please guys dont repost

I’ve been EXTREMELY inactive for the past couple of weeks so here’s a quick sketch of korra as an apology! ( An art reference was used, but i don’t have the link ;~;) Drawings and doodles will be more often once summer finally arrives!

“Does this match?”

“No, I don’t think so…”

“This is happening to fast. I married her day before yesterday…”

its looking a bit bleak in dilitha household guys…. @danisnotonfire @amazingphil. 

(baby name suggestion- ‘wasd’)

Please dont repost and use protection kids!

two reasons for this gif:

  1. Precious Snowflake fic (x)
  2. Dan calling Dil “a special snowflake” - 16:36 (x)

like… am i the only one who noticed?? //sobs

Dilmas and Christmas is over but i would still like to give my final Merry Christmas to everyone in the Phandom and the Dil Howlter fandom! because my previous post got 4K on the first day and i gained literally 40+ new followers over night like WOW. so thank you everyone! <3

EDIT: i forgot Dil’s sim diamond but i dont have time to edit it in anymore so i hope you guys dont mind asdfghjkl //cry

anonymous asked:

can you let people know not to follow and reblog from "fuckyes-merlingifs" ? it looks like just another general merlin blog but they are a reposter who currently doesn't have their ask on so you can't even message them. even though they say the gifs are not theirs, it hasn't stopped them from reposting. and they are getting notes and followers and credit for things not theirs. thank you!

right here with you dear!!

please please guys dont support and encourage reposters by reblogging from them. maybe add urls of known reposters to your tumblr savior or xkit blacklist for easier recognition of reposts.

and is doing an amazing while hard job trying to keep track of all the reposts in the fandom. so if you notice reposts that’s where you can report them to, and also where you can find links to all the original posts by their rightful creators to support their work for the fandom :)