them too??) for me! I’d really appreciate it! I don’t want to be the reason why we can’t get donuts. ;-;

1.) I can’t figure out f(2



super cool blog rates!

hey guys! in honor of 1.5k followers, i’ll be doing blogrates!


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